3-Day Warsaw Itinerary: A SightSeeing Guide by JetSettingFools.com

3-Day Warsaw Itinerary: A Sightseeing Guide

Warsaw, Poland surprised us. When we decided to take a long layover in the city, we anticipated spending time working. However, we quickly became enamored by Warsaw and pushed our work aside to make the most of our stay in the city.… Read the rest

3-Day Krakow Itinerary: A Guide of Krakow Things To Do by JetSettingFools.com

3-Day Krakow Itinerary: a Guide of Krakow Things To Do

For too long (way too long!), Poland was off our radar. After visiting Warsaw in early spring and seeing firsthand how incredible the country is, we surmised that Poland just might be the most underrated country in Europe. Eager to return, Krakow shot to the top of our list, so we planned a visit in December to coincide with the famous Krakow Christmas Market.… Read the rest

3-Day Gdansk itinerary A Guide of Things To Do in Gdansk, Poland by JetSettingFools.com

3-Day Gdansk Itinerary: A Guide of Things to do in Gdansk, Poland

After visiting Warsaw and Krakow, we were in on the secret: Poland is incredible. Our time in Gdansk, Poland solidified the fact – the country of Poland is completely underrated as a travel destination. Just like Warsaw and Krakow, Gdansk has a storied past, stunning architecture and amazing museums.… Read the rest