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24 Best Things To Do in Corfu Old Town, Greece

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Corfu Old Town on Corfu Island, Greece is a fabulous travel destination! Featuring ancient forts, twisting lanes, colorful architecture and delectable local fare, the UNESCO listed Old Town Corfu has something for everyone. To help fellow travelers plan their best Corfu trip, we are highlighting the top things to do in Corfu Old Town.

Our stay in Corfu came at the end of our long trip to Greece – and we wondered how it might stack up against other Greek destinations, like ancient Athens, picture-perfect Santorini, historic Chania in Crete, rustic Naxos and bohemian Hydra

What we found was that, like so many other places in Greece, the Old Town of Corfu is unique and distinct. It’s difficult to compare to other Greek cities because it is so utterly different. We spent 3 days in Corfu Old Town exploring, discovering and tasting – and we left wishing we had just a bit more time!


Corfu Old Town FAQs

Before we get to our list of What To Do in Corfu Old Town, we want to answer a few of the most frequently asked questions. Knowing some important facts about Old Town Corfu will make it easier to plan your visit.


Where is Corfu Old Town in Greece?

Well, before we answer the question, Where is Corfu Town?, you need to know where Corfu Island is. Part of the Ionian Islands – and located in the Ionian Sea – Corfu Island sits just west of mainland Greece and extends north of the Greece-Albania border.  

Corfu Old Town, which serves as capital of the Ionian Islands, is located in the middle, along the eastern coast. The town is situated on a small, protected peninsula.

Below, we include a Corfu City map of attractions that will help visitors get acquainted with the layout of the town.


What is the Greek Name of Corfu Town, Greece?

In Greek, Corfu – both the town and the island – is called Kerkyra. The name is derived from ancient Greek mythology. According to the legend, when Poseidon, the God of the Sea, fell in love with the Nymph Korkira, he captured her and took her to an island and, in her honor, named it after her (now spelled Kerkyra).

The name Corfu is the Italian version of the Byzantine name for the city, Koryfo – which means ‘City of Peaks’ and refers to the two peaks where the Old Fortress of Corfu Town sits.

Therefore, Kerkyra Town and Corfu Town are one in the same. Oh – and even though Kerkyra City is the Greek name, the local Greeks call themselves Corfiots!


Is Corfu Town Sightseeing Easy?

Yes! City sightseeing in Corfu Old Town is fairly simple. Most of the cobblestone streets are pedestrian-only – and it’s fun to navigate the narrow lanes. With our list of Old Town Corfu Things To Do, visitors could easily create their own Self-Guided Walking Tour of Corfu Town.

That said, travelers interested in learning more about the history could join a guided Corfu Town tour.

Participants who join the History of Corfu Town Walking Tour learn about the city’s past from a local guide. The tour begins at the Corfu Old Town Fortress (entry fee included) and then delves into the heart of town. Get the details and reserve your space!

Other Corfu Town tours – like the incredibly popular Gastronomy Tour – combine Corfu history with local Corfiot food specialties. Ideal for visitors short on time, guests get a great introduction to the best of Corfu, Greece! 


Are there Free Things To Do in Corfu Old Town, Greece?

Absolutely! There are many things to do in Old Town Corfu for free – and we feature them throughout our list. Budget-conscious travelers will have no problem finding free and cheap things to do in Corfu.


Is there Things To Do in Old Town Corfu, Greece with Kids?

Of course! While our list of Corfu Old Town things to do is not specifically designed for traveling families, we feature several kid-friendly Corfu attractions.


Are there Indoor Things To Do in Corfu Town?

Wondering what to do in Corfu Town when it rains? We have to admit, the best Corfu City attractions are outdoors. However, during our trip, the predicted weather in Corfu Town was downright dreadful – so we purposely sought out things to do in Corfu Town Centre that were inside.

If the weather is rainy (or just too hot) during your Corfu vacation, you can rest assured that there are a few fun indoor activities.


Are there Corfu Town Beaches?

Yes! While not as big and beautiful as the island’s best sandy spots, there are a few beaches in Corfu Town where visitors can take a dip in the sea. We highlight the best Corfu Old Town beaches in our list. 


Is Corfu Town Worth a Visit?

Certainly! Corfu Town is one of the best towns on Corfu Island. It has history, culture, cuisine – and a heaping dose of charm along with fun nightlife.


How Many Days in Corfu Old Town?

Determining how many days to spend in Corfu Town is not an easy task. Many cruise ship passengers are limited to just one day in Corfu Town – while other travelers use Corfu as a base for a long vacation to explore other parts of the island (and surrounding islands, too!).

Corfu Town highlights and attractions are located within close proximity. Therefore, with just a day in Corfu Town, it is possible to see the top sights. That said, we think it is best to visit Corfu in 3 days to allow for a more leisurely trip – plus time to see some of the sights just beyond the Old Town.

In our list, we highlight what to see in Corfu Town in one day – or longer!


Planning a Trip to Old Town Corfu, Greece

There is so much more to planning a Corfu trip than figuring out what to see. Most travelers planning to visit Corfu Town also need to figure out how to get there, how to get around and where to stay.

No worries, we’ve got it covered! In addition to our list of Old Town Corfu Things To Do, we also provide pertinent transport info and tips for the best Corfu hotels.

Traveling to Greece from abroad? Use our tips for Planning a European Trip to get started!

As you begin making your plans – whether visiting Corfu Town in a day or a week – it’s essential to keep track of the details. Our Printable Travel Planner is designed to ensure you stay on top of your trip specifics!

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Best Things to do in Corfu Town, Corfu, Greece

Now that we have covered the basics, it’s time to dive into our list of the Corfu Town Best Things To Do. Our Corfu Town guide includes everything you need to plan your visit.

Save, Pin or Bookmark our Corfu Travel Guide to plan your trip to Greece!


#1 Visit the Old Venetian Fortress Corfu

Walls of Old Venetian Fortress Corfu Town, Corfu, Greece

Topping our list of Things To Do in Corfu Town is visiting the Old Fortress in Corfu, Greece.

The Corfu Town Old Fortress has a long history that dates to the middle of the 6th century when the Byzantines began to fortify the city for protection from invaders. During Venetian rule, from the 14th to 18th centuries, the Corfu Town Old Fortress was expanded and strengthened to stave off Ottoman attacks.

Old Venetian Fortress Clocktower, Corfu Town, Corfu, Greece

In the 1800s, when the city was under English rule, the Corfu Town Fortress was again modified, this time with an emphasis on creating a military outpost. Today, the Corfu Old Fort stands as a UNESCO World Heritage Monument and is open to visitors for a small fee.

New Fort Views over the water, Corfu Town, Corfu, Greece

Inside the fortress, visitors can climb the ramparts and trek up to the hill-topping lighthouse. Other Corfu Old Fortress sights include visiting an on-site museum featuring a few ancient artifacts and stepping out onto a secluded beach (which we feature later in our list of Best Beaches near Corfu Town).


#2 Enjoy the Views from Boschetto Garden

Boschetto Garden Statue, Corfu, Greece

An elegant green space overlooking the Old Fortress across the moat, Boschetto Garden is one of the often-missed Corfu Old Town attractions. The inviting space is marked with colorful flowers, fountains, busts of Greek literary greats and a statue of the Ionian Academy founder, Count Frederick Guilford.

Panagia Holy Church of the Virgin Mary Mandrakina Church, Corfu, Greece

Not only is the pretty garden a good place to take in views of the Old Fort, but it also has a playground for kids and public toilet (for a small fee). The brightly painted Panagia Holy Church of the Virgin Mary Mandrakina Church at the north end of Boschetto Garden is a popular spot for photographs and weddings.


#3 Sit in Spianada Square

View of Spianada Square from New Fort, Corfu, Greece

Located in the heart of Corfu Town Centre, prominently sitting between the Old Fortress and the tangle of pedestrian lanes, is the expansive Spianada Square. It ranks as the largest city square in all of Greece and resembles a park more than a typical old town square.

The spacious and lush Spianada Corfu Town Square was created by the French, when they briefly occupied the island in the early 1800s. The square features fountains and memorials – and even a Cricket pitch, which was introduced by the British and continues to be a favorite sport of the city.


#4 Stroll along Corfu Town Liston Lane

View down Corfu Town Liston Lane, Corfu, Greece

Marking the western boundary of Spianada Square is Liston, a lovely lane that is a Corfu Town must see sight. The wide street dates to the early 1800s and features a mashup of architectural elements introduced by the Venetians, French and British. The result is an enchanting façade of majestic arches with hanging lanterns and waving flags.

At one time, only nobility was allowed to walk on Liston, but it’s of course open to everyone now. Visitors can stroll the length of Liston Lane – and, if time allows, stop at one of the cafes for a coffee or a restaurant for lunch.


#5 See Artifacts at the Corfu Museum of Asian Art

Corfu Museum of Asian Art, Corfu, Greece

Highly touted as one of the Best Things To Do Corfu Town, the Museum of Asian Art hosts a vast collection of artworks from Japan, China, India, Pakistan, Tibet and Southeast Asia. Displays include pottery, sculptures, ceramics, armor, religious icons, tapestries, jewelry and coins. A ticket is required to visit the museum exhibits.

The museum is housed in the Corfu Palace of Saint George and Saint Michael. Built by the British in the 1820s as the personal house of the High Commissioner, it was used as a royal residence when Corfu became part of the Kingdom of Greece. The grand neoclassical building is still often referred to as the Royal Palace or Corfu City Palace.


More of the Best Corfu Town Museums

Visiting museums is one of the top things To Do Corfu Old Town and there are several museums that focus on different subjects.


Banknote Museum Corfu Town

The Banknote Museum of the Ionian Bank is one of the interesting Corfu Town things to see…and it’s free! The exhibitions detail the Greek history of money with many notes and coins on display.


Casa Parlante Museum

A 19th century mansion in Corfu, Greece Old Town, the Casa Parlante Museum invites guests to learn what it was like for an aristocratic family to live in the city in the 1800s. Ticket required for entry.


Serbian Museum of Corfu

One of the top Corfu City things to do for World War I aficionados, the Serbian Museum delves into Serbian involvement in WWI and the tragedy at Vido Island, which sits just offshore from Corfu. Free to enter.


Archaeological Museum of Corfu

A modern museum featuring the lengthy Corfu Town history, the Archaeological Museum details the past beginning in the Paleolithic era. A variety of artifacts are on display and audio guides help to explain the exhibits. There is a fee to enter.


#6 Parade through the Corfu Public Garden

Walk in the Corfu Public Garden, Corfu, Greece

Once the private Royal Palace gardens, the grounds on the east side of the palace estate are now open to the public and are best known as the Garden of the People. Although not a particularly large park, there are abundant flowers, exotic trees and art installations – making it one of the top Corfu Town attractions.

Public Garden Iron Staircase, Corfu, Greece

The garden sits atop old fortifications, offering fine views over the sea and down to the Corfu City beach (which is next on our list of things to do!). The spiral, wrought-iron staircase, which is now closed, was used by the royal family as a direct route from their house to the bathing beach.


#7 Relax at Faliraki Beach Corfu Town

View of Faliraki Beach Corfu Town, Corfu, Greece

The Faliraki Corfu Town Beach is a pleasant little spot for swimming in the crystal-clear sea and sipping a beverage on the waterfront.

The Corfu Old Town Beach is located on the northeastern tip of the city, providing stellar views of the Old Fort and Mandraki Marina. The beachfront cafes are open from morning until night, serving coffee and cocktails – along with snacks and light meals.

Lounging at Faliraki Beach Corfu Town, Corfu, Greece

That said, the Faliraki Corfu City Beach is not sand; it’s concrete. There are stairs that can be used to enter the water (and help in getting back out!) – but it’s best to wear water shoes to protect your feet.


More Beaches Corfu Town

Old Fortress Beach in Corfu Town, Corfu, Greece

Faliraki is the favorite Corfu Town beach, mostly because it’s the only beach in the Old Town. We are sharing a few other beaches in Corfu Town that travelers can reach on foot or with the city bus.


Old Fortress Beach in Corfu Town

Water at the Old Fortress Beach, Corfu Town, Corfu, Greece

The small, pebbly beach at the Old Fortress is one of the hidden gems in Corfu Old Town. The beach is located along the north shore of the fort and is accessed via a tunnel (follow the signs leading to the Corfu Sailing Club).

Note that, unless you have a boat, this beach can only be reached via the Old Fort – so visitors have to pay the admission fee. Our best tip is to bring your swimsuit with you, then after climbing to the top of the fort, cool down with a swim in the sea!


Anemomilos Beach

View of Anemomilos Beach, Corfu, Greece

The Anemomilos Windmill Beach is located south of the Old Town where the windmill stands at the end of Garitsa Bay. Again, there is no sand, but rather concrete and steps leading into the sea at the small marina or across the street from Anemomilos Park.

It’s about a half hour walk from the center of Corfu Town to Anemomilos beach. We feature more about visiting the windmill later in the article.


Mon Repos Beach

A more traditional beach just south of the windmill, Mon Repos Beach Bar offers chairs and umbrellas for rent in the summertime. That said, it was closed during our visit – and looks as if it may not be reopening.


#8 Light a Candle at a Greek Orthodox Church

View of the Church of the Virgin Mary, Corfu, Greece

The quaint Greek Orthodox churches are some of the best places to visit in Corfu Town to learn about the local culture. There are said to be more than 20 churches in the Old Town – and while all of them could probably be listed as Corfu Old Town Things To See, we are highlighting the two we found most impressive.

When you step inside, be sure you are dressed respectfully – and keep in mind that photos are not typically allowed. If you wish to light a candle, drop a few coins into the box and light it along with the others.


Holy Church of St Spyridon

Exterior view of the Holy Church of St Spyridon, Corfu, Greece

The Saint Spyridon Church is a Corfu Old Town must see. Dating to the year 1590, the church features a soaring bell tower the marks the highest structure in Corfu Town (and ranks as the tallest bell tower in the Ionian Islands).

Interior of the Holy Church of St Spyridon, Corfu, Greece

St. Spyridon, known as the Keeper of the City, is the patron saint of Corfu. His tomb and relics are kept in a chamber to the side of the alter and you can view them and visit the church for free.


Holy Metropolitan Church of the Virgin Mary

Holy Metropolitan Church of the Virgin Mary, Corfu, Greece

The Metropolitan Church in Corfu, Greece is dedicated to the Virgin Mary – as well as Our Lady Spelaiotissa, St Theodora Augusta and St Vlasios (Blaise). The beautiful, salmon pink church sits at the top of a long staircase and, inside, visitors can see the relics of St. Theodora Augusta.


#9 Spend an Afternoon Shopping Corfu Town

Shopping Streets in Corfu Old Town, Corfu, Greece

There is absolutely no shortage of places for Corfu Old Town shopping. The historic cobbled lanes are lined with a variety of Corfu Town shops – from handmade wares to kitsch souvenirs. There is certainly something for every type of shopper in Corfu.

Shops on the steps in Corfu Town, Greece

We think Corfu Town shopping is done best by wandering the streets to see what you can find. That said, there are a few Corfu Old Town shops that are worth seeking out.


Plous Books and Coffee

One of the best shops in Corfu Town – especially for bibliophiles, Plous Books is cluttered with book-lined shelves and emanates a cozy atmosphere. There is also a small garden in the back to enjoy a cup of coffee.


Olive Wood Workshop by Tom

Tom has been producing Corfu Olive Wood products for over 50 years. All are whittled by hand, making the Olive Wood Workshop a must-see store while shopping in Corfu Town. Goods range from decorative bowls to jewelry – and just about everything in between – and stopping in for a visit is a truly authentic Corfu shopping experience.


Kumquat Shops

Kumquat Store, Shopping in Corfu Town, Corfu Island, Greece

Kumquat – a tiny citrus fruit – was introduced to Corfu in the 1920s and now is a trademark of the island. Many Corfu shops sell kumquat products – including cakes, candies and liqueurs, all of which make great souvenirs!


#10 Navigate the New Fortress Corfu

View of the New Fortress Corfu, Greece

The Corfu Town New Fortress, which sits on St. Mark Hill above the west side of the city…and is still really old. The New Fort Corfu Town was built in stages, with construction commencing in 1572 and continuing through the mid-1800s.

View of The New Fortress above Corfu Town, Corfu, Greece

The New Venetian Fortress stands as one of the intriguing Corfu history attractions and is open to visitors for a small fee. Designed with two distinct levels of tall, thick walls, the top of the bastion offers panoramic views of Corfu, mainland Greece (and Albania) and out to sea. Visitors can also view the old artillery positions and meander a maze of walkways.


#11 Join the Locals at the Corfu Central Market

Fresh Fish For Sale, Corfu Central Market, Greece

Spending a morning at the small market is one of the fun things to do in Corfu Old Town. The outdoor Corfu Town Market bustles with activity and is open everyday except Sunday.

Corfu Central Market Locals Gossiping, Greece

Watch as locals frequent their favorite vendors and men gather around the café to drink coffee and gossip. Fresh-caught fish is displayed on ice and colorful in-season produce is offered for sale.

Kumquat For Sale, Corfu Central Market, Greece

Visitors can also pick up local specialties at the Corfu Old Town Market – like spices, olives and kumquat products. Just plan on visiting in the morning – as the market closes by early afternoon.


#12 Take a Tour of the Patounis Soap Factory

Patounis Soap Factory, Corfu Town, Corfu, Greece

When you think of what to see in Corfu Old Town, a soap factory might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, we think the Patounis Soap Factory is an interesting attraction to include in your Corfu sightseeing.

The family-owned soap shop has been in operation since 1891 and uses traditional methods to make soaps with natural oils. Visitors are free to tour the factory on their own or join one of the free daily guided tours.


#13 Enjoy a Drink on Dimarchiou Square

Dimarchiou Square, Corfu Old Town, Corfu Island, Greece

Dimarchiou Square – also called Town Hall Square Corfu – is one of the best places to visit in Corfu Town. The multi-level Corfu Old Town square is ringed by cafes and restaurants that beckon weary visitors to stop for a cool afternoon drink or meal under an umbrella.

View over Dimarchiou Square, Corfu Town, Corfu, Greece

On the north end of the square is the prominent Corfu Town Hall. Originally built in 1691 as the Lodge for the Nobles, it was renovated into the San Giacomo Theatre in 1720. Then, in 1903, it was remodeled again, this time into the Town Hall of Corfu.

Exterior view of the Corfu Town Hall, Corfu Town, Corfu Island, Greece

In the northeast corner, the Catholic Church of Saints Jacob and Christopher is worth a visit if open. The steps along Dimarchiou Sqaure are also a popular place for evening buskers and as a perch for people watching.



We have shared our top suggestions for things to see in Corfu Old Town, but there are a few nearby sights that are well worth seeking out. Visitors can reach the following sights via foot or with public transport.


#14 Stroll the Seaside Corfu Promenade

All the Best Corfu, Greece Things To Do

The seaside promenade along Leof. Dimokratias Street is one of the cool Corfu Town places to visit. The walkway extends from the Old Fort to the Anemomilos Windmill along the crescent-shaped Garitsa Cove.

The route passes by the Douglas Obelisk, which is a monument dedicated to Howard Douglas. Douglas was the British Lord High Commissioner of the Ionian Islands in the 1830s and is credited for establishing the Ionian Bank, building hospitals and constructing roads.

The promenade also offers spectacular views of the Old Fort – especially in the late afternoon sunlight.


#15 Admire the Anemomylis Windmill Corfu Town

View of the Old Windmill, Corfu, Greece

Marking the south end of Garitsa Bay is a stunning stone windmill that stands proudly on the water’s edge. Although the current windmill is a replica, it tells the story of Corfu’s past. 

During Venetian times, many windmills were constructed on the Island of Corfu and used to mill grains. The original Anemomylos Windmill on Garitsa Bay dated to at least the 17th century and the current replica was built as a reminder of the island’s history.

The current windmill also marks the spot of Windmill Beach near Corfu Town that we mentioned earlier. 


#16 See the Mon Repos Palace

Prince Phillip Birthplace, Mon Repos Palace, Corfu, Greece

Visiting the Mon Repo Palace – a mansion built in 1826 – is one of the top things to do near Corfu Old Town. The palace (actually, the palace kitchen table) was the birthplace of the late Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

The Mon Repos Estate is a sprawling, wooded park that once served as the palace grounds. Old trees provide shade and the gardens boast diverse plant species (many of which were given to the royal family as gifts).

The palace now houses the Museum of Palaiopolis, which features archaeological finds from the estate, as well as historical information about the palace itself. A small fee is required to enter the palace, but all other sights on the Mon Repos Estate can be visited free of charge.


#17 Visit Ancient Ruins in Corfu

The Mon Repos Estate was built on the site of Palaiopolis – the ancient Korkyra City – and several ruins have been excavated on the estate. Two sights that visitors can easily walk to within the estate are the Kardaki Temple and the Sanctuary of Hera Akraia.

The Kardaki Temple is a Doric temple that dates to 500 BC, but it was only discovered in 1822 by British Navy engineers. The Sanctuary of Hera Akraia (also called the Temple of Hera or Heraion) was a heavily decorated temple built in 610 BC and believed to have been quite important. 

The ruins of these ancient sites in Corfu are open for visitors (for free!).

Also, near the entrance of the Mon Repos Estate are other ruins, including an early Christian church that was built on the site of a 5th century Roman Agora (but visitors can only view it from the road) and other unmarked archaeological finds. 


#18 Step inside the Holy Monastery of Panagia Vlacherna

View of the Holy Monastery of Panagia Vlacherna, Corfu, Greece

The pretty, whitewashed Panagia Vlachera Monastery sits on a small islet just 300 meters off the Kanoni Peninsula. The church, with a quaint belfry and gorgeous location on the sea, is one of the landmark Corfu sights. In fact, 007 fans might recognize it from the James Bond movie, “For Your Eyes Only.”

The monastery dates to the 17th century, but it was converted into a church in 1980. Although the interior of church is very small (about half the size of the attached gift shop), it attracts many tourists for its unusual location. The church is accessed via a short pier and is free to visit.


#19 Hop Aboard a Boat to Mouse Island

View of Mouse Island, Corfu, Greece

Pontikonissi Island – better known as Mouse Island – is a picturesque islet surrounded by the turquoise blue water of the Chalkiopoulos Lagoon. The island is just a stone’s throw from the Vlacherna Monastery and can be reached by boat for a small fare. At the center of the lush island is an 11th century Byzantine chapel.

Take a Boat to Mouse Island, Corfu, Greece

Mouse Island also plays a part in Greek mythology. According to the tale, Odysseus’ ship was not looked kindly upon by Poseidon, so he struck it with his trident and transformed it into a rock, where it still sits today.


#20 Go Corfu Plane Spotting

Plane landing at Corfu Airport, Greece

The pedestrian bridge that connects Kanoni and Perama is a useful shortcut to cross the mouth of Chalkiopoulos Lagoon – but it’s an even better place to watch planes landing at the Corfu Airport!

Corfu Plane Spotting for AvGeeks, Corfu Airport, Corfu, Greece

Aviation geeks gather on the Kanoni-Perama Bridge (which is really more of a narrow path) to watch the arriving planes scream just over their heads. 

If you prefer plane spotting with amenities, the hilltop cafes on Kanoni are other popular spots to go in Corfu Town to watch the planes.


#21 Set Sail on a Day Cruise from Corfu

Take a Boat Trip from Corfu, Greece

One of the best Corfu Town activities is to set sail on the Ionian Sea. There are several boat trips from Corfu Old Town – and we are highlighting a few of the best.


Sunset Cruise Boat Trips Corfu Town

Hop aboard a wooden ship to cruise around Corfu at sunset. The 2-hour boat journey features cocktails, snacks and music. Get the details!


Full Day Cruise to Ionian Islands

A popular Corfu day trip, this cruise takes passengers on a 10-hour sea adventure to two idyllic islands: Paxos and Antipaxos. In addition to the scenic landscapes, there is time for swimming, snorkeling and shopping. Reserve your spot!


Pirate Ship from the Corfu Old Port

Sail on the Pirate Ship from the Corfu Old Port, Corfu, Greece

The Pirate Ship is a popular option for families and visitors to Corfu who are short on time – as the Pirate Cruise departs multiple times a day for a short 1-hour tour. Book it here!


#22 Splash around at Aqualand Water Park

Touted as one of the biggest waterparks in Europe, Aqualand offers a thrilling day of fun in the sun. The theme park features giant waterslides, a wave pool and a lazy river.

The water park is located outside of the Corfu city center, but tickets can be purchased in advance to include roundtrip transportation. Find out more!


#23 Explore More Towns in Corfu Island, Greece

While heading out to sea or to the water park is fun, some of the best excursions from Corfu Town are to other island destinations.

Glyfada and Paleokastritsa are two Corfu towns that have excellent beaches and can be reached by bus. (We share more information about Corfu buses below.)


#24 Embark on a Full Day Trip to Albania

Funky looking Fast Boat from Corfu Town, Corfu Island, Greece to Saranda, Sarande, Albania

Another one of the popular Corfu Town excursions takes participants on day trips from Corfu Town to Albania.

Travelers can organize their own Corfu Town to Albania day trip using the fast ferries. That said, organized tours – like this one – include visiting Albania’s Butrint National Park, plus a walking tour of Saranda (along with some free time, too!). 


What and Where To Eat in Corfu, Greece

Where To Eat the Best Food in Corfu Town, Corfu, Greece

Now that you know what to see, it’s time to talk about where to eat in Corfu Old Town! The places to eat in Corfu Town range from cheap take-away shops to chic eateries. That said, during our trip, we were most interested in seeking out Corfu Old Town restaurants that cater to local tastes and serve traditional foods.


What To Eat Corfu

Before we get to where to eat in Corfu Town, let’s chat for a moment about what to eat. We are sharing a few of the iconic Corfiot foods that should be on your Corfu Town To Do list!



A classic Corfu dish, pastitsada is a beef or chicken stew in a tomato-based sauce that is served over pasta noodles. The sauce features Mediterranean spices, but cinnamon is the secret ingredient that makes it a Corfu specialty.



The Corfiot classic Sofrito is a slow cooked dish of veal (it should be so tender that it melts in your mouth). The meat is cooked in garlic (a lot of garlic!), herbs and vinegar – and is usually served with fries or rice.


Grilled Meats

Like in all of Greece, grilled meats are a specialty in Corfu. Souvlaki sticks, pork chops and sausages are all prominent on restaurant menus in Corfu.


Best Restaurants Corfu Old Town

Must Eat Corfu, Pane e Souvlaki, Corfu, Greece

While it is too tough to choose one place as the Best Restaurant Corfu Town, we are highlighting a few of the top local Greek restaurants.


Taverna Ninos Restaurant Corfu Town

Regularly ranked as The Best Gyros in Corfu Town, Ninos is a classic Greek taverna that dishes up delicious food at fair prices. In addition to gyros, they make a variety of traditional Greek fare and local Corfiot specialties, too. The service is fun and casual, which is another reason why we think it is one of the best restaurants in Corfu Town!


Pane e Souvlaki

Tables outdoors at Pane e Souvlaki, Corfu, Greece

Located on Dimarchiou Square, the always busy Pane e Souvlaki is rated by many as the Best Restaurant in Corfu Town. Their specialty – as the name suggests – is their pita bread and skewered meat. That said, we highly recommend the tzatziki as a starter, as well as the Corfiot sausage stuffed with cheese.



Situated right across the street from the sea on the north side of town, Mouragia offers traditional, homemade Greek food at excellent prices. It’s one of the top restaurants in Corfu Town where you can try local Corfiot dishes. The Corfiot Sofrito is superb, but their grilled meat (try the handmade stuffed burgers) and seafood dishes are excellent, as well.  


Chryssa Bakery

Not technically one of the Corfu Town restaurants, Chryssa actually gets our vote for the Best Bakery in Corfu. Their spanikopita spinach pie is one of the best we ate in all of Greece, but everything we ordered from Chryssa was absolutely delicious!


More Best Restaurants Corfu Town

Where To Eat in Corfu Town, Corfu Island, Greece

On our short stay, we could only eat so much…but there were a few more eateries recommended to us by locals and we want to pass them along to you!


To Tsipouradiko        

Rated as one of the Corfu Town Best Restaurants for Meze (Greek-style tapas), To Tsipouradiko serves small plates that are perfect for sharing – and they have affordable prices, too.


Rex Restaurant

Slightly upscale, Rex offers a menu of Greek specialties (like moussaka) that are well-plated and on point. The wine and walnut pie also gets rave reviews!


Venetian Well

A top choice for fine dining, Venetian Well is located on the charming Kremasti Square. They offer a 3-course menu or a tasting menu – plus they have a sommelier on hand for wine suggestions.


Corfu Town at Night: Best Corfu Town Bars

Best Corfu Town Bars, Greece

For travelers looking for nightlife in Corfu Town, there are loads of cocktail lounges and beer bars to choose from.

Sway tops our list of best bars in Corfu Town. Known for their exceptional cocktails, they also have wine and local beer options, too.

Iznogood is a fun rock bar that is your best bet for craft beer on Corfu. The staff is knowledgeable – and they offer a good variety of craft brews from Greece. Strada Beer Bar and Alle-Koukou both have the local Corfu Brewery beer on tap, as well.

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Sightseeing Map Corfu Town

Use this link to Google Maps for an interactive version of our Map of Corfu Town, Greece Things To Do.

During our visit, we struggled to find a free paper Corfu Old Town Map. Therefore, we recommend studying a Corfu Town map before you arrive. Travelers exploring more than the city may want to purchase a Corfu Island map – like this one – before their trip.Corfu Old Town Greece Map by




We have covered what to do in Corfu Town, Greece – and now we are sharing some additional advice on traveling to Corfu.


Things To Know about Visiting Corfu Town

Before setting off for Kerkyra Old Town, there are a few important things to know.

The tap water in Corfu is technically safe to drink, but locals advise visitors to drink bottled water. The hard water is high in minerals that could cause an upset stomach. 

Don’t flush toilet paper down the toilet – the plumbing system can’t handle it! Don’t risk clogging the pipes; use the receptacle next to the toilet.

We found Cell service and WiFi in Corfu Old Town to be a bit spotty, at best…and, occasionally, not working at all. Luckily, we use a Pocket WiFi Device – so we were able to get a better connection as we moved around town.


How To Get To Corfu

Corfu Town, Greece can be reached by plane or boat. It is the main town on Corfu Island and fairly well-connected – especially in the summer season.


Corfu Airport

The Corfu Ioannis Kapodistrias Airport (CFU) is located just 1 mile south of Old Town Corfu and is served by multiple airlines (but mostly UK tour package operators and low-cost carriers). To find the best flights to Corfu – at the best prices – use our Tips for Finding Cheap Flights, then start your search on SkyScanner.


How To Get from Corfu Town to Airport

Passengers can get from Corfu Town to Corfu Airport by taxi, bus or even in 30 minutes on foot. Taxis tend to be pricey for the short ride, so the Corfu Airport to Corfu Town Bus 15 is the best option and costs less than 2 euros.


Corfu Ferries

Cruise ships, fast boats and ferries arrive at the Corfu Town Harbour, which is located northwest of the city center. Taxis and buses are available to shuttle passengers from the Corfu Town Port into the Old Town. (Again, the bus is much cheaper!)


Getting Around Corfu

As we already mentioned, the best things to see in Corfu Town can be reached on foot. While it’s possible to visit some of the nearby Old Town sights by walking, there are other options as well.


Corfu Buses

Visitors can use the Corfu Town buses to get to some of the best Corfu places to see that are further afield.

The Corfu City Bus – with routes that go to the airport and the port – departs from the Saroco Georgiou Theotoki Square (San Rocco Corfu Town Square). There is a ticket machine as well as a kiosk on the square, where you can get a current Corfu bus timetable. Tickets can also be purchased with cash directly from the driver (for a small upcharge).

The Corfu Town Bus Station (sometimes referred to as the Green Bus Station or the KTEL Corfu Bus Station) is south of the Old Town (closer to the airport) and is where buses depart for other Corfu Island destinations.


Hop On Hop Off Corfu Town

The convenient Corfu Hop On Hop Off Bus is another way to get around Corfu Old Town and to the top sights. The bus makes 8 stops – including the Old Town, Mon Repo Palace, the Anemomylos Windmill, Spianada Square and the Port of Corfu.

The entire Hop-On-Hop-Off Corfu loop takes 1 hour and an interesting on-board commentary is provided. Book your tickets!


Car Rental Corfu Town

Travelers who want the freedom to explore on their own schedule might consider getting a Corfu car rental. There is free street parking in Corfu Town (if you’re lucky), as well as pay parking lots.

Car hire in Corfu Town is available at the airport and the port. Before making your car rental booking, be sure to read our tips on How To Find Cheap Car Rentals.


Where To Stay in Corfu Town, Greece

Tips on Where To Stay in Corfu Town, Corfu, Greece

As a top tourist destination, visitors have plenty of choices when it comes to Corfu accommodations. From villas in Corfu Town to low-cost hostels, there is lodging to fit a range of budgets. That said, the best places at the best prices get snapped up in a hurry (especially during the summer season). Don’t start your search without reading our tips for Booking the Best Hotels for Cheap.

We think the best place to stay in Corfu is right in the heart of the Old Town and just steps away from the top attractions. There are quite a few hotels in Corfu Old Town, as well as holiday apartments.


Best Hotels Corfu Town

Travelers looking for hotels in Corfu Town have a few really good options. We are featuring some of the traveler top rated Corfu Town hotels to help your search.


Arcadion Hotel Corfu Town

One of the highly rated hotels in Old Town Corfu, Arcadion is situated right in the center. Guests rave about the phenomenal view, included breakfast, superior service and comfortable rooms. Check rates and availability for your stay!


Siora Vittoria Boutique Hotel Corfu Town

Ranked as one of the best boutique hotels in Corfu Town, Siora Vittoria is housed in a 19th century mansion. The elegant hotel boasts classic charm alongside modern conveniences. The location is just steps from the Old Town, yet peaceful and quiet. Check availability!


Corfu Town Hostel Options

For budget travelers to Greece, there are unfortunately not that many hostels in Corfu Town. Ami’s House is a Women-Only dorm in the old town – Check rates here. Local Hostel is another option, but it’s a bit far from the city center – Read reviews here.


Corfu Town Apartments

There are numerous vacation rentals in Corfu Town, which can be nice for longer stays (but can be a bit of a hassle if you only have 1 day in Corfu). Visitors can find apartments on Airbnb – and we actually found numerous available on


What To Pack for Corfu, Greece

Our final tips for your Corfu trip are all about what to pack! You can find all of our advice on our Packing Tips page. Need a packing checklist? Here’s our FREE Packing Checklist!


Comfortable Shoes

Good, comfortable shoes are a must for Corfu! Not only will you be walking to most of the Corfu Town sights, but you will be walking over cobblestones to get there. I like to wear versatile shoes – like these sneakers – for city exploration and Kris prefers Merrell Trail Shoes. You can find all of our advice on travel footwear in our guide to The Best Shoes for Traveling.


Proper Travel Camera

The top places to see in Corfu Town are incredibly photogenic! Rather than relying on the camera in your mobile phone to capture the sights, we recommend upgrading to a real camera for your trip to Greece.

We use a Canon Rebel DSLR camera with an 18-135mm lens. It’s a fantastic camera at a great price, which is why we rank it as the Best Camera for Budget Travelers.


Zippered Day Bag

While sightseeing in Corfu Old City you will want to make sure you have a bag that can stow all of your everyday travel essentials. We carry small backpacks, which are great for toting our water bottles, jackets, keys, wallets and phones.

Pro Tip: See our complete guide for finding the Best Day Bag for Travel.


Appropriate Apparel

One of the best things to do in Corfu Town is to visit churches – so you will want to make sure you are dressed appropriately (or at the very least, carry a wrap that you can use to cover shoulders and knees).


Corfu Weather Essentials

The sun in Corfu can be intense! Be sure to bring plenty of sunscreen (it can be a bit expensive in Greece), as well as a travel hat to shade your face and your favorite beach sunglasses.

If the weather forecast predicts rain for your trip, bring a lightweight rain jacket – and maybe a travel umbrella, as well.


Planner and Greek Travel Documents

Don’t for your travel planner to keep track of your list of Corfu Town Things To Do! Keep your planner – along with your other important documents, like your passport – in a document organizer so that it’s secure and easy to access.


Greece Travel Insurance

Trip insurance can help in all kinds of situations – from lost luggage to getting injured or sick while abroad. Check the affordable rates and robust coverage at World Nomads.


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Start planning your trip to Greece! Search for the lowest airfares, the best accommodations and fun things to do…then start packing!  Want more travel planning tips? Head over to our Travel Planning page for more information and tips on traveling – and for country-specific information, take a look at our Travel Guides page!


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