Our visit to Chile landed us in three very different places: Puerto Varas, Santiago and Easter Island. We arrived in Chile from Argentina via bus on a route through the scenic Andes Mountains. Our first stop was a quick 2-night stay in the lakeside town of Puerto Varas, where snow-capped volcanos are visible across the water. In Santiago, we visited parks (including Cerro San Cristobol) enjoyed the colorful city life at the markets and in the neighborhoods – and indulged in the local fast food.

Traveling to Easter Island – the most remote island in the world – was the highlight of our trip to Chile. The mystery of the island’s history and massive stone moai protectors were fascinating. We joined a local tour guide for a day of island discovery and explored more on our own by hiking to Easter Island sights- and took way too many photos. Each night was spent watching the sunset behind a platform of moai.

Chile Facts:

Capital City: Santiago

Country Population: 19 Million

Language: Spanish

Useful Words and Phrases: Hello - Hola  |  Thank You – Gracias 

Currency:  Chilean Peso (CLP) | Current Value

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