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Lviv Nightlife: 7 Craft Beer Bars In Lviv, Ukraine

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After indulging in tasty craft beer in other Eastern European cities (like Riga, Budapest and Prague), we were certainly looking forward to sampling the craft beer in Lviv, Ukraine. The city boasts a high concentration of bars in the Lviv city center – and we were happy to find that several of these Lviv bars are dedicated to local Ukrainian craft beer. While Lviv nightlife offers a vast range of experiences, we were intent on finding the best craft beers bars in Lviv.


Nightlife in Lviv, Ukraine

Nightlife in Lviv, Ukraine ranges from quaint cafes where patrons sip homemade liqueurs to energetic Lviv nightclubs where guests dance the night away. We were interested in sampling innovative Lviv craft beer, therefore our Lviv, Ukraine nightlife exploration was focused on bars and breweries that specialize in Ukrainian craft beer. Beer-lovers visiting Lviv can use our list as a Lviv nightlife guide.


7 Best Lviv Bars for Craft Beer

As craft beer continues to gain popularity, we suspect more bars in Lviv will start serving it…and new craft beer bars will continue to open. Our list details the best places for craft beer in Lviv during our visit. However, we do not recommend any specific beers – as the lineup is always changing.

We have included links to Google Maps and TripAdvisor reviews (if available) for each location. It is important to note that we have listed the bars by their names in the Latin alphabet and Cyrillic translation, which is how they are likely displayed at the bars. In Google Maps, the Cyrillic translation is listed along with the Latin spelling. At the end of the post you will find a link to a map of Lviv, Ukraine with the locations of our recommended bars.


#1 Pravda Beer Theater (Театр пива «Правда»)

The Pravda Beer Theater is a Lviv brewery (and restaurant) in the very heart of the Old Town on Rynok Square. Brewers at Pradva strive to create unique beers that will be recognized worldwide – and their efforts have earned them 14 international beer awards. A large range of beers are offered at Pravda – on tap and in the bottle – including limited edition selections. Many of their beers are named for global politicians – like Obama Hope American-Style Stout, Trudeau Magnum IPA and Putin Huilo Golden Ale. The open warehouse-style bar is spread over four floors. It offers evening live music (except Mondays) and bands that play late on Fridays and Saturdays. Map  |  Reviews


#2 Choven (Човен)

Of all the bars we visited during our stay, Choven was our favorite Lviv bar for craft beer. Located on a quiet street not far from Rynok Square, Choven offers 15 craft beers on tap and more in bottles. The rotating list of draft beers are posted on the chalkboard above the bar. Visitors can sit outdoors at the tables on the cobblestone street or inside where there are small rooms and rock music playing over the speakers. Although they do serve food, we recommend having dinner across the street at Facet. Map  |  Reviews


#3 Drunken Duck Pub

The Drunken Duck Pub sits on Koliivshchyny Square in Lviv’s historic Jewish district. Serving the most popular Ukrainian craft beers, the pub’s friendly waitstaff is happy to help with explanations. Inside, the Drunken Duck is a cozy retreat, but there is also a spacious outdoor patio that faces the park. Map  |  Reviews 


#4 Zolotyy Kolos (Золотий колос)

Tucked onto Kryva Lypa Passage near the university, Zolotyy Kolos features a long list of local craft beer – as well as cocktails and food options. Before selecting a beer, the helpful bartenders are happy to give small tastes. We consistently found a good range of beers at Zolotyy Kolos, including our favored IPAs. The one downside is that there are no chairs – the entire place is Standing Room Only. Also, the unisex bathroom has interesting decor (which is likely less interesting to the female patrons). Map 


#5 Varka Craft Beer Bar (Варка)

A small and stylishly modern space, the short beer list at Varka features craft beer from Ukraine and a selection of flavored vodkas. Located on the north side of the Old Town, by the Armenian Cathedral and Transfiguration Church, the bar is frequented by a mix of locals and tourists. Map  |  Reviews


#6 Tsypa (Ципа)

Featuring an extensive list of local Ukrainan craft beer, Tsypa is an underground bar run by knowledgeable and helpful staff. The jovial pub atmosphere makes Tsypa a good place to go with a group of friends. In addition to beer, Tsypa offers an incredible selection of bar snacks. In nice weather, guests can choose to sit at the tables outside on Stefana Yavorskoho Square. Map


#7 Lvivarnya Beer Museum and Tasting Room

The Lvivarnya Beer Museum is not only a fantastic place to learn about beer production, but also the history of Lviv. The interactive, contemporary museum displays beer artifacts from the Lvivska Brewery (founded in 1715) that help visitors to understand how the production of beer affected Lviv’s history. At the end of the self-guided tour, museum visitors can visit the on-site bar (we recommend trying the sample paddle of beer!). Map  |  Reviews 

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Craft Beer Bars in Lviv, Ukraine Map

Use this link to Google Maps to route your way to all the Best Bars in Lviv!


More Great Places To Drink in Lviv, Ukraine

Although we loved the craft beer scene in Lviv, we discovered a few other must-visit bars in Lviv – for both the cocktails and the experience!


Drunken Cherry Lviv

With multiple locations throughout the Lviv Old Town, most visitors will find Drunken Cherry long before they start looking for the bar. Long lines of smiling people, all clutching stemmed glasses of red liquid, tend to congregate at the storefront. Drunken Cherry sells just one drink: sour cherry liqueur, complete with three “drunken” cherries at the bottom of the glass. More potent than wine, the sweet concoction is good as an after-dinner drink, a pre-meal aperitif or mid-day fuel. In addition to the shops, which also sell chocolates, there are a few kiosks around town (look in front of the Lviv Opera house and near the Arsenal) that are great for a glass of Drunken Cherry to-go. Reviews


Libraria Speakeasy Bar

A classic speakeasy bar hidden in the depths of the Old Town, Libraria is a Lviv gem! The cocktail menu is comprised of innovative craft cocktails, which are served in a library setting. The atmospheric room has a small stage where live jazz bands perform in the evenings. Reviews


Kryivka Lviv

One of the many – and by far the most popular – of the themed Lviv Fest bars and restaurants, Kryivka is an interesting and fun spot for a drink. The location is ‘secret’ and guests need to know the password to get past the guard (who will not only grant entry, but also present a complimentary shot of vodka). Once inside, patrons wind their way through the passageways of the bunker to small rooms. Reviews


Kumpel Brewery

Kumpel was the first brewery-restaurant in Lviv. The atmosphere resembles a beer hall – and the beer is made in the tanks that sit in the center of the restaurant. We enjoyed our meal at Kumpel, but prefer craft beer that is more innovative than what they brew at Kumpel. Reviews


House Of Legends Lviv

Shrouded in mythical tales, the House of Legends is a must-visit. As the story goes, the home belonged to a chimney sweeper who was tasked with being the keeper of Lviv. Evidence of the fables are found throughout the house – and on the most popular rooftop bar in Lviv, visitors will find the chimney sweeper’s car. Many visitors climb in the car for the photo op, but the best Lviv viewpoint is from the actual chimney top. 


Lviv Travel Info

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We Want To Know: What would you add to our list of craft beer bars? What do you think are the best bars in Lviv? Give us your tips and advice in the comments! 


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