Georgia – the country, not the state – is a country that is still relatively undiscovered as a tourist destination (but we certainly weren’t bored!). We stayed in the capital city of Tbilisi for almost two weeks – and at times were overwhelmed by the city.

The architecture ranges from barely standing to brand spanking new and the letters of the alphabet are more beautiful than decipherable. During our time in the city, we were content to wander the maze of street, hike up to the centuries old fortress, peer into new and ancient Orthodox churches, soak in the naturally heated water in the bathhouses and gorge on local dishes of spiced meat.

Georgia Facts:

Capital City: Tbilisi

Country Population: 3.7 Million

Language: Gerogian

Useful Words and Phrases: Hello - Gamarjoba  |  Thank You – madlobt

Currency:  Georgian Lari (GEL) | Current Value

Georgia Guides:

Tbilisi Self-Guided Walking Tour
Tbilisi Sulphur Baths: Our Experience

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