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45 Fun Things To Do in Split, Croatia: Sightseeing and Attractions

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Historic, intoxicating, and surrounded by stunning mountains and turquoise water – Split, Croatia is has something for everyone. Ranking as the second largest city in Croatia, there are an astounding number of Fun Things To Do in Split!

In fact, Split is one of the Top Croatia Destinations – and one of our favorite places to visit in the world. On multiple trips over the past decade we’ve spent nearly a year in Split, so we truly have a comprehensive list of the absolute Best Things To Do in Split, Croatia!


Top Things To Do in Split, Croatia

The top Split attraction is Diocletian’s Palace – and it should certainly be on every Split sightseeing list. The palace has shaped and defined the city, even as the palace itself has been reshaped in its 1700-year history. That said, as fascinating as the inside of Diocletian’s Palace is, there are many more sights to see in Split, Croatia.

Some of the best things to do in Split are just outside the palace walls. Vibrant markets, lively squares, and the pedestrian-only waterfront Riva are all Split must-see places – and just steps from Diocletian’s Palace.

The best viewpoints, the top beaches, stunning nature trails, fascinating museums and quaint neighborhoods are just a short walk from the city center of Split.

Travelers could easily spend days exploring life both inside and outside the Diocletian Palace walls to discover the best things to do in Split. 


The Best Split, Croatia Things To Do

Colors of Republic Square, Split, Croatia

On our first trip to Split, Croatia, we used the city as a transfer point – simply breezing through before an island-hopping trip to other exciting destinations in Croatia. With just a few hours, we were not necessarily looking for things to do in Split…and we ended up missing just about everything. 

That trip to the City of Split was in 2011 – and we immediately regretted not sightseeing in Split during the few hours we had. We realized that with just a little planning, we could have easily experienced some of the top Split things to do.

However, we have revisited the Dalmatian capital multiple times (and for much longer stays) and corrected our missteps. Not being rushed and having an organized trip plan, we have discovered a plethora of sights to see in Split, Croatia.


Planning Your Trip to Split, Croatia

Whether you are wondering what to see Split in one day or are planning 2 Weeks in Croatia, you can use the list of attractions in our Split Sightseeing Guide to help with your visit.

We also share our top picks for the Best Beaches in Split as well as the Top Split Restaurants.

To help you with your day-by-day adventures, we created a 3-Day Split Itinerary that features the all the must-see sights as well as a 7 Day Croatia Itinerary to capture more of the country.

Travelers can also find invaluable tips in our Guide to Planning a Croatia Vacation.

We know it is not always easy Planning a Trip to Europe – and organization is key. Use our Printable Travel Planner to keep track of all the details so that you can plan your perfect trip to Croatia!

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Split Sightseeing Tips and FAQs

Before we get started on our complete list of the top things to do in Split, we are answering a few questions and sharing a couple of our insider tips.


What is Split, Croatia Known For?

Split is best known for its ancient ruins, beautiful architecture, buzzing waterfront and ample access to nature. The city is highly regarded for its cuisine, which features fresh seafood and local products, and is also an increasingly popular destination for nightlife.


Where Can I Get a Split Map?

We find that it is more enjoyable to explore when you know where things are! Buying a map of Croatia in advance of your trip can help if you are visiting multiple destinations in the region.

Furthermore, we include a helpful online Split sightseeing map marked with our recommended things to do in Split at the end of the article.

However, for a printed map, the best map of Split can be obtained for free from the Tourist Information Office (located on the Riva and in the Diocletian’s Palace Peristil).


Should I Learn Croatian?

Nearly all Croatians in Split speak excellent English – but we do find it to be helpful (and appreciated) to know a few words in the local language wherever we are traveling.

In Croatia, learning to say Good Day and Thank You will go a long way! When you greet someone, say Dobar Dan. To say Thank You, say Hvala.


What Do I Need to Enjoy the Top Things To Do Split?

Before you set off on an adventure to visit the top sightseeing Split attractions, you will want to make sure you pack a few necessary items for your trip. You can find all of our packing hacks and advice on our Travel Packing page. 


Comfortable Travel Shoes

One of the best things to do in Split, Croatia is walk through the UNESCO-listed palace and Old Town cobblestone lanes. Although the town is mostly flat (unlike Dubrovnik), some stones are uneven and slick.

Wearing a pair of good travel shoes will help in navigating your way to the top attractions in Split, Croatia. I wear my favorite travel sneakers and Kris likes wearing Merrell shoes.


Travel Camera for Croatia

If you are anything like us, we are certain you will be snapping pictures of the beautiful things to see in Split, Croatia! Rather than relying on your phone camera, we recommend upgrading to an actual camera so that you can truly capture the sights.

We use a Canon Rebel with a versatile lens (18-135mm) that has a nice range. The Canon Rebel is a great beginner budget camera for travelers because it is easy to use, takes quality photos and comes with loads of accessories.


Water Bottle

The water in Split is safe to drink – and there are places throughout town where you can refill your water bottle. Rather than buying bottled water, bring a refillable bottle with you! These collapsible water bottles are great for travelers!


Sun Protection and Weather Gear

Most of our recommended places to visit in Split are outdoors, which means you will be exposed to the elements. The sun is strong in Croatia – make sure to apply sunscreen before you set off to see Split sights (and take it with you to reapply throughout the day). A wide-brimmed travel hat can also be useful…and don’t forget your sunglasses!

If your trip to Split coincides with foul weather, don’t let a little rain ruin your time! Be ready with a raincoat and travel umbrella.


Day Pack

Of course, you will want to carry a good day bag so that you have a place to stow all of your valuables – and other everyday items you might need throughout the day. We carry small backpacks when exploring – but you can use our tips for finding the Best Day Bag for Travel.


Croatia Travel Insurance

Trip insurance may be helpful with inconveniences – like lost luggage or delayed flights – and it can be invaluable if you get injured or fall ill while abroad. Learn more about the coverage and affordable rates at World Nomads.


45 Fun Things To Do in Split, Croatia

amzing Split Bell Tower Sunset, Croatia

We are covering the full range of the absolute best things to do in Split, Croatia. Because this is a massive list, we have organized it into categories: Exploration, Places to Visit, Unusual Attractions, Rainy Day Fun, What To Eat and Drink and Tours in Split.

In addition to our top tips on the best Split activities, we also offer travel advice for day trips and other helpful info, such as where to stay in Split and how to get there.

Whether you are a first-time visitor to Croatia or a repeat traveler, our list of sights to see in Split, Croatia is for you!

Save, Pin or Bookmark our Split Travel Guide to plan your amazing vacation to Croatia!



One of the best things to do in Split is to explore the city on foot. From cobblestone lanes to the waterfront promenade to hilltop paths, visitors can discover the top Split sights on short walks.


#1 Embark on a Split Walking Tour

Marmontova Street, Split, CroatiaWe think the best way to get acquainted with the sights in Split is on a walking tour. There are numerous guided tours – from Quick Introductions to Walks with Wine Tastings to Private Tours. (We provide more information about Old Town Split, Croatia tours at the end of the post.)


Free Walking Tour

View after walking through Silver Gate, Split, Croatia

While there are no completely Free Guided Walking Tours in the city, visitors can use our detailed Self-Guided Walking Tour of Split – which doesn’t cost a dime (and is one of the best free things to do in Split, Croatia, in our humble opinion!).

For anyone wondering what to do in Split, Croatia, it’s a fabulous place to start. The Split attractions are arranged in order – with walking directions and map links – so that you can easily go from one sight to the next. We also include an interactive map to make your Split sightseeing simple.


#2 Discover Diocletian’s Palace

Main square inside Diocletian's Palace, Peristyle, in Split, Croatia

Without a doubt, the Split UNESCO World Heritage Site Diocletian’s Palace is one of the best sights to see in Split, Croatia. Roman Emperor Diocletian built the palace in the year 305 AD – and it stands today as one of the best-preserved palaces of its time.

Although not totally preserved, remains from the 4th century structure are completely fascinating. With just a bit of imagination, it is easy to visualize what Diocletian’s Palace looked like in all its splendor. 


Split, Croatia Must-See Sights in Diocletian’s Palace

View of the Bell Tower, Split, Croatia

To better understand the history and sights of the palace, visitors can use our Guide to Diocletian’s Palace for a Self-Guided Diocletian Palace Walking Tour.

The palace itself is free, but there are a few ticketed sights within Diocletian’s Palace that visitors might want to visit – and we are outlining the one’s we recommend.


Saint Dominus Cathedral, Treasury and Bell Tower

The Cathedral of St Dominus is housed in the mausoleum that Diocletian built for himself. The building was converted to a church in 641 AD and is considered the oldest Catholic cathedral in its original structure. Visitors can also see the church treasury and climb to the top of the bell tower for amazing views. Tickets can be purchased for the cathedral in the peristyle.


Jupiter Temple and Baptistery

The Temple of Jupiter is another Diocletian Palace highlight. It was converted to a church in the 6th century and houses a baptistery. Tickets are available in the peristyle and can be combined with the cathedral tickets.


Palace Basement

The palace basement is a fascinating place to visit – as it is how archaeologists pieced together the history of the palace. Tickets are available at the door.


Ethnographic Museum

The small Ethnographic Museum offers interesting displays on Split and the region – but the highlight of the museum is climbing to the top of the Vestibule for views. Tickets to the Split Ethnographic Museum can be purchased at the door – but a separate Top of Vestibule Only ticket can be purchased just outside.


Whether simply wandering within the walls and taking in the history or entering into the ticketed sights, Diocletian’s Palace is certainly impressive – and a must-see Split sight!


#3 Explore the Split Old Town

Fruit Square Buildings, Split, Croatia

Split’s Old Town encompasses the adjoining labyrinth of streets and squares that were built outside the palace walls. The Old Town in Split is also one of the must-see sights in Split, Croatia.

Walking in People’s Square, Split, Croatia

Exiting through the western Iron Gate of Diocletian’s Palace leads into People’s Square, the center of historic Split. One of our favorite Split activities is winding through the maze of cobblestone lanes and narrow alleyways.


#4 Walk the Split Riva

The Waterfront Riva in Split, Croatia

The Split Riva is the long and wide pedestrian walkway that faces the sea and is lined with outdoor cafes. When the sun is shining, both locals and tourists flock to the waterfront promenade.

The Riva is the perfect place to take a break from sightseeing in Split. Linger over a coffee, local wine or beer while people watching – it is simply one of the best things to do in Split, Croatia!

For those not wanting to sip on coffee at a café, there are a plethora of benches for sitting, relaxing, chatting with friends or just enjoying the view of the Split Marina and Harbor.


#5 Soak Up the Sun at Split, Croatia Beaches

Stairs lead into water at Bacvice Beach in Split, Croatia

With it’s prime location on the Adriatic Sea, the Best Split Beaches are within walking distance from the Old Town. Spending time on the shoreline is – without a doubt – one of the top things to do in Split.

To the east of the city center is Bacvice, the most popular Split beach. The shallow bay has a small sandy section where you can ease into the cool sea water and, along the edge, there are plenty of places to catch some rays. Further east along the coast are more Split beaches – some with pebbles, some with sand.

View of Kasuni Beach from Marjan Hill in Split, Croatia

West of the Split city center, the coastline provides a rustic beach experience where you can sunbathe on the rocks and slip into the water below to cool off.


#6 Wander through the Varos Neighborhood

Outside the Palace Walls: The Varos neighborhood

The historic Varos Neighborhood of Split dates to the 15th century – although there are churches in the district that are much older.

Varos, which crawls up the slopes of Marjan Hill, was originally the fisherman’s district. Today, it’s an atmospheric place to wander. Stone houses stand close together and narrow streets weave through the neighborhood. 

Family-run restaurants are found along the lanes closest to the fisherman’s port of Matejuska. Many of the family homes in Varos have been converted to vacation rentals, but locals still reside in the area, making it feel more like an authentic neighborhood than the center of the Split Old Town. 


#7 Hike Up Marjan Hill to the Best Split Viewpoint

View of Split, Croatia from Marjan Hill Hike

Whether you are wondering what to do in Split, Croatia for exercise or are just looking for an epic view, Marjan Forest Park is the answer.

Visitors can follow the one of several paths through the Varos neighborhood to start Hiking up Marjan Hill. At the top of the neighborhood is a café and Split city lookout point.

The Split viewpoint offers a sweeping vista over the orange-tiled rooftops and turquoise sea.

Flag and Cross on top of Marjan Hill, Split, Croatia

However, for a fun Split adventure, continue hiking up the hill. Follow the paths into the forested area, seek out the ancient cliffside dwellings, and take in the best Split city and Adriatic Sea views from the hilltop viewing platform.

Hiking Marjan Hill is always one of our Split highlights! Active travelers can go rock climbing on Marjan Hill and tourists more content to sunbath or swim in the sea can find some of the best Split beaches around the coastline of Marjan Peninsula.



We have outlined some of the best districts in Split to explore, but visitors will want to make it a point to seek out these specific Split places to visit, too.


#8 Rub the Big Toe of the Grgur Ninski Statue

Golden Gate, Split, Croatia-2

Grgur Ninski – or Gregory of Nin – was a famous Croatian bishop of the 10th century. He fought to have mass spoken in Croatian – rather than Latin – which greatly impacted the Croatian culture.

A 28-foot-tall statue of Grgur Ninski stands just outside the Golden Gate (north gate) of Diocletian’s Palace – and it’s a Split must see sight!

Often called The Wizard, the statue was created by local artist Ivan Mestrovic in 1929. When the statue was first unveiled, it stood in the Peristyle. Rubbing Grgur Ninski’s big toe is said to bring good luck; in fact, so many people have rubbed Grgur Ninski’s toe that it now is shiny and bright!


#9 Visit the Ivan Mestrovic Gallery and Estate

View from the Ivan Mestrovic Gallery, Split, Croatia

Ivan Mestrovic is Croatia’s most famous artist. Visiting the Ivan Mestrovic Museum and Chapel, two of the best cultural attractions in Split, is a top activity.

His works – like the Grgur Ninski Statue – are displayed in cities throughout Croatia. The life-size sculptures emulate human emotions of sorrow, despair and tranquility.

In the 1930s, he built a sprawling estate on the Marjan Peninsula – as well as a chapel along the southern shoreline. While the estate hosts some of his most famous sculptures, the chapel displays his etched wood reliefs of bible stories.

Both properties have been transformed into viewing galleries for his artwork. Additionally, Sunday services are held at the Mestrovic Crikvine Kastilac chapel a couple times a month.


 #10 Peruse the Goods at the Split, Croatia Markets

Vendors at Green Market, Split, Croatia

The Green Market and the Fish Market are the two markets in Split, Croatia. While both markets are Split attractions, they are also where locals go shopping for fresh produce and the catch of the day.

Vendors at the Green Market outside the east gate sell produce, flowers, clothing and souvenirs. There are also permanent meat and cheese shops, so it’s nearly a one-stop shopping experience. One of the top things to do in Split, Croatia is to go shopping at the Green Market to assemble items for a picnic meal. 

The Fish Market on the west side of the old town is brought to life each morning when the day’s fresh catch arrives. The smell is pungent, the crowd is exuberant and the floor is slippery. Although some might argue with the smelly fish being one of the Split tourist attractions, we think it is one of the top Split things to see!


#11 Take in the View from Matejuska Split

Matejuska Fisherman's Port at sunset in Split, Croatia

The west end of the Riva is marked by Matejuska – the Fisherman’s Port in Split.

The port is a popular hangout spot for fisherman (both young and old) and for bench-sitting, day-drinking crowds of all types. Matejuska is one of the places to visit in Split, Croatia if you want a glimpse of local life. You can also grab a cold beer from the Little Beer Shop and find your own sunny spot on the pier!

While drinking a beer at Matejuska is one of the fun things to do in Split, the views are the real reason to go.

Two of our favorite Split city viewpoints are at Matejuska. The view of Split from the end of the port, where fishing boats bob on the water is one of the most beautiful in the whole city. Another great spot for photos is on the tip of the pier, where visitors get a super view of Split landmarks with the water in the foreground.


#12 Lounge Around the Split West Coast

Visiting Split, Croatia and Diocletian's Palace

The wide path along the western Split Harbor waterfront connects Matejuska Fisherman’s Port to the city’s Marina (ACI Split). Along the way to the ACI Marina – which is typically occupied by luxury yachts and sleek sailboats – are a few buzzing cafes facing the Split Harbor.

While the cafes are inviting, the best place to lounge along the west coast is on the over-sized wooden loungers, which are ideal for resting your legs and soaking in some sun. Plus, the views of Split across the water are phenomenal – it’s one of the Split, Croatia sights not to miss!


#13 Stroll around Sustipan Park, Split

Where to watch Sunset in Split, Croatia

Sustipan Park is a less-visited Split, Croatia tourist attraction and one of our absolute favorites! Just beyond the marina, the elevated seaside park on the Sustipan Peninsula offers fantastic views under the shade of large trees.

The park was once a cemetery, which was destroyed in World War II and has since been relocated. What remains in the park today are a small chapel and gazebo – both of which are popular places in Split to get married.

Sustipan Park is a perfect perch for panoramic views over the Adriatic Sea (especially for viewing a spectacular Split sunset). Find a spot to enjoy the scenery (keep an eye out for dolphins) and the fresh sea air!

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Travelers looking for off-beat things to do in Split have a few options for unusual activities – and we are sharing a few of the best!


#14 See the Frogs at Froggyland

Perhaps the most quirky and unusual thing to do in Split, Froggyland is a creative taxidermists dream (yep, it’s that weird). There are more than 20 exhibits of stuffed frogs doing ‘human things.’ Find out more and buy your ticket in advance


#15 Go to the Top of Golden Gate

Arranged through the Split City Museum, visitors can now ascend to the top of Golden Gate to walk the Medieval military patrol path along the northern wall. The experience offers a unique vantage point of Diocletian’s Palace and the Split Old Town.


#16 Peek in on the Wild Peacocks

One of the little-known facts about Split, Croatia is that there is a flock of wild peacocks living in the city. We didn’t believe it at first, but it’s true – and seeking them out is one of the oddly cool things to do in Split.

Vidilica Park – which is just a short walk from the center – is where to go in Split to see the peacocks. Just keep in mind that it is best to give them some space…and please don’t feed them!


#17 Search for the Hidden Split Church

Stairs that lead to the St. Martin’s Church Split, Croatia

There are many churches in Split – standing in squares or along quiet lanes. However, there are two Split churches that are hidden from plain sight. Finding them is one of the unique things to do in Split, Croatia.

St. Martin’s Church is a tiny chapel tucked into walls of Diocletian’s Palace near the Golden Gate. The narrow church was once a Roman soldier guardhouse.

The Temple of Saint Sava is another hidden church in Split, and it’s a project that was never completed. The half-built church stands in ruins and completely encircled by stores, shops and restaurants. The Chapel of Saint Sava – an Orthodox church – can be found up the stairs on the right side of the entry hallway to the unfinished church.

Two other interesting and somewhat hidden religious complexes in the city are the synagogue and the mosque – both of which are featured in our Split Walking Tour


#18 Feed the Animals at the Split Zoo

The small zoo in Split is one of the quirky Split attractions – in that it feels more like a farm than a zoo. The Split Zoo aims to educate and preserve the culture of domestic animals in Croatia – from bunnies to sheep to the country’s beloved donkey.

The animals are familiar with human presence; guests are even encouraged to purchase small bags of vegetables to feed the them.



Riva, Split, Croatia after a rain shower

Many of the top Split, Croatia attractions are outdoors – which is great when the weather is ideal, but not so great if it’s raining (or too hot, for that matter). Hopefully, if you do encounter rainy weather, it will merely be a passing storm. For visitors who want to take cover, check out our tips of what to do in Split when it rains. 


#19 Descend into Diocletian’s Palace Cellars

Diocletian’s Palace Basement in Split, Croatia

We have already mentioned the Palace Basement as one of the things to see in Split inside Diocletian’s Palace – but we think it is a great weather escape, so we want to mention it again.

The basements of Diocletian’s Palace are a fascinating part of the history of the palace and of Split. It is from the cellars that archaeologists have been able to reconstruct the past.


#20 Test Your Skills at the Illusion Museum

An interactive space for adults, kids and groups of friends, the Museum of Illusions is one of the fun Split things to do. Visitors can easily spend a couple of hours deciphering mind tricks and testing their senses. The top-rated museum features puzzling games, challenging tasks and fantastic photo ops!


#21 Get On Scene at the Game of Thrones Museum Split

A Split must see for GOT fans, the Game of Thrones Museum features props and information from the show’s filming in Split. While small, visitors can get an up-close view of some of the recognizable items from scenes in the show.

In the adjacent Split Game of Thrones Gift Shop, visitors can sit on the (replica) Iron Throne.


#22 Slip into an Alternate Reality at Diocletian’s Dream

Diocletian’s Palace like never seen before, Diocletian’s Dream invites guests to view the palace in 3D virtual reality. Participants step into the year 305 AD to witness the palace as it appeared when it was first built.


#23 See Ancient Artifacts at the Archaeological Museum in Split

Main Building of the Archaeological Museum in Split, Croatia

The Archaeological Museum in Split located just a short walk north of the Old Town is an interesting place to see ancient artifacts.

The small museum features special indoor exhibits and a permanent outdoor collection of artifacts – such as stone engravings, sculptures, sarcophagi and mosaics. The sphinx sculpture near the entrance dates to 1400 BC.

Note: The Split Archaeological Museum should not to be confused with the Museum of Croatian Archaeological Monuments in the Marjan Peninsula neighborhood of Meje.


#24 Learn the History at the Split City Museum

Entrance to the Split City Museum, Croatia

Housed in a former residence within the palace, the Split City Museum details the city of Split from its origins until modern times. Situated over multiple floors – starting with information about Diocletian and the building of the palace on the ground floor – the museum offers insight into the lengthy history of Split.


#25 Ponder the Paintings at the Emanual Vidovic Gallery

Dedicated to the works of Croatian painter Emanual Vidovic, the gallery features the works of art in a contemporary space. The paintings are presented in chronological order so that visitors can appreciate and understand Vidovic’s evolution as an artist.


#26 Contemplate the Works at the Split Museum of Fine Art

Displaying a range of artworks, from ancient times to modern art, the Museum of Fine Art is a highly rated cultural institution. Housed in a former hospital, the museum exhibits a permanent and rotating collection of art.


#27 Catch a Free Ride to the Mall of Split

For many visitors, catching a ride to the Mall of Split is one of the best free things to do in Split when it rains. The 4-level mall hosts a variety of shops – from international brand fashion stores to a Croatian craft beer shop. The free Mall of Split bus departs from the east end of the Riva several times daily.



The meals, Villa Spiza, Split. Croatia

Croatia has a spectacular culinary scene. Traditional restaurants are tucked down Old Town lanes in Split, the Croatian craft beer revolution is in full swing and Dalmatian wine is a regional specialty.


#28 Enjoy a Coffee on the Riva

Cafes on the Riva in Split, Croatia

The coffee culture in Croatia is outstanding – and the busy cafes along the beautiful Riva is just the place to enjoy it. Buzzing cafes also ring People’s Square and are tucked down the narrow lanes of Diocletian’s Palace. When you need a rest from sightseeing in Split, Croatia, find an open table at one of the outdoor venues and rest your feet while watching the passersby.


#29 Eat at the Best Split Restaurants

Amazing Mazzgoon, Split, Croatia

Eating in Split covers a range of delectable fare – from street food specialties to epic dining affairs and everything in between.

Burek – a seasoned meat pie that is popular throughout the region – is our favorite thing to eat in Split when we are on the go, and ST Burek is the best place to get it. That said, it’s difficult to resist sitting down at one of the excellent fresh-from-the-sea fish restaurants in Split.

If you want to know where to eat in Split for the best food, use our list of the Top Split Restaurants.


#30 Drink Local Split, Croatia Craft Beer

Glasses of craft beer at Tap B Brewpub in Split, Croatia

The craft beer scene in Croatia is booming and many restaurants, cafes and bars in Split are now serving the best craft beer from Croatia and around the world. Getting a taste of locally produced brew is one of our favorite things to do in Split!

The Daltonist is an atmospheric place for a local beer – and they make excellent craft cocktails, too. 

For more tips, our list of Where To Find Craft Beer in Split will point you in the right direction – or you can join a combo History and Craft Beer Walking Tour.


#31 Partake in a Split Wine Tasting

Glass of white wine in Apartment Herc in Split, Croatia

From north to south – and on the islands, as well – Croatia has a long history in wine production. One of the fun Split, Croatia things to do is sample the different kinds of wine produced in the country.

Dedicated wine bars, like Zinfandel, MoNIKa’s and Bokeria are excellent places to partake in a wine tasting.


#32 Party at a Split Club

Revelers looking for things to do in Split at night can dance the night away at one of the city’s best clubs. Charlie’s Bar, in the heart of the Old Town, is a favorite gathering spot for Split nightlife and Disco Club 305 A.D. where you can dance until dawn (but, please respect the neighborhood on your way home). Travelers who want to experience local clubs should look beyond the Split Old Town.



Where to find Boats for hire in Split, Croatia

So far, our list of the top things to see in Split, Croatia highlights some of best ways to get acquainted with the city on your own. We already featured our Self-Guided Walk as one of the best tours in Split, Croatia for travelers who like to explore at their own pace.

That said, visitors who are interested in learning and understanding the history of Split might want to consider joining one of the organized Split, Croatia tours led by local tour guides.


#33 Join a Guided Split Walking Tour

Guided walking tours in Split are a great way to learn about the history of Diocletian’s Palace and how the city of Split grew around it. Local guides lead participants to the top Split places to visit. Travelers can book a highly rated tour in advance


#34 Sample Local Cuisine on a Split, Croatia Food Tour

Local meat and cheese platter with homegrown tomatoes in Split, Croatia

Travelers who want to sample some of the best eats in Split can join a food tour. The tours begin at the Green Market, where you will learn about local goods and produce. Next, guests will visit a traditional konoba restaurant to feast on an array of regional cuisine. Get the details!


#35 Connect with GOT Fans on a Split, Croatia Game of Thrones Tour

GOT show enthusiasts can go on a guided Game of Thrones Tour in Split. Tours visit film locations around the city center and beyond. Participants will be entertained with insider stories and recognizable sights from the show. Book it now!



Split Croatia Island HoppingOne of the things that makes Split such a fantastic destination is its prime location. Visitors can use the city as a base for exploring more of the coastline, the interior and sea.

The region boasts a sea dotted with Dalmatian Islands (like Hvar, Vis and Korcula), mountain peaks offering incredible viewpoints (like in Omis and Brac), beautiful towns steeped in history (like Zadar and Makarska) and nature parks streaming with waterfalls – all accessible via day trips.

Ranging from half-day trips to full day adventures, some of the most beautiful places in Croatia are easily reached from Split. The proximity and variety of Split, Croatia activities allow travelers to choose from an array of tours that fit their style.

We are featuring a few of the most popular Split excursions, but our Guide to the Best Split Day Trips includes more detailed information. That said, in the height of the summer season we recommend booking online in order to get a spot on the most popular Split tours.


#36 Take a Day Trip from Split to Krka Waterfalls

At the base of Skradinski buk in Kraka National Park

Krka National Park is one of the top places to visit from Split! One a tour from Split, visitors can see the waterfalls at Krka and visit other nearby destinations, like Sibenik and Skradin. Use our guide for What To See at Krka NP to plan the trip on your own. Or get a local experience on a tour with Adiona Travel


#37 Travel from Split to Plitvice Lakes Waterfall

Tumbling waterfall next to wood steps at Plitvice Lakes NP in Croatia

Visiting Plitvice Lakes National Park is one of the iconic things to do in Croatia. Unfortunately, it is quite a long haul from Split – but it is possible on a full day trip. We prefer Visiting Plitvice Lakes as an overnight trip, because the Split tour requires a lot of drive time and limited time at the park. However, if you only have time for a day trip to Plitvice Lakes, it’s better than missing it all together! Take a look at this popular tour.


#38 Set Sail on a Blue Cave Tour

Neon blue water in Blue Cave in Croatia

In the summertime, the top Split day trips are out to sea! Visitors can set sail on catamaran to tour Split, Croatia islands. The most popular Split tour aims for the iconic Blue Cave – but visits multiple islands along the way. Find out more about the Blue Cave Trip!


#39 Snorkel in the Blue Lagoon

A day trip from Split to the Blue Lagoon is fun way to spend a hot day away from the city. The tour stops at three locations – and participants can snorkel in the beautifully blue water. Book it here!


#40 Go on a Hvar Day Tour

View of Hvar Town on Hvar Island, Croatia

Hvar Island – and specifically Hvar Town – is one of the places near Split that is easily accessible by scheduled fast-ferry or tour boat. On organized excursions to Hvar, visitors travel by catamaran with a group of fellow tourists to the island, where there is time to explore the town before sailing through the Pakleni Islands.

Travelers who make the trip on their own should use our tips for the Best Things To Do in Hvar.


#41 Elevate your View at the Klis Fortress

Klis Fortress is a top Split day trip destination! The castle was used as a filming location for Game of Thrones, but it has stood for centuries and has served as a home to royalty. The super view from Klis Castle is another top reason to add it to your list of things to do in Split!


#42 Spend a Day in Omis, Croatia

Stunning coastal views from the fortress, Omis, Croatia

Omis is an adventurer’s paradise. Hiking, rafting, canyoning and ziplining are top activities for thrill-seekers – but visitors looking for relaxation will find it on the long stretch of sandy beach. Check out all of our tips for the Top Things To Do in Omis.


#43 Visit Trogir from Split

View of Old Town, Trogir, Croatia

Taking a day trip from Split to Trogir is easy and fun! The picturesque, UNESCO protected city of Trogir is just 15 miles west of Split. The historic town blankets a small island that is just a stone’s throw from the mainland and accessible via a short bridge. Local Bus #37 runs frequently from Split to Trogir, making it an affordable day trip from Split as well!


#44 Make the Journey to Dubrovnik

Best View View of Dubrovnik, Croatia

Traveling from Split to Dubrovnik is a long day trip, but it is worth it for those who want to see the Pearl of the Adriatic. Top Dubrovnik attractions are the city walls, historic old town, beautiful beaches and Mount Srd. Use our guide to the Popular Things To Do in Dubrovnik for more info and sightseeing tips – or book a guided tour.


#45 Go on a Split to Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina Trip

The famous Stari Most Old Bridge in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Another long day trip – but a fascinating journey across the border into Bosnia-Herzegovina – is a trip from Split to Mostar. The city, which is centered on the famed Mostar Bridge, is a meeting point of multiple cultures. Read the reviews!


Split Tourist Map: What To See in Split, Croatia

Use the map of Split below to plan your activities. Use this link to Google Maps for an interactive version.

Things To Do in Split Map by


Split, Croatia Travel Tips

Lights of Advent in Split, Croatia

Now that you know the best things to do in Split, Croatia, we have a few more tips for your trip!


Split Tourist Card

The Split Tourism Office offers a free Split City Card to guests staying for 5 days or longer in the peak season or a minimum of 3 days in the off season. The card is good for 72 hours and allows free or discounted entry into many of the Split museums and other top sights.

All you need to obtain your card is proof of your reservation with the address of your accommodation.


Local Split Tourist Agency

Want a tourist agency to help plan your trip to Split? We fully recommend Adiona Travel! Locally-run, the crew at Adiona Travel can organize tours, accommodations and transfers – all with excellent customer service! Don’t believe us? Check our their TripAdvisor Reviews (and if you use Adiona Travel on your trip, be sure to tell Iva and Emanuel that the JetSettingFools say hi!).


Where To Stay in Split, Croatia

When it comes to places to stay in Split, visitors have ample options in a range of prices. Visitors can choose from resorts, hotels, apartments, guest rooms or hostels in Split.

We typically like to stay in Split Airbnb Apartments – as they usually offer more comfort than hotel rooms with the added benefit of a kitchen where we can make simple meals.

That said, for shorter stays in Split, a hotel could be a better option (because you will likely be busy Split sightseeing and eating all of your meals out anyway!).


Top-Rated Hotels in Split, Croatia

We recommend visitors start their search on for the best Split hotels – but these hotels get high ratings from fellow travelers.

Before booking your hotel, use our tips for finding the Best Rates on Hotels!


Getting to Split, Croatia

Split is an excellent transportation hub for a vacation in Croatia; as it can be reached by plane, ferry, train, bus or car.


Flights to Split

Travelers flying to Split will find year-round and seasonal flights from top European hubs (such as London, Munich, Frankfurt and Amsterdam). Unfortunately, there are no direct flights to Split from the United States.

We recommend using a site like Skyscanner to find deals on airline tickets – but first, read our guide to Finding the Best Cheap Flights.


Travel to Split by Ferry

Travelers can arrive to Split via ferry from other Croatian Destinations or from Ancona, Italy. The two main ferry companies in Split are Jadrolinija and Krilo.  


Train to Split, Croatia

There is a train in Split, Croatia, but it is not the most convenient way to travel in the country – as routes are both infrequent and time-consuming.


Bus to Split

Most cities in Croatia are well-connected by bus. It’s an affordable and fairly easy way to travel to Split.

Our preferred bus company is FlixBus – as it is economical, clean and comfortable. However, Bus Croatia can be used to find routes serviced by other Croatian bus companies as well.


Driving to Split

We aren’t keen on driving abroad, but renting a car can often save time and money (especially when traveling with more than two people). Having a car rental allows for greater discovery of the region. However, once in the city, a car is not necessary – as almost everything can be reached on foot – and parking in Split is notoriously difficult.


Start planning your trip to Croatia! Search for the lowest airfares, the best accommodations and fun things to do…then start packing!  Want more advice? Head over to our Travel Planning Page for more tips on traveling – and for country-specific information, take a look at our Travel Guides Page!


We want to know: What are your favorite things to do in Split, Croatia? What is on your Split sightseeing list? Anything to add to our list of sights to see in Split, Croatia? Give us your best tips and advice in the comments! 


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