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15 Best Restaurants in Split, Croatia

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Want to know the best restaurants in Split, Croatia? From fine dining to affordable take-away, there dozens of fantastic of Split, Croatia restaurants serving local Croatian cuisine and international fare.


Best Restaurants Split, Croatia

Fellow travelers searching for the best places to eat in Split, Croatia are spoiled for choice. The city ranks as one of our favorites in the world – and on every return trip we revisit our favorite Split eateries and discover new gems. 

After several month-long stints in the Dalmatian capital, we compiled a list of where to eat in Split, Croatia. Our list of Best Restaurants Split, Croatia not only highlights where to eat, but also what specific items to order off the menu. 


Split, Croatia Food

Local meat and cheese platter with homegrown tomatoes in Split, Croatia

Because we are not only highlighting where to eat in Split, Croatia, but also what specific foods to eat, we want to chat about the local fare before jumping into our list of Best Split Restaurants. Understanding a little about Croatian food helps visitors to find restaurants in Split that will please their palettes.


Traditional Split Food

Traditional food in Split is a blend of Balkan and Mediterranean influences. The fare is often simple and hearty…and utterly delicious. 

Platters of savory grilled meat, meals of whole Adriatic fish, heaping portions of pasta and black risotto with cuttlefish are all typical Dalmatian fare found on Split restaurant menus.

A konoba is a Split restaurant that serves typical, traditional meals – usually at very affordable prices. We include a few konobas on our list of Where To Eat in Split. 


Modern Cuisine

Many of the Split best restaurants are modern eateries that creatively transform traditional dishes and local ingredients into tasty works of art. The chefs in these culinary gems turn out some of the best food in Split – and prices are set to match the experience. 


Fast Food Restaurants Split

There are numerous places for quick Split eats on-the-go – and some of these fast food spots are the absolute best places to eat in Split.

Hands down, the best local fast food in Split, Croatia is burek – and cevapi comes in at a close second. We include our top picks for where to eat Split fast food on our list of top restaurants (because you won’t want to miss indulging in these Balkan staples!). 


International Cuisine Top Restaurants Split

As the number of international tourists rises in Split, so does the number of international restaurants. While travelers seeking authentic local Split cuisine might want to bypass these eateries, they are offering some of the best food in Split, Croatia – and are places that even locals dine. 

Therefore, we include a list of the top international restaurants in Split, Croatia in additional to our top picks for local food. 


Split, Croatia Food Prices

The meals, Villa Spiza, Split. Croatia

One of the factors to consider when determining which Split, Croatia restaurants to dine at on your trip is price. 

Split, Croatia prices are relatively affordable compared to other parts of Europe. However, the cost of eating out in Croatia has been steadily rising. There is a wide range of Split, Croatia restaurant prices depending on the location, style and offerings.

That said, budget-conscious travelers need not worry. There are tasty Split, Croatia food options to fit every budget – and we feature a range of price points on our list of Split restaurants.

For example, local fast food meals at cheap restaurants in Split can cost as little as $2 USD. Typically, traditional restaurants (Konoba) also offer affordable prices where patrons can expect to pay between $10-20 USD for a meal (this price range reflects how far you are from the touristic center of Split). The price of a dinner in Split Old Town at a modern eatery, however, will likely be in the range of $30 USD per person or more.


Split, Croatia Travel Tips

Split is one of the best Croatia destinations – and deciding where to eat in Split is just one of the many factors of planning a trip. 

Use our complete Guide to Planning a Croatia Vacation – then use our insider tips for the Best Things To Do in Split to best plan your time. 

In addition to our Best Split Restaurants list, we also detail the Top Split Craft Beer Bars, the Best Beaches in Split and fun Day Trips from Split

Looking for a food tour in Split, Croatia? Travelers can join the most popular tour here – or check out our list of Split food experiences at the end of the article.

Our Split Itinerary and 2 Week Croatia Itinerary can help you plan your day-by-day adventures – but you will want to stay organized while planning your trip. Use our downloadable Travel Planner to keep track of all your trip details!

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15 Best Restaurants in Split, Croatia

Our list of the best places to eat in Split, Croatia are based on our own experience and opinions. We have included a direct map link and TripAdvisor Split restaurant reviews. At the end of the article, we also provide a link to a Google Map to all our top restaurants in Split, Croatia.

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#1 Articok

Handmade pasta with truffle sauce and sliced truffles at Articok Restaurant in Split, Croatia

Patrons can easily find Articok Split by following the tantalizing scent of Croatian fare that floats from the front door. The pungent aroma of truffles, roasted meat and seafood hang heavy in the air – cleverly inviting passersby to come in and eat. Inside, engaging artwork is featured in the modern space and professional waiters warmly welcome guests into the sleek dining room. 

Roast Beef Salad with onion, croutons and suace at Articok Restaurant in Split, Croatia

While not extensive, the seasonal menu has numerous options from starters and soups to mains and homemade pastas. We have dined at Articok on multiple occasions, sampling different menu options each time.

Overall, our favorites are two of Croatia’s most popular dishes – Black Risotto and Truffle Pasta – as well as a roast beef salad that can be shared as a starter.

Each delicious dish at Articok is perfectly presented and garnished with fresh herbs that are plucked from the flowerpots behind the sleek bar.  Map  |  Reviews

Top Tip: In the summer months, the rooftop deck is a great place to dine alfresco in Split! It’s one of the best places to eat in Split, Croatia with a view. 


#2 Mazzgoon Split, Croatia

Amazing Mazzgoon, Split, Croatia

Mazzgoon is a wonderful and popular Split restaurant that is tucked down a lane in Diocletian’s Palace. The menu at Mazzgoon features a selection of exquisite Mediterranean cuisine that is focused on pasta and seafood dishes.

The friendly staff offers detailed explanations on all their unique dishes. We highly recommend sitting at one of the outdoor tables on the cobblestone lane or on the back patio for a truly atmospheric meal at Mazzgoon. Map | Reviews 

Top Tip: For a great place to sip a before or after dinner drink, try NOOR Fine Spirits and Cocktails just across the street!


#3 Konoba Fetivi

Split Restaurant Konoba Fetivi Grilled Fish Platter by

A family-run establishment in the historic Varos district near the Split fisherman’s port, Konoba Fetivi has been awarded the Michelin Bib Gourmand award for their authentic Croatian food. The classic Dalmatian restaurant features high-quality, fresh-caught fish and uses traditional recipes. Fetivi is often regarded as the best restaurant in Split for seafood.

Konoba Fetivi, Michelin Star, Split, Croatia

While anything on the menu at Fetivi is sure to be spectacular, we highly recommend getting the Fish Platter for Two. The simple dish – multiple whole, grilled fish from the Adriatic Sea – is divine. Add a starter of the black risotto with cuttlefish and white risotto with shrimp and it is enough food for three! Map | Reviews


#4 Konoba Kod Joze

Platter of Octopus Peka at Konoba Kod Joze in Split, Croatia

A classic Croatian restaurant in Split, Konoba Kod Joze is located just out of the hustle and bustle of the Old Town – yet, it can be easily reached on foot. The restaurant’s stone interior is a dimly-lit and cozy space, but there are also tables on an outdoor, covered patio. Featuring traditional Dalmatian dishes, diners have a choice of seafood, pastas as well as meat.

Antipasti platter at Konoba Kod Joze in Split, Croatia

One of our favorite things to eat at Kod Joze is peka. This classic dish is slow-cooked in a covered pot over the embers of an open fire. Comprised of either octopus or meat and in-season vegetables. Peka is a meal that is typically shared by at least four people (so if you are a couple, find another couple to share in the experience!).  Map  |  Reviews

Top Tip: Make sure to order your peka meal at least a day in advance if it is Split, Croatia food that you want to try!


#5 Uje Oil Bar, Split

Entrance to Uje Bar, Split, Croatia

Tucked on a cozy corner of Diocletian’s Palace, Uje Oil Bar serves traditional fare with a touch of panache. Utilizing local products – including cheeses, meats, pastas and, of course, olive oil – the meals at Uje Oil Bar are exceptional. 

Interior, Bar Uje, Split, Croatia

We recommend starting with the burrata in baked pepper – and don’t miss the Olive Oil Experience (where the waiter explains each variety in detail). For mains, any dish will certainly satisfy, but my personal favorite is the Pasta from the town of Skradin

The outdoor tables are atmospheric, but guests can also opt to eat indoors or just down the lane at the Uje Wine Bar. Map | Reviews


#6 Villa Spiza

Outside tables, Villa Spiza, Split. Croatia

Tucked down the narrow and very popular Petra Kuzica Street, Villa Spiza Split is actually two spaces across the lane from one another. However, getting a table still requires excellent timing, as they proudly don’t take reservations and tables are always in high demand.

Indoor dining, Villa Spiza, Split. Croatia

The hand-written menu adjusts daily and always features loads of fresh seafood along with excellent meat dishes. On our most recent visit, I went with the grilled lamb (tender and tasty) and Kris had the truffle pasta (melt in your mouth incredible). The staff are enthusiastic and helpful, and most importantly, the food is simply amazing! Map | Reviews

Top Tip: If you have a meal choice in mind, don’t hesitate on ordering it. Everything is made fresh daily and has limited quantities.


#7 Apetit Split, Croatia

Sign in alley for Apetit Restaurant in Split, Croatia

The upscale restaurant Apetit Split is located in a 15th century palace on a picturesque lane between the busy Riva and the spacious Narodni Square. The historic interior is stylishly decorated and well-suited for groups or couples.

Fresh grilled fish and in-season vegetables at Apetit in Split, Croatia

The extensive wine list is nearly as long as the food menu, which focuses on Dalmatian cuisine with an elegant flair. We have enjoyed fresh grilled fish and pasta dishes at Apetit but also recommend checking the chef’s specials before ordering. Map  |  Reviews


#8 Chops Restaurant Split

Sign points the way to Chops Grill and Steakhouse in Split, Croatia

The modern Chops Grill steakhouse is located in Old Town Split, Croatia just steps from the wide, pedestrian Marmontova Street. The selection of meat is sourced from top-grade producers around the world, while the seafood selection is fresh-caught from the Adriatic.

Lamb chops and potatoes at Chops Grill and Steakhouse in Split, Croatia

At Chops Grill Split, we feasted on generous portions of rosemary lamb chops and local beef tenderloin – a meal which remains one of our most memorable in the city. With an emphasis on cooking orders to perfection and attentive, knowledgeable staff who make wine pairing recommendations, Chops is one of the best restaurants in Split Old Town for steaks.  Map  |  Reviews


#9 Galija Pizzeria

Pizzas and salad at Galija Pizzeria in Split, Croatia

Wait! This is supposed to be local Split, Croatia restaurants, so why is pizza on the list? Because pizza is local Croatian food. In fact, some people claim that pizza actually originated in Split…but we can’t confirm that. What we do know is that for many, many years, Croatian cuisine has been heavily influenced by Italy, which is just across the Adriatic Sea – so it’s not surprising that pizza features prominently in Split. Now, back to the best places to eat Split pizza…

Wood-burning pizza oven at Galija Pizzeria in Split, Croatia

Pizzeria Galija is one of the Split Old Town restaurants that we return to time and time again – and it’s because their pizzas are simply delicious.

A Split institution, the restaurant opened in 1980 and has been creating incredible wood-fired pizzas ever since. The Pizzeria Galija Split menu includes a range of classic and regional pizzas, as well as a handful of pasta dishes and Mediterranean salads.

Although there are many pizzas (and we’ve tried more than our fair share over the years), the Seljacka ranks as my favorite. The first time I ordered it, I was leery of the unique toppings, which included beans. However, odd as it might sound, for me it is the best pizza in Split!  Map  |  Reviews


#10 Plan B Pub

BBQ Burger at Plan B Pub in Split, Croatia

When you think of what to eat in Croatia, burgers might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Croatia can hardly claim creating the almighty burger (we are pretty certain the USA gets that honor), but, Croatians do eat burgers – traditionally in the style called Pljeskavica. However, travelers can find a local Split food experience eating gourmet burgers, and Plan B is the place to do it!

When we are craving a burger in Split, we skip the underwhelming and overpriced Old Town offerings and make the short walk to Plan B. Featuring a fairly simple menu, Plan B Pub offers up incredible burgers and super pizzas (and they have added a few international dishes, like Bao Buns and BBQ Ribs, as well).

Dining area at Plan B Pub in Split, Croatia

Rather than traditional menus, guests get a small slip of paper and a pencil to mark food choices. Although not a big selection, some unique flavor combinations are offered. For example, our recommendation is the BBQ Burger that has a meat patty topped with BBQ sauce, cheese, lettuce, pancetta, caramelized onion, mushrooms and an egg. As a bonus, the casual and spacious pub has local craft beer on tap, including our absolute favorite, Nova Runda. You can also read all our tips on the Best Bars in Split for Croatian Craft Beer! Map  |  Reviews


#11 ST Burek

Slice of meat burek from ST Burek in Split, Croatia

Split Burek, which uses the abbreviation ST Burek, is one of the best places in Split for a quick and satisfying meal. It’s also one of the cheap places to eat in Split, with a hearty portion of burek costs just about $2.25 USD.

A Balkan classic, burek is phyllo dough stuffed with spiced minced meat that is curled into a spiral and then baked and served like a pie. Available at many bakeries and shops in Split and the region, the burek at ST Burek is perfection.

ST Burek restaurant in Split, Croatia

Variations at ST Burek include fillings of cheese, apple or spinach and even sweet options – but, trust us, the meat burek, called mesom, is by far the best. We often eat at ST Burek for lunch, but it’s also consumed as a favorite late-night snack or medicinal morning meal.  Map  |  Reviews


#12 Kantun Paulina

People hanging out at Kantun Paulina cevapi shop in Split, Croatia

Kantun Paulina – or Paulina’s Corner – is another of the classic Split places to eat. For over 50 years the unassuming corner shop has been serving up some of the best food in Split, Croatia. Popular with locals and visitors, guests line up for Kantun Paulina’s famous cevapi. Although considered the national dish of neighboring Bosnia Herzegovina, cevapi are popular throughout the Balkans.

Cevapcici sandwich from Kantun Paulina in Split, Croatia

The little grilled sausages – made from a mixture of beef and pork – are sandwiched into pillowy somun bread along with raw onions and then slathered with a pepper sauce, called ajvar. To take this cevapi sandwich over the top, we always order it with kajmak, a clotted cream.

Cevapi are considered one of the top cheap eats in Split, Croatia and Kantun Paulina is the place to get them! A massive sandwich with seven sausages and added kajmak costs about $5.50.  Map  |  Reviews

Top Tip: Kantun Paulina is a counter service restaurant – so know what you want when you arrive at the front of the line. All you need to tell them is how many sausages you want (we think 7 – sedam in Croatian – is the ideal bread-to-sausage ratio) and what toppings (we get them all: onion, ajvar and kajmak). 


#13 Kogo

An inconspicuous take-away restaurant, Kogo also offers some of the best cheap eats Split. The home-cooked, cafeteria style eatery is reminiscent of the Milk Bars in Krakow, Poland – but with a Croatian twist.

The menu at Kogo changes daily – but consists of classic Croatian fare and regional specialties that you would expect if you were going to eat at grandma’s house. Food is sold by weight and can be eaten at the small stand-up counter or taken to a nearby park (like Emanuela Vidovica or Josipa Jurja Strossmayera) or the Split Riva.

For budget travelers – or travelers on a quick trip to Split – Kogo offers a unique and affordable way to sample a variety of local cuisine. Map

Top Tip: This is a day time Split eatery – get there early to get the best choices!


#14 Luka Ice Cream and Cakes

Handmade ice cream from Luka Ice Cream in Split, Croatia

Exploring the historic Split Old Town with an ice cream cone in hand is one of the best ways to experience it. Small ice cream shops are found along the Riva and down nearly every lane around Diocletian’s Palace.

Currant White Chocolate Ice Cream at Luka in Split, Croatia

In our search for the best places in Split, Croatia for ice cream, we discovered Luka. With an emphasis on homemade treats, Luka creates new flavors daily. We have tried flavor combinations like Currant White Chocolate and Salted Caramel Nut – and never been disappointed!  Map  |  Reviews

Top Tip: Sladoledarnica Emiliana is another Old Town Split ice cream shop that creates unique flavors using local products. We think their ice cream is delicious, but still give the nod to Luka. We recommend you try both places and decide for yourself which one is the best! 


#15 D16 Coffee

D16 Coffee, Split, Croatia

The coffee culture in Split is strong. Cafes line the long Riva promenade and ring the picturesque squares of the Old Town. There is no shortage of places serving coffee – and partaking in the café culture is a must on your trip to Croatia.

That said, for an elevated coffee experience, visitors should track down D16 Coffee. Nestled in the depths of Diocletian’s Palace, D16 offers a rustic interior of stone walls and quiet nooks. The baristas excel at making specialty coffee drinks from fresh roasted beans and the pastries are incredible as well!  Map | Reviews

Top Tip: While coffee is the star beverage at D16, the loose-leaf tea is also exceptional. Try the sage – a Mediterranean specialty that is both aromatic and tasty! 

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More Top Restaurants in Split

We have highlighted our top picks for the Best Restaurants Split, but there are a few more good restaurants in Split for you to consider.



Restaurant Bepa, Split, Croatia

Located on the picturesque People’s Square (Narodni Trg), Bepa! is a top choice for casual dining in the Old Town. In fact, we think they serve the best breakfast in Split. 

While not a large selection of menu items, there is wide variety (including an assortment of fun brunch cocktails!). The Eggs Benedict are fantastic, but the specialty menu American Breakfast is a good, filling start to the day. 

We prefer to eat at Bepa! for breakfast, but guests dining at the restaurant for lunch or dinner can choose from the full menu (and, from experience, we can tell you that the Blue Cheese Beef Burger is spot on!). 

The patio seating is great for dining al fresco, but the interior is charming, as well. Best of all, the staff are kind and jovial – making a meal at Bepa! truly enjoyable. Map | Reviews


Bokeria Split

Bokeria Kitchen and Wine is a stylish Split restaurant serving upscale eats. The corner restaurant’s large windows and outdoor seating entice many visitors, so it is best to make reservations in advance – as they do book up!

Inspired by the Mercado de La Boqueria in Barcelona, they are open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In addition to the extensive list of Croatian wines, they have a pretty spectacular cocktail list, too. Map.


Pizzeria Bokamorra Split

Pizza at Bokamorra, Split, Croatia

A fashionable spot for a pizza (try the truffle!), Bokamorra is equally known for their exceptional hand crafted cocktails (often made by guest mixologists) and backed by a fantastic soundtrack (and occasionally fun DJs). Map.


Konoba Matejuska

Located in the quaint Varos neighborhood, Konoba Matejuska offers a full menu of traditional Croatian food in Split. We ate here once and while it was good, it fell short of being great. Perhaps our lackluster meal was due to it being off season. Based on reviews, fellow travelers have had exceptional experiences. Other highly rated restaurants in Varos – in addition to our #3 pick Fetivi – are Fife, Sperun Split and Konoba Marjan. Map 


The Split Market

Fresh produce at Green Market in Split, Croatia

The Split Green Market (also called the Pazar) is the place to go for fresh produce, meats, cheeses and bread. It’s a fabulously colorful and chaotic morning tradition in Split in which visitors can partake. 

In addition to the fresh fruits and vegetables, some vendors that ring the market also sell cooked foods. Our favorite spot is Bartulovic, an unassuming rotisserie. 

Eating Turkey Legs from Bartulovic restaurant for Thanksgiving Dinner

Don’t be put-off by the no-frills street vendor kiosk; their meat – pork, lamb, turkey and chicken – is grilled to perfection. There are no in-house seats, so the only option is to get the meat – along with an accompaniment of their fabulous potatoes – to-go (and maybe grab some fresh fruit from one of the other Green Market Split vendors). Map


Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in Split

Restaurant Veg, Split, Croatia

There’s no doubt about it, Croatia is a meat-loving country, but there are a few vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Split. 

Pandora Green Box is a top pick for plant based cuisine in Split (so it’s best to make reservations for dinner). The truffle pasta and vegan burger are our favorites on the menu, but they have many innovative options as well. Map.

VEG is one of the casual Split restaurants offering plant based meals – and an ideal spot for a meat-free lunch. Map


Michelin Restaurants Split, Croatia

As of 2023, there were ten Michelin restaurants in Croatia…but none of them are located in Split.

However, even though there are no Split Michelin Star restaurants, Michelin did provide recommendations for five restaurants in Split, including Konoba Fetivi, Zrno Soli, Zoi, Restoran Dvor Split and Kadena.

On our list of Best Restaurants Split, Michelin rated Konoba Fetivi offers the most traditional and authentic Croatian dining experience. 

Top Tip: If you are looking for all the best Michelin restaurants in Croatia, be sure to browse the complete list.


International Food in Split, Croatia

Not so long ago, the Split best restaurants were all traditional eateries that offered classic Croatian fare. However, there are a slew of new international restaurants in Split that travelers might want to try when visiting.


Brooklyn Bagel Company

Brooklyn Bagel, Split, Croatia

When we first spotted Brooklyn Bagel Co., we doubted the bagels could impress us – but we were wrong! Brooklyn Bagel is – hands down – the best restaurant in Split for a bagel. They offer a variety of bagels that can be slathered with cream cheese (try the local Fig and Honey!) or made into a sandwich. Map  |  Reviews


Sexy Cow

Wrap from Split Restaurant Sexy Cow

At Sexy Cow, they offer a modern fusion of burgers as wraps. Rather than sandwiching their gourmet burgers between two buns, they load it in a wrap and place it on the grill…and it’s totally delicious and wildly popular. You can’t really go wrong at Sexy Cow, but for a local spin, I like the Hit Me With The Truffle wrap. Map | Reviews



Open since 2018, Silk provides a taste of Asian street food, which is a welcome break from the many meat- and carb-heavy dishes of the Balkans. A little on the pricey side as Split, Croatia food goes, Silk has a good selection of dim sum and sushi, as well as various mains (including salads, curries and okonomiyaki).  Map  |  Reviews


More Sushi in Split

Sushi is still relatively new to the Split food scene – but it’s catching on quickly! There are now several sushi restaurants in Split Old Town – including Mini Bota (Map), Makamaka (Map), Antique (Map) and Adriatic Sushi and Oysters (Map). 


Casa de Fuego

As former desert-dwellers of Phoenix, Arizona, we often get a desire for traditional Mexican food – which is understandably difficult to find in Croatia. In Split, however, we suggest checking out the small taco shop, Casa de Fuego to satisfy that craving.  Map


More Mexican Food in Split, Croatia

Sanctuary (Map) – one of the top Split Craft Beer Bars – has transformed into a cantina selling tacos, burritos, quesadillas and nachos. Another option for Latin American food in Split is the small and jovial To Je Tako. (Map


Split Restaurant Map

Use this link to Google Maps for an interactive online version of our Map of Best Restaurants in Split, Croatia!

Split Restaurants Map by


Food Tour Split, Croatia

Travelers looking for a guided food tour of Split’s culinary scene have a few different choices of locally guided tours. 


Split Food Walking Tour

Combine the history of the city with a gastronomic tasting of must-eat Split foods on a fun half day tour! Let the guide lead the way through Diocletian’s Palace, visit the local green market in Split – then sample traditional cuisine at five different Split eateries. Tours depart in the morning and afternoon. Join the tour!


Small Group Small Bites Tour

On this small group tour, graze your way around the city to six places and sample 15 delicious Split culinary treasures that are hidden gems. The evening tour has enough food to be called dinner – it begins with appetizers and ends with gelato! Find out more!


Split Cooking Class

What better way to experience classic Croatian food than to learn how to cook it yourself! Go to the Green Produce Market and Split Fish Market with a local chef to gather items for your feast – then prepare your 3-course meal…and eat! Get the details!


The Best Things To See In Split, Croatia

Fun Things To Do in Split Croatia by


Need more tips for your trip to Split, Croatia? Check out our detailed travel articles on Diocletian’s Palace and Hiking Marjan Hill (a must after all this food!) as well as visiting the Dalmatian Islands of Brac, Hvar, Korcula and Vis.

Start planning your trip to Croatia! Search for the lowest airfares, the best accommodations and fun things to do…then start packing!  Want more travel planning tips? Head over to our Travel Planning page for more information and tips on traveling – and for country-specific information, take a look at our Travel Guides page!


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