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Columbus Hikes: The Best Parks in Columbus, Ohio

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I practically grew up in the parks in Columbus, Ohio. From a young age, my mom had us exploring nature on the hiking trails in Ohio. Now, as an adult, I still love hiking in Columbus and all around the state of Ohio. To help fellow trekkers, I’ve rounded up my list of favorite Columbus hikes in the best city parks.


Best Parks in Columbus, Ohio

Some of the best parks in Ohio are located within the Columbus Metropolitan area – which means there are plenty of opportunities for hiking near Columbus, Ohio. In fact, Columbus, Ohio Parks and Recreation maintains more than 350 parks in Franklin County alone.

Additionally, Columbus Metro Parks boast 20 of the most beautiful parks in Ohio covering 27,700 acres – with an astounding 230 miles of trails. If you are in Columbus and are seeking the best hiking in Ohio, you won’t have to go far!


Hiking Columbus, Ohio: What You Will Need

Hocking Hills, Ohio things to do

When you go hiking in Ohio, there are a few things you will want to have on the trails!


Water for Hiking Central Ohio

Regardless of the season, it is always a good idea to have water when hiking in Central Ohio. We like collapsible water bottles, but a backpack hydration system is good for longer treks.


Hiking Shoes for the Best Walking Trail Columbus, Ohio

We don’t think hiking boots are necessary for most of the hiking trails near Columbus, Ohio. Instead, Kris likes to wear Merrell trail shoes – and I wear a lightweight sneaker, like my favorite travel shoes from New Balance.


Sunscreen and Bug Repellent

When hiking in Columbus, Ohio in the summertime, you will want to make sure you are protected from both the sun’s rays and the insects. It is best to bring sunscreen – and possibly wear a wide-brimmed hat. To keep the bugs away, be sure to carry insect repellent with you, too. 


Camera for Ohio Photography 

When hiking in Columbus, you will be visiting some of the most beautiful places in Ohio! Bring your favorite camera so that you can capture the beauty from the trails. On Columbus hiking trails, we often bring our DSLR Canon Rebel with an 18-135mm lens to take photographs of nature and wildlife. The kit comes with loads of accessories, is easy to use for beginner photographers and is an overall excellent budget camera.


Binoculars for Ohio Wildlife Spotting 

Ohio is home to an array of wildlife – like White-Tailed Deer (the state mammal), Bald Eagles and many other birds. Using binoculars is your best bet to get a closer look at the creatures in nature.


Day Pack for Hiking Columbus Trails

You don’t want to be juggling your water, camera and binoculars when on the Columbus, Ohio hiking trails. Instead, we carry everything in our trusty day pack for hiking!


12 Best Columbus Hikes

Our list features the best hiking near Columbus in some of the most beautiful parks in Ohio. For each of the Columbus walking trails, we include park information, a trail description and a link to Google Maps.

The Best Columbus, Ohio Parks for Hikes by



#1 Highbanks Metro Park – Best Columbus Park

Hiking at Highbanks Metro Park, Columbus, Ohio

Hands down one of the best parks in Columbus, Highbanks is a 1,200-acre park with 10 different trails that range from easy to moderate/difficult. Featuring deep ravines and exposed shale rock, the park offers some of the best hikes in Columbus, Ohio. Plus, the park has ample picnic tables and playground areas for kids. 


Highbanks Hiking Trails: Columbus, Ohio

Overlook and Dripping Rock Trails are the two best paths in the park (and, in our opinion, the two best Columbus Metro Park hikes overall).

The Overlook Trail (Trailhead MAP) is a 2-mile out-and-back trail (with an optional loop in the middle). The trail leads to an observation deck on 100-foot bluff overlooking the Olentangy State Scenic River. It is one of the best hiking spots in Ohio to see Bald Eagles, so bring your binoculars!

Dripping Rock (Trailhead MAP) is a 2.5-mile loop trail that climbs through beautiful forested ravines – and it is one of our favorite places for a peaceful walk. While the trail can get crowded on weekends, on most weekdays the trail is quiet.

As Highbanks is one of the best parks in Columbus, Ohio, there are several other trails to explore at the park, too!



#2 Sharon Woods Metro Park

Nature walk at Sharon Woods Metro Park, Columbus, Ohio

Sharon Woods is another one of the parks around Columbus, Ohio that we love visiting! The 761-acre park is centered on Schrock Lake and features both multipurpose and hiking-only trails. In addition to the paths, visitors can go fishing in the lake in the summer or sledding on the hill in the winter.


Sharon Woods Walking Trails: Columbus, Ohio

The 1.8-mile looping Spring Creek Trail (Trailhead MAP) is our favorite route through Sharon Woods Park. The Columbus, Ohio hiking path winds through forest, up two hills and along the creek.



#3 Olentangy Trail

Not exclusive to a single park, the Olentangy River Trail extends 13 miles from downtown Columbus north to Worthington, passing through several of the best parks in Central Ohio along the way. Although it is often referred to as the Olentangy Bike Trail, it is actually a multi-use trail for bikers, joggers and walkers.


Biking and Walking Trails Columbus, Ohio: Olentangy

While it might not be one of the best hiking trails in Columbus, Ohio, it is a wonderful place to walk or bike in the city. Along the route, there are several short trails that offer detours to the water. It is best to view an Olentangy Trail Map (North or South) to find the most convenient trailhead.

The Best Parks in Columbus, Ohio by



#4 Antrim Park

Antrim Park, Columbus, Ohio, USA

Maintained by the City of Columbus Parks and Rec, Antrim Park is one of the many parks traversed by the Olentangy Trail – but is well worth visiting all on its own! The highlight of the park is the large quarried lake and the 1.2-mile loop trail that goes around it – which is why we rank it as one of the best parks in Columbus, Ohio.


Best Walking Trails Columbus, Ohio: Antrim Loop

Although the pedestrian-only lakeside Loop Trail (Trailhead MAP) is the only official trail at Antrim, there are several paths that break off from the main trail and lead down to the Olentangy River. The Antrim Park Bike Trail (which is part of the Olentangy Trail) extends north and south of the lake.



#5 Battelle Darby Creek

Battelle Darby Creek is the best Metro Park in Columbus, Ohio to see amazing wildlife, specifically the American Bison that freely roam on the enclosed pasture lands.

While many people go to the park to see the Bison, what some do not realize is that there are miles of trails along the Big and Little Darby Creeks. In fact, there are numerous intertwining paths that take visitors through the forest, prairies, wetlands and to the picturesque rivers that are some of the best hikes in Columbus, Ohio. 


Battelle Darby Creek Park Trails: Columbus, Ohio

When visiting Battelle Darby Creek, we like to park at the Nature Center (Trailhead MAP). From there, visitors can walk south on the Darby Creek Greenway Trail through the Bison pastures to the Cedar Ridge Picnic Area. Continuing on the trails, the best hikes are down to Darby Creek via the Cobshell Trail (which also links up with Hawthorn and Indian Ridge Trails for further exploration).

The Camp Chase Trail – part of the Ohio-to-Erie Trail (which we talk more about in a minute) – also passes through Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park.



#6 Blendon Woods Metro Park

Another great place for hiking around Columbus, Ohio is Blendon Woods. The Metro Park is comprised of more than 650 acres of land, which is crisscrossed by interlinking, forested trails that are perfect for hiking Columbus, Ohio. The large Thoreau Lake, is a popular birdwatching spot at Blendon Woods.


Blendon Woods Hiking Trails: Columbus, Ohio

The network of connecting trails at Blendon Woods allows hikers to plan different routes. Of the several ways to explore the park, our favored route is to start on the Overlook Trail (Trailhead MAP), connect to Ripple Rock Trail and then return via the Brookside Trail, which is about a 1.5-mile hike. There are easy options to detour to the lake (via Lake Trail) or to the meadow (via Sugarbush Trail).

Columbus Hikes Best Parks by



#7 Three Creeks Metro Park

Located southeast of the city, the 1,100-acre Three Creeks Metro Park is a fabulous place to go hiking in Columbus. The park is centered on the confluence of thee waterways: Alum Creek, Blacklick Creek and Big Walnut Creek. There are 14 miles of trails within the park – including forest trails that lead to the confluence.


Three Creeks Walking Trails: Columbus, Ohio

The best way to explore Three Creeks Park is by trekking on the forested trails that weave around and over the waterways; it’s one of the best places to hike in Columbus, Ohio.

We suggest that visitors park at the Confluence Trails Area (Trailhead MAP) and go on several short, interlinking hikes. Start on the Bluebell Trail, merge onto the Alum Creek Greenway Trail and cross the bridge, then hop onto the Confluence Trail and return via the Alum Creek Trail. If you want to keep going, do a lap around Turtle Pond or the easy, looping Evergreen Trail.

Pro Tip: The Alum Creek Bike Trail, which is part of the Ohio-to-Erie Trail, is one of the best places to walk in Columbus, Ohio. Like the Olentangy Trail, the Alum Creek Columbus Trail is a multi-use paved north-south trail that extends 25 miles from Westerville to Three Creeks Park, passing right by downtown Columbus. The Blacklick Creek Greenway Trail – another multi-use trail in Columbus – connects Three Creeks Metro Park to nearby Blacklick Woods Metro Park.



#8 Scioto Grove Metro Park Trails

Located along the riverside in Grove City, the Scioto Grove Metro Park features seven miles of intertwining trails. In addition to the Columbus hiking trails, the 620-acre park also has picnic shelters, scenic viewpoint platforms, an archery range, a disc golf course and a canoe access point. 


Scioto Grove Hiking: Columbus, OH

We think the best trail at Scioto Grove is the looping combination of the REI River Trail and the Overlook Trail (Trailhead MAP). When hiked as a loop, it’s about 3 miles – and can easily be extended to a longer hike on adjoining trails. 

That said, the riverside trail can get muddy after rain – so keep that in mind as your plan your route. 



#9 Hoover Dam Ohio Trails

Hoover Dam Reservoir Park is one of the cool parks in Columbus, Ohio. Covering 4,700 acres, top park activities are hiking, biking, boating and fishing. 


Hoover Dam Hikes: Columbus, Ohio

On the east side of the dam is the Hoover Dam Nature Trail (Trailhead MAP), which is an easy 1-mile loop through scenic nature (but does include a set of steep stairs!). The path connects to a paved trail across the dam and hooks up with the Big Walnut Trail.

The Big Walnut Trail, a multi-use paved trail, runs along the western side of the reservoir. It is part of the Columbus Greenbelt Network and connects Hoover Reservoir Park to nearby Inniswoods Metro Gardens (which is about 3 miles from the dam).



#10 Columbus Park of Roses and Whetstone Park

One of the most beautiful Central Ohio parks, the Whetstone Park of Roses is known for its gorgeous rose gardens. Whetstone Park is just north of Downtown near the Ohio State University campus. 

However, what many visitors might not know is that beyond the meticulously planned gardens and paved pathways there are forested trails. The shaded paths follow Adena Brook, a meandering stream of exposed shale rock in a deep ravine.


Park of Roses Hiking Trails: Columbus, Ohio

Labeled the Olentangy Trail on Google Maps (Trailhead MAP), there are actually trails on both sides of Adena Brook; the south side follows the top of the ravine, while the north side stays by the creek. The trail is best accessed by the small parking lot along Hollenback Road (just before the main parking lot at the Roses Shelter House).



#11 Blacklick Woods Metro Park

Fall colors at Blacklick Woods Metro Park, Columbus, OH

Opened in 1948, Blacklick Woods Metro Park was the very first Metro Park in Columbus, Ohio. The 643 acre park is home to one of the best beech-maple forests in the state. With the gorgeous deciduous trees, Blacklick Woods offers the best hiking in Columbus in the autumn when the leaves change colors.

Additionally, Blacklick Park has paved bike trails, workout stations, a basketball court and a golf course. 


Recommended Walking Route at Blacklick Woods Metro Park

Three interconnecting trails (Beech, Maple and Buttonbush) can be combined into a 2.2 mile looping nature walk. The flat dirt trails mixed with elevated boardwalks make this a simple and enjoyable nature walk. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for owls, deer and even foxes. The fall colors at Blacklick Woods can be incredible as well!



#12 Downtown Columbus Scioto Mile

View over the Scioto Mile, Columbus, Ohio, USA

One of the newest trails in Columbus, Ohio is the Scioto Mile adjacent to downtown. Paved pathways line both sides of the Scioto River as it snakes its way through central Columbus. Although the multi-use path is not immersed in nature like many of the other hikes in Columbus, the Scioto Mile trails and connecting bridges are the most beautiful places in Columbus, Ohio to view the city skyline.


Best Walking Trails Columbus, Ohio: Scioto Mile

Scioto Mile, Columbus, Ohio

In total, there are more than 12 miles of Scioto Greenways recreational trails (MAP). The trail is officially part of the Ohio-to-Erie Trail. The Scioto Trail route passes through numerous Columbus parks – like Scioto Audubon Metro Park and Bicentennial Park – and connects to other Columbus trails, as well!

The Best Hiking in Columbus, Ohio by


More Parks in Columbus, Ohio

Above, we shared our favorite parks for the best Central Ohio hikes – but there are more fabulous greenspaces in and around Columbus that provide a full dose of nature (although, perhaps, not the best trails for hiking). 


More Best Parks Downtown Columbus

Topiary Park, Columbus Ohio

There are many Downtown Columbus parks that are ideal for relaxation and enjoyment, rather than hiking. 

Some of our favorite parks in Columbus, Ohio Downtown area are the Topiary Park (a 7-acre park of sculpted shrubs), Schiller Park (featuring a pond and outdoor theater) and Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens (entry fee required).

Goodale Park is another Downtown Columbus park that is close to the Short North Arts District. City festivals, like ComFest, are held at the park. 


More Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks

Challenge Course at Glacier Ridge Metro Park, Dublin, Ohio

The Central Ohio Metro Parks organization was established in 1945 with an aim to preserve nature spaces and make them free and accessible to all. The system now has over 28,000 acres spread across 20 parks in Central Ohio.

Some of these Columbus Parks – like Rocky Fork Metro Park in New Albany and Glacier Ridge in Plain City – have just a few trails, but typically offer additional amenities, like picnic shelters, obstacle and disc golf courses as well as playgrounds. In fact, the newest Metro Park, called Quarry Trails, isn’t a great hiking park – but it has a sledding hill, a natural play area and one of the best waterfalls in Columbus, Ohio!


Hayden Run Falls Park

View of Hayden Falls in Dublin, Ohio

If you are looking for hikes near Dublin, Ohio, then we highly recommend seeking out Hayden Run Falls (Trailhead MAP). It is one of the best waterfalls in Columbus, Ohio, streaming 35 feet into the gorge.

Not necessarily the best place for hiking near Columbus, Ohio anymore (they have built a boardwalk and viewpoint in an effort to protect the ecosystem), it is an absolutely gorgeous piece of nature!

Other parks in Dublin, Ohio are Indian Run Falls, which features cascading waterfalls and nature trails, and Scioto Park, which sits on the Scioto River and has a 12-foot-tall statue dedicated to Native American Chief Leatherlips.

Pro Tip: There are other parks in Columbus, Ohio with waterfalls! At Glen Echo Park – situated in a Clintonville ravine – water tumbles down a sheer shale cliffside after heavy rain. In Westerville, there is a cascading waterfall at Inniswood Metro Garden. 


More Ohio Parks for Hiking

View from the rim trail at Conkles Hollow Hocking Hills, Ohio

We have featured our favorite parks in Columbus for hikes and some of the top parks in Columbus, OH for enjoying nature and greenspace – but there are so many more places to hike in Ohio! For trekkers who want to go hiking beyond the city, we are highlighting a few of the best trails in Ohio.

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Hocking Hills Trails in Southeast Ohio

View looking into Ash Cave, Hocking Hills, Ohio

Hocking Hills State Park has some of the best hiking trails in Ohio! Located in southeastern Ohio in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Hocking Hills hiking is nothing short of phenomenal. Some of the best Hocking Hills hiking trails (and some of the best Ohio hiking trails, for that matter!) are Conkles Hollow, Old Man’s Cave, Ash Cave and Rock House.

Pro Tip: Read our dedicated article on all the Best Hikes in Hocking Hills!


Mohican State Park

Walk Across the Mohican Covered Bridge, Ohio

Mohican State Park (located 1 hour north of Columbus) is a fantastic area full of outdoor activities, historic sites, scenic landscapes and some of the best hikes in Ohio. Long one of my favorite places to visit in the state of Ohio, we can definitely recommend adding it to your outdoor adventures!

Pro Tip: Read all about the Best Things To Do at Mohican State Park!


Clear Creek Metro Park (Southeast of Columbus)

Highly rated as one of the best places to hike in Ohio, Clear Creek Metro Park encompasses more than 5,300 acres of land. The forest is filled with Canadian hemlocks, but the park’s rhododendrons are a big attraction when they bloom in early summer. With a range of trails – rated from easy to difficult – the park offers some of the best hikes near Columbus, Ohio.

The Creekside Meadows Trail is a favorite, but truly, there is a trail at the park for every level hiker.


Slate Run Metro Park (South of Columbus)

Slate Run is a 1,700-acre park – and one of the fun places to go hiking in Ohio! Comprised of forest, meadow, prairie, waterways and wetlands, the park is incredibly diverse. In addition to the numerous hiking trails near Columbus, Ohio, the park features a Living Historical Farm, which is an interesting and entertaining place to learn more about this history of farms.


Deer Haven Park and Havener Park in Delaware County

Deer Haven (part of the Preservation Parks of Delaware County) and Havener Park (in Liberty Township) are two of the most underrated and beautiful parks near Columbus, Ohio. The parks sit side-by-side and have joining trails.

Together, the two parks feature forested terrain, wetland ponds, grassy meadows and a river ravine. The trails are rated easy to moderate (there is even a shallow creek crossing) – and, all together, there are about 4 miles of trails. We prefer to park at the Havener Park lot (Trailhead MAP) and hike through the park in looping patterns so that we do not back track until the last leg of the hike on our way back to the car.


Shale Hollow Park in Delaware County

Part of the Preservation Parks of Delaware County, Shale Hollow is a 211-acre park near Columbus, Ohio that is marked by a tributary of the Olentangy State Scenic River. The stream winds through the park next to 40-foot-tall cliffs. Exploration of the stream, shale wall and round rock formations is encouraged – and it’s a great place to cool off in the summertime! The Great Horned Owl Trail and Overlook Trail are ideal trails for hiking in Central Ohio. 


Schnormeier Gardens

A hidden gem near Mount Vernon, Ohio, the Schnormeier Gardens is a privately owned park that is open to the public on certain weekends. There are nine different gardens, more than 50 sculptures and a Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired residence on the 75 acres of land. Go to their official website to find information on Open House event dates. 


Clifton Gorge in Yellow Springs

Clifton Gorge Yellow Springs, Ohio

The Clifton Gorge State Nature Preserve in Yellow Springs is one of the cool hikes near Columbus. Although the park is small with just about 3 miles of intertwining trails, the trek is stunningly beautiful. The trail follows the Little Miami River through the deep gorge. 


Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Cleveland

The Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Cleveland is one of the best places to hike in Ohio – especially in northern Ohio. The 32,500-acre park is the only national park in Ohio. At Cuyahoga Valley NP there are more than 125 miles of hiking trails, ranging from easy to challenging hikes. Plus, we think CVNP has the best hiking trails in Ohio with waterfalls. 

Brandywine Falls is a fairly easy 1.5-mile loop – and one of the most popular walking trails in Ohio for its spectacular waterfalls. The epic 87-mile Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail runs through the park, as does part of the Ohio Buckeye Trail, which is a 1,444-mile trail that loops through the entire state.

Pro Tip: Trekkers looking for other National Parks for hiking should check out the newest US National Park, New River Gorge in West Virginia. 


Ohio to Erie Trail for Bicyclists

Walking the Cleveland Tow Path Trail, Ohio

The Ohio-to-Erie Trail (OTET) is a 326-mile path that links Cleveland and Cincinnati and is designed for bicyclists. Called Ohio Bike Route 1, more than 80% of the trail is off-street, paved surfaces that takes cyclists through the state’s biggest cities. Many portions of the trail – especially those that run through city parks – are designated as multi-use trails.


Central Ohio Hiking Club

Trekkers who want to meet fellow hikers or are more confident hiking in Ohio with others might want to join the Central Ohio Hiking Club (COHC). The Columbus hiking club is a membership club for adult hikers interested in hiking with fellow members. The club organizes day hikes for members, which are usually about 4 to 6 miles, on the most popular and off-the-beaten-path trails in central Ohio.

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