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Sibiu, Romania: Things To Do, See and Eat

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Sibiu, Romania is an absolute gem of a destination in Eastern Europe! The Medieval town, once fortified with protective walls, is cheerfully painted in a rainbow of pastels. The expansive city squares are ringed with gorgeous architecture and the narrow, curving cobblestone lanes encourage wandering beyond the Sibiu center.

A top destination in Romania, Sibiu is a hub of incredible culture, fascinating history and exquisite gastronomy. To help fellow travelers discover the best of Sibiu, we are sharing our list of the Top Things To Do in Sibiu!


Sibiu, Romania FAQs

Before jumping right into our list of what to do in Sibiu, we want to cover a few basic facts which will help you plan your vacation to Romania.


Where is Sibiu, Romania?

Located in the heart of Romania, Sibiu City is nestled in the mountainous Transylvania region. Sibiu sits 135 miles (220 km) northwest of Bucharest, the capital of Romania, and 70 miles (115 km) west of Brasov, one of Romania’s most popular tourist destinations.

Situated at the foothills of the Southern Carpathian Mountains (also known as the Transylvanian Alps), the location of Sibiu is simply idyllic.


Why is Sibiu also called Hermannstadt?

Although Sibiu is in Romania today, it was settled by the Germans in the 1100s. Hermannstadt is the German name of that settlement and there are some residents of German descent that still live in Sibiu. Therefore, the city uses both names to this day. It is common to see it written out: Hermannstadt Sibiu, Romania.


What is the History of Sibiu Hermannstadt, Romania?

The history of Hermannstadt Sibiu is long and complex.

Founded by the Saxons in the mid-1100s, the city emerged as the center of trade for the region by the 14th century. Sibiu flourished and red brick defensive walls were built to protect the inhabitants – and the town became known as the Red City for the grand fortifications.

In the following centuries, Sibiu was ruled by the Kingdom of Hungary, the Ottomans and the Austro-Hungarians. In 1918, Sibiu – along with all of Transylvania – became part of Romania.

Much of the city’s historic charm has been preserved. In 2004, Sibiu began the process of being designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


What is Sibiu Weather Like?

Sibiu, Romania enjoys four distinct seasons. Summers are sunny and hot, while winters are cold and snowy. The best weather in Sibiu is in the late spring and early autumn when the temperatures are mild and the skies are typically clear.


Is Sibiu Worth Visiting?

Yes! Transylvania is exceptionally beautiful and there are a multitude of attractions in Sibiu. Some of the Sibiu must-see sights are the unique architecture, the historic churches and the phenomenal museums. Enjoying the local cuisine is another one of the top-ranking Sibiu things to do.


Are there Free Things To Do in Sibiu, Romania?

Yes, there are several things to do in Sibiu for free. Furthermore, while most of the museums and a few of the top places to see in Sibiu charge entry fees, ticket prices are generally affordable.


Are there Activities in Sibiu for Kids?

Yes, there are many kid-friendly Sibiu attractions. While our list of Sibiu things to see is not specifically aimed at family travel, you will find ample family-friendly activities in the city.


Quick Sibiu Facts

What is the Language Spoken? Romanian, but those in the service and tourism industry speak some English (and possibly German).

What is the Sibiu Population? The current population of Sibiu is around 170,000 residents.

How Do You Pronounce Sibiu? The city of Sibiu is pronounced See-Bee-oo.

What is the Currency? The Romanian Leu (or Lei, plural) is the official currency and is also designated by the code RON.

How Do you Say Hello / Thank You? Buna Ziua (boo-na zee-wah) / Multumesc (mool-too-mesk)


How To Plan a Trip to Visit Sibiu, Romania

Planning a trip to Sibiu involves a lot more than just deciding which things to see in Sibiu. Travelers also need to determine how to get there, where to stay and what to eat. In this Sibiu travel guide, we cover the specifics so that you don’t need to stress over the details.

Travelers visiting from abroad can also use our European Vacation Planner, where we share pertinent tips and advice for traveling in Europe from overseas.

For many travelers, Sibiu is just one stop on a longer Romania trip. We share a succinct trip plan in our Best Romania Itinerary!

We also share tips specifically for visiting other Romanian destinations – like Things To Do in Brasov and What To See in Bucharest.

As you plan your trip to Romania, keeping track of the details is essential. Stay organized with our simple Printable Travel Planner. It contains 26 pages of trip organization! 

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27 Best Things To Do in Sibiu, Romania

Now that we have covered some basic Sibiu info, we are ready to jump into our robust list of Sibiu things to see! Each sight on our Sibiu To Do List includes a brief description. A map of Sibiu, Romania is included at the end of the list to help you navigate your way to the top attractions.

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#1 Take a Tour of Sibiu Old Town

Walking Tour of Sibiu Old Town, Romania

Touring the fairytale Old Town of Sibiu tops our list of the best Sibiu, Romania things to do. The city is stunningly beautiful, and it’s best explored on foot. Visitors can join a tour, explore on their own with a list or simply wander the lanes to see where they lead.

On organized tours, visitors join a local guide on a 2-hour adventure through the best areas of Sibiu. Participants learn first-hand about life in the city and are regaled by tales of the past. Learn more here!


Self-Guided Walking Tour Sibiu

While learning from a local is a fabulous introduction to the city, many travelers prefer to get their bearings on their own. Using our list of attractions (#3 through #20), visitors can create their own Free Walking Tour Sibiu.


#2 Stare Back at the Sibiu Architecture

Sibiu, Romania Architecture, City of Eyes

The architecture in Sibiu, Romania is unusual, in that the buildings’ rooftop windows look like eyes – and, according to legend, those eyes keep watch over the town, residents and visitors.

Truth be told, the oval-shaped windows, which protrude from the slanted and tiled rooftops, are simply a means of ventilating the attic space. Even so, it’s nearly impossible to walk past them without feeling their heavy gaze.

The odd design originated in Sibiu sometime in the 15th century and was used in the construction of homes around Sibiu County. Today, the windows are a symbol of Sibiu and why it’s called, ‘The City with Eyes’. While sightseeing in Sibiu, we recommend staring right back at the beautiful old buildings and the Eyes of Sibiu!

Pro Tip: The Sibiu Eyes are legendary, but the city boasts an array of gorgeous buildings designed in various styles, including Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque.


#3 Step into Piata Mare

Big Square, Piata Mare, Sibiu, Romania

Piata Mare is a must-see in Sibiu! The Great Square (or Large Square Sibiu), is a magnificent open space that was created with the development of the third ring of city fortifications. The spacious square in the Sibiu Upper Town has long been used as a central point for markets, speeches, events and even executions.

The Great Square is ringed by some of the city’s most stunning and monumental architecture, all of which is protected as historic monuments. The large square also hosts statues of Gheorghe Lazar (a Romanian scholar) and Samuel von Brukenthal (Governor of Transylvania in the late 1700s and resident of Sibiu).

In the center of the square is the small Fantana Falkenhayn Fountain (which remains from Medieval times) – as well as a modern splash fountain, which can be used to cool off during hot summer days. Visitors can also relax and get a bite to eat or cool drink from one of the many cafes and restaurants that offer outdoor seating on Piata Mare.


#4 Tour the Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church

Inside the Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church, Sibiu, Romania

Located on Piata Mare, the Holy Trinity Church – or Biserica Romano-Catolica Sfanta Treime – is one of the top Sibiu attractions…and it’s free to visit!

Built in the 18th century by Jesuits, the church interior features large pillars supporting the vaulted ceiling. The fresco behind the main altar was painted in 1777 – and other embellishments have been added since (such as the decorative altars and stained-glass windows).

The church welcomes visitors; the weekly mass is celebrated in three languages: Romanian, German and English.  


#5 Appreciate the Art at Muzeul Brukenthal Sibiu

Entrance to the Muzeul Brukenthal Sibiu, Romania

Featuring works of art by Transylvanian and European artists, the National Brukenthal Museum Sibiu is situated in the historic palace that was built by Samuel Brukenthal. Opened as a gallery for public viewing in 1790 and officially as a museum in 1817, the Brukenthal ranks as the oldest museum in Romania.

Top features are the two art exhibits (Romanian and European), as well as a collection of antique furnishings in the palace apartments.

Tickets are required and can be purchased on site. Like many Romanian museums, photos are not permitted without a special ticket.


#6 Climb the Sibiu Council Tower

View from the Council Tower Sibiu, Romania

The Council Tower – called Turnul Sfatului – is a top city landmark…and Sibiu sightseeing would not be complete without walking under – and up – the famous tower.

Built in the 12th century, the Council Tower stands on both the Great Square and the Small Square (which we feature next on our list of things to do). The short passageway that runs under the tower connects the two squares.

The tower has had a vast number of uses through the years – it served as a defensive gate, the city hall building, a wheat granary, a fire tower and an exhibition space. Today, for just a few Lei, visitors can climb the stairs of the 7-story tower to the top-floor viewpoint. 


#7 See the Piata Mica

Vendors at Piata Mica, Sibiu, RO

Although Piata Mica means Small Square, it is actually rather large and slightly irregular in shape. The buildings in Piata Mica may lack the grandeur of those on Piata Mare, but the houses on the Small Square are distinct and beautiful.

Most of the Piata Mica homes have vaulted arches on the ground floor, where the workshops were located and products were displayed. Today, many of those workshops are now restaurants that have outdoor seating that spills into the square.

Piata Mica is one of our favorite places to visit in Sibiu, Romania in the late afternoon when the shadows begin to stretch across the square.


#8 Visit Huet Square and Cathedral of St. Mary

View of the exterior of Cathedral of St. Mary, Sibiu, Romania

Albert Huet Square marks the site of the original Sibiu center in the 12th century, although very little remains from that time. Today, what stands in the center of Huet Square is the Lutheran Cathedral of Saint Mary, one of the top Sibiu tourist attractions.

Built in the 14th century, the Evangelical Cathedral was long used as a place of burial for Sibiu’s most prominent citizens. The Gothic church boasts a towering steeple, reaching 240 feet (73 meters) in height, and a magnificently tiled rooftop.

For a small fee, visitors can go inside the church to see the stone-carved grave markers, look at the beautiful Baroque organ and climb the stairs to the top of the tower. In the summertime, the church hosts organ concerts, as well.


#9 Descend the Stairs Passage

Flow Cafe in the Stairs Passage, Sibiu, Romania

The Stairs Passage – or Pasajul Scarilor – is one of our favorite walkways in the city and a must when sightseeing Sibiu!

The stairs descend from the Upper Town into the Lower Town on the outside of the early brick fortifications. Arching over the cobblestone walkway are two flying buttresses – an original design that today stands as a charming place for photo ops (and a great place to stop for a drink at our favorite café, Flow!).


#10 Climb Up the Steps to Stairs Tower

Climb the Stairs Tower, Sibiu, Romania

The Stairs Tower – called Turnul Scarilor – dates to the 13th century. It is the oldest structure in Sibiu and the only remaining gate of the original fortified city.

The arched passage under the gate covers a set of stairs that connect the Upper and Lower Towns. From the steps, there are wonderful views down the length of Strada Turnului, a pretty, café-lined street in Sibiu.

Under the Stairs Tower is the Butoiul de Aur (The Golden Barrel) Restaurant, which is one of the oldest restaurants in Romania.

Pro Tip: Just outside the tower, find The Guilds Tree, which is representative of the many craft associations that Sibiu was known for in the 14th century.


#11 Cross the Bridge of Lies Sibiu

Cross the Bridge of Lies Sibiu, Romania

The Podul Minciunilor – or Liars’ Bridge Sibiu – appears to be a rather ordinary pedestrian bridge. However, the legend that surrounds the bridge makes it a must-see Sibiu sight. According to the tale, if someone tells a lie while standing on the bridge, it will collapse.

The iron-cast bridge – which connect Huet Square and Piata Mica – was built in 1860. The bridge’s design, the first of its kind in Romania, did not require pylons. Therefore, it was called Liegenbrucke in German, as in, the bridge that lies down.

The word is quite similar to another German word, Lugenbrucke, which translates to the bridge of lies. The similarity of the two words sparked the legend that still swirls around town to this day.


#12 Go to Goldsmith Square

View of Goldsmith Square, Sibiu, Romania

One of the most charming Sibiu places to visit, Goldsmith’s Square – or Piata Aurarilor – is quaint and attractive…and you arrive there through a beautiful passageway staircase down from Piata Mica.

The simple triangular square hosts a café, a hotel and local residences. Both the café and the benches in the square are an ideal place to rest your feet and soak in the allure of Sibiu.

Pro Tip: Strada Targului, the lane that leads north from Goldsmith’s Square – is one of the most picturesque streets in Sibiu! 


#13 Stop by the St Ursula Roman Catholic Church

Interior, St Ursula Roman Catholic Church, Sibiu, Romania

The St. Ursula Church is not one of the Sibiu top attractions, but still well-worth a visit if you have the time. Part of the former Ursulines Convent, the Baroque church is well preserved and rich in history.

The church dates to the 1400s, when it was used as a monastery for Dominican monks. However, it was left abandoned and in 1718, the complex was renovated by Ursuline nuns. Today, Greek Catholic services are held at the church and the front door is often open for visitors to peer inside.


#14 Seek out Dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum Sibiu

Dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum Sibiu

Housed in an outstanding 19th century building, the Museum of Natural History – or the Muzeul de Istorie Naturala Sibiu – is highly ranked by families as one of the Top Things To Do Sibiu, Romania.

Inside the museum, there are displays of taxidermized animals that are native to the Transylvania region. Outside in the garden, however, is where kids can spend time seeking out giant dinosaur statues.


#15 Walk Down the ‘Most Beautiful Street in Sibiu’

View of Most Beautiful Street in Sibiu, Romania

Fortress Street – or Strada Cetatii – is regularly touted as the most beautiful street and one of the best places to visit in Sibiu. The cobblestone, pedestrian street is lined with pretty pink and yellow houses, three fortress towers and the grand Filarmonica de Stat Sibiu Concert Hall.


#16 Tour the Sibiu Defensive Towers

Looking up at Sibiu Defensive Towers, Romania

The defensive towers and brick walls on Strada Cetatii are some of the best-preserved fortifications in Sibiu. For a small fee, visitors can climb up the towers and walk along the covered ramparts between the two lookouts.

Both towers – Turnul Dulgherilor and Turnul Olarilor – feature informational plaques that detail the history of Sibiu. It is one of the interesting places to visit in Sibiu to learn about the Guilds and their crafts.


#17 Get Outside the City Walls at Citadel Park

Walk of Fame at Citadel Park, Sibiu, Romania

Outside the old city walls, running parallel to Strada Cetatii, is a pleasant and peaceful park, Citadel Park – or Parcul Cetatii. The park was created in 1791 and was a defensive strategy, much like a moat (but without water).

The paved path through the park is also the site of the Sibiu Walk of Fame. The city’s most famous cultural figures are named on stars that line the pathway. 


#18 Relax by the Fountain in Astra Park Sibiu

Fountain at the Astra Park Sibiu, Romania

A favorite green space in the Sibiu City Center, Astra Park is marked by tall, leafy trees and a central fountain. An enjoyable place to rest, couples sit on benches, families push strollers and groups of men play chess. 

Along the shaded paths, you will find numerous statues dedicated to prominent Romanian historical figures.


#19 Gaze at the Grandeur of Holy Trinity Cathedral Orthodox Church

Exterior of Holy Trinity Cathedral Orthodox Church, Sibiu

The Orthodox Holy Trinity Cathedral – or the Catedrala Mitropolitana Sibiu – is a spectacular place of worship. In our opinion, it ranks as the most beautifully decorated religious building in the city.

Dating to 1904, the Orthodox Cathedral features astounding Byzantine architecture. From the front façade, visitors can see the two soaring red and yellow striped towers and a semi-circular stained-glass window.

However, it is the inside of the Cathedral that is truly impressive. A giant chandelier hangs from the central dome, illuminating the spacious church – as well as the gorgeous iconostasis and exquisitely painted walls.


#20 Parade along Strada Nicolae Balcescu Pedestrian Promenade

Walking on the Pedestrian Promenade Sibiu, RO

The main pedestrian promenade in Sibiu – Strada Nicolae Balcescu – is a curving, cobblestone lane that connects Astra Park to the Great Square.

Perfect for a casual stroll, the street is lined with shops, cafes, bakeries and ice cream stands. On hot summer days, getting an ice cream cone to enjoy while parading up the street is a popular activity in Sibiu.

However, our favorite treat while roaming Strada Nicolae Balcescu is a traditional Romanian Covrigi, which are available from any of the several walk-up bakeries. Similar to a pretzel, the plain Covrigi are delicious, but consider splurging for a sweet Covrigi filled with chocolate or a savory one topped with cheese!


#21 Breathe the Fresh Air at Sub Arini Park

Relax at Sub Arini Park, Sibiu

Just a short walk from the Old Town is one of the best parks in Sibiu: Sub Arini Park.

Paths – both paved and dirt – weave through the forested park, following the Trinkbach River, a tributary of the Cibin River. The park is an ideal place to stretch your legs and inhale a deep breath of fresh air.

Visitors can use the paths to walk, jog or bicycle through the park. Meanwhile, the open green lawns and several benches are an inviting place to simply unwind in nature.


#22 Spend a Day at the Astra Museum Sibiu, Romania

View of the Astra Museum Sibiu, Romania

Without a doubt, one of the top attractions in the region is the Astra National Museum Complex Sibiu. Situated in the Dumbrava Sibului Nature Reserve, just 3 miles (5 km) from the center of town, the Astra Open Air Museum aims to preserve the traditional Romanian culture.

Within the Astra Village Museum Sibiu there are more than 400 structures – houses, barns and workshops – that convey the history of Romania. A few of the highlights of the Astra Sibiu Museum are the windmills, the 200-year-old wooden church and several water mills.

Although there is little information provided in English, we spent several hours exploring the dwellings in the village. Visitors who make a day out of visiting Muzeul Astra can dine at the on-site restaurant – Carciuma din Batrani – where they prepare traditional Romanian dishes.


#23 Marvel at the Cibin Market

Produce for sale at the Cibin Market, Sibiu

Not far from the Old Town, the Cibin Market in Sibiu is a marvelous meat, cheese and produce market that caters to locals more than travelers (but we think it’s still a great place to experience!).

In the center of the market, vendor’s stalls overflow with a colorful array of in-season fruits and vegetables. We saw tables piled high with peppers, zucchini and cabbage…as well as live rabbits and birds for sale.

Visitors staying in Sibiu for a few days can check out the offerings of local meat that is sold from the small butcher shops surrounding the market. For a taste of fresh cheese, see what is available in the dairy hall (the options are plentiful!).


#24 Find a Bargain at the Piata Obor Flea Market

Sellers at Piata Obor Flea Market, Sibiu, RO

The Piata Obor Flea Market is one of the unique places to go in Sibiu. Vendors sell everything from formal evening gowns to used bike parts…and pretty much everything in between.

While much of what is sold at the market doesn’t necessarily appeal to travelers, the mishmash of items for sale is intriguing. We lingered at the vendors selling antiques and old household oddities, where old black-and-white photos, music cassette tapes and chipped dishes were displayed (often just laid out on the ground).

A nominal fee is charged to enter the market – and the hours are limited to mornings on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays.


#25 Visit the Museum of Steam Locomotives Sibiu

Displays at the Museum of Steam Locomotives Sibiu

More of a train graveyard than an actual museum, the Locomotives Museum in Sibiu is a fascinating place to visit…especially for train enthusiasts.

The entire museum consists of about a dozen rusting trains sitting outside – and there are no signs or informational plaques. That said, visitors can get up close to the trains, some of which date to the early 1900s. The doors to the train engines are open so that guests can peer inside to see what’s left of the controls.

The museum is free to visit, but guests need to provide ID to get past the security guard at the entry booth.  


#26 Sample the Local Sibiu Cuisine

Classic Dishes and the Best Food in Sibiu, Romania

Romanian cuisine is rich and savory – and Sibiu boasts an extraordinary number of excellent restaurants where visitors can get a taste. In fact, in 2019, Sibiu was named one of the European Regions of Gastronomy for its exceptional food heritage.

We list our favorite restaurants in Sibiu below, but some of the must-try foods in Sibiu are the hearty soups (called ciorba), stews (like goulash) and sarmale (cabbage rolls stuffed with meat and rice).

For a sweet treat at the end of the meal, get the papanasi – a delightful dish of fried dough doused in cheese, cream and a fruit jam.


#27 Drink Romanian Craft Beer

Bereta, Juice Bag, Romanian Craft Beer, Sibiu

Wherever we are in the world, we love drinking local brew. We wondered if we would have any luck finding craft beer in Sibiu and were pleasantly surprised to find a few regional brewers making some delicious suds.

There are a few craft breweries in Sibiu (Nembeer and Urban), but we favored the hop-heavy IPA’s by Bereta Craft Co (from Timisoara) and Hop Hooligans (from Bucharest). The good news is that there are a few excellent bars and cafes in Sibiu that offer craft beer – and we round up our top picks below!

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More Things To Do Sibiu, Romania

We have highlighted our top tips for what to do in Sibiu, Romania, but there are a few more activities that we want to share.


Visit the Museums in Sibiu

We already mentioned a few of the best Sibiu museums – like the Open-Air Astra Museum, the Brukenthal Art Museum, the Natural History Museum and the Train Museum. However, there are a few more museums that fellow travelers may be interested in seeing during their trip.


Muzeul de Farmacie Sibiu

The Museum of Pharmacy in Sibiu hosts a small but interesting collection of exhibits. The three-room museum features a recreated pharmacy office and laboratory, as well as a display of homeopathic medicines.


The Altemberger House Museum of History

The Sibiu History Museum at The Altemberger House hosts a collection of historical artefacts – from weaponry to coins – in a building that served as the Sibiu City Hall for 400 years.


Museum of Hunting

The August von Spiess Museum of Hunting is a five-room museum detailing the history of hunting in Transylvania. The exhibits include hunting rifles and mounted trophies. Plus, there is an information booklet – in English – that provides background on the displays.


Museum of Contemporary Art

A one-room exhibition space, the Contemporary Art Museum in Sibiu displays artwork by contemporary Romanian artists.


Attend an Event or Festival in Sibiu

Throughout the year, Sibiu hosts an astounding number of exciting events and fun festivals. From sporting events to performing arts to cultural heritage, there is almost always something going on in Sibiu.

Top sports events are the Red Bull Romaniacs event, the Sibiu Cycling Tour, and the AFC Hermannstadt Sibiu Football Club.

The Sibiu International Theatre Festival and the Astra Film Sibiu Festival are two of the biggest events in the city for the arts.

At Christmastime, the city transforms into a winter wonderland at the Sibiu Christmas Market.

Pro Tip: Looking for more European winter destinations? Use our guide to the Best Places to Visit in Europe at Christmas


Catch a Performance at the Radu Stanca National Theatre

Visitors interested in the performing arts can catch a show at the Radu Stanca Theatre. The theater is considered to be one of the best in Romania. Tickets are fairly affordable and there are subtitles for non-Romanian speaking audience members.


Go Shopping in Sibiu

Travelers visiting Sibiu have plenty of opportunities to go shopping, whether for souvenirs or fashion.

In Piata Mica, souvenir kiosks are found in the center of the square, as well as a few Sibiu-style huts just beneath the Council Tower. More souvenir sellers are found just off the Strada Nicolae Balcescu pedestrian street on Strada Alexandru Papiu Ilarian.

There are also two Sibiu malls where visitors can shop name brands and fashion wear. The biggest mall is Shopping City Sibiu Mall, but it’s about 2 miles from the Old Town. The Promenada Mall Shopping Center Sibiu, which is near the train station and just a mile from the city center, is smaller but more convenient.


Experience Sibiu Nightlife

Although not particularly known for the nightlife scene, there are a few clubs in Sibiu. The Oldies Pub is a dance club in Sibiu that entertains guests with DJs and fun cocktails. For live music, the basement Imperium Pub is a good choice. We detail more of our favorite bars and pubs further below.


Watch a Film at a Cinema

There are actually quite a few movie theaters around Sibiu. Cine Gold is located at the Promenada Mall and Cineplexx at Shopping City. The closest movie theater to the Old Town, however, is Cinema Sibiu.


Place a Bet at a Sibiu Casino

Las Vegas Games is the largest casino in Sibiu, but there are other betting centers where you can try your luck at the slot machines and other games.


Places To Visit Near Sibiu, Romania

Snow on the Southern Carpathian Mountains, Sibiu, RO

Clearly there are many activities in the city, but there are things to do around Sibiu, as well. Travelers making Sibiu their base for at least a few days can discover the region on their own or join one of the popular Sibiu tours.


Brasov and Dracula’s Bran Castle Day Tours from Sibiu

View of the Dracula Bran Castle, Romania

There are quite a few castles near Sibiu, but none are as famous as the Bran Castle. Known as Dracula’s Castle, the Bran Castle – and the nearby town of Brasov – can be explored on full-day Sibiu day trips. Get the details!


Hiking Sibiu Mountains to Balea Lake

Hiking in the Southern Carpathians Mountains is one of the best things to do in Sibiu County! While hiking around Sibiu can be difficult for visitors without a car, there are tours that allow adventurous travelers to trek through the alpine forests.

On this tour, participants get from Sibiu to the Fagaras Mountains via the scenic and winding Transfagarasan Highway and then hike to beautiful Balea Lake. 


Day Trip from Sibiu to Sighisoara and Romanian Villages

The villages in Transylvania are fascinating – and they can be visited on day trips from Sibiu. Participants of this tour travel through the countryside to the villages of Biertan (to see the famous Fortified Chruch), Malancrav and Sighisoara (an idyllic 15th century village). Find out more!

Pro Tip: Travelers can organize their own day trips via the train or bus from Sibiu to Sighisoara. However, the train is extremely slow and often unreliable and the bus only departs once daily.


Eating and Drinking in Sibiu

Now that you know what to see in Sibiu, we want to share our top tips for what and where to eat in Sibiu!


Best Restaurants in Sibiu, Romania

We created our list of the best restaurants in Sibiu, Romania based on our personal research and dining experiences.


Kulinarium Sibiu Traditional Restaurant

From the Pan’ Tigaie Reinerth Pork Skillet, Kulinarium Sibiu, Romania

One of the most popular restaurants in Sibiu, Kulinarium offers an array of traditional Romanian food in a wonderful atmosphere. Located on Piata Mica with a spacious patio, the restaurant is known for their professional waitstaff and indulgent meat dishes.

What To Order: Chicken stuffed with ham, cheese and peppers in a creamy mushroom sauce and the ‘From the Pan’ Tigaie Reinerth Pork Skillet.


La Cuptor Sibiu

Where and What to eat in Sibiu, Romania

La Cuptor is a chic restaurant in Sibiu – and where we had our best meal while visiting the city. Serving traditional Romanian cuisine with a creative and modern flair, each dish was well-presented and deliriously delicious.

What To Order: Baked Burger (a slow cooked pork sandwich with homemade horseradish) and the outstanding, melt-in-your-mouth Porkoit din Coada. We also loved the presentation of the smoked butter amuse bouche!


La Taifas

Carnaciori de Casa, La Taifas, Sibiu, Romania

La Taifas is a pleasantly surprising Sibiu restaurant on Piata Mare. The waiters are polite and helpful (especially Simi!) and the ambiance on the main square is superb.

What To Order: Tochitura Sibiana cu Mamaliguta (a local Sibiu specialty) and the Carnaciori de Casa homemade sausages. The papanasi at La Taifas is also scrumptious!


Pivnita de Vinuri Weinkeller Sibiu

Cozy Table at Weinkeller, Sibiu, Romania

A perfect spot for a romantic meal, Weinkeller is the most enchanting restaurant in the city. Whether dining in the lush garden or cozy brick wine cellar, diners are treated to impeccable service and exceptional wine.

What To Order: They offer wines by the glass, but we recommend letting your server know your palate preferences and then allowing her to guide you to a bottle of local Romanian wine. Get the Goat Cheese starter for sure – and then try the stroganoff or beef stew.


Crama Sibiana

Peasant's Platter, Crama Sibiana, Sibiu, RO

An authentic restaurant full of character, Crama Sibiana is a fabulous choice for a classic Transylvanian meal. Although it is located right on Piata Mica, it caters to both tourists and locals.

What To Order: They get high marks for their bread bowl soups, but we opted for the house specialty Traditional Peasants Dinner for Two, which was a glorious plate of local, flavorful meats.


Hochmeister Delikatessen

A comfortable spot with a creative menu, Hochmeister follows the farm-to-table concept is a contemporary space. The savory dishes are well presented and the wine list is extensive. 

What To Order: Definitely start with the Goat Cheese with Plums appetizer then go for the lamb chops for a main dish. 


The Rabbit Hole Sibiu

Pizza and Salad, The Rabbit Hole, Sibiu, Romania

One of the less expensive restaurants in Sibiu on the Great Square, The Rabbit Hole is a good spot to relax, eat and watch the flow of people walk through the square. Known for their traditional soups and pizzas.

What To Order: If you need a break from the hearty and rich cuisine of Romania, order a tasty pizza (we tried the Transylvanian Pizza and it hit the spot!). Otherwise, order soup.


Local Sibiu Restaurant Prima (Local, Tripe Soup)

Nestled in a neighborhood about one mile from the city center, Restaurant Prima is quite a ways off the beaten tourist path. The small basement restaurant churns out traditional Romanian fare for the local crowd, but they warmly welcome visitors, too. 

What To Eat: The comfort classic Tripe Soup – Ciorba de Burta – is the star at Prima, but they really excel at meaty dishes. We ordered the meat platter, but were envious of our neighbors at the next table, who ordered the pork knuckle and beans. 


Grand Plaza

Sarmale (meat-stuffed cabbage rolls) Grand Plaza Restaurant, Sibiu, RO

The Grand Plaza is a no-frills, local Sibiu restaurant. The diner is unadorned and the meals taste like something someone’s Romanian grandma whips up for a Sunday dinner. Plus, it’s very affordable.  

What To Order: If you like homecooked meals, you really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu at Grand Plaza. We ordered the most classic Romanian dish, Sarmale (meat-stuffed cabbage rolls) with polenta and it didn’t disappoint!


Super Mama

A local fast-food chain, Super Mama is a great option for travelers looking for a quick, cheap place to eat in Sibiu where you can still get a taste of the local flavor. The cafeteria-style restaurant (similar to the milk bars in Poland) serves classic Romanian comfort food for relatively cheap prices – and is popular with locals and students.

What To Order: The great thing about Super Mama is that you can see the already prepared food – so order whatever looks good! We personally like the soups – both the creamy meatball soup and goulash are terrific!


More Places to Eat in Sibiu

We taste-tested our way through the best Sibiu restaurants based on our diligent research and advice from friendly locals. However, we were not able to eat at all of the recommended places. Here are a few more top picks that we didn’t get to.

La Arhive: A local spot with a beautiful terrace, La Arhive has a big menu that will tempt a variety of palettes.

Jules Bistro: The menu may be small, but Jules delivers big on taste and ambiance (just be sure to make a reservation!).

Restaurant Hermania: The perfect fusion of Romanian and German cuisines, Restaurant Hermania provides meals that are farm fresh.

Pardon Café: Located on the ‘Most Beautiful Street,’ Pardon Café is a highly rated European restaurant for date night in Sibiu.

Hug The Mug: A popular café on the pedestrian street, Strada Nicolae Balcescu, Hug the Mug makes some of the best coffee in Sibiu.


Best Bars in Sibiu

We have covered what to eat in Sibiu, but what about where to drink? We are sharing our list of the best places to sit back and enjoy a cold craft beer, glass of excellent Romanian wine or handmade cocktail.


Nod on Piata Mica

One of the best coffee shops in Sibiu, Nod on Piata Mica transforms into a fun bar in the evenings. The outside terrace offers a grand view of the Small Square and their menu includes specialty cocktails and Romanian craft beer.

Pro Tip: There is a second Nod location on Goldsmith Square. Although they close rather early, it’s a great spot for a coffee or a beer in the afternoon.



Located along the Stairs Passage, Flow is a hip and fun place for coffee, wine, cocktail or a beer! The outdoor seating is situated along the brick fortifications, under the flying buttresses. Inside, there is artwork by local artists and vinyl records for sale.


St. Andrew’s Scottish Pub Sibiu

Cozy and inviting, St. Andrew’s Pub features an extensive list of Romanian craft beer and Scotch Whisky. Plus, the helpful bartenders are happy to make suggestions based on your taste preferences.


Wine Not?

Wine Tasting at Wine Not, Sibiu, Romania

A quaint little corner wine bar, Wine Not? is the best place to sample regional Romanian wines. We highly recommend getting a flight – and if you are feeling peckish, order the meat and cheese board for two!


House of Ellixirz Cocktail Bar

At the fashionable Sibiu bar, House of Ellixirz boasts a long list of spirits from around the world – and their master mixologists create utterly impressive cocktails. Try one of the signature specialties!


Tips about Sibiu Restaurants and Bars

The restaurants and bars on our list cover a range of budgets. The prices for food, beer and wine tend to be higher at places on the main squares and at the posh restaurants serving creative cuisine. That said, dining in Sibiu tends to be relatively affordable.

Romanian wine is incredibly affordable and very underrated! Most bottled wine at Sibiu restaurants is priced in the $20 USD range. Romanian craft beer is much more expensive than mass produced beers, but it is still typically less than $5 USD for a half-liter.

Another beverage that isn’t expensive, but will need to be paid for, is water. They do not serve tap water at Sibiu restaurants (and many locals don’t drink tap water at home either, but we thought it tasted fine and had no issues). For still water, order Apa Plata and for sparkling water, ask for the Apa Mineral.

Unlike other parts of Europe, tipping in Romania is the norm and expected. At restaurants and bars, it is standard to tip about 10%, although you can leave more for really good service (but more than 20% would be excessive).

Tips are always paid in cash – even when paying the bill with a credit card. Be sure to have some Romanian Lei for tipping when dining out in Sibiu. There are several bank ATMs (including a Raiffeisen Bank) on the Balcescu walking street. If you get large bills from an ATM (which is likely), waiters are happy to break them so that you can leave an appropriate tip.


Sibiu, Romania Map

Use this link to Google Maps for an online, interactive version of our Things To Do Map of Sibiu, Romania. Visitors can also pick up Sibiu maps at the Sibiu Tourism Office on Piata Mare.

Map of Sibiu, Romania by


Sibiu Travel Tips

Best Sibiu Travel Tips, Romania

Now that you know what to see, do and eat in Sibiu, we have a few more tips for your trip to Romania!


How To Get To Sibiu, Romania

Sibiu can be reached by plane, train, bus or car. For our trip to Sibiu, we arrived by plane from Dublin and departed by bus to Brasov.


Flight to Sibiu, Romania

The Sibiu Airport is conveniently located just 3 miles (5 km) from the city center, making it very easy for visitors to arrive by plane.

What Airlines Fly to Sibiu, Romania?

The International Airport Sibiu, Romania (SBZ) is primarily serviced by low-cost carriers Ryanair and Wizz Air from a variety of European destinations. However, major airlines – like Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines – fly to Sibiu year round from their hubs in Munich and Vienna.

Low-cost flights to Sibiu originate from cities such as London (Luton), Dublin, Madrid, Bologna and Milan.

How Do I Find Cheap Flights to Sibiu, Romania?

To find cheap airfare to Sibiu, start your search on Skyscanner. Because of the limited flights to Sibiu, you may find cheaper fares to an airport near Sibiu, Romania – like the Targu Mures Transilvania Airport (TGM) or the Henri Coanda International Airport (OTP) in Bucharest.

Find more of tips in our article, Tips for Finding Cheap Flights.


Travel by Bus: Sibiu, Romania

International buses to Sibiu are a long and slow way to travel, but can be cost efficient. For example, the bus from Budapest to Sibiu takes more than 10 hours…but costs a fraction of the price of a plane ticket.


Train Travel to Sibiu

Just like buses, trains to Sibiu provide a long and somewhat arduous journey. While traveling to Sibiu via train from some international destinations may make sense economically, the ride is slow and often requires changes.


How To Get from Sibiu to other Romanian Destinations

For travel within Romania, visitors can use buses, trains, private transport or a rental car. We are sharing travel details for a few of the popular Sibiu connections. 


Sibiu to Bucharest by Public Transit

The distance from Bucharest to Sibiu is about 175 miles (280 km) – and both buses and trains can be used to make the journey from Sibiu to Bucharest.

Bucharest to Sibiu Train

The Bucharest – Sibiu Train journey takes about 7 hours. The schedule is somewhat limited and will likely require a switch in Brasov.

Bus: Bucharest – Sibiu

In our opinion, it’s better to take the bus from Sibiu to Bucharest. The trip will take about 5 hours and the buses are more frequent than the trains and likely won’t require a connection. We used the Autogari website for information about the bus from Bucharest to Sibiu (or anywhere else in Romania).


Brasov to Sibiu

The distance between Brasov and Sibiu is about 90 miles (145 km).

There is a Sibiu – Brasov train, but after reviewing schedules, travel times and fares, we found the bus to be a better option for a journey.

The bus from Brasov to Sibiu takes about 3 hours and costs around $10 USD. 


Sibiu to Cluj-Napoca

The distance between Cluj-Napoca and Sibiu is about 110 miles (175 km).

There are very few direct trains between the two cities, likely making it a better option to take the bus. There are a few different companies that run bus routes from Cluj-Napoca to Sibiu and the journey will be about 4 hours. It’s best to check at the station or online for the most accurate information.


How To Get Around Sibiu, Romania

Getting around Sibiu City Centre is best done on your own two feet! Although there is an Upper and Lower Town, it is still relatively flat and easy to walk around.

Local buses can be used to get to some sights that are outside the city center – like the Open-Air Astra Museum. Tickets are affordable and can be purchased with cash from kiosks or directly from the machines on the bus with a contactless credit card.

A Sibiu car rental can be helpful for travelers who want to explore more of the region – like the villages and mountains. Use our tips for finding the Best Car Rental Rates for your trip to Sibiu.


Where To Stay in Sibiu

The best place to stay in Sibiu is in the heart of the city. There is a range of accommodation in Sibiu, Romania– from hotels to hostels to vacation apartments.


Sibiu Hotels

We are listing a few of the best hotels in Sibiu, Romania based on guest reviews. Keep in mind that if you are looking for cheap hotels in Sibiu, it is best to book in advance – especially in the busy summer travel season. Use our Top Tips for Finding Cheap Hotels for insider advice!


Hotel Am Ring

A very popular hotel in Sibiu located on the Large Square, Hotel Am Ring is a historic hotel featuring 19th century furnishings and comfortable beds. Check rates for your stay!  


ART Hotel Sibiu

A 4-star, boutique hotel in Sibiu, ART Hotel offers modern rooms just steps from the historic Old Town. Check rates!


The Council

An exceptional guesthouse in a historic building, The Council is one of the more unique hotels in Sibiu Hermannstadt. Check availability!


Hilton Sibiu

Although not in the historic center, the Hilton Hotel is located close to the Open-Air Astra National Museum – plus the hotel has an indoor swimming pool and on-site spa. Check room rates!


B13 Hostel Sibiu, Romania

Budget travelers looking for hostels in Sibiu need to look no further than the B13 Hostel. Centrally located, the hostel offers dorm bunks and private rooms. Plus they have a common room, communal kitchen and free WiFi. Book it here!


Airbnb Sibiu

Travelers basing themselves in Sibiu for an extended time may consider renting a self-catered apartment for their stay. There are numerous apartments available on sites like and Airbnb. Before booking an apartment, however, be sure to read our Tips for Airbnb Guests


What To Pack for your Sibiu, Romania Trip

Our final travel tips for your trip are what to pack in your suitcase or backpack. We are sharing a few specifics for Romania, but you can find all of our packing advice on our Travel Packing Tips blog page. Need a packing list? Get a Free Packing Checklist here


Comfortable Travel Shoes

For your Sibiu trip, make sure you pack a good pair of travel shoes. They should be lightweight, versatile and comfortable so that you can easily trek around on the cobblestone streets. I wore my favorite sneakers, but Kris was most comfortable wearing his Merrell trail shoes


Weather Appropriate Clothing

When packing for your trip to Sibiu, be sure to check the weather. Summers can be warm and the sun intense (so bring some sunscreen or a wide-brimmed travel hat). Spring and autumn bring rain, so it’s best to pack a travel umbrella and a lightweight raincoat. For winter, you will need a heavy coat and a hat and gloves.


Quality Travel Camera

Sibiu – and all of Romania – is stunningly gorgeous! If you don’t already own an excellent travel camera, we recommend buying a camera for your trip.

We use a DSLR Canon Rebel. It’s one of the best cameras for budget travelers because it’s relatively affordable, takes high quality photos and comes with tons of accessories.


Day Pack

A good day bag should be on your packing list for Sibiu, too. With long days of sightseeing adventures, you need to bring something with you that can hold all of your everyday essentials – like your phone, keys, wallet, camera and jacket.

We use small backpacks, but we share more tips in our blog post, Best Day Bag for Travelers.


Travel Insurance

Trip insurance may cover inconveniences – like lost luggage and flight cancelations – or entire trip cancelations plus getting ill abroad. Check rates and coverage at a reliable travel insurance provider.


We Want to Know: What tops your list of Things To Do in Sibiu, Romania? Did we miss anything? Tell us in the comments! 


Start planning your trip to Romania! Search for the lowest airfares, the best accommodations and fun things to do…then start packing!  Want more travel planning tips? Head over to our Travel Planning page for more information and tips on traveling – and for country-specific information, take a look at our Travel Guides page!


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