6 Free Things To Do Wellington, New Zealand Wellington Harbor and City Skyline JetSettingFools.com

6 Free Things To Do in Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington is our kind of city. It’s big enough, but not too big. It’s a thriving city, but surrounded in nature. The people are friendly and the craft beer scene is sensational. What Wellington – and all of New Zealand for that matter – is not, however, is a budget destination.… Read the rest

A Sunday in Wellington, New Zealand at Te Papa Museum JetSetting Fools

Sunday market and Te Papa Museum in Wellington

On our last full day in Wellington we wanted to roam the city. We no longer needed to look at a map, we knew our way around. We didn’t, however, know where we were going. It was a Sunday and rainstorms were threatening, so things were a little quieter than we’d seen them during the week.Read the rest

Craft Beer in Wellington, New Zealand

Craft beer in Wellington, New Zealand

As if there isn’t enough to love about Wellington, we’ve got one more reason: It’s the craft beer capital of New Zealand. We are not seeking out these little beer meccas, luck would just have us landing smack in the middle of them. Long before learning about the craft beer in Wellington, New Zealand, we had made comparisons between Wellington and Portland, Oregon.… Read the rest

Mount Victoria in Wellington New Zealand JetSetting Fools

View from the top: Mount Victoria in Wellington, NZ

There are two things for certain that can be said about our travels: We like to be close to water and we like stunning views. Wellington is most definitely ticking both of these boxes, proven with a trip to the top of Mount Victoria.… Read the rest

Wellington Cable Car New Zealand JetSetting Fools

Wellington Cable Car and Botanic Gardens

While there is so much to see in Wellington, perspective is everything. A little elevation gain changes how we saw the city. While Mount Victoria is a popular viewpoint, the views from the top of the Wellington Cable Car and city Botanic Gardens are are also impressive.Read the rest

Seal Colony at Sinclair Head Wellington, New Zealand JetSetting Fools

Seal Colony at Sinclair Head in Wellington, NZ

I’ve been completely captivated by the city of Wellington, whether we are strolling along the harbor, sipping beer at a brewery or seeing the stunning scenery nearly everywhere we look. But in addition to the spectacular city life, scenic shorelines are just a bus ride away in South Wellington.Read the rest

Celebrating the fourth of July in a foreign country JetSetting Fools

Celebrating Fourth of July in a foreign country

It’s been two months and five days since we’ve started our journey around the world and today we’ve arrived at our first major holiday spent abroad. This year, we’ll be celebrating Fourth of July in a foreign country. To be honest, as much as we love to trael, today we are missing our homeland a little bit.Read the rest

Day trip to Devonport, New Zealand

We didn’t have any concrete plans for our day trip to Devonport, New Zealand – just a walk around town and up to the fort was all that was on our agenda. Honestly, we were most excited about the 12 minute ferry ride there and back – what we saw in Devonport was just a bonus.Read the rest

Hiking Paths of Titirangi Beach New Zealand

Hiking paths of Titirangi Beach

When we first decided to stay 45 minutes outside of Auckland in Titirangi we feared it might be a little too remote. Without a car we were left with public transportation and our own feet. In addition, we chose to stay at the beach, which is at the bottom of a steep hill…the village is a 30 minute workout to the top.Read the rest

One Day Auckland Itinerary A Self Guided Walking Tour JetSettingFools.com

One day Auckland itinerary: self-guided walking tour

In comparison to the places we visited around the world, Auckland is brand spankin’ new. The oldest buildings date back to the 1840s and even then most of the downtown area has gone through a major overhaul to create sleek and shiny reused spaces. In our do-it-yourself style, we created a one day Auckland itinerary and self-guided walking tour to get a taste of what Auckland has to offer.… Read the rest