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Top Things To Do in Helsinki, Finland: A Guide To Helsinki Attractions

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Our trip to Helsinki, Finland was a last-minute decision – and, at first, we thought of it more as a long layover than a visit to a new destination. We were unsure what to do in Helsinki and our quick research told us there were only a few Helsinki attractions.

Somewhat discouraged, we determinedly devised a 48-hour Helsinki itinerary that included top Helsinki sights, nature walks and neighborhood exploration. During our short visit to Finland, we discovered there is actually an abundance of interesting and fun things to do in Helsinki!


Best Things To Do in Helsinki

View of the Harbor and city skyline from sea in Helsinki, Finland

Our list of Helsinki things to do will fill an entire weekend. Visitors with just one day in Helsinki could possibly fit it all in, as well. For those staying longer than two days, we’ve added some additional places to visit in Helsinki that we look forward to checking out on our next trip.

More tips on what to see in Helsinki – with more or less time than we had –  and a link to a Helsinki map of sights are at the end of the article.

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#1 Set Sail For Suomenlinna Fortress, Helsinki

Finland Flag flying at Suomenlinna Fortress in Helsinki, Finland

The Suomenlinna Fortress is a Helsinki must-see! Dating to the 18th century, work on the fortifications was started by the Swedes, continued by the Russians and renovated by the Finnish. Built as a naval base, the complex grew in size to occupy six islands and included dry docks (for building ships), barracks (for housing military personnel), and a prison camp (obviously, for holding prisoners of war).

Protective walls and tunnels at Suomenlinna Fortress in Helsinki, Finland

In the 1970s, the Finnish military abandoned the fortress and it was re-adapted for residential housing. In 1991, Suomenlinna was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Today, visiting the remaining structures is one of the top things to do in Helsinki, Finland.

King's Gate looking out to sea at Suomenlinna Fortress in Helsinki, Finland

Before setting out to explore, stop at the Suomenlinna Tourist Information Office to pick up a handy pamphlet with a map and brief explanations of the sights. The 1-mile highlighted Blue Route (also conveniently marked with blue street signs) leads visitors from the Jetty Barracks to the King’s Gate – and passes several historic points of interest along the way.

Walls at Suomenlinna Fortress in Helsinki, Finland

We planned our trip to Suomenlinna Fortress in the afternoon. With the long summer days, we had plenty of time to see the highlights and veer off-course of the Blue Route to see more sights (like the Vesikko Submarine) and explore the many tunnels near King’s Gate (bring a flashlight!).

Visit the Vesikko Submarine, Helsinki, Finland

As we planned to spend the entire afternoon on Suomenlinna, we assembled a picnic lunch with items from the convenient K-Market grocery store (located opposite the ferry dock). Premade meals, snacks, sweets and beverages are all available to create an excellent and simple outdoor meal.

Have a Suomenlinna Picnic Lunch, Helsinki, Finland

Top Tip: For even more information about the history of the fortress and Helsinki, let a local guide lead the way on a half-day tour


Suomenlinna Fortress Cost

Suomenlinna Church in Helsinki, Finland

As one of the top Helsinki places to visit, we were elated to find it was free to visit the historical remains of the fortress. However, there is a fee to enter the six museums on Suomenlinna Island. If you prefer not to have a picnic lunch, there are several cafes and restaurants on Suomenlinna Helsinki, and even a craft brewery!


Getting to Suomenlinna Fortress

A Suomenlinna Ferry sailing to the mainland in Helsinki, Finland

The best way to get to Suomenlinna Fortress is by ferry boat. The Suomenlinna Ferry is part of the Helsinki Region Transport Authority and an all-day ticket costing €9 includes the roundtrip boat ride. Alternatively, the return ferry trip for Suomenlinna is one of the many perks of purchasing a Helsinki Card!


#2 Stroll The Helsinki Southern Shoreline

Shoreline path, Merisatamanranta, in Helsinki, Finland

Along the southern shoreline of the Helsinki mainland is a small seaport harbor, which is home to 1,200 boats and is one of the top things to see in Helsinki. Lining the water’s edge are two streets – Merisatamanranta and Ehrenstromintie – that stretch from Kaivopuisto to Eira.

Eira Beach and architectural buildings in Helsinki, Finland

The wide promenade provides a pleasant place to enjoy the sea air and off-shore island scenery. The spacious grassy knolls offer a nice spot to sit back and relax – and at the western end of the walk, there is even a little sandy Helsinki beach.

Juhani Ahon monument in Eira district in Helsinki, Finland

During our visit to Helsinki, weekend vendors were set up in the parks and along the walkway offering tempting international fare. Thailand rice bowls, Brazilian rotisserie and coal-baked Italian pizza were a few of the dishes that caught our eye.

Huvilakatu Street, the most colorful street in the city, in Eira district in Helsinki, Finland

Top Tip: In Eira, walk up the picturesque Huvilakatu Street, one of the most beautiful places to see in Helsinki. Often referred to as ‘the most colorful street in Helsinki,’ Huvilakatu is lined with pastel-painted Art Nouveau houses featuring large bay windows and towers.


#3 Relax in Helsinki City Parks

Red tulips in bloom at Tahtitorninvuoren Park in Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki is a natural wonderland: sea, islands, lakes and an astounding number of parks. Green spaces are found throughout Helsinki – and it’s said that from anywhere in the city, a park is only a 10-minute stroll away. We walked through many parks during our visit and recommend these four as Helsinki top sights.


Kaivopuisto Park Helsinki

View of sea and islands from Kaivopuisto Hill in Helsinki, Finland

At the southern tip of the Helsinki mainland is Kaivopuisto – and climbing the Kaivopuisto Park hill is one of the best things to do in Helsinki. Although only a small hill, following one of the many trails that leads to the Kaivopuisto Observatory treats visitors to spectacular vistas of the southern shoreline and over the island-dotted sea.


Esplanadi Helsinki

Statue in the middle of Esplanadi Park in Helsinki, Finland

The simple rectangular Esplanadi Park in the heart of the city is one of the Helsinki top attractions. Often the site of community events (like the food festival taking place when we were in town), the park is an ideal place to relax for a bit when sightseeing Helsinki.


Toolonlahti Bay

View of Toolonlahti Bay, Helsinki, Finland

A haven for birds, Toolonlahti Bay lies just north of the Helsinki city center. Dirt paths line the shore and crisscross through the urban park, making it an excellent place for Helsinki locals to walk, jog or cycle. Kayaking, picnicking and swan spotting are popular Helsinki summertime activities at Toolo Bay. Nearby Helsinki sights include the Finnish National Opera and Ballet, Linnanmäki Amusement Park, and Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden. 


Helsinki Winter Garden

Glass greenhouse, Winter Garden, in Helsinki, Finland

Dating to 1893, the Winter Garden is a must-do in Helsinki. The lovely greenhouse features more than 200 plants that are displayed across three themed room – Cactus, Palm and Western. In the summer, the grounds of the Helsinki Winter Garden are covered with lush colorful flora.


Top Tip: The Helsinki Central Park (Keskuspuisto) is another favorite park of locals just north of the city center, but sadly we did not have time to visit.

Helsinki Fun Facts: Green spaces and urban parks comprise 1/3 of the land in the city of Helsinki. Additionally, there are 40 National Parks in Finland!


#4 Visit Helsinki Churches

Red Uspenski Orthodox Cathedral and Allas Sea Pool in Helsinki, Finland

There are an impressive number of churches in Helsinki – and there are four churches that make our list of Helsinki points of interest: White, Red, Wood and Rock (formally known as Helsinki Cathedral, Uspenski Cathedral, Kamppi Chapel and Temppeliaukion Church).


Helsinki Cathedral (White)

The grand Helsinki Cathedral on Senate Square in Helsinki, Finland

The imposing, white Helsinki Cathedral is one of the Helsinki places to visit that can’t be missed…quite literally. Sitting on a platform high above Senate Square, the green dome of the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran cathedral can be seen from afar. As a top Helsinki, Finland tourist attraction, the Helsinki Cathedral is visited by 350,000 people annually.

Helsinki Cathedral Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 9am to 6pm, Sunday 11am to 6pm; from June to August the cathedral stays open until 9pm.

Helsinki Cathedral Entrance Fee: €5. The entrance is on the left side of the building.


Uspenski Cathedral (Red)

Striking red Uspenski Cathedral and SkyWheel in Helsinki, Finland

Not as dominating, but definitely more lavishly decorated, is the magnificent Uspenski Cathedral. The brick Eastern Orthodox cathedral was built on a hill in the mid-1800s (shortly after the Helsinki Cathedral) and is the largest orthodox church is Western Europe.

Uspenski Cathedral Opening Hours: Tuesday-Friday 9:30am to 4pm; Saturday 10am to 3pm; Sunday 12pm to 3pm.

Uspenski Cathedral Entrance Fee: Free! Climb the staircase on Kanavakatu Street to the main entrance.


Kamppi Chapel (Wood)

Wooden Chapel of Silence, Kamppi Chapel, in Helsinki, Finland

Built in 2012, Kamppi Chapel is made of curved wood and in our opinion looks like a large salad bowl (maybe we were just hungry!). Located in the center of busy Narinkka Square, the non-denominational church is known as the ‘Chapel of Silence’ where guests can escape the noise of the city.  

Kamppi Chapel Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 10am to 5pm; Saturday-Sunday 10am to 4pm.

Kamppi Chappel Entrance Fee: €5 June-September for 18+ (free otherwise). Be observant of the purpose of the chapel and visit in silence.


Temppeliaukio Church (Rock)

Church in the Rock, Teppeliaukio Church, in Helsinki, Finland

Often referred to as the Rock Church, Temppeliaukio Church was built in the 1960s…directly into solid rock. Through skylights between the rock walls and the dome ceiling, natural light fills the circular space. Due to the quality acoustics, many concerts are held at the church.

Temppeliaukio Church Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am to 6pm, Sundays 12pm to 6pm. Closed to tourist during services. Opening hours and services do vary seasonally, so it’s best to check their official website for times during your vacation to Helsinki.

Temppeliaukio Church Entrance Fee: €5 (However, free with the Helsinki or National Museum Cards.)


#5 Explore The Kallio District, Helsinki

Boats in harbor on Elaintarhanlahti Bay in Helsinki, Finland

Of all the neighborhoods in Helsinki, the Kallio district intrigued us the most. With origins as a densely populated working-class neighborhood, the area attracts younger residents (due to the smaller apartments and lower rents) and boasts numerous bars. Although we heard this popular Helsinki district is in the process of gentrification, we certainly felt a bohemian vibe – evidenced by the numerous thrift stores and record shops.

Art Deco Kallio Church in Helsinki, Finland

For a glimpse into local life in Helsinki, we recommend wandering through Kallio (be sure to pass by the Art Nouveau Kallio Church and Library, both of which date to 1912) and popping into a few bars.


Recommended Kallio Bars in Helsinki

Kaisaniemenlahti Bay and Flying Dutch boat bar in Helsinki, Finland

Kallio Helsinki is a lively area with something for everyone, but here’s our recommendations based on our visit.


Ravintola Roskapankki

Local bar patrons at Ravintola Roskapankki Bar in Kallio district in Helsinki, Finland

We were lured to Ravintola Roskapankki for the promise of cheap beer…and we stayed to mingle with the locals. Patrons of all ages, styles and backgrounds bellied up to the bar and squished into booths to guzzle mugs of Finnish lager. This is definitely a bar to feel the pulse of the Kallio neighborhood!


Flying Dutch, Helsinki

Where to go for drinks in Helsinki, Finland

Moored just west of the Pitkasilta Bridge that connects Kallio to the Helsinki city center is the Flying Dutch. The boat-turned-floating-bar has outdoor seating at the stern of the ship, as well as on the shore. The relaxed environment is an excellent place to kick back and enjoy a beverage on the water in the late afternoon in Helsinki.



Pulmu airplane-themed bar in Kallio District in Helsinki, Finland

Airplane-themed Pulmu is a bar designed for airplane geeks (ahem, that would be Kris). Featuring model planes, a turbine fan, a baggage carousel counter and a logo modeled after Pan Am, we thought the kitsch bar would appeal mostly to travelers. However, the small interior was accommodating regulars and the friendly bar staff treated us like it was our local spot, too!

Top Tip: After having a few beverages in Kallio, get some classic Helsinki street food at Karhupuiston Grilli in Bear Park (Karhupuisto). The small food stand serves up sausages and potatoes in a variety of ways with an astounding choice of toppings. The traditional Finnish feast is Makkaraperunat, which is a plate of fries with slices of hot dog covered in all the toppings. (Note: We’ve been unable to verify if this fast food stand is still there, please let us know if you go!)


#6 Ride A Helsinki Tram

Tram 3 in Helsinki, Finland city center

Using public transportation in Helsinki is a great way to get around – not only to give your feet a rest, but also for the local experience. Getting around Helsinki is easy with an extensive network of buses, trams and trains. The fleet of trams range from classic older cars that rattle down the tracks to new sleek carriages that breeze through the city.

View down the Tram Tracks, Helsinki, Finland

While city sightseeing Helsinki can be done on foot (it is not that big and mostly flat), Trams 2 and 3 are an ideal option for when the weather is foul…or just for the experience! Helsinki tram lines 2 and 3 intersect, creating a figure-eight, and pass by (or near) all of the top Helsinki things to see. In fact, the route is so convenient for tourists that the transportation company created a Helsinki sightseeing map based on riding Trams 2 and 3. 

Tram passing the Cathedral, Helsinki, Finland

Top Tip: If you plan to take more than three rides – or more than two rides and the ferry to Suomenlinna Fortress – then an unlimited day pass is the ticket you want. For €9, the Day Pass alleviates the worry and hassle of per-ride tickets and eliminates tapping on/off each ride. Read more about which ticket you will need for your trip to Helsinki and where you can purchase tickets.


#7 Make A Trip To Helsinki Markets

Fresh produce for sale at Hakaniemi Market Hall in Helsinki, Finland

Spending time at the city markets is one of the fantastic, fun things to do in Helsinki! Fresh caught fish on ice, sweet treats straight from the oven, made-in-Finland gifts and international cuisine can all be found at the Helsinki market halls.

Seeing the hundred-year-old classic brick market buildings alone is worth the trip! In addition to the fruit, fare and wares inside, in the short Finnish summer, the markets spill out into the squares where vendors are set up in food stalls and flea markets.


Old Market Hall, Helsinki

Eggs dressed in caps in Helsinki, Finland

Built in 1888, the Old Market Hall (Vanha Kauppahalli) was Helsinki’s first indoor market. The striking building sits on South Harbor near Market Square and is used as a bustling food hall today.


Hietalahti Market Hall

Flea Market outside Hietalahti Market Hall in Helsinki, Finland

Opened in 1903 as a food market, Hietalahti Market Hall has been used in recent years as an all-organic market and antique market. However, it is once again a food market and houses several locally-owned restaurants. In the summer, a large flea market takes place in the square.


Hakaniemi Market Hall

Local Market in Helsinki, Finland

The Hakaniemi Market Hall opened in 1914 in the Kallio district. The market, which is known for selling seafood and regional specialties, caters to a more local crowd, rather than tourists.


#8 Sip Coffee At A Classic Helsinki Café

Regatta Cafe on the sea in Helsinki, Finland

Finland is the most coffee-buzzed country in the world; reports estimate each Finnish resident consumes an astounding 26.5lbs (12kg) of coffee per year! What began as a method of warmth and a jolt for dark winter days evolved into an important aspect of socializing.

Today, coffee consumption is transforming again as a new emphasis is placed on the quality of the product. However, a few old school cafes remain – and visiting one for a coffee and a sweet cinnamon bun is one of the top things to do in Helsinki.

Filter coffee and cinnamon buns at classic Regatta Cafe in Helsinki, Finland

The top choices for classic cafes include Ekberg (the oldest café in Helsinki, dating to 1852) and the popular Karl Fazer Café (opened in 1891). However, we preferred the simplicity and location of Café Regatta.

Although only a café since the 1950s (and named Café Regatta since 2002), the building dates to 1887 and the charming seaside position is irresistible on lovely days. Clearly, others feel the same way, as it has become one of the most popular Helsinki, Finland tourist attractions.

Famous Cafe Regatta in Helsinki, Finland

We watched an entire group on one of the Helsinki sightseeing tours come to the café, take pictures and leave…without having a cup of coffee! On sunny days, expect a long line to snake out the door of the small red cottage as both locals and tourists wait their coffee and cinnamon bun (although there are more choices on the menu).

As a bonus: at Café Regatta you can buy sausages or marshmallows to grill right there!

View of the Sibelius Monument, Helsinki, Finland

Top Tip: When you go to Café Regatta, make sure you detour into the adjacent park to see the nearby Sibelius Monument. It’s one of the many places to visit in Helsinki that honors Finnish composer and violinist, Jean Sibelius. 


#9 Admire The Architecture in Helsinki

Viewing the unique Architecture in Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki has an incredible array of architectural styles that can be seen throughout the city. From classic wooden structures to modern glass buildings to the decorative Art Nouveau homes, fans of architecture will love wandering the streets of Helsinki in anticipation of what might be waiting around the next corner!

Beautiful architecture in Helsinki, Finland

Top Tip: Join one of the Helsinki architecture walks led by a professional guide to get a proper introduction to the city’s best buildings and the stories behind them. 

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Helsinki Attractions Map

The shoreline in Helsinki, Finland

Use this link to Google, and you can also pick up a Helsinki Tourist Map from the Tourist Information Office at the airport or in the Helsinki city center.


More Helsinki Tourist Attractions

City of Helsinki, Finland

Although we completely filled our short time in the city with the above mentioned activities, here are a few more places to visit in Helsinki, Finland that we didn’t get to…this time around.


Helsinki Swimming Pools

View of Allas Sea Pool and Harbor from terrace in Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki may be surrounded by water, but going to swimming pool is one of the local Helsinki, Finland things to do. The sea water is usually too cool to swim in, so indoor pools, which also have saunas, provide a place to splash around in warmer water.

The swimming and sauna culture in Helsinki, however, differs from other parts of the world. Swimming times are separated by gender, because traditionally, people swim nude (this goes for the saunas, too) – but times are changing and suits are now allowed…just check the pool rules and times before going!


Yrjonkadun Swimming Hall

Opened in 1928, Yrjonkatu Swimming Hall is the oldest in the country…and still abides by traditionally male/female separate swim hours. Swimmers can choose, however, to go sans suit or not.


Allas Sea Pool, Helsinki

View of the Allas Outdoor Sea Pool, Helsinki, Finland

The ultra-modern Allas Sea Pool sits right on the harbor and has three outdoor pools where you can swim with a view (including a pool filled with sea water).

Top Tip: The terraces at the Allas Sea Pool are one of the top places to go in Helsinki for a view of the harbor and city…and it’s completely free! Just walk up the stairs.


Best Museums in Helsinki, Finland

View of the Official Prime Minister Office, Helsinki, Finland

Classic art, photography, open air, interactive…take your pick, because there are about 80 Helsinki museums to choose from! Check out reviews for the best museums in Helsinki on TripAdvisor.

However, if you are on a budget, there are not many free Helsinki museums. That being said, some of the top museums offer free days. Check the website of these Helsinki museums for free entry dates (usually one Friday a month): Luomus Natural History Museum, Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum of Finnish Architecture and National Museum of Finland.

Top Tip: While there may not be many free museums in Helsinki, the Helsinki Card offers entry into most of the museums, as well as numerous other benefits (such as an audio guide, free public transportation and area discounts). 


Our Helsinki Itinerary

View along the Islands south of mainland in Helsinki, Finland

When we decided to visit Helsinki, we planned a succinct itinerary that allowed us to make the most of our time in the city. We stayed for two nights – arriving on Friday afternoon and departing on Sunday afternoon – which was the perfect amount of time to enjoy the top things to see in Helsinki, Finland!


Day 1 in Helsinki (Map of Route): Temppeliaukion Church, Toolonlahti Bay, Helsinki Winter Garden, Flying Dutch, Hakaniemen Market, Kallio Church, Kallio Library, Roskapankki Bar, Pulmu Bar, Bear Park, Karhupuiston Grilli


Day 2 in Helsinki (Map of Route not including Suomenlinna): Kamppi Chapel, Hietalahti Market Hall, Huvilakata Street, Kaivopuisto Park, Esplanadi Park, Tori Quarters, Helsinki Cathedral, Uspenski Cathedral, Allas Sea Pool Terrace, Market Square, Suomenlinna Fortress


Day 3 in Helsinki (Map of Route): Café Regatta, Sibelius Monument


More Tips For Your Helsinki Trip

Unusual Sights in Helsinki, Finland

Our top tips on tours in Finland, Helsinki day trips, where to stay and more for your visit to Helsinki!


Helsinki Tours

There are a plethora of tours in Helsinki designed to get you better acquainted with the city on your trip to Finland.


Hop On Hop Off Helsinki

Most travelers are certainly familiar with the red ‘HOHO’ bus – and the popular Hop On Hop Off Helsinki bus tour makes stops at all the top spots. You can book the Helsinki sightseeing bus in advance on Viator.


Helsinki Walking Tour

There are numerous Helsinki guided tours – from private guides to walking tours – and even free walking tours provided by Free Tour Helsinki tip-based tours. All of these tours visit the must-see places in Helsinki, enhanced with information from a local guide. Book online in advance of your trip!


Helsinki Boat Tour

Getting out on the water on a Helsinki sightseeing cruise is a great way to get to know the city! Check out this fun canal ride sightseeing boat tour. 


Helsinki Bike Tour

Discovering the city by bike is one of the cool things to do in Helsinki…and one of the most popular is an e-bike forest tour!


Free Things To Do in Helsinki, Finland

See The Cathedral, Best Things To Do in Helsinki, Finland

It’s no secret that Helsinki is an expensive city, which can deter budget-conscious travelers (like ourselves!) from visiting. However, we found that some of the best places in Helsinki didn’t cost a dime.

Helsinki main attractions – like Suomenlinna Fortress, Uspenski Cathedral and the city parks – are all absolutely free of charge. If you do a little searching, you will likely find plenty of things to see in Helsinki, Finland for free that interests you!


Day Trips From Helsinki

Car Ferry in the Port of Helsinki, Finland

The location of Helsinki makes for a great jumping off point for day trips! Check out these popular places to visit near Helsinki.


Porvoo, Finland

Located 30mi (50km) east of Helsinki is the historic and charming town of Porvoo. The 800 year-old-city is named for the river that runs through it – and along the banks of the river are the iconic red shore houses that were once used to store goods from afar. Book your tour to Porvoo in advance!


Tallinn, Estonia

Travel to Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, on a full day trip from Helsinki via ferry. The medieval city features cobblestone lanes, picturesque squares, soaring church spires and a fascinating history. Explore the Old Town sights and then discover the modern attractions outside the Tallinn city walls.

Top Tip: Read more about Tallinn Sightseeing and review our guide of Free Things to Do in Tallinn.

Tallinn Sightseeing in One Day with the Tallinn Card by


Where To Stay in Helsinki

Big House in Helsinki, Finland

During our visit to Helsinki, we stayed in an Airbnb Apartment. We have found that staying in apartments is often less expensive than hotel rooms – with the added benefit of a kitchen and, usually, more space. 

However, for those who prefer staying in traditional accommodations, there are many Helsinki hotels to choose from in – or close to – the city center. Check out these top-rated hotels (based on guest reviews): Hotel Kamp, Hotel Katajanokka or Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel. Or start your own search on, like we do! 


Getting To Helsinki, Finland

Large cruise ship sails by Suomenlinna Fortress in Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki can be reached by plane or boat. Our preferred method of getting anywhere is by flying (we are JetSettingFools, after all) and we flew to Helsinki from Gdansk, Poland and departed to Singapore! When we need to purchase plane tickets, we start our search for the best deals on airline tickets on Skyscanner.


Before You Go To Helsinki

The Shipwrecked Monument, Haaksirikkoiset, in Helsinki, Finland


Start planning your trip to Finland! Search for the lowest airfares, the best accommodations and fun things to do…then start packing!  Want more travel planning tips? Head over to our Travel Planning Page for more information and tips on traveling – and for country-specific information, take a look at our Travel Guides Page!


We want to know: What are your favorite things to do in Helsinki? What Helsinki attractions would you add to our list? Give us your best tips and advice in the comments! 


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