Breaking Down our Travel Budget JetSetting Fools

Breaking down the travel budget: 44 days in South America

By nature, I’m a saver, but now that we are travelling full-time without any income, we’ve become spenders. As the self-appointed CFO of our Jetsetting Fools operation, we are spenders on a budget of $100 per day – total for both of us.… Read the rest

One month in South America Video JetSetting Fools

One month in South America

We have been traveling for one month in South America. Twenty-eight days ago, we touched down in Montevideo, Uruguay as the start to our year long ‘Round the World journey. Since then we traveled within Uruguay to Colonia del SacramentoPunta del Diablo.… Read the rest

cooking in a foreign country JetSetting Fools

Our first attempt at cooking in a foreign country

Our two-week stay in Punta del Diablo, Uruguay in the off-season has us making our first attmept at cooking in a foreign country. Of the several restaurants in town, we have found that only a few are open and, without posted hours, it is never guaranteed that one will be open when we are ready to eat.Read the rest

Accommodations in Uruguay JetSetting Fools

Our Uruguayan homes: Accommodations in Uruguay

Our three weeks in Uruguay have been split between the city and the beach – and our accommodations in Uruguay have been just as different. In Uruguay’s capital, Montevideo, we stayed in a hotel in the well-situated, active-yet-safe Barrio Sur. While on the beach in the small town of Punta del Diablo, we rented a cabin, fully equipped with a kitchen, dining/living area and an upstairs bedroom loft with a balcony overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.… Read the rest

home made fire starters JetSetting Fools

We made fire (with the help of home made fire starters)

One of the things we were most looking forward to at our cabin in Punta del Diablo was the Parrilla – an outdoor, wood-fire grill. Missing having a fireplace for the last 5 years, Kris and I were ecstatic at the prospect of having a fire every night.Read the rest

Sunrise in Punta del Diablo, Uruguay JetSetting Fools

Sunrise in Punta del Diablo, Uruguay

Our loft bedroom peeks out over the top of neighboring houses allowing for stretching views of the ocean to the east and south. Each morning we wake with the rising sun (thank goodness it doesn’t come up until 7:30!) as it shines through our bamboo roll up shades.Read the rest

Fortaleza de Santa Teresa to Punta del Diablo JetSetting Fools

Trekking from Fortaleza de Santa Teresa to Punta del Diablo

We decided to make a day-long outing to the military-run national park, Santa Teresa, just north of Punta del Diablo. Most people would probably just drive, but we chose to take the bus there and then walk back along the ocean from Fortaleza de Santa Teresa to Punta del Diablo.… Read the rest