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7 Days in Paris Itinerary: How to Plan the Perfect Paris Trip

Paris may be the City of Light and Love, but it’s also an enormous, functioning and formidable metropolis. Packed with a multitude of sights, planning a succinct Paris itinerary is a challenging task – but no need to worry! With our 7 Days in Paris Itinerary, you will be able to plan a perfect trip to Paris.… Read the rest

5 Fabulous Things to do in Colmar, France

5 Fabulous Things To Do in Colmar, France

We were drawn to Colmar, France by colorful photographs depicting fanciful scenes of half-timbered houses and quaint canals, both draped in blooming foliage. The weaving cobblestone lanes in the Old Town and cheerful Little Venice Colmar districts seemed to be plucked straight from a fairytale – one that had to be seen to be believed.… Read the rest