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Titirangi Beach: Hiking Paths and Bush Walks Near Auckland, NZ

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Titirangi, a village situated between the modern city of Auckland, New Zealand and the Waitakere Ranges Regional Park, boasts lush landscapes and a beautiful shoreline. During a trip to Auckland, we opted to stay in Titirangi Village, where we could immerse ourselves in nature while still enjoying nearby conveniences and access to Auckland CBD. On the days we didn’t make the trip into Auckland’s city center, we set out on foot to see where the connecting trails and hiking paths of Titirangi Beach would take us.

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Titirangi, Auckland Hiking Trails

Nestled at the foothill of Mt Atkinson, Titirangi Village is spread over hilly terrain. From the village center, a steep hill slopes toward the shoreline of Manukau Harbour. We discovered a network of looping trails that led through forests to outlooks and parks – and one native bush trail, Zig Zag track, that conveniently connected the village to Titirangi Beach.

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Titirangi Track: 4 Hikes Near Auckland, NZ

Walking through Atkinson Park on Zig Zag Hiking Path in Titirangi Auckland, New Zealand

Both shoreline trails and bush walks wind through Titirangi Village. The short walks can be completed separately or combined into a circuit trail. We include a Titirangi Map of the looping route below.


#1 Zig Zag Walk: Titirangi Bush Walk

Stairs on Zig Zag Track in Titirangi, Auckland, New Zealand

By far the prettiest stretch of the bush walking hiking paths in Titirangi, Zig Zag Trail begins just steps from the village center and descends steeply to Titirangi Park and the pebbly shoreline of Titirangi Beach.

Zig zag Trailhead near Titirangi Village in Auckland, New Zealand

The trail is less than 2km (just over a mile). Trekkers can find the trailhead at the north end of Atkinson Park.

Hiking Paths in Titirangi Beach New Zealand

We walked on Zig Zag trail numerous times during our stay. We loved how the moist earth was soft beneath our steps. Moss dripped from the trees and we could hear rushing water from the waterfalls and creeks around us.

Tree canopy on Zig Zag Trail in Atkinson Park in Titirangi, Auckland, New Zealand

Palm trees and evergreens canopied the trail and we wondered if the dirt path ever completely dried. The scent of muddy earth and fresh foliage fill the air, making it easy to forget the heart of the village was just steps away.


#2 Titirangi Beach and Bill Haresnape Track

Sitting on a tree branch looking at the water on beach in Titirangi, Auckland, NZ

The Titirangi Beach park and playground are a popular spot for locals. Families picnicked, kids played soccer and I looked for unbroken shells on the shore. A walk along the beachfront took us to one of the well-marked hiking paths of Titirangi Beach, Bill Haresnape Track. The path was a steep set of switchbacks that quickly got us up to Tanekaha Road. Hoping to find a lookout point at the Okewa Reserve, we headed to our right in the direction of the coast.

Titirangi Beach Park, Auckland, NZ

Before we found it, however, a homeowner pointed out a nearly hidden trail on our left that she promised would take us down to the beach. Off we set, only having to backtrack a few times when we lost the trail. We came to a landing where the only thing between us and the beach was a waterfall.

Rainbow over Titirangi Beach, Auckland, NZ

Determined, we sloshed our way down the side of the small falls until we landed on the vacant beach covered in more shells than sand.


#3 French Bay Yacht Club: Titirangi Walks

Carefully climbing our way out, we discovered a trail that continued on course with our original direction. Soon we were standing at a bigger beach at French Bay Yacht Club. Kayakers were heading out to sea, fisherman were heading in and dogs were chasing tennis balls on the water’s edge. A walk to the far side of the French Bay Beach revealed yet another hiking path. Since we were on a roll, we charged up the trailhead to find a grassy knoll and a trail leading to a lookout point, Opou Reserve.


#4 Opou Reserve Titirangi

View from Opou Reserve in Titirangi, Auckland, NZ

From the Opou Res vantage point and with the sun briefly peeking out, the colors of the sea came to life in hues of greens, grays and blues. Across the bay we could make out the Auckland city’s Sky Tower, nearly camouflaged among the trees.

Distant Auckland City View from Opou Res in Titirangi, NZ

From the reserve, we followed the street out to Park Road, hooked a left and found our way back to Zigzag Track. The route, some of which navigates along residential roads, took us a leisurely 3 hours.

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More Things To Do in Titirangi, New Zealand

We had limited time in Titirangi, but other travelers staying in Titirangi might want to check out these highly-recommended activities.


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Lake Wainamu

Great for hikes and family outings, the freshwater Lake Wainamu features black sand dunes, tracks and stunning scenery.


Scenic Drive Titirangi

The Auckland Scenic Drive begins in Titirangi and routes through the Waitakere Ranges to the west coast. Scenic Drive Auckland – as the name indicates – is one of the most scenic routes in the city, offering views of the region.


Titirangi Restaurants and Cafes

Although it is a small village, there are numerous restaurants and cafes in Titirangi. Stopping into a Titirangi café either before or after hiking is highly recommended. The top spots in the village are Deco Eatery Café, Hardware Café and Stripe Café. Read reviews on TripAdvisor


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Titirangi Accommodation

Our home in Titirangi Beac

During our visit to Titirangi, we stayed in an Airbnb apartment. {Not already a member of Airbnb? Use this link to create your account and save money on your first stay!}

Most Titirangi rentals are holiday apartments and Bed and Breakfasts. Visitors can also search Booking.com for lodging in Titirangi and the surrounding area. 


Titirangi Map of Walking Route

Hiking paths of Titirangi Beach: From our home (marked with the star), we did a looping hike to Titirangi Beach Park, a private beach, French Bay, a lookout point and then took Zigzag Track back home.

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Titirangi Beach Hiking by JetSettingFools.com

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      From the CBD you can take a train to New Lynn and then a bus to Titirangi Rd and start the hike down(and back up) from there. Occasionally there is a bus all the way down to the beach, but best to plan for the round trip on the trail, it’s beautiful.


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