Moorea, French Polynesia on a Budget

Long before our ‘Round the World plan was ever realized we had our sights set on Moorea and an overwater bungalow at the Hilton Resort. I spent years racking up Hilton Honors points that we would cash in for our luxurious stay.… Read the rest

Budget Island Accommodations: Easter Island and Moorea

With limited flights to Easter Island and on to Tahiti – always a risk for standby passengers – we were quite unsure if we would make it to either destination. Not wanting to be on the hook for accommodations we couldn’t use, we waited until we arrived to book our accommodations.… Read the rest

Moorea French Polynesia

Slow motion in Moorea, French Polynesia

Things move a little slower on Moorea, French Polynesia – and that’s not a complaint. The days drift by as leisurely as the puffy, white clouds above the lush mountain peaks. I’m in a dreamlike state – half awake, but still dreaming – as my surroundings seem unreal.Read the rest