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Lviv Restaurants: Best Places To Eat in Lviv, Ukraine

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One of the things we like best about traveling is sampling local fare in foreign places – and the best Lviv restaurants dish out phenomenal food. On our trip, we sought out the top restaurants in Lviv that serve classic Ukrainian dishes, like borscht, salo and varenyky.

Our autumn visit aligned perfectly with the hearty and satisfying dishes. During our time in the city, we feasted on a variety of Ukrainian cuisine in the best Lviv eateries.  


Tips For Eating at Restaurants in Lviv, Ukraine

Town Hall Clock Tower Views of Lviv, Ukraine

Sampling the local fare is one of the Top Things To Do in Lviv. However, before we get to our list of must-eat places, we want to share a few tips about eating in Lviv to help fellow travelers enjoy their dining experiences. 


Local Lviv Food

Similar to many traditional Slavic dishes, the food in Lviv (and all of Ukraine) has been influenced by neighboring cultures. The hearty dishes, which likely contain a rich meat and earthy ingredients such as potatoes, cabbage and mushrooms, are comfort food at its best. Some vegetarian meals are available though, too!


Popular Ukrainian Food

Traditional Ukrainian food is found on nearly every menu in the city, which makes it easy for foreigners to get a taste of local cuisine without too much effort. We’ve compiled a list of the Ukrainian dishes that we think every Lviv visitor should try! 

  • Varenyky – Dumplings that are boiled or pan-fried and filled with either potatoes, ground meat or fruits – and served with sour cream. Varenyky are very similar to Polish pierogies. 
  • Deruny – Potato pancakes served with sour cream.
  • Kotlety – Fried cutlets of meat or fish.
  • Pyrizhky – Baked buns that are filled with ground meat or vegetables. 
  • Salo – Thin slices of pig fat (don’t knock it ’til you try it!)
  • Kovbasa – Smoked or boiled sausages; can be beef, chicken or pork. 
  • Borscht – Beet soup (that also often has cabbage, potatoes and carrots).


Lviv Restaurant Prices

Lviv restaurant prices are extremely affordable when compared to other parts of Europe. A three-course meal with alcoholic beverages at a nice restaurant can cost as little at $15 USD.


Reservations in Lviv

The most popular Lviv restaurants will fill up quickly. We recommend making reservations a day in advance – especially if visiting on weekends or holidays.


6 Must-Try Lviv Restaurants

Salo (sliced fatback) with bread and beer at Facet in Lviv, Ukraine

There are numerous restaurants in Lviv, Ukraine. Our list focuses the best places to eat in Lviv that serve classic cuisine and provide a unique experience. We have included a map of all our suggested restaurants later in the article.


#1 Baczewski Restaurant 

Sausage served in skillet at Baczewski Restaurant in Lviv, Ukraine

Located just steps from the main Rynok Square, Baczewski ranks as a top restaurant in Lviv – and our absolute favorite place to eat in the city. The candlelit garden setting, where orchids and ferns hang from the ceiling, exudes an elegant ambiance. Classy waiters in bow-ties complete the scene.

Garden room at Baczewski Restaurant in Lviv, Ukraine

The restaurant is named for the vodka-making Baczewski family and designed to relive the 1920s, a time when Lviv was a hotspot for wealthy Europeans. Traditional Galician dishes are cooked to perfection, but often with a modern twist and always presented stylishly.

Dessert served in a mist of dry ice at Baczewski Restaurant in Lviv, Ukraine

The Baczewski menu features gourmet meat dishes, such as rabbit, duck and lamb, as well as classic dumplings and sausages. We highly recommend trying the homemade liqueurs and vodkas. And, don’t miss the desserts, which are served in a thick cloud of dry ice.

Top Tip: Baczewski is a popular breakfast spot, too. The all-inclusive breakfast buffet includes a glass or champagne or vodka!


#2 Pravda Beer Theater

Plate of sausage and mashed potato with beer at Pravda Beer Theater in Lviv, Ukraine

Dining at Pravda Beer Theater is a Lviv experience that is not to be missed. Sitting right on Rynok Square and occupying four floors, the restaurant/brewery is a modern, industrial space with an open kitchen and a stage for live bands.

Every night (except Mondays) a musical act takes the stage to entertain the crowds, playing everything from traditional Ukrainian songs to international pop music. While the live music band attracts many patrons, the food is a big hit, too. We can see why, as it pairs perfectly with their range of craft beers.

Giant dumplings with sour cream and a beer at Pravda Beer Theater in Lviv, Ukraine


We ate at Pravda multiple times during our stay, trying an assortment of dishes from the meat-heavy menu. Bograch stew, braised beef shank and Galician schnitzel were among our favorites – and we wandered out of comfort zone and tried the smoked pork ears, which were…interesting.

Pravda also makes their own brew – and it ranks as one of our favorite places for Lviv Craft Beer.

Top Tip: The Pravda Orchestra takes that stage at 7:00pm. Arrive before the band starts if you want a good seat.


#3 Facet (Фацет)

Facet restaurant patrons eating al fresco in Lviv, Ukraine

Located on a quiet street in the Old Town city center, Facet is a small, cozy establishment with friendly service. The brick-walled interior can only accommodate a few diners, but there is plentiful seating outside. It quickly became one our favorite haunts and an excellent spot to unwind after a day of sightseeing in Lviv.

Cozy, brick-wall interior of Facet Restaurant in Lviv, Ukraine

The range of local cuisine is thoughtfully presented. A few of our favorite things to eat at Facet include salo (thinly sliced fatback), sausages and deruny (potato pancakes with sour cream).

Top Tip: The restaurant is labeled ‘Fatset’ on Google Maps. 



#4 Ukrayians’ke Podvir’ya (Ukrainian Courtyard)

Mug of local beer at Ukrayins'ke Podvirya restaurants in Lviv, Ukraine

Found down a narrow passage near the Opera House, Ukrayins’ke Podvir’ya is a traditional Lviv restaurant set in an old wooden house. The menu features a wide range of Ukrainian cuisine using time-honored recipes and fresh ingredients. In addition to the food, the restaurant has a long list of spirits and a range of local beers on the menu.

Plate of steamed meat dumplings at Ukrainian Yard restaurants in Lviv, Ukraine

Among our favorite dishes at Ukrayians’ke Podvir’ya were the Ukrainian Borsch (served in a bread bowl with sour cream), potato varenyky and delicious pelmeni meat dumplings.

Top Tip: The restaurant is open until 0930pm, but the kitchen closes an hour earlier. 


#5 Kumpel 

Meat platter served at Kumpel Brewery in Lviv, Ukraine

Kumpel is another brewery and restaurant – the first in Lviv they claim – with a beer hall vibe. Tanks sit in the center of the ground floor dining area, while tables fill the basement level. The extensive menu features an array of local specialties, many of which can be shared. 

Bowl of streaming borscht soup at Kumpel Brewery in Lviv, Ukraine

Between the varied menu of different local dishes and casual atmosphere, Kumpel is an ideal spot for visitors and groups who want a little taste of everything. We highly recommend trying one of the meat platters and the pan-fried dumplings.

Top Tip: Try the beer tasting set to sample multiple beers fresh from the source.


#6 Puzata Hata Lviv Restaurant

Deruny potato pancakes at Facet Restaurant in Lviv, Ukraine

A classic Ukrainian restaurant (similar to the Milk Bars in Poland), Puzata Hata is a good option for a quick, cheap meal of authentic Ukrainian fare. The cafeteria dining hall has no stated menu; instead, the counter is stocked with a selection of fare which is displayed buffet-style.

Diners line up at the counter and fill their tray, then pay at the cashier stand. The home cooked-style food is basic, very filling and the canteen environment is a true Lviv experience.

Top Tip: Go downstairs for cheap beer and desserts! 

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Lviv, Ukraine Map Of Restaurants

All of our recommended restaurants are located in central Lviv and can be reached on foot. Use this link to Google for a map of our list of recommended Lviv restaurants.

Map of Lviv Restaurants by


More Places To Eat in Lviv, Ukraine

Plate of sausages with pickles and bread at Facet in Old Town, Lviv, Ukraine

We highlighted our top picks for the best eateries in Lviv, but there are a few more establishments we want to highlight for those on a longer trip. 


Left Bank at the Lviv Opera Underground

Opera Underground Left Bank restaurant in Lviv, Ukraine

Once upon a time, a short river flowed through the center of Lviv, which was fantastic until it was polluted and undesirable. At the turn of the 20th century, it was decided to ‘bury’ the river – rerouting it through the sewer system – and the last piece of river was covered for the city’s now-famous Opera House.

The Poltva River still flows beneath the surface and the Left Bank Opera Underground restaurant sits next to it. The subterranean atmosphere is unique – and it’s a good spot for a cocktail and a bite to eat. 


Mons Pius Restaurant

A popular (and somewhat pricey) steakhouse, Mons Pius is regularly ranked as one of the best Lviv restaurants. Offering old-world charm and divine meat dishes, the restaurant appeals to both locals and tourists. 


Themed Restaurants in Lviv, Ukraine

Post Office Italian restaurant in Old Town, Lviv, Ukraine

One of the odd attractions in Lviv is the incredible number of themed and creative-concept restaurants. Although we only included one of these establishments (Pravda Beer Theater) on our main list of must-eat restaurants in Lviv, we do recommend popping into one or more of these fun spots.

Top Tip: It is important to understand that these places are meant to play on emotions and usually come with a twist. What you will also notice is that they all come with gift shops.


Kryivka Restaurant Lviv

Antique gadgets and gear at Kryivka Bar in Lviv, Ukraine

Finding Kryivka is half the fun – as there is no signage and the website lists the official address as “Somewhere at Rynok Square.” Guests who find the unmarked door cannot enter until they give the secret password “Slava Ukraini!” (Glory to Ukraine!) to the armed soldier and take a shot of vodka. Patrons then find their way through the dimly lit bunker to one of the many rooms for a meal or drinks.  


Masoch Cafe Lviv

Little-known fact: Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, the author of erotic novels (whose name is the origin of the term masochism), was born in Lviv in 1836. The writer – and his penchant for perversion – are celebrated at the Masoch Café, where patrons are whipped and spanked. No joke.


The Most Expensive Galician Restaurant Lviv

The Most Expensive Galician Restaurant comes with several surprises – from how to get in to how much it will cost. We don’t want to ruin all the fun, so if you are intrigued, you will just have to go and find the Lviv secret restaurant for yourself.


Lviv Coffee Mining Manufacture

A Lviv cafe with a quirky twist: it’s in a ‘mine.’ Strap on a hard-hat and take a tour then enjoy a steaming cup of Joe. 


Post Office Restaurant

An old post office has been transformed into an pasta restaurant. The walls are decorated with post cards that tell the history of Lviv – CLOSED.


Pub-Museum Gas Lamp

Host at Pub-Museum Gas Lamp in Lviv, Ukraine

The kerosene lamp was invented in Lviv – and now the Pub-Museum Gas Lamp hosts the largest collection of gas lamps in Europe.


Lviv Handmade Chocolate

A seven-story chocolate factory in the center of the city, Lviv Handmade Chocolate sells an array of sweets. There is a cafe on-site offering pre-packaged chocolates that make great gifts. 


Modern Fare and Fast Food in Lviv, Ukraine

For those who just want to grab fast food on the go, you have numerous options in Lviv. There are several kebab kiosks on city corners and near parks. It is also easy to find places that sell pizza-by-the-slice (and most Lviv pizza slices cost less than $1 USD).

A popular Lviv cafe that makes small sandwiches and sweet treats is Lviv Croissants. It is incredibly popular and has grown to many locations across Ukraine.


Lviv Travel Tips and Information

People strolling on the Opera House park promenade in Lviv, Ukraine

Whenever you’re ready to travel to Ukraine, you can find information about hotels, flights to Lviv and other tourist information in our detailed guide of Things To Do in Lviv, Ukraine.


Plan your trip to Ukraine. Search for the lowest airfares, the best accommodations and fun things to do…then start packing!  Want more travel advice? Head over to our Travel Planning Page for more tips on traveling – and for country-specific information, take a look at our Travel Guides Page!


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