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Best 2 Week Greece Itinerary: Athens, Crete, Santorini, Naxos

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With diverse and beautiful landscapes, Greece has long been a desirable destination for travelers. Creating an easy flowing 2 Week Greece Itinerary, however, presents a challenge. The best places to see in Greece are spread far and wide. So, how do you plan a Greece trip that features the best of the country?

I understand the angst, I really do. When I started to plan my trip to Greece, I was completely overwhelmed. Kris and I had decided to spend one month in Greece (which we later extended to 6 weeks) – and base ourselves in Athens. However, during our stay, I made plans to set off on an epic 2-Week Greece Girls’ Trip with my family.

Taking on the task of organizing my family’s 14 Day Greece Itinerary, I was intent on creating an all-encompassing trip plan that featured ancient sites, amazing islands and the local cuisine. I spent weeks pondering where to go and how to spend 2 weeks in Greece.

In the end, our Greece trip plan served as an excellent introduction to the country. However, in hindsight, there are a few things I would have planned differently.

To help fellow travelers plan their best Greece itinerary, I am sharing my insight, advice and tips based on my experience – plus an outlined day-by-day agenda of a perfect 2 Week Trip Planner Greece.


2 Week Greece Itinerary Overview

By this point, there is no doubt that you are wondering what destinations we include in our 14 Days Greece Itinerary. You want to know, Is this a Mainland Greece Itinerary or a Greece Island Trip? Our 14-day trip around Greece features both the mainland and islands!

Later in the article, we are sharing specific details for how to plan a Greece vacation – but here’s a preview of our 2 Weeks Greece Itinerary destinations.

Athens (4 days) – Crete (4 days) – Santorini (3 days) – Naxos (3 days)



Find the Best View of the Acropolis, Athens, Greece

Our outlined Greece 2-Week Itinerary starts with four days in Athens, the capital of Greece. The city is renowned for its ancient archaeological sites, beautiful Orthodox churches, magnificent museums and vibrant districts.

While in Athens, we recommend taking a day trip – either to the idyllic island of Hydra or to one of Greece’s best ruins, Delphi.



Shops and restaurants line the Old Venetian Harbor, Chania, Crete, Greece

The next stop on our Two-Week Itinerary Greece Vacation is Crete – specifically, Chania, Crete. Ranking as the largest island in Greece, Crete sits in the southern Aegean Sea and Chania is perched near the northwestern end of the island. 

With 4 days in Crete, travelers will explore the Chania Old Town, visit mountain villages and step onto beautiful west coast beaches.



Best View of Oia Blue Domed Churches, Santorini, Greece

Santorini is known the world over for its flat-topped, white houses and blue domed churches that cling to the side of the caldera. It is an iconic scene that has inspired travelers to visit Greece for decades.

In our Greece Tour Itinerary, we spend 3 full days discovering the villages, taking in the views and sailing out to sea for a sunset cruise.



Where to find the Best Naxos Beaches, Greece

The last stop on our travel plan for Greece is Naxos. Lesser known and still a bit off the beaten path, Naxos has an undeniable rugged charm…and some of the best beaches in Greece, too!

The final three days of our Greece Travel Itinerary are spent on Naxos Island savoring the landscapes and the local cuisine. Enthusiastic travelers can also squeeze in a day trip to nearby Mykonos Island.


2 Week Greece Itinerary FAQs

Before we get into the specifics of our Greece Trip Itinerary, we want to answer a few of the most frequently asked questions.


How Many Days in Greece?

The first step to planning the best itinerary for Greece is to determine how many days to spend touring the country. Personally, we think 2 weeks in Greece is just the right amount of time for a trip that includes multiple destinations and a wide range of activities.

That said, we know that not all travelers can plan a vacation to Greece for 2 weeks. Therefore, we outline several sample Greece itineraries for less time – as well as a few options for multi-country trips – later in the article.


2 Weeks in Greece: Where To Go?

We spent ample hours considering Greece Vacation Itinerary ideas. The country is home to hundreds of islands and has a vast and varied mainland – and it is impossible to see it all on a single trip. Rather than cramming full your Greece Trip Itinerary for 2 Weeks, pick just a few destinations to see.

We also concluded that it was best to spend some time in Athens and then embark on a trip to Greece islands.

We carefully selected which islands to include in our Greece trip. We wanted to see quintessential Greece…but were keen to seek out less touristy places, too. Crete, Santorini and Naxos are the islands that we settled on – as we think each one offers a distinct culture, unique cuisine and incredible sights.

Travelers with different interests (or a longer trip) could opt for different island groups – such as Corfu and the Ionian Islands or Hydra and the Saronic Islands.


What is the Best Way to See Greece: Cruise, Tour or Independently?

Greece has a well-established tourist industry – and there are cruises and organized trips (like this popular tour) that shuttle visitors to the best destinations in Greece. 

The country is also well equipped to welcome travelers touring on their own. Greek people are friendly and English is widely spoken.

Personally, we think the best way to tour Greece is the way that fits your travel style and budget. That said, this 14 Day Itinerary for Greece is designed for independent travelers who prefer to make their own Greece travel plans.


How Do You Get Around on a 2 Week Greece Trip?

Because our Greece route planner features multiple destinations, travelers need to choose their mode of transport to get from one place to the next. The locations we visit can be reached by plane or ferry boat – and we share insight as to what we think is the best option to travel to each destination in our outlined 2-Week Itinerary for Greece.

When you plan your trip to Greece, you also need to decide if you want to rent a car. While a car is not necessary (especially in Athens), renting a car allows for more freedom and exploration. In our itinerary, we recommend a rental car in Crete and Naxos, but travelers can also take tours and use public transit.


How Much Does a Trip to Greece Cost?

Many budget-conscious travelers wonder if it is possible to plan trip to Greece on a budget – and we can assure you that Greece can be affordable. That said, Greece is not the budget destination it once was. Generally speaking, prices for food, drinks and activities are on par with other top European destinations.

The types of accommodations, the number of tours, where you decide to eat and – most importantly – when you decide to go to Greece will all heavily impact your trip cost. By planning ahead and avoiding the high tourist season, you can lower your trip to Greece price.

We share our top Greece Travel Budget Tips – along with our suggestions for when to visit Greece – in the Travel Tips section later in the article.


Can I Use this Trip Plan for a Greece Family Itinerary?

Sure! While our outlined Itinerary for 2 Weeks in Greece is not dedicated to families traveling with kids, visitors planning a family trip to Greece can certainly use the timeline and main activities as a base for a Greece family vacation.


Who Can Use this Greece Best Itinerary?

We’ve outlined the best Greece 2 Week Itinerary. It features top destinations and details what to do in Greece in a day-by-day trip plan – and it can be used by anyone! Whether planning a First Time Greece Itinerary or taking a solo sojourn, our trip plan is for your vacation!


First Time in Greece Itinerary

Our Greece travel plan is ideal for a First Trip to Greece Itinerary. It features some of Greece’s best destinations, must-see sights and a taste of the local cuisine. It’s a great introduction to the country…that may just leave you wanting a little bit more!


Romantic Greece Itinerary

Travelers planning an Anniversary or Honeymoon Greece Itinerary can use this plan as well…with just a few romantic tweaks. First, make sure to book accommodations in boutique hotels or find rooms with a view. Next, add romantic activities – like horseback riding on the beach or wine tastings in the mountains – to create your Ultimate Greece Itinerary for romance. We offer suggestions later for both hotels and activities in our 2-Week Plan for Greece.


Backpacking Greece Itinerary

Visitors creating a budget Backpacking Greece Trip can easily use our itinerary. Overall, it’s designed to be an affordable adventure. The more expensive activities (like a sunset cruise on Santorini) can be swapped out for cheap or free things to do (like watching the sunset from the Oia Castle instead).


Solo Travel Greece Itinerary

Solo travelers can also use our outlined travel plan for Greece just as it is written. However, visitors interested in meeting fellow travelers can opt to stay in hostels and add group tours (which we recommend throughout the post).


Planning a Greece Trip

There is a lot more to planning a trip to Greece than figuring out where to go and what to see. Travelers also need to decide how to get there, where to stay and what to pack. No worries: we are helping with the entire Trip Planning Greece process!

In addition to our advice for how to plan a Greece trip itinerary, we also have specifics for getting there, getting around and packing tips. Furthermore, we share need-to-know details about visiting Greece. You will find all of this pertinent travel info in our Greece Travel Tips section at the end of the article.

Travelers visiting from abroad will find our Tips for Planning a European Vacation to be helpful. Additionally, we have created individual Greece destination guides that go into far more detail and will help immensely when planning your trip.

Travelers looking to add other top Greek destinations to their vacation should read our Guide to Hydra Island and Sightseeing Old Town Corfu, too! 


How To Plan a Trip to Greece: Stay Organized

As you begin making plans for your Greece vacation, staying organized is key! The best way to plan a trip to Greece is by using a written Travel Planner. Our Printable Travel Planner is how we successfully plan our big trips!

Travel Planner Printables by JetSettingFools.com



Now that we covered the basics, it’s time to get to our list of where to go and what to see in Greece. Our day-by-day outline will show you exactly how to plan a trip to Greece.

Save, Pin or Bookmark our Greece Vacation Planning Guide to create your ideal Greece Itinerary!



Best Itinerary for 3 Days, Athens, Greece

Spend the first day of your 2 Week Travel Itinerary for Greece at one of the most recognizable sights in the world: The Ancient Acropolis of Athens.


Where To Stay in Athens

Rooftop Bar at A for Athens, Greece

The absolute best places to stay in Athens are at the hotels that offer Acropolis views. If it is in your budget, spring for the luxurious Grande Bretagne on Syntagma Square – otherwise, check for availability at A for Athens Hotel or see if you can find a bargain at Phaedra Hotel.


Acropolis Sightseeing

Acropolis View, Philopappos Hill View, Athens, Greece

Arrive in Athens, get settled in your accommodation and waste no time getting acquainted with the city. Start with a Freddo – Greek iced coffee – at Underdog Café and then stretch your legs on a short hike up Philopappos Hill. From the Pihlopappos Monument, take in the grandiose view of the mighty, hill-topping Acropolis.

Swing by O Gyros Pou Gyrevis for Greece’s favorite fast food: a juicy grilled souvlaki pita. Then, during the hottest part of the day, visit the outstanding Acropolis Museum, which houses the most important artifacts from Acropolis Hill. Buy your ticket in advance to avoid long lines.

How Many Days in Athens, Greece is the best?

Late in the afternoon, when the sun starts to drop and the peak crowds have dispersed, enter the world-famous Acropolis (buy your ticket online to skip the ticket queue). Stare in awe at the classic Greek temples that have been standing for thousands of years – like the Parthenon, the Temple of Nike and the Erechteion.

Watch the sunset from Areopagus Hill. Marvel at the ruins of the Ancient Agora that sit below and gaze into the distance at the massive sprawl of Athens. After the sun dips below the horizon, step into the Plaka District and feast on traditional Greek cuisine at Restaurant Scholario.


Tips for Visiting the Acropolis

Visit the Acropolis, Athens, Greece

There is extremely limited information inside the Acropolis. For a better understanding of the temples and history, it is best to join a tour. Interested visitors can also opt to join the highly rated Acropolis and Acropolis Museum Tour – Get the details!



View of Syntagma Square, Athens, Greece

On Day 2 of your Greece Itinerary 2 Weeks Trip, set off on a walking tour to the best sights and end the day with dinner and drinks in the hip Pangrati District. Use our Athens Itinerary (Day 2) for the best self-guided walking route!


Morning Athens Walk

Marching Evzones Guard, Athens, Greece

Spend the morning navigating your way to top Athens sights. See the Greek Parliament building and watch the choreographed Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Stroll through Syntagma Square and continue walking straight down Ermou Street, a pedestrianized thoroughfare of shops and restaurants.

Entertainer on Ermou Street, Athens, Greece

Visit the oldest and most important churches (like the Church of Panagia Kapnikarea and the Cathedral), and the oldest Ottoman-era house in Athens, the Benizelou Mansion. See ancient sites – such as Hadrian’s Arch and the Temple of Olympian Zeus – and then disappear into the narrow lanes of Anafiotika, Athens most picturesque neighborhood.

Walk on the Plaka Steps, Athens, Greece

Find Athens hidden gems like the Kolokynthis Church and join the crowd on the popular Plaka Steps. Next, roam around the Roman Forum, get a closer look at the Ancient Agora, stop by the Library of Hadrian and mill around Monastiraki Square and Flea Market.


Tips for Visiting Athens’ Ancient Sights

Visit the Roman Forum and the Tower of the Winds, Athens, Greece

All of the ancient archaeological sites in Athens can be viewed from the perimeter. However, visitors who wish to enter will need a ticket. The best option is a combination ticket that includes an Acropolis Ticket, plus access to multiple ancient sites at a discounted price.


Afternoon Athens Discovery

Eat at Kostas Souvlaki, Athens, Greece

In the afternoon, grab a souvlaki pita for lunch – but this time from the famous Kostas shop, where they add a rich and unique tomato sauce to enhance the flavor.

After lunch, seek out the shade in the lush National Garden. Once part of the Presidential Palace grounds, the garden features intertwining paths, lovely foliage and pleasant ponds. Then, gawk at the magnificence of the Panathenaic Stadium. The white marble sports stadium dates to the 2nd century and was used in the first modern Olympics of 1896. Tickets are required to enter, but it can be viewed for free from the outside and from above in the surrounding hills.

View looking into the Panathenaic Stadium, Athens

If time allows, venture into the Mets neighborhood and visit the First Cemetery of Athens. Many of the city’s most celebrated citizens have been interred here and the elaborate tombstones are works of art.

End your long day of sightseeing with a local craft beer at Tap 27 Athens in Pangrati – a hip and unpretentious district. Finally, sit down for a dinner of Meze – Greek-style tapas – at Gnision Kebaptzidikon, which has been serving hungry patrons since 1922.



Line up of Taxi Boats, Hydra, Greece

On the third day of your Greece tour plan, leave Athens behind on a full day trip. Travel northwest to visit Delphi or hop a ferry to Hydra and the Saronic Islands. 


Day Trip to Delphi from Athens

At one time thought to be the center of the world, Delphi is a fascinating place to visit on an Athens day trip. The archaeological site dates to the 6th century BC and appears in many tales of Greek mythology. A professional guide leads the tour, offering valuable information and insight throughout the day. Find out more!


Boat Trip to Hydra Island for the Day

Beautiful View of Hydra Town, Hydra, Greece

Hydra – a charming island that clings to traditions – is a magical day trip destination from Athens. Visitors can plan on their own using the public ferry and our list of Things To Do in Hydra…or hop on an organized cruise.



Climb Lycabettus Hill, Athens, Greece

Day 4 of your Greek Vacation Itinerary is your final day in Athens – and we’ll be finding some local experiences.


Morning Hike and More Amazing Athens Food

Plan for Athens Day 3, Greece

Start your day by making your way to the top of Lycabettus Hill – the tallest peak in Athens – above the stylish Kolonaki neighborhood. Visitors can either trek up the hillside using the path or take the underground cable car. Either way, spend time at the summit savoring the views that stretch well over the Acropolis and all the way to the sea.

Lunch Board at Karamanlidika Restaurant, Athens, Greece

Next, make your way to the Athens Central Market, where locals still shop for their meat, fish, produce and spices. Now that you have worked up an appetite, settle in for lunch at the Karamanlidika Deli. Better yet, join a local guide for a food tour and learn firsthand about the burgeoning Athens food scene while noshing on Greek specialties.


Afternoon Museum and Best Athens Districts

Lanes of the Psyri District, Athens, Greece

Escape the heat of the afternoon at the National Archaeological Museum (buy tickets in advance), where they display prehistoric objects and fabulously preserved frescos. Visitors intrigued by Athens counterculture will want to stick around the Exarcheia District to seek out political street art murals and pop into record shops.

Exterior decorations at Little Kook, Athens

Next, delve into the Psyri District – one of the oldest and most interesting neighborhoods in Athens. An ideal place for an afternoon sweet treat (Little Kook is notoriously over the top!) or a local brew (Beertime has happy hour!), Psyri becomes a swirling hive of entertainment in the evening.

Stick around for dinner at Mavros Gatos – then rejoin the party with fellow travelers at an elevated rooftop bar (like A for Athens) to toast a final farewell to the city of Athens!



Old Structures along the Walkway to the Lighthouse, Chania, Crete, Greece

The next destination on our Greece Trip Planner is the town of Chania on the Island of Crete. The city has a long history – one that can be traced back to at least 3500 BC – and has been ruled by various powers…all of which left their distinct mark on the landscape.


How To Get To Chania, Crete

From Athens, the best way to get to Chania is via plane. We recommend taking a morning flight so that you can make the most of your first day in Chania.

Alternatively, travelers can take a ferry; however, it is extremely time consuming and has a limited schedule. The 9-hour journey is typically run overnight from Athens Piraeus Port to Chania, but there are a few daytime trips in the summer.


Rental Car in Chania

We do recommend renting a car in Chania – and it is easiest to pick one up at the airport.

Just note that the heart of the Chania Old Town is pedestrian-only – and the streets are very narrow. It is best to park at one of the public (and free) parking lots if you plan on staying in the Old Town.  


Where To Stay in Chania, Crete

View along the Chania Waterfront, Crete, Greece

The best place to stay in Chania is in Old Town that snuggles up against the Old Harbor. Travelers looking for romantic places to stay should check availability at the Domus Renier Boutique Hotel. For an affordable option on the edge of the Old Town, the Kriti Hotel gets rave reviews.


Chania Old Town Sights

Brightly painted buildings in Old Town Chania, Crete, Greece

After checking into your hotel and dropping your bags, feast on a fabulous lunch of local specialties at Kouzina EPE. The menu changes daily – and your server can provide recommendations, but everything is delicious!

Spend the rest of the day discovering the charm of Chania Old Town. Start at the Municipal Market, browsing the in-season produce and then wander down Skridlof Street where the scent of leather hangs heavy in the air.

Fountain on Chalidon Street in Old Town Chania, Crete, Greece

Make your way down the main thoroughfare – Chalidon Street – toward the Old Venetian Harbor…but make stops at both the Orthodox Cathedral and hidden Catholic Cathedral along the way. Next, ease into the Jewish Quarter and purposely try to get lost in the tangle of lanes lined with bright buildings and flowers.

Man performs in front of Old Mosque of Chania, Crete, Greece

Continue through the Topanas District and emerge in Talos Square, which fronts the sea. Walk along the harbor and visit the Maritime Museum at the Firka Fortress. Stick to the waterfront – passing the Old Mosque and ancient shipyards – and walk all the way to the historic Chania lighthouse. Next, take the stairs up Kasteli Hill for a view of the harbor from above.

Historic Lighthouse of Chania, Crete, Greece

Catch the sunset from the Tabakaria District and then dine at To Steno, a cozy taverna tucked down a quiet alley, for dinner.



View of mountains and sea from Biolea Olive Mill, Crete, Greece

On Day 6 of your 2 Week Itinerary Greece, travel into the mountains of Crete. Either self-drive or hire a private driver in Chania so that you can enjoy the day at your own pace.


Therisos Gorge and Mountain Lunch

Goat standing Therisos Gorge, Crete, Greece

From Chania, drive south into the Lefka Ori White Mountains and meander through the scenic Therisos Gorge. The short ravine – just 5.5 miles long – features astoundingly beautiful natural terrain…and it’s a haven for the local mountain goats.

Rather than rushing through the gorge, take your time and make plenty of stops to enjoy the views and snap photos of the goats.

Entry to Ntounias Restaurant, Crete, Greece

Savor a long lunch at Ntounias Taverna (make a reservation ahead of time!), where they prepare farm-to-table meals over wood burning fires.


Botanic Garden and Wine Tasting

Vineyards and Olive Groves in the Countryside, Crete, Greece

In the afternoon, wind your way along mountain roads to the gorgeous Botanical Gardens of Chania, where you can stretch your legs on the walking tracks through citrus groves.

Make one more stop at the Manousakis Winery – where you can swirl, sip and taste the local product in their pretty garden – before heading back to Chania.



Mountain views from Tiny Beach Pink Sand, Crete, Greece

For Day 7 of your Trip to Greece Itinerary, go west of Chania to discover more of the Crete coastline and surrounding landscapes.


Olive Trees and Olive Oil Estate

View of the gounds of the Biolea Estate, Crete, Greece

Crete Island, Greece is well-known for its olive oil production. Olive trees cover the foothills of the mountains and olive mills dot the map. Spend the morning discovering the countryside and driving through the olive groves.

Table and Chairs in garden at Biolea Olive Estate in Crete, Greece

Seek out the 4,000-year-old Ancient Olive Tree and visit the museum next to it that displays traditional equipment used to harvest the olives. Then, make your way to Biolea Astrikas Estate for a spectacular lunch (with a panoramic view!) and a free tour of the facilities.


Crete Coastline and Cave Church

Explore Spectacular countryside near Chania on Crete, Greece

Depart the olive oil estate and travel west to the Crete coastline. Marked by long stretches of white sand, the Crete west coast beaches are the best on the island (and some say the best in all of Greece!). Dip your toes into the turquoise sea at Falasarna Beach – or find a bit of tranquility at the small and secluded Tiny Beach Pink Sand.

St John Church built into a Cave, Crete, Greece

As you drive back to Chania, make a quick stop at the St. John Cave Church that is built right into the rock wall and features a natural cave interior. Then, continue east and stop to eat dinner at To Antikristo, where they specialize in phenomenal grilled meats and Cretan cuisine.



Go On A Crete Full Day Trips from Chania, Greece

Spend Day 8 of your 2 Weeks in Greece Itinerary partaking in one of the many full-day activities near Chania. Trek the Samaria Gorge, sunbathe on a famous pink sand beach, swim in Balos Lagoon, visit ancient sites or visit other Crete cities.


Samaria Gorge

Active travelers can embark on a 10-mile, downhill trek through the gorgeous Samaria Gorge. Visitors can plan their own hike (using the public bus is best) or join a local for a guided tour


Elafonisi Pink Sand Beach

A pink sand beach on the southwestern coast of Crete, the famous Elafonisi Beach is a top island attraction. Visitors can spend the whole day at the beach…but it’s best to get there early if you want a good spot! The beach can be reached by car, bus or tour


Balos Lagoon Boat Trip

Nicknamed the Cretan Caribbean, Balos Beach Lagoon is mesmerizing. Best reached by boat, travelers can join one of the full day tours that include Chania hotel pick up, the boat trip, on board lunch and swimming stops!


More Chania Day Trip Ideas

Visitors interested in history can visit the Ancient Aptera Archaeological Site (join this tour that includes a wine tasting at a local winery!).

Interested in local food? Let a tour guide lead the way on a 7 Villages Foodie Tour, stopping for bites to eat that feature the local flavor along the way.

Travelers who want visit other cities on Crete can drive east to quaint Rethymno that sits on the sea (but don’t miss the interior Arkadi Monastery).

The capital of Crete, Heraklion, is quite a distance away from Chania for a day trip. However, there are a few good reasons why travelers may want to make the trip. The Knossos Palace, which once was the center of the Minoan civilization, is the main attraction – and one of the top things to see on Crete. Visitors without a car can take an organized bus tour.

Furthermore, travelers who wish to take the ferry from Crete to Santorini (the next island destination on our 2-Week Greece Itinerary) will need to depart from Heraklion in the morning. Therefore, rather than returning to Chania, travelers should drive (or take the bus) to Heraklion and spend the night.



Where to Explore in Fira Old Town, Santorini, Greece

The next destination on our Greece Vacation Itinerary is Santorini! The famous volcanic Greek Island is truly stunning – and visitors will spend their first day gazing at the beauty of it from the villages of Fira and Imerovigli.


How To Get to Santorini

From Chania, Crete, we believe the best way to get to Santorini is by airplane. Unfortunately, there are no direct flights from Chania to Santorini; requiring a quick stop in Athens. We suggest taking an early morning flight so that you can spend the afternoon in Santorini sightseeing. 

As we already mentioned, there is a ferry from Crete to Santorini – but it typically departs early in the morning from Heraklion (which is a 2-hour drive from Chania). 


Car Rental in Santorini

A personal vehicle is not necessary for our recommendations of things to do on Santorini Island.


Where To Stay in Santorini

The Villa Rose Hotel Fira Santorini, Greece

There is a vast range of accommodation options in Santorini. For convenience and affordability, we recommend staying in Fira at the impeccably clean and stylish Villa Rose Hotel. Travelers on a romantic Greece trip with a big budget, however, should check availability at Canaves Boutique Hotel in Oia or Altana Suite in Imerovigli.


Fira Sightseeing

Visit the Churches of Santorini, Greece

Fira is the capital of Santorini Island – and a fabulous place to discover on foot. After checking into your hotel, grab a to-go pita from Lucky’s on the Fira Main Square, then enter the maze of narrow lanes lined with shops.

If time allows, plan to visit some of the town’s attractions – such as the Candlemas Holy Orthodox Cathedral, the Museum of Prehistoric Thera and the Santorini Old Harbor.


Fira to Imerovigli via the Walking Path

Boat Artwork on Rooftop with Imerovigli in background, Santorini, Greece

Mid-afternoon, start walking north on the Fira to Oia Walking Path – but only for about 2.5 miles to the town of Imerovigli. The route follows the curve of the caldera, offering staggering panoramic vistas of Santorini.

Continue all the way to Skaros Rock – and consider carefully scampering down for a different vantage point of Santorini.


Santorini Sunset and Dinner

Sunset in Santorini at Mama Thira Taverna, Santorini, Greece

Choose a spot to watch the sunset – either from a point along the pedestrian path, from the west-facing Skaros Rock or at a bar with a view, like The Wine Bar (make reservations in advance).

After the sun drops below the horizon, sit down to dinner at the family-owned Taverna Simos, where the atmosphere is inviting and the food is delightful.



Best Oia Viewpoint, Santorini, Greece

Day 10 of your Itinerary for Greece Trip is spent getting acquainted with Oia – Santorini’s most famous village. Visitors staying in Fira or Imerovigli can easily reach Oia by bus or taxi – and ambitious travelers can use the Fira to Oia Path to walk there!


Sightseeing in Oia

Oia Blue Domed Church and Pink Bell Tower, Santorini, Greece

Sitting on the north end of Santorini along the curve of the caldera, Oia is a spectacular sight. The white, flat-topped houses spill down hillside, narrow lanes weave through town and the views are simply breathtaking.

After breakfast at the Skiza Café, seek out the best Oia attractions and viewpoints. Start at the Church of Panagia Akathistos on the main square, then set off in search of the epic views over the blue domed churches. Stop by Atlantis Books to browse the first editions or pop into the Maritime Museum to learn about the history of the island. Work your way down to the windmills and up to the Castle of Oia.

View of Ammoundi Bay, Santorini, Greece

When you get hungry for lunch, make the long trek down the stairs to Amoudi Bay and eat fresh fish from one of the restaurants with tables right on the water’s edge. Follow the path beyond the restaurants and find a spot along the rocks to take in the view (or take a swim!).

Spend the rest of the afternoon simply wandering the Oia streets to see where they lead. When it gets too hot, cool off at the swimming pool at Lioyerma Lounge. Stick around for sunset – either at Lioyerma, the castle or Amoudi Bay.


Dinner in a Greek Garden

Wine at Pelican Kipos Wine Fira, Greece, Santorini

Return to Fira by bus (or taxi) and dine at the Pelican Kipos Wine Restaurant. The historic property is a green oasis in the center of Fira and features an underground wine cellar (ask your waiter if you can visit it!). Every menu item is delicious and well presented – and we recommend finishing the meal with Vin Santo, a Santorini specialty.



Go on a Ammoundi Bay Cruise for sunset, Santorini, Greece

Day 11 of your Greece Two Week Itinerary marks the final day on Santorini Island. Spend the morning visiting a traditional, sleepy village and then set sail in the afternoon for an unforgettable sunset cruise.


Traditional Villages in Santorini

Santorini is a bustling tourist destination, but travelers who want to escape the crowds can find their way to one of the traditional Santorini villages, like Karterados. Just a 20-minute walk from Fira, Karterados is starkly different from Oia and Fira. It has just a handful of restaurants (eat a hearty brunch at Jerry’s!), a preserved windmill and many, many cats.


Sunset Santorini Cruise

View of a Santorini Sunset, Oia and Ammoundi Bay, Greece

In the afternoon, set sail on a Sunset Cruise – it’s an excellent way to end your stay on Santorini Island. While there are several sailing options (in a range of price points), we recommend hopping on a Santorini Catamaran Cruise.

As the boat departs from Amoudi Bay, appreciate the grandeur of Santorini Island from afar. Jump in the water for a swim at one of the incredibly beautiful coves and enjoy the delicious on-board dinner along with included drinks. Then, watch an incredible Santorini sunset from the bow of the sailboat.



Narrow Lanes of Naxos Town, Greece

The final destination of your Two Weeks in Greece Itinerary is Naxos – an island that is appealing for both its beauty and its charm. The largest of the Cyclades island group, Naxos features mountain villages, a stunning coastline and fantastic food – but you will start your exploration in Naxos Old Town. 


How To Get To Naxos

Blue Star Ship, Santorini Ferry, Greece

Taking a ferry is the best way to get from Santorini to Naxos. Multiple boats depart daily, with the fastest ferries taking less than 1.5 hours. The port in Naxos is right in town, making for an effortless arrival.

There is a very small airport on Naxos near Naxos Town – so it is possible to fly from Santorini to Naxos (via Athens), but we don’t recommend it. Flying to Naxos from Santorini not only takes longer than the ferry, but it typically costs a lot more, as well.


Rent a Car in Naxos

We think it is best to rent a car on Naxos Island. With a car, you will have freedom to explore at your own pace. That said, there are tours and public buses that can get visitors to most of our recommended places to see.

It is best to book a rental car in advance; most companies will have the car waiting at the ferry terminal on arrival.


Where To Stay in Naxos

The best place to stay in Naxos is right in the heart of Naxos Town. Travelers planning a luxury vacation can book a room at the waterfront Portara Seaside Suites. A more affordable (yet still highly-rated) option is Burgos Barrio.

That said, we stayed in an apartment, Eudaimonia. Not only is the host exceptional (he delivers a cooked breakfast every morning!), the space itself is fantastic for families, friends or two couples traveling together. Check rates and availability for your trip!


Old Town Naxos Sights

Walk along the Port Promenade, Naxos, Greece

With a mid-day arrival, quickly get situated in your accommodations and step out to see the sights of Naxos Town. Start by walking along the Port Promenade (Protopapadaki), the wide, pedestrian only lane lined with restaurants that fronts the water.

Walking in Naxos Old Town Street, Greece

Work your way into the Old Town and stroll along the atmospheric Old Market Street that is packed with boutique shops and souvenir stores. Wind your way up to the top of the hill to see what remains of the Venetian Castle of Naxos and go inside the hill-topping Catholic Cathedral of Naxos.

View of Naxos Temple of Apollo Portara, Greece

As the sun begins to slide toward the horizon, stride out to the Portara Gate – the only still-standing part of an unfinished temple that dates to the year 530 BC. Walk around the historic ruins and then settle in for a spot to watch the sunset.

Alternatively, get a proper introduction to Naxos on a Castle and Portara Sunset Tour that is led by a local guide. Reserve your space on the tour here!

Must Eat Daukato Kalogeros on Naxos Island, Greece

Enjoy dinner in the courtyard at Doukato, sampling some of the finest traditional Naxian dishes, like Kalogeros or lamb in wine sauce.



Take a Road Trip on Naxos Island, Greece

On Day 13 of your Two Week Greece Itinerary, tour the Island of Naxos with a sense of wonder. Visit top attractions, stroll through mountain villages and take detours when curiosity inspires.


Naxos Island by Car

View of Bay at Apollonas, Naxos, Greece

Discover Naxos Island on a self-drive expedition. Head north from Naxos Town and make your first stop at the Eggares Olive Oil Museum. Take the quick tour and then taste the copious samples of Greek oils. Continue driving around the north end of Naxos – savoring the magnificent sea views along the route.

In Apollonas, stop along the roadside and take the stairs up to see the discarded Kouros Statue, which was never completed and lies partially chiseled in the grass. Follow the road into the mountains to the town of Koronos, which sits on a steep slope, and eat a homecooked lunch at Matina and Stavros Tavern.

View of Koronos Town, Naxos, Greece

In the afternoon, spend time in a few different Naxos mountain villages to get a feel for the traditional way of life. The best Naxos villages to visit are Apeiranthos, Filoti and Chalkio.


Alternatively, Join a Tour of Naxos or Take the Bus

Travelers not interested in driving on Naxos can still get a wonderful introduction to the island. On a full day tour by bus, guests get to see the Kouros statue, visit mountain villages and enjoy free time. Find out more!

Visitors can also use the public bus to get around Naxos Island. Find current schedules and buy tickets at the bus station office near the Naxos Port.


Contemporary Dinner in Naxos Town

Cozy and Charming Dining at Nostimon Hellas, Naxos, Greece

After a long day of touring Naxos, sit down for dinner at Nostimon Hellas. Excelling at creating contemporary Greek dishes with a local flair, the menu at Nostimon Hellas features unique regional flavors. We loved the mushroom risotto with Naxos cheese and the Greek shrimp with lemon olive oil dressing!



Views on a Naxos Road Trip Beach, Greece

It’s the last day of your 14 Days in Greece – and you can choose how to spend it: On the beach, on a boat or on a hike!


Beaches in Naxos

View of Plaka Naxos Island Beach, Greece in 2 Weeks

The long, west coast of Naxos is characterized by sandy shoreline and rustic landscapes. Travelers who like to sunbathe should spend the day at Plaka Beach, Naxos best sandy beach. Alternatively, go further south to Hawaii Beach that sits at the base of a red cliff (and don’t miss the abandoned hotel that has been transformed into an art mural gallery!).


Boat Trip in Naxos

Go on a Naxos Island Boat Trip, Greece

Travelers who want to spend their last day in Greece on the water have a few fun options. Either spend the day on a Naxos cruise that follows the coastline to secret swimming coves – or set sail on a luxury yacht (and learn a few basics about sailing and hopefully spot dolphins!).


Hiking in Naxos

Go Hiking on Naxos Island, Greece

Spry travelers can lace up their shoes for an epic hike up Mount Zas – the mountain where the mythical god, Zeus, is said to have been raised. Set out on your own (and even visit the cave Zeus called his home) or join a local for a guided hike up the mountainside.


Dinner on your Last Night in Greece

Must-Eat Pork Rosto and Naxian Potatoes, Naxos, Greece

For you final meal in Greece, dine on phenomenal traditional fare on the spacious patio at To Elliniko. Order the Kleftiko Goat (the house specialty) or Pork Rosto (a Naxos specialty) – with a side of the famous Naxian potatoes.

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Greece Itinerary Map

Now that you have a better idea of how to plan a Greece vacation, we think it is helpful to see the route on a map. Use this link to Google Maps for an interactive map that will assist with your Greece trip planning.



Up close view of Oia Windmill, Santorini, Greece

We think our above outline is the best way to plan a trip to Greece for two weeks (especially for first-time visitors to Greece). However, we understand that not everyone taking a trip to Greece is able to spend two weeks. Therefore, we have created a sample Greece itinerary for various timelines to help travelers planning a shorter – or longer – vacation.


Greece Itinerary 5 Days

While 5 days in Greece, travelers can plan a trip that includes either one or two destinations. In fact, there are quite a few different ways to create a 5-Day Greece Itinerary.

The first option is to spend 5 days in Athens. Use our tips for what to see in Athens in 3 days and then take two day trips – one to Hydra Island and one to Delphi.

Another way to plan a 5-day trip to Greece is to spend 2 days in Athens and 3 days in Santorini.

Yet another option for how to visit Greece in 5 days is to only go to islands. Spend 2 days in Santorini and 3 days on Naxos.


Greece 7 Day Itinerary

Travelers spending 7 days in Greece have ample time to visit two destinations – and could possibly squeeze in a third.

An ideal One Week in Greece Itinerary would be to spend 3 days seeing the sights in Athens – plus take a one day trip to Hydra from Athens. Then, spend the next 3 days in Santorini.

Alternatively, spend 2 days in Athens, 3 days in Santorini and 2 days on Naxos.

For an 1 Week Greek Island Itinerary, we recommend 3 days in Santorini, 1 day in Mykonos and 3 days in Naxos.


Greece 10 Day Itinerary

Creating a 10 Day Greece Itinerary will allow travelers enough time to really enjoy three different destinations.

We think the best Greece Itinerary for a 10 day trip would start with 4 days in Athens (including a day trip to Hydra or Delphi), 3 days in Santorini and 3 days in Naxos.


Alternate Best Itinerary for Greece 14 Days

While we think our outline for how to plan a two week trip to Greece is the best route for a broad introduction to the country, we know you may want to create a more focused 14 Days in Greece Itinerary.

Therefore, we are sharing an ideal Greek Island Hopping 2 Week Itinerary – as well as a Mainland Only Greece Trip Plan for Two Weeks.


Island Hopping Greece Itinerary 2 Weeks

Travelers who want to create a 2 Week Greek Island Itinerary that bypasses the mainland entirely can certainly do so. The best way to create a 2-Week Island Hopping Greece Trip is to visit a group of islands that are in close proximity – and the Cyclades are the most popular.

An ideal Two Week Greek Island Itinerary in the Cyclades Islands could look like this: Mykonos (3 days), Paros (3 days), Naxos (4 days), Santorini (4 days).

That said, it would be possible to create a 2-Week Itinerary Greek Island Trip that also includes Crete. This is the route we suggest: Mykonos (2 days), Naxos (3 days), Santorini (3 days), Heraklion, Crete (2 days), Chania, Crete (4 days).


Mainland Greece Travel Itinerary 2 Weeks

While the islands draw many tourists to Greece, the mainland has a lot to offer, too! Travelers interested in ancient sights and exotic landscapes could easily spend two weeks on the Greek mainland exploring.

We think the best Greece Mainland Itinerary would be: Athens (3 days), Nafplion (3 days), Nafpaktos (2 days), Delphi (1 day), Meteora (3 days), Thessaloniki (2 days).


Greece 3 Week Itinerary

Travelers with 3 weeks in Greece can start with our detailed Greece Travel Itinerary for 2 Weeks – and then add a couple of destinations. Our best 3-Week Greece Itinerary looks like this: Athens (3 days), Hydra (2 days), Chania, Crete (4 days), Heraklion, Crete (2 days), Santorini (3 days), Naxos (4 days), Mykonos (3 days).

Alternatively, spend more time on the mainland visiting the Peloponnesian Peninsula (Nafplio, Monemvasia, Olympia) – and then go further north to Meteora.


One Month Greece Itinerary

Spending a month in Greece? We’re jealous! To create a fast-paced Month in Greece Itinerary, we recommend seeing the following destinations: Athens (3 days), Nafplion (3 days), Nafpaktos (2 days), Delphi (1 day), Meteora (3 days), Thessaloniki (2 days), Mykonos (2 days), Naxos (3 days), Santorini (3 days), Heraklion, Crete (2 days), Chania, Crete (4 days).


Multiple Country Greece Itineraries 

Many Greece visitors traveling from overseas want to make the most of their time abroad and are eager to see more than one place. We are highlighting two popular options.


Italy-Greece Itinerary

It is quite popular to plan an Italy and Greece Trip – as the two countries are well connected. For an easy-flowing 2 Week Itinerary Italy and Greece, we recommend spending a week in Tuscany and Rome and then flying to Greece. Spend 4 days in Athens (with a day trip) and 3 days in Santorini.

To create a 3 Week Italy and Greece Itinerary, we would spend 10 days in Rome and Tuscany and then 10 days in Greece (4 days in Athens, 3 days each on Santorini and Naxos).


Croatia-Greece Itinerary

Due to their proximity, many travelers are curious about planning a trip to Greece and Croatia – but the two countries are only well-connected in the peak summer season. 

That said, summertime travelers who want to create a Croatia and Greece Itinerary can fly between Split or Dubrovnik to Athens.  

Top Tip: Use our guide to the Best Destinations in Croatia to plan where to go before hopping over to Greece!



Door in the cliff, Imerovigli, Santorini, Greece

Now that you have all the details of our Best Greece Trip Itinerary, we have some important Greek travel tips that will help you prepare for your trip.


Visiting Greece: What You Need To Know

As you start planning your 2 Week Greek Itinerary, there are a few essential things to know about the country.


Drinking Water

Can you drink the tap water in Greece? Many travelers wonder if it is safe to drink the water in Greece…and there is not a straightforward answer. Most water sources are deemed safe for consumption on the mainland, but it is not recommended to drink tap water on the Greek Islands (especially on Santorini due to the volcanic rock).


Toilet Paper

In all of Greece, do not flush toilet paper down the toilet! The plumbing was not designed to handle toilet paper and it will clog. Use the small trash can next to the toilet for your TP.


Hot Water Switch

Hot water in Greece is often supplied by solar panels – but on cloudy days (or places without solar) it will be necessary to use an electric water heater. The hot water switch is usually controlled directly from the main circuit breaker, and don’t be surprised if you’re told to switch it off again before showering.


Sundays, Greek Holidays and Siesta

Although Greece is wildly popular as a tourist destination, many of the smaller towns and family shops still abide by old traditions. Travelers visiting Greece on Sundays or holidays may find that certain restaurants and shops are closed or open for limited hours.

Additionally, Greeks have a tradition of afternoon quiet time – called Mesimeri – that is usually observed between the hours of 2 and 5pm. Shops close, construction stops and it can suddenly feel very quiet in certain places.


Greek Language

The Greek language and alphabet has long been perplexing to foreigners. Thankfully for us, most Greeks speak excellent English – and there are often English translations from the Greek alphabet to the Latin alphabet.

We recommend reviewing the Greek alphabet and learning a few key words in Greek before you arrive. You’ll likely receive a warm response for just trying!

  • Hello: Yassas
  • Good Day: Kalimera
  • Thank You: Efcaristo


Tipping in Greece

While tipping is not customary in Greece, the practice has become somewhat expected from tourists. For a fantastic meal with excellent service, a tip of 10-15% is appreciated. It is best to tip with cash, as you may not have the option to add it if paying by card.


Buying Tickets

During the height of the summer season, it is a good idea to purchase tickets – for planes, ferries and attractions – in advance. In fact, we recommend buying some tickets – like your Acropolis Ticket and Acropolis Museum Ticket – online any time of year!


How Much Does a Greece Trip Cost

Anyone planning a trip to Greece is no doubt wondering how much it will cost. Your Greece trip price can vary immensely based on destinations, season and activities. That said, it is realistic to plan an affordable Greece trip – and we are sharing a few of our top money saving tips.


Avoid Summer for a Greece Budget Trip

If you are trying to plan a trip to Greece on a budget, our number one tip is to absolutely avoid the peak summer season. If you plan to travel Greece on a budget, keep in mind that prices for hotels quadruple in summer season. During the peak tourist season, even a dorm bed on Santorini Island can cost nearly $100 USD.


Plan Ahead when Going to Greece on a Budget

When planning a trip to Greece on a budget, it is imperative to plan ahead…far ahead. The best value accommodations get snapped up the quickest. Flights to the Greek Islands are also less expensive when booked around 3 months in advance.


Choose Destinations that Fit your Greece Vacation Budget

Travelers planning a Greece vacation on a budget need to seriously consider which destinations to include. While Mykonos and Santorini are two of the most popular Greek islands, they are naturally two of the most expensive.


Create an Budget for Greece Trip

Before you start booking hotels and buying airline tickets, create a trip budget. Once you have your set amount, then you can choose destinations in Greece that fit your spending. Get a Free Vacation Budget Planner here!


Find Greek Cheap Eats

As you create your Greece Budget Itinerary, seek out affordable places to eat. Greet street food – like spanakopita and souvlaki – are incredibly inexpensive.


Use our Greece Guide

While our outlined 2-Week Greek Itinerary is not on a bare-bones budget, we are naturally budget-conscious travelers. Therefore, our plan can be used as a travel guide to Greece on a budget – with just a few money-saving tweaks.


When To Go to Greece

Blooming Bougainvillea, Hydra, Greece

Deciding when to visit Greece will depend on your budget, interests and tolerance for crowds and heat.


Greece Summer Trip

By far the most popular time to go to Greece, summer sees a crush of tourists, a peak in prices and soaring temperatures. That said, summertime is the best time to go to Greece for swimming, sunbathing and sailing.


Going to Greece in Autumn

It stays warm in Greece through most of autumn, yet there are far fewer crowds and prices start to relax. In early autumn, there is still a chance for swimming in the sea and most places on the islands remain open.


Greece Winter Itinerary

Winter – from November through March – marks the off season. Prices are at their lowest and there are the least number of fellow tourists. However, some shops/restaurants/attractions are closed or offer limited hours and the weather will be unpredictable.


Visit Greece in Spring

We think that spring is the best time to visit Greece. The sun is out (and it’s warm, but not hot) and prices are still fairly low. Although it is typically too cold for swimming in the sea, it’s a great time for sightseeing on foot and it’s generally warm enough to spend time on the beaches.


How To Get To Greece

The most popular way to get to Greece is by plane. The Athens International Airport (ATH) is likely the best choice for most travelers. That said, visitors bypassing the mainland can look for flights from other European destinations direct to the Greek Islands – like Santorini, Crete and Mykonos – although most only operate in summer.

Start searching flights for your trip to Greece on SkyScanner, where you can compare schedules and prices for various carriers. Before purchasing plane tickets be sure to read our Tips for Finding the Best Cheap Flights.


How To Get Around Greece

We have already touched on how to get around during your 2 weeks Greece trip, but we wanted to share a few more tips.

Travelers can get between the destinations in our Two Week Trip Plan for Greece by flight or ferry. To book domestic flights within Greece, we use SkyScanner. For current Greek ferry schedules and tickets, we recommend using FerryHopper.

Most Greek destinations are walkable (just be aware there will probably be some hills and stairs). Additionally, all the places that we have suggested visiting have a network of public transportation and there are options for tours, as well.

Renting a car in Greece allows for more freedom (except in Athens) – and for groups it can be cost effective (compared to taking tours or hiring a driver). Before renting a car, however, there are a few things to note.


Greece Car Rental Tips

It is best to reserve your rental car in advance – but not until you read our Tips for Getting the Best Rental Car Rates! Also, many rental cars in Greece are equipped with manual transmission, so you may want to reserve a car with automatic transmission.

Driving in Greece can be a little bit chaotic – even on the islands. Some roads are single lanes, with two-way traffic – which may require some tricky maneuvering. Furthermore, Greek drivers are known for speeding; just move to the side and let them pass.

Parking can also be challenging. Rather than attempting to parallel park on narrow neighborhood streets, we recommend seeking out a free parking lot (usually on the edge of town).


Where To Stay on a 2 Week Trip to Greece

Hotel Pools overlooking Skaros Rock in Imerovigli, Fira, Santorini, Greece

We’ve given you a lot of information in this day-by-day plan for two weeks in Greece, so here’s a recap of our recommended places to stay.


Athens Accommodations


Chania, Crete Accommodations


Santorini Accommodations


Naxos Accommodations


What To Pack for your 2 Week Greece Vacation

Water at the Old Fortress Beach, Corfu Town, Corfu, Greece

The final tips of our Greece Itinerary blog post are all about what to pack! Find more advice on our Packing Tips page. Need a Greek Trip Packing List? Grab your FREE Packing Checklist here!


The Right Shoes

During your 2-Week Greece Vacation, you will likely be walking a lot. Be sure to pack a pair of comfortable and lightweight walking shoes for your trip. You will also likely want flip flops for the beach – and water shoes if you plan on swimming in Greece.

Pro Tip: Read all our advice and reviews for Finding the Perfect Travel Shoes.


Travel Camera

Greece is gorgeous! Rather than trying to capture the beauty with you phone, upgrade to a real DSLR camera for your vacation.

We use a Canon Rebel with an 18-135mm lens. It takes quality photos, is often sold as a kit and has an affordable price – making it one of the best cameras for budget travelers.


Greek Sun Protection

The sun is always strong in Greece – and on beaches and at archaeological sites there is often little shade. You will want to pack enough sunscreen for your two-week Greece trip (it is really expensive to buy once there!).

Additionally, don’t forget to pack your favorite beach sunglasses and a wide-brimmed travel hat.


Mobile WiFi for Greece

While many phone carriers offer short-term international data packages, they are often really expensive. That said, you will need a connection for directions while exploring (especially while driving on the islands) and for ordering Ubers and making dinner reservations.

It’s best to invest in a Pocket WiFi device that works on e-SIMs (no actual SIM card required). We use a GlocalMe device – as we can connect multiple devices at one time and we can easily purchase data as we go.


Zippered Day Bag

Unfortunately, pickpockets and scammers are part of visiting Greece – especially Athens. You will want to make sure you keep your personal items zipped up and out of reach. We use small backpacks and wore them on front when navigating the most congested areas of Athens.

Pro Tip: Read our reviews for what features make the Best Day Bags for Travel.


Greece Travel Insurance

Trip insurance can be useful when travel plans go awry – like when the airline loses your luggage or if you get sick while abroad. If you haven’t already obtained insurance for your trip, check the affordable rates and robust coverage at World Nomads.


Greek Trip Documents

Of course, you need to pack your most important travel documents – like your passport, plane tickets and accommodation information. Make sure to take your Travel Planner, too! We store all of our trip documents in a travel organizer.


We Want To Know: Do you have any advice for how to plan the best Greece vacation? Share your best Greece trip ideas in the comments below!


Start planning your trip to Greece! Search for the lowest airfares, the best accommodations and fun things to do…then start packing!  Want more travel planning tips? Head over to our Travel Planning page for more information and tips on traveling – and for country-specific information, take a look at our Travel Guides page!


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