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65 Unique Travel Gifts for World Wanderers

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Shopping for a traveler who already has everything? Or do you just want your gift to shine? We are here to help with the absolute best gifts for people who travel! As full-time globetrotters since 2014, we are bursting with unique travel gift ideas. Whether you are looking for personal gifts for someone traveling abroad or quirky travel gifts for someone who is impossible to shop for, we’ve got you covered. This list is dedicated to unique travel gifts – ones that are certain to fuel wanderlust, make travel a little easier (or funnier!) and help preserve travel memories already made.

What Are Unique Gifts for Travelers?

The items on our list of unique gifts for the traveler are not always obvious travel gifts. Our traveler gift ideas include a range of products in a range of prices. Some of our traveling gift ideas are practical items…but with a twist. A few ideas are not necessarily for travel, but rather home goods with a travel flair. 

This isn’t a list of travel necessities, gadgets and accessories – you can find those and heaps of other logical and practical gifts for travel lovers on our list of Useful Travel Gifts. So, if you are looking for something more along the lines of Packing Cubes, a luggage scale or a Kindle Paperwhite, you should head over to that list!


Unique Travel Gifts

We have rounded up a list of novelty travel gifts sure to inspire love of travel and bring a smile to the adventurer who opens them. If you are searching for unusual gifts for travelers, the perfect present might be on our list! To help you sort through our gigantic list of the best gifts for travelers, we have categorized our list of travel gift ideas – but that’s not to say one of our travel gift ideas for him won’t be listed as one of the best travel gifts for her! 



Travel Gifts for Men

Many shoppers get stumped when searching for the best travel gifts for Him – but not us! Our list of traveling gifts for him includes some really cool travel gifts that any adventurer would love to receive!


R2D2 Star Wars Luggage

Topping our list of unique travel gifts for men is a Star Wars-themed luggage set. The reputable American Tourister hard-side suitcase comes in different sizes – and different characters (depending on size), including Darth Vader, Chewbacca, Kylo Ren and Storm Troopers. Stick with the Star Wars theme by giving these fun travel gift accessories: a 3D Star Wars passport cover and Darth Vader luggage tag. Not a Star Wars fan? American Tourister also makes an Iron Man suitcase that is the perfect gift for travelers who are Marvel fans!


Travel-Approved Multi-Purpose Tool

Multi-tools (like the Leatherman) have long been popular gifts for guys, however, they don’t make the best travel gifts for men because they can’t be taken through airport security. Enter Wallet Ninja 18-in-1 multi-tool. The credit card-sized, flat multi-tool fits inside a wallet and meets all of the requirements outlined by TSA to be allowed on-board.

Vintage Rucksack

Nothing says World Wanderer better than a vintage rucksack – which is why it’s on our list of great gifts for travelers. What we love about this specific weatherproof, canvas backpack, however, is that while it is vintage in appearance, there is a padded laptop sleeve for the modern traveler.


Engraved Compass

A compass is one of the classic gifts for someone traveling! Aiding in navigation for hundreds of years, the compass has long been a symbol of travelers. What makes this compass one of the best travel gifts for men is that the vintage compass can be personalized with a favorite travel quote, special message or initials.


Bamboo World Map Watch

Wooden accessories are all the rage – from wooden sunglasses to bow ties to stylish watches, like this bamboo watch with a world map face. Sure to be a conversation starter among fellow travelers, this watch tops our list of Travel Accessories Gifts.


How To Sh*t Around the World

Looking for good gifts for travelers that will elicit a little laugh? The book, How to Shit Around the World, might be the perfect travel present idea! Although entertaining and humorously written, the book contains helpful facts and information for dealing with some of the unpleasant bathroom situations when traveling overseas – making it one of the top gifts for international travelers.




Travel Sweatshirt

If you need unique travel gifts for him, look no further than the Travel Sweatshirt from Brookstone – a multi-functional hoodie that has 15 enhanced features (like a built-in pillow and perfect-sized passport pocket) that make it ideal to wear when traveling.


Travel Shaving Kit

There’s no reason a man should forego a good shave just because he’s traveling! The classy Parker Travel Shave Kit comes with a retractable badger hair travel brush, shaving soap, a Parker’s razor and a leather carrying case to pack it all in. Even better, the bag is big enough to fit a few other shaving gifts for male travelers, like the travel-size L’Occitane Shave Balm

Personalized Flask

When we think of travel gift ideas for men, we rarely think of a flask – but this atlas-embossed hip flask is one of our favorite travel-inspired gifts. Not only can the leather be engraved with initials, but the map can be custom-made with markers indicating places traveled to around the world.


Grid It Organizer

The Grid It organizer is one of the best gifts for someone who travels with a bag that does not have compartments. The board, which comes in multiple sizes and colors, has numerous elastic straps to stow smaller items to keep them from falling into the abyss of the bottom of a travel bag. USB cords, lip balm, chewing gum, phone, ear buds and a power bank can all be stored on the board so they can be easily accessed when needed.

Travel Icon T-Shirt

Need travel gift ideas for someone going traveling to a foreign country, but who doesn’t speak a second language? The Rosetta Stone language learning kit is ideal, but this Travel Icon t-shirt is a good back-up option. The shirt features internationally recognizable symbols so that the traveler can communicate by simply pointing out on his shirt what it is he needs.


Travel Gifts for Women

We have a ton of travel gift ideas for Her – whether you’re looking for travel gifts for mom, girlfriend or traveling friends. From beauty to style to keepsakes, our list of unique travel gifts for her is certain to have the perfect present for the female traveler in your life.


Travel-Inspired Pendent

Looking for travel gifts for her? Travel-inspired necklaces are great gift ideas for the traveling woman. Helzberg Diamonds sells two lovely and unique travel gifts for women: a gold and diamond compass pendent and an understated paper airplane pendent.


Shampoo Bars

Although shampoo and conditioner bars might not sound like travel-related gifts, they are, in fact, the perfect present for someone going traveling! With these bars, the traveler can forget about having to pack liquids (and risk a messy spill in their luggage) and they won’t have to worry about what kind of products the hotel keeps on stock. Even better, these shampoo and conditioner bars, made from natural products and essential oils, last for approximately 80 washes.

My Travels Tree

My Travels Tree is one of the more creative travel gifts on our list. The unique home or office décor Travel Tree, which resembles a signpost, is designed to display all the places the traveler has visited.

My Travels Tree Gift for Travelers


Hand Sanitizer with Essential Oils

Hand sanitizer is a must-have for every traveler! These sanitizers make unique gifts for people who like to travel for two reasons: the sanitizer is infused with essential oils and they are packaged in jelly wrap easy-to-carry packages.

Travel-Sized Products by L’Occitane

Treat your traveler to a little bit of luxury with pampering beauty products from L’Occitane. Many of most popular items come in travel gift sets that make the best luxury travel gifts, like Shea Travel Treats and the Weekender Beauty Tote. However, one of their best Christmas gifts for travelers is the L’Occitane 24-item Advent Calendar that features a different travel-sized product for each day of December leading up to Christmas.


Bracelets for Travelers

Bracelets are wonderful gifts for women. We have actually seen so many bracelet gift ideas for women who travel that we couldn’t pick just one! The Traveler’s Charm Bracelet is one of the unique travel gifts for her because, in addition to the travel charms already included on the bracelet, she can add charms from the places she goes. We also think these understated airplane bangle bracelets are good travel presents for her. And, because of the affordable price point, they are great traveling gifts for friends.

Wayfarer Wrap

As minimalist travelers, we know that multi-functional products make the best travel presents! The Wayfarer Wrap, which can be fashionable worn as a shawl, scarf or airplane blanket, was designed with the traveler in mind. Great to give as gifts for people going traveling, the versatile wrap comes in multiple colors (but Brushed Black seems to be a favorite!).


Fun Bag Tags with Matching Passport Holder

Luggage tags and passport holders might be common gifts for people who love to travel, but these travel necessities can also be cute travel gifts. Forego the mundane and find a bag tag and passport holder set that is stylish and colorful – ones that speak to the woman you are buying for! {Vacay Mode  |  Colorful Lilly Pulitzer  |  And So The Journey Begins} Really want to take it up a notch? Create a personalized passport cover for your traveler.

Wine Protector

These wine protectors are seriously one of the best presents for someone traveling who loves wine! Whether they are taking wine with them on a road trip or bringing back bottles of wine from the places abroad, leak-proof wine protectors can help ensure the wine arrives safe…and the clothes arrive dry.


Essential Oils On-The-Go

Because travelers commonly encounter headaches, stress, upset stomach, pains, aches and sometimes coughs, it’s nice to have something on hand to help – it’s even better when it’s 100% natural. The Saje Farmacy Essential Oil Blend Set are great traveling gift ideas. The set comes with five formulated essential oils in amber roll-on bottles all conveniently packaged in a carrying kit.

Scratch-Off Bucket List

Stoke the travel bug with this motivational and unique traveler’s gift Bucket List poster. Inspire someone to go to the most famous places around the world – and when they return, they can scratch off the square to reveal the image.


Compass Ring

A compass ring is one of the perfect gifts for female travelers. The stylish, hand-stamped compass is made of sterling silver with a hammered band.


Travel-Inspiring Novels

Books authored by female travelers make great travel gifts for women. A humorous and travel-inspiring tale, What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding is the memoir of a travel-addicted woman, not ready to settle down. This book is a perfect present for people going traveling – or have a desire to start traveling – who are in a similar situation. Other travel memoirs written by female authors that we love are: Love With a Chance of Drowning and The Yellow Envelope.

Personalized Travel Journal

There are hundreds – thousands – of travel journals – and they are top gifts for travelers. You can create a unique gift for travel lovers with a personalized journal. We love this leather journal that can be branded with your choice of travel quotes and customized with a name and clasp. If this isn’t the style you are looking for, you can find a wide selection of beautiful personalized travel journals on Etsy.


Travel Hair Straightener

Summer humidity can make textured hair downright frizzy (Remember Monica’s hair in the Friends episode when they go to Barbados?!). Well, no worries, because this little straightening iron has just 1-inch plates, heats to 430 degrees and is lightweight – so it’s a perfect travel companion for hair help. 



Gifts for Traveling Abroad

With our experience enduring numerous long-haul flights to foreign countries, we have an abundance of gift ideas for people who travel abroad. Help make someone’s time in the air and on distant lands a little more comfortable with our unique gift ideas for world travelers.


Voyage Pillow

Getting sleep on a long flight can make the difference between a good start to a trip…or a grumpy beginning to vacation. The Kickstarter 2-in-1 Voyage Pillow is one of the best travel gift ideas because it is designed to help someone sleep anywhere comfortably, especially on a plane. The compact design makes it smaller than most travel pillows and it’s lightweight, only weighing 2.5 ounces. Looking for a travel pillow that provides a little more support? The luxury pillow by Nemo is expertly designed for travelers to get a good night’s sleep.


Airplane Foot Hammock

The on-board foot hammock might be one of the best gifts for world travelers! The leg rest loops around the seat-back tray to elevate the feet and legs for a more comfortable in-flight experience. Using a foot hammock can not only make a ride in coach class more bearable, but elevating feet during the flight helps to reduce swelling in the feet and legs.


Colorful Compression Socks

It is recommended that travelers wear compression socks during long-haul flights to promote healthy blood flow and circulation to avoid developing blood clots in the legs. The only problem is that compression socks are often difficult to pull on, poor quality and – quite frankly – ugly. This is not true of the NEWZILL compression socks that are highly breathable, designed with padded heels and reinforced toes and come in an array of bright colors and fun patterns. You can turn logical presents into special travel gifts by giving a pair of these fun socks.



In-Flight Germ-Fighting Kit

Airplanes are a breeding ground for germs, but passengers can travel at ease with the SterilStay Kit. Each kit includes antibacterial wipes (to clean arm rests, the tray table, seat buckle and bathroom door handle), a protection bag for the tray table and seat pocket (two of the most notoriously dirty places on an airplane) and a headrest cover. Essential for germaphobes, the kits are actually good presents for all travelers, whether taking planes or buses!


Defeat Jet Lag

Jet lag is the worst! No one wants to start (or end!) a vacation in a groggy fog. The No-Jet-Lag natural remedy helps treat the common symptoms of jet lag – and is a good gift idea for someone traveling abroad across multiple time zones. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, No-Jet-Lag alleviates tiredness so the traveler can better enjoy the trip!


Carry-on Cocktail Kit

The carry-on Cocktail Kit is one of the best gifts for someone who travels and enjoys a proper drink on the plane ride. The TSA-Approved kit includes a spoon/muddler, tonic syrup and a linen coaster so that passengers can have an enhanced cocktail experience (using on-board alcohol, of course).

Priority Pass

If you are searching for gifts for someone that travels a lot and often spends time in airports, the Priority Pass might be the perfect present you are looking for! Membership with Priority Pass allows access into more than 1,000 airport lounges around the world – and it doesn’t matter which airline the traveler is flying. Bonus: Get 10% off when you use this Priority Pass link!


Anywhere Travel Guide

Looking for gift ideas for the traveler who is eager to get off the beaten path and desires to create memorable moments abroad? Anywhere Travel Guide could be the unique travel gift you have been searching for! On each of the 75 cards there are prompts that encourage the traveler to see the place they are visiting in a different way.


Trip of a Lifetime

If you really want to give gifts that travelers love, then give the gift of travel!


The Gift of Travel

The ultimate gift idea for travelers is a trip. Plan a trip on your own (start on our Travel Planning page!) or book a trip of a lifetime with a travel company – like an all-inclusive trip to the Caribbean at Sandals Resorts, an adventure in Vietnam with Intrepid Travel or a first trip to Europe with Contiki (exclusively for the 18-35 age group).


Travel Experiences

If your traveler already has a trip planned, you can add to to by gifting travel experiences, like tours and excursions. Viator is a one-stop-shop for booking activities worldwide, offering more than 60,000 travel experiences. You can book these experiences in advance, which makes them fabulous travel gifts. From watching a Moulin Rouge show in Paris to walking with wild kangaroos while visiting Sydney, Viator has a range of activities that any traveler would love!


How To Give The Gift Of Travel

If you decide to give someone a trip as a present, you want to make sure you reveal the gift in a special way. Use one of our fun ideas to give the gift of travel. 

Travel Guide Books

Get travel guide books for the places you will be going – and then tuck the airplane ticket inside the front cover (where you can also write a special message). 


If the reason you are traveling includes a ticketed event – let’s say a concert – buy the CD and put the tickets, which indicate concert location, inside the CD case. If you were traveling for a  sports event, you could gift a team hoodie with the tickets tucked inside the pocket or sleeve. 

Box Inside A Box

Get really creative with your gift giving and wrap box inside a box…inside a box…inside a box. In each of the bigger boxes include smaller gifts or clues. Put the boarding passes or itinerary in the smallest box – the last to be opened. You could even wrap the boxes in World Map Wrapping Paper.

Trip Reveal Scratch Off Boarding Pass

If you want a keepsake of the gift-giving, the Trip Reveal Scratch-Off Boarding Pass might be just what you are looking for! The custom pass requires a gold circle to be scratched off to reveal the destination – and it’s a great way to announce your surprise trip!



Fun Travel Gifts for Techy Wanderers

Technology has changed the way we travel. Traveler wandering abroad can stay in touch almost as easily as if they were right next door. Gadgets and tech devices are unique travel gifts that will be appreciated by travelers who want to go far while staying connected. 


GlocalMe Mobile Wifi Hotspot

Finding reliable wifi can be a pain in the neck for travelers – for us, it’s a never-ending source of angst. While vacationers might be able to adjust their mobile phone plan or rent a wifi hotspot, long-term travelers and digital nomads need something more cost-effective. Therefore, one of the best gifts for international travelers is a personal hotspot. The GlocalMe Mobile Wifi Hotspot is a device that is purchased and can either be used with monthly/yearly plans or with local sim cards.


Travel Power Strip

Most people today travel with multiple devices – and at some point (usually sooner rather than later!) all those devices need to be charged. Unfortunately, not all hotel rooms, cruise cabins or hostels come with an abundance of outlets. When couples, groups or families travel together, it’s a battle for who gets to charge their phone first. That’s why NTONPOWER power strips are great gift ideas for travelers. The donut-shaped power strip has 3 outlets, 3 USB ports and a 15-inch cord.

Portable Speakers

The sleek and powerful Beats Pill portable speaker is one of our favorite travel gift accessories; it was one of the more selfish thoughtful travel gifts I gave to Kris before we started traveling full-time. The Pill can connect via cord or Bluetooth and creates a professional sound for both listening to music and watching movies. Even better, it’s small and compact (it easily fits into a shoe), which makes it great for travel.

Phone Camera Clip-On Lens Kit

More people are relying on their smartphone camera to capture the sights and moments while traveling, but phones can be limiting when it comes to photography. The Xenvo Camera Lens Kit is designed to clip on to phones to produce incredible photos. The kits are great gifts to get a traveler who doesn’t want to invest in (or carry) a bulky camera (like my Canon Rebel). Each camera lens kit comes with a wide angle lens for scenic landscapes, a macro lens for close-up photos and a LED light clip to properly illuminate subjects.


Snapchat Spectacles

Traveling Snapchat users will love Spectacles! These sunglasses designed specifically for Snapchat feature a built-in camera that allows wearers to easily capture what they are seeing – without having to fumble for a phone or camera. Capable of capturing 30-second videos, the glasses are water resistant and sync wirelessly to Snapchat.

Garmin Fenix 5

If you are searching for a gift for a high-tech outdoorsy traveler, a Garmin Fenix 5 GPS watch might be what you are looking for! The high-tech, durable wrist watch is made for the adventurer and includes features like navigation tools, connectivity and a long-lasting battery.


Eco-Friendly Gifts for Someone Going Traveling

Not all aspects of travel are kind to Mother Nature. To balance the travel footprint, we have a list of eco-friendly items that make unique gifts for travel lovers.


Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap

Not only is Dr. Bronner’s soap environmentally-friendly, but it is also multi-purpose. The soap can be used as body wash, face wash, toothpaste, shampoo, laundry soap, dish soap and toilet cleaner. The all-in-one Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap travel gift set includes 8 soothing scents in 2-ounce bottles that make a good gift for someone traveling! Dr. Bronner’s also has a bar soap variety pack for those who would rather not travel with liquids.


LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

The LifeStraw is a personal water filtration system that removes ill-causing bacteria and parasites from water – making it safe to drink water around the world. Ideal for campers and backpackers, LifeStraw filters are also good gift ideas for traveling abroad to countries where the water quality is questionable. The water filter eliminates the need to buy bottled water, thus saving the planet from plastic trash.

Solar Charging Backpack

Two things every traveler needs are a day pack for exploring and a power source to keep devices charged. The Voltaic System 2-in-1 backpack with solar panel combines these two things into one product, which makes it a perfect present for people going traveling. The ultra-light pack, which is made from recycled water bottles, is designed with a solar panel that will keep phones and cameras charged with as little as 3 hours of sunlight.

Coral-Friendly Sunscreen

Pollution in the world’s oceans has led to the destruction of coral reef – and chemically-produced sunscreens are part of the problem. The good news is that there are reef-safe products – which make a good gift for someone traveling to a beach destination. TotLogic is a natural sunscreen that protects the skin with biodegradable products.


Gifts for Couples Who Travel

The items on our list of gift ideas for couples who travel are great as wedding presents and anniversary gifts. This list can also be used to find travel gifts for a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife.


ENO DoubleNest Hammock

A 2-person hammock is a fun gift for couples who like camping, hiking or lounging at the beach. Weighing just a little over a pound, the ENO DoubleNest Hammock can support up to 400 pounds and can be strapped between trees, poles and even boat masts.

Matching Luggage Tags

Every traveler needs luggage tags, but you can turn the necessary items into unique travel gifts with personalized luggage tags. Stylish, matching luggage tags are great his-and-hers travel gifts. These tags from Stamp Out include the quote, “And so the adventure begins” and can be customized with a name or initials. Looking for something that will stand the test of time? Get a travel gift set of three engraved brass luggage tags.

Our Adventure Book

The Our Adventure scrapbook is a lovely way for a couple to preserve travel memories. Featured in the Pixar movie Up, the book contains thick, sturdy pages. The creative travel gift can be paired with other scrapbooking materials.

Earbud Splitter

A headphone splitter allows two sets of earbuds to be plugged into the same device. Ideal as travel gifts for couples taking a long-haul flight – or even friends staying in a hostel – the splitter allows two people to listen to the same music or watch the same movie without bothering others around them. This small travel gift can be given as a stocking stuffer or in a less-than-$10 gift exchange.


Adventuring Together Artwork

We think this is one of the most unique Travel Couple gifts – because it can be personalized to the couple’s travel experiences. The Adventuring Together artwork, which can be framed or unframed, features four ‘mountains’ that are made from maps…and you can choose which cities used in the print.


Personalized Adventure Fund

Help encourage your favorite couple to travel the world by giving them a custom-made Travel Fund piggy bank. The jar is available in half-gallon or gallon sizes and can be personalized with names and icons.


Home Gifts for World Travelers

Help fuel the wanderlust in travelers while they are at home! Our list includes unique travel-themed home decor and must-have travel books!


World Globe

Globes are awesome gifts for travelers. Seriously, travelers (like us!) can look at them forever, dreaming of the next trip. Globes come in a variety of styles – classic, antique and black, to name a few. This glass-blown, hand-etched globe at World Market is handmade, ensuring each one is exceptional. For a truly unique globe, however, check out this levitating globe!


Pushpin World Map

Travelers love maps and Pushpin World Maps make great gifts for people that love to travel! Unlike the scratch map that can get a little messy, the pushpin map – which can be personalized – comes with pushpins to mark the countries that the traveler has visited (or is dreaming of visiting).


Travel Keepsake Box

A travel keepsake box is a great present for someone going traveling. Designed to store ticket stubs, coins of foreign currency and pamphlets from a trip in one place, the wooden box is personalized with custom text, including names and dates.


Globe Ornament

Globe ornaments are the perfect Christmas gifts for travelers! The baubles, which can hang seasonally on a tree or year-round on a stand, can help to inspire future travels.


World Map Mugs

Mugs are another one of those gifts that seem far from special – but what makes these world map mugs unique travel gifts is that they change from night to day with hot liquid inside. Buy some sample-sized coffee from places around the world to compliment this travel gift!

Airplane Bottle Opener

This is one of our favorite travel-themed gift ideas! Made of nickel, so it won’t tarnish, this airplane bottle opener is a conversation starter at parties. And, why not complete the gift with a set of airplane coasters?


Books About Travel

We love books about travel! Of course, Travel Guide Books are essential when traveling to new parts of the world, but what we really, really love are books that inspire us to travel. Atlas Obscura is a great resource for off-the-beaten-path places around the globe. The Lonely Planet Book of Everything divulges little-known facts about…well, everything. And The World includes highlights of traveling to every country on earth.

Ultimate Travel Coloring Book

Lonely Planet has long been publishing fantastic guidebooks – and their line of travel gifts are just as impressive. The Lonely Planet gift line includes fun travel gift ideas, like Round The World Quiz Book and How To Survive Anything – as well as unusual gifts for travelers, like the Ultimate Travel Coloring Book. The adult coloring book features illustrations of the 100 greatest places on earth and includes a description of each location to stoke the wanderlust! Complete the gift with these Colored Pencils

Travel-Themed Calendar

Calendars are often-given holiday presents, but selecting a travel-themed calendar can be the perfect gift for travelers – especially if they are counting down the days to an epic vacation. Calendars.com has a Travel shop of destination calendars that are designed specifically to inspire wanderlust. Looking for quirky travel gifts? Check out the Living Language Spanish Daily Phrase and Culture Calendar that will help prepare a traveler heading to a Spanish-speaking country – or The 1,000 Places To See Before You Die desk calendar.



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Map Travel-Themed Gifts

Maps are always good travel gift ideas…and it is amazing the number of things that have maps on them! If you are searching for the best gifts to give a traveler, ordinary items that feature maps just might be the unique travel gift you are searching for!


Vintage World Map Puzzle

Not only is this puzzle a monster with 4,000 pieces, when the Vintage World Map puzzle is complete, it can be framed.

Map Pajamas

Looking for travel-related gifts for her? These cute map pajamas will have your traveler dreaming of wandering the world.

Collapsible Water Bottle

Water bottles that collapse are one of the great gift ideas for someone going traveling – and we love that this collapsible water bottle features a world map!


World Map Laundry Bag

Unique and practical? That’s exactly why a world map laundry bag is such an awesome travel-themed present!


Storage Trunk for Travel Memories

Trunks are good gifts for someone that travels a lot who wants to preserve or display their travel treasures. We love this old-fashioned trunk!


Travel Gifts for Family Members

Looking for amazing travel gifts to get children or need a few unique travel items for a wanderlusting sibling? Here are a few unique gifts to give a traveler in your family.

Ancestry.com DNA Test

OK – this may not be an obvious travel-related gift idea but hang with us on this one, because it really is a great gift for someone that likes to travel. The first part of the gift is the Ancestry.com DNA test, once the results come back it’s time for the second part of the gift: take a family trip to the land of your heritage. You can find tips on how to plan your trip on our Travel Planning page.


Travel Safe Bracelet

The Travel Safe bracelet features protective crystals, a compass charm and a wish for a good and safe journey. The bracelets are great holiday gifts for travelers from parents (and also good gifts for friends going traveling, too!).


Cheap Travel Gifts

Need travel things to buy as stocking stuffers or a small gift for someone traveling? These unique and cool travel gift ideas all come in under $10!


Luggage Stickers

Does the traveler you are buying for have a hard-side suitcase that needs some jazzing up? Let them get creative with this set of luggage stickers.

Fold Up Backpack

Convenient for every traveler, this ultra-lightweight fold up backpack – weighing just 6 ounces – zips into a pouch the size of a sandwich bag.


Pack This Checklist

Packing is a chore…but it doesn’t have to be with these Pack This checklists! (Looking for more specific packing tips? Check out my Complete Packing List.)


Duct Tape

Duct Tape can be a savior for travelers! Whether it’s a ripped bag, torn clothing or a broken phone case, Duct Tape can help keep it all together. Sol makes mini-Duct Tape rolls just for travelers!

Reusable Bag

A reusable bag might not be on every travelers’ list, but I can attest that they come in handy at markets, for picnics and while shopping. The Envirosax reusable tote is ideal for travelers: it only weighs 1.4 ounces and can hold up to 44 pounds. Even better, they have stylish designs – including a Travel and Wanderlust series!


Best Ever Travel Tips

Inexpensive and fun, the Best Ever Travel Tips book by Lonely Planet is a great stocking stuffer Christmas present for travelers.

If after scouring our huge list of unique travel gifts you still didn’t find the present you were looking for, perhaps it’s time to give in to the modern tradition of gift cards. An Amazon Gift Card may not be unique, but at least it’s useful!



Need more travel gift ideas? Check out our list of 30 Useful Travel Gifts — or get inspired with our complete list of partners for all things travel related! From gear to gifts to tours to trips, we’ve highlighted the top companies in the industry. 

We want to know: What are the most unique travel gifts you have ever received? Do you have other unique gift ideas for travelers? Tell us in the comments! 


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65 Unique Travel Gifts by JetSettingFools.com

65 Unique Travel Gifts For World Wanders by JetSettingFools.com Unique Travel Gifts to Inspire Wanderlust by JetSettingFools.com


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