Our first trip to Bosnia-Herzegovina was on a jaunt from Croatia. Many people skip into the country for a day trip, but we had a weeklong stay in Mostar…and we fell in love. The picturesque city with the green Neretva River and iconic Old Bridge was juxtaposed to our memories of the recent war. Mostar both confounded us and encouraged us to learn more about the place and people.

Since our first visit to BiH, we have visited for a longer stay in Sarajevo along with numerous return trips to Mostar. Sarajevo captivated us just as much as Mostar. We spent our days seeing the historic city sights, listening to the Muslim call to prayer and tasting the local cuisine. In both cities, there are stark reminders of the turbulent past, but the kindness of the people in Bosnia-Herzegovina is something we haven’t experienced anywhere else in the world.

Bosnia-Herzegovina Facts: 

Capital City: Sarajevo

Country Population: 3.5 Million

Language: Bosnian

Useful Words and Phrases: Hello - Dobar Dan  |  Thank You - Hvala

Currency:  Bosnia-Herzegovina Convertible Mark (BAM) | Current Value

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