Budget Island Accommodations: Easter Island and Moorea

With limited flights to Easter Island and on to Tahiti – always a risk for standby passengers – we were quite unsure if we would make it to either destination. Not wanting to be on the hook for accommodations we couldn’t use, we waited until we arrived to book our accommodations.… Read the rest

Sunsets on Easter Island at Tahai

I loved everything about Rapa Nui (ok, maybe not the rain), but what I loved most was watching the sunsets on Easter Island at Tahai. We were lucky to catch amazing sunsets all four nights we stayed on Easter Island. Tahai is the well-known spot to catch the sun’s last rays of the day – and it was just a short walk from our cabana at Keu Henua Hostel.… Read the rest

Easter Island Full Day Tour to 6 Moai Platforms JetSettingFools.com

Easter Island full day tour: 6 moai platforms

We almost skipped an organized tour of the island’s top spots and rented bikes to do the tour on our own. When I finally grasped the size of the island, saw that it was dotted with volcanic mountains and cinder cones, and got a sharp reminder from Kris that I’m not Lance-freaking-Armstrong, we opted for an Easter Island full day tour.Read the rest

Hike Easter Island JetSettingFools.com

Hike Easter Island: Ana Kai Tangata, Rano Kau and Orongo

The southwestern tip of Easter Island is stunningly scenic and has heaps of post-moai history on the island. The main points of interest can be seen via car or tour bus, but to hike Easter Island is the best experience. On our Easter Island hike, we visited many areas that are part of the UNESCO listed Rapa Nui National Forest.… Read the rest

40 Easter Island Photos: Our first 36 hours

Easter Island, Rapa Nui, Isla de Pascua, Naval of the World – whatever you call it, it’s simply magical. Since we have arrived a day and a half ago, we’ve taking a copious number of Easter Island photos; the scenery is beyond what we imagined.… Read the rest

Breaking Down our Travel Budget JetSetting Fools

Breaking down the travel budget: 44 days in South America

By nature, I’m a saver, but now that we are travelling full-time without any income, we’ve become spenders. As the self-appointed CFO of our Jetsetting Fools operation, we are spenders on a budget of $100 per day – total for both of us.… Read the rest

What to Eat in Santiago Chile JetSetting Fools

What to eat in Santiago, Chile while on a budget

Much like Uruguay and Argentina, eating and drining in Santiago de Chile is expensive if consuming meals at restaurants. The ‘budget friendly’ suggestions are, perhaps, less than other places, but sometimes still not in line with our budget. We sought out the local options of what to eat in Santiago, Chile as those places were sure to be our best budget options.Read the rest

4 Must Visit Markets of Santiago de Chile JetSettingFools.com

4 Markets of Santiago de Chile

On our last day in Santiago we wanted to experience a little of life with the locals and that means visiting the markets of Santiago de Chile. The four, biggest, warehouse-sized markets are within walking distance from our airbnb apartment, so we set off early in the afternoon with the intent of perusing the goods and then partaking in lunch.Read the rest

Undurraga Winery JetSetting Fools

Drink Wine Tuesday: Undurraga Winery and Torremotos

If Saturday was ‘Get Stuff Done Day,’ then I proclaim today to be ‘Drink Wine Tuesday.’ It’s no secret that we’ve long had a love affair with red wine and no better place in South America to have such love than in Chile.Read the rest