We visited Iceland on a long (4-night) ‘layover’ while flying between our housesit in the Netherlands and our housesit in Costa Rica. It had been a mild winter in Europe and we wanted a good, cold blast before we headed into a tropical climate – and Iceland in winter delivered!

We based ourselves in Reykjavik and explored the country by tour bus, taking in the sights of the Golden Circle, the southern coast and we even got a glimpse of the Northern Lights. It was cold – freezing, actually – but that didn’t stop us from taking thousands of photos of the incredible, frosty landscapes and visiting pubs to drink local brews.

Iceland Facts:

Capital City: Reykjavik

Country Population: 330,000

Language: Icelandic

Useful Words and Phrases: Hello - Hallo  |  Thank You – Þakka þér fyrir

Currency:  Icelandic Krona (ISK) | Current Value

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