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Brasov, Romania: Things To Do, See and Eat

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Brasov, Romania, nestled in the Carpathians in the heart of Transylvania, is an absolutely idyllic location. The Brasov Old Town is a colorful array of ancient architecture that is partially ringed by remaining city fortifications.

Many of the top things to do in Brasov, Romania – like visiting historic sights and feasting on local fare – are done right in the Old Town. However, quaint towns and outdoor adventures beckon visitors to go further afield – and the castles near Brasov, Romania are not to be missed! Nearby are two of the best castles in Romania – the fanciful Peles Castle and the enduring Bran Castle, which is better known as the Brasov Dracula Castle.

Brasov, which is praised as the best city in Romania by many travelers, is a wonderful place to spend at least a few days. We are highlighting the best Brasov, Romania things to do to help fellow travelers plan their trip.


Brasov, Romania: Trip Planning Tips

In this Brasov travel guide, we highlight what to see, do and eat so that you can plan your perfect Brasov trip. Additionally, we share tips on how to get there, where to stay and what to pack.

Travelers visiting other destinations in Romania can use our travel guides for more top places to see.

Visitors planning to travel to Brasov, Romania from abroad might also find the tips in our Guide to Planning a European Trip useful. 

Although underrated and often overlooked, Brasov, Romania tourism is bustling. There are many things to see and do in Brasov – so staying organized as you plan your trip is key! We recommend using our simple, printable Travel Planner, to help you stay on top of all the details!

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Brasov, Romania FAQs

Before we get to our list of what to do in Brasov, Romania, we want to answer a few of the most frequently asked questions. The more you know about Brasov, the better you can plan your trip to Romania!


How Do You Pronounce Brașov?

Before you visit Brasov, you should know how to pronounce it! In the Romanian language, the S in Brasov has a comma below it – called the S-comma letter in the Romanian alphabet. The S-comma is said ‘sh’, like in the word show. Therefore, it is pronounced Bra-shov.


Where is Brasov, Romania?

Situated in the Southern Carpathian Mountains, Brasov is located in the center of the country on the northern slopes of the Transylvania Alps. The Brasov Transylvania region has a far-reaching history and is well known for its soaring mountains, dense forests and it’s once fortified villages.

The City of Brasov location is north of Bucharest (Romania’s capital) and southeast of Cluj-Napoca (the country’s second-largest city). You can review the area on our Brasov, Romania map, which you will find at the end of the article.


What is the History of Brasov, Romania?

Brasov history is complex and lengthy. The fortified city was built by Transylvanian Saxons in the 1200s – at a time when the land was part of the Kingdom of Hungary. When it was built, the town was named Kronstadt (which translates to Crown City in German). After World War I, Brasov – along with Transylvania – became a part of Romania.

At the beginning of Romania’s Communist era in the 1950s, the name of the city was changed to Orasul Stalin (Stalin City). However, it reverted to Brasov in 1960. Learn more about the complete history of Brasov on Wiki


What is the Brasov, Romania Currency?

The Romanian Leu is the currency in Brasov (although Romania is planning on switching to the Euro at some point). The plural of leu is lei. Prices are sometimes quoted in RON, which is the currency code (like USD for US Dollars).

The Romanian coins are called Bani (a word which translates to money). One Bani is equal to 1/100 of a leu (like the US penny)  – which has little value, so coins are seldom used.

We recommend checking the current exchange rate before your visit to Romania.


What is the Brasov Population?

The population of Brasov, Romania is right around 250,000 people – making it the 7th biggest city in the country. If you include the metropolitan region, the Brasov, Romania population grows to more than 380,000.


What is Brasov Known For?

Brasov, Romania is known for its well-preserved Medieval city center, interesting architecture and access to nature. The city is easily recognizable by its Brasov ‘Hollywood’ sign on Tampa Mountain (which is one of the Brasov top attractions on our list!).

That said, it is most known for the Brasov, Romania castle, Bran Castle…which is referred to worldwide as Dracula’s Castle. We detail the famous castle in Brasov, Romania below on our list of Brasov day tours.


Are there Free Things To Do in Brasov?

Yes! There are many free Brasov things to do – and we highlight them on our list. Additionally, travelers visiting Brasov on a budget will find that it is relatively affordable. There are many ways to enjoy Brasov while keeping your budget in check.


Are there Things To Do in Brasov with Kids?

Yes! We would rate the city as very family friendly. Families traveling to Brasov, Romania will find plenty of entertainment for kids and adults alike.


How Many Days in Brasov?

Deciding how many days to spend in Brasov is not an easy task. The city center is fairly compact – and most visitors could see the top attractions in Brasov in a single day. However, we don’t think that one day in Brasov is nearly enough time to truly appreciate the town and the nearby sights.

Therefore, we recommend spending at least 3 days in Brasov. With a 3-Day Brasov itinerary, visitors can see the Old Town, explore the amazing nature and visit the best Romanian Castles.



In our list, we highlight the top Brasov attractions – and we feature the best restaurants in Brasov, Romania, too! All of the sights are marked on our Brasov city map, which you can find at the end of the article.

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#1 Take a Tour of Old Town Brasov

Tour the Old Town Brasov, Romania

A Brasov city tour is the best way to quickly get acquainted with the picturesque town. With a local Brasov guide, tour participants are led to the top sights in Brasov city center. Along the route the Brasov tourist guide shares the history of the city and provides local insight. Search for the best Brasov tours on Viator.

Pro Tip: You can also join the Free City Tour Brasov! The Walkabout Free Tour Brasov (find more info here) is a tip-based walking tour that runs daily at a set time. Based on the rave reviews, we joined the Brasov Free Tour with Andrei leading the way – and it was super! Knowledgeable, funny and eager to answer questions, Andrei provides an excellent introduction to his hometown.


#2 See the Sights on Council Square Brasov (Piata Sfatului)

Council Sqaure/Piata Sfatului, Brasov, Romania

Marking the Brasov historical center, Piata Sfatului – the main Brasov square – cannot be missed when visiting the city. Since its inception, the open and spacious square has served as a marketplace, community space and place of punishment (in the form of humiliation and beheadings).

Today, it’s a gathering place for Brasov locals and tourists, who rest on the steps around the fountain or dine al fresco at one of the many restaurants that ring the square.

In the center of the square is the Council House and Trumpeter’s Tower – which stands as one of the must-see places to visit in Brasov. Inside the tower is the Brasov County Museum of History, providing insight to the region’s intriguing past. Tickets are required, and we’ll explain a money-saving combo ticket in the More Brasov Museums section.

Pro Tip: On the north side of the square, don’t miss the Orthodox church that is hidden among the cafes and shops. The Biserica Sfanta Adormire a Maicii Domnului dates to the year 1895 and features exquisitely colorful frescoes. It’s free to enter the church; use the main door that sits under the silver-topped spire and walk through the courtyard.


#3 Visit the Black Church Brasov

View of the Black Church Brasov, Romania

Brasov sightseeing would not be complete without visiting the historic Black Church (Biserica Neagra). Construction of the Brasov, Romania Black Church commenced in the year 1383 and – due to war and harsh winters – took nearly 100 years to complete.

It is said that the Late Gothic Black Church in Brasov got its unusual name after soot from a massive fire in 1689 blackened the walls. However, it is likely that the darkened exterior remains today as a result of natural elements and pollution.

Inside, the church features an elegant Baroque design, where ancient murals and a collection of valuables are on display. The massive organ is a highlight and there are weekly concerts that visitors can attend. There is a small fee to enter the church.

Pro Tip: Standing in the courtyard on the south side of the church is a statue of Joannes Honterus. A Brasov native and a key figure in the religious Reformation in Transylvania, Honterus is credited for converting the Black Catholic Church into a Lutheran Church – as well as creating the schools and library that stand opposite his statue.


#4 Ride the Cable Car to the Brasov Sign on Tampa Mountain

The Best Brasov View from Tampa Mountain, Romania

The Mt Tampa Brasov Cable Car is one of the top tourist attractions that should be on every traveler’s Brasov to-do list!

Perched atop the Brasov Tampa Mountain is the large-lettered Brasov Sign – and visitors can be whisked up to the sign via cable car in about 3 minutes. The line is usually long, but the ride is inexpensive (just 8 lei each way during our visit).

At the top of the mountain, visitors are treated to spectacular views of the Old Town and surrounding region. For the absolute best Brasov view, we recommend making the quick walk to the Brasov sign, then ascending the short trail to an elevated viewing platform just above it.

Pro Tip: Ambitious travelers can skip riding the cable car and instead hike to the summit (which sits about 1,300 feet above the old town at an elevation of 3,150 feet). The most popular Brasov Sign hike is a long series of switchbacks that begins at the lower cable car station. The round-trip hike takes about 2.5 hours.


#5 Stretch Your Legs on Tampa Brasov Hiking Trails

Go on the Brasov Hiking Trails, Romania

Visitors interested in active travel will find plenty of opportunities for hiking adventures in and around Brasov. The Tampa Brasov Mountain, which is incredibly easy to access from the Old Town, features a network of hiking trails of varying difficulty.

We have already mentioned the Mt Tampa Brasov, Romania switchbacks that take trekkers up to the summit and the Brasov sign, but there are other trails on the mountain, too.

Our favorite hiking route is a clockwise trek around the base of the mountain to the south side and up to the saddle (Saua Tampei); from there you can decide to continue up to the summit or weave your way back down through the forest on the northwest side.

There are maps posted at the trailheads at the base of Tampa Mountain, but we recommend using this online trail map to get a better idea of the many hiking trails in Brasov.

Pro Tip: The Tampa Hill Brasov park is just one of several places to hike near Brasov. We detail a few more of our favorite Brasov hikes later in the post.


#6 Stroll the Brasov Shopping Street, Strada Republicii

Always busy on the Brasov Shopping Street

The main pedestrian thoroughfare, Strada Republicii, connects Council Square to the Brasov City Hall. The wide lane is lined with restaurants and shops – and the center of the street is reserved for outdoor dining in the summertime.

The lane is a place to stroll, unhurried, with friends and family and making a stop for an ice cream treat or coffee along the way is practically required. Snacks – like covrigi, a traditional Romanian pretzel-like baked good and kurtoskalacs, a sweet Hungarian ‘chimney cake’ – are available from take away windows.

The shops on the street range from outdoor apparel to evening wear to Brasov souvenirs.

Pro Tip: Strolling the pedestrian lane is also one of the fun Brasov night activities. There are a few bars hidden down the narrow lanes that branch off the pedestrian street.


#7 Enjoy the Brasov Panorama View from the Black and White Towers

Two of the interesting places to see in Brasov are the White and Black Towers. Standing on the Warthe hillside on the west side of the city since the Middle Ages, the mismatched defensive towers provide two of the best Old Town Brasov viewpoints.


Turnul Alb White Tower Brasov

View of the Brasov White Tower

Built in the late 1400s, the Brasov Turnul Alb is a massive, but stout, tower overlooking the Graft Bastion. The tower is accessed by a steep staircase and the raised balcony provides stunning views over the Brasov Old Town rooftops. In the past, the tower has been open to visitors, but it was closed during our visit.


Turnul Negru Black Tower Brasov

View of the Brasov Black Tower, Romania

The Brasov Turnul Negru Tower is slender and shorter than the nearby White Tower. It, too, was built in the 15th century and served as a watchtower. Although white in color, it is called the Black Tower because a fire in 1689 turned the tower black.

To get to the tower, it is a short uphill walk from the path that lines the Old Town walls and parallels a canal. Entry to the tower was not permitted when we visited, but the viewing platform provides a commanding view of the Black Church.


Pro Tip: A pathway on Warthe Hill connects to the two Brasov towers. If you plan to visit both towers, we recommend hiking up to the Black Tower first, then using the connector path to the White Tower before descending the steep stairs back down to town.


#8 Ramble alongside the Brasov Old City Walls

Walk along the Brasov Old City Walls, Romania

Strada Dupa Ziduri is situated between the city walls and the Graft Canal – a 14th century man-made stream that diverted water from the Schei River as a natural defensive measure. Today, the walkway offers visitors a serene and pleasant place for a stroll just steps away from the city center.

The promenade is shaded by hillside foliage and the tumbling water creates a tranquil soundtrack. Both of the Brasov Towers – Black and White – can be accessed from the path.

Pro Tip: The path also provides access to Juno – one of the best wine gardens in the city! We share more details below in the section on Where To Eat and Drink in Brasov.


#9 Peek inside the Beth Israel Synagogue

Exterior of the Beth Israel Synagogue, Brasov, Romania

While sightseeing in Brasov, Romania, be sure to take a peek in the Beth Israel Synagogue at #29 Poarta Schei Street. The Brasov Synagogue was built in the late 1800s and today stands as one of the Romanian National Historic Monuments.

The distinct red-and-white Neo-Gothic building sits back from the street behind a gate. Inside, stained-glass windows filter in sunlight. The synagogue is still a place of worship for the Brasov Jewish community, but visitors can enter for a small fee.

Top Tip: To the right of the synagogue entrance, a memorial commemorates the Transylvania Jews who were victims of the Holocaust.


#10 Walk through Catherine’s Gate

Catherine's Gate, Brasov, Romania

Poarta Ecaterinei – or Catherine’s Gate – is one of the best places to visit in Brasov, Romania to better understand how the city was once fortified. It is the only original city gate that still stands.

Built in the 1500s, the ornate gate was designed with four turrets – which denoted the town’s judicial authority to use capital punishment for crimes committed within the walls.

Catherine’s Gate was also significant because it was the only gate in Brasov that native Romanians – who were forced to settle outside the Saxon’s walled city in the Schei District – were permitted to enter.

When the nearby triple-arched Poarta Schei – Schei Gate – was built in the 1920s to accommodate street traffic, Catherine’s Gate was nearly destroyed, but fortunately it was boarded up and preserved. 

Pro Tip: The Brasov coat of arms – a crown on an oak tree stump with roots – is displayed above the entrance arch. It is a symbol that can be seen throughout the city.


#11 Discover the Schei District of Brasov

Main Square of the Schei District of Brasov, RO

Sitting west of the Brasov Old City Center is the Schei District – one of the best areas to discover on foot.

Until the 1800s, ethnic Bulgarians and native Romanians were not permitted by the German Saxon’s to reside inside the walls of Brasov town. Instead, they built their community outside of Catherine’s Gate. Today, the village-like community is one of the oldest and most charming parts of Brasov.

The tangle of narrow lanes climb up the hillside of Tampa Mountain and lead to small squares that host miniature chapels, called troita.

Pro Tip: Top sights in the Brasov Schei District are the First Romanian School, the St. Nicholas Orthodox Church and the Church of the Holy Trinity – all of which we feature next on our list of Things To Do in Brasov.


#12 Learn the History at the First Romanian School Museum

The First Romanian School, Brasov, Romania

A Brasov must-see, the First Romanian School building dates to the year 1495. Classes at the schoolhouse were taught in Romanian during the 1500s and students traveled great distances to gain an education. When the pupils returned to their hometowns, they would then become teachers to educate the local children.

Now a museum, the two-room school is filled with educational relics. Among the most interesting objects are the first Romanian printing press, the first Romanian bible, old wooden desks and ancient manuscripts.

Tours of the small museum are led by guides and there is a small fee to enter.

Pro Tip: The school sits on the grounds of the St. Nicholas Church of Brasov (which is next on our list!).


#13 Step Inside the St. Nicholas Orthodox Church

The impressive exterior of St. Nicholas Orthodox Church, Brasov

One of the most beautiful Brasov, Romania attractions is the St. Nicholas Church (Biserica Sfantul Nicolae). From the stunning exterior, the soaring steeple seems to ascend right up to heaven – but the beauty extends to the interior.

With elements of Gothic and Baroque design, this Brasov church was built in the early 1500s. The interior is intricately decorated with colorful (but fading) frescoes and a glittering screen.

The church cemetery is not to be missed – as it is where several important Brasov citizens are interred, such as diplomat Nicolae Titulescu.

Pro Tip: If time allows, seek out another Schei District church, the Church of the Holy Trinity (Biserica Sfanta Treime). Although not as impressive as St. Nicolas from the outside, the interior is magnificent!


#14 Tour the Preserved Brasov Fortress Bastionul Tesatorilor

Exterior view of the Weaver's Bastion Brasov, Romania

The Weaver’s Bastion (Bastionul Tesatorilor) is another one of the interesting places to see during your Brasov visit. Built in the 15th century and further enhanced 150 year later, the defensive tower features a unique hexagonal design and thick walls (more than 13 feet in some places!).

During the Middle Ages, Brasov’s craftsmen guilds were responsible for building, maintaining and manning the town’s defensive forts. The Linen Weaver’s Guild was in charge of Bastionul Tesatorilor (thus the name, Bastion of the Weavers).

Now a museum, visitors can explore the interior of the multistory fortress. Displayed inside are many historic military objects, unearthed artifacts and a replica scale model of the fort and the Old Town. A ticket is required to go inside.

Pro Tip: The Weaver’s Bastion is often used for events in Brasov – such as concerts – due to the fine acoustics.


#15 Squeeze Down Strada Sforii (Rope Street)

A rare sight of an empty Rope Street, Brasov, Romania

One of the engaging Brasov sights that offers insight into life within the city walls is Rope Street. Considered to be one of the narrowest streets in the world, Strada Sforii served a very specific purpose in the Brasov center.

As the town was constructed within the confines of the walls, cramped conditions left no room for spaces between the buildings. The faulty design meant that firefighters were unable to get to the town center without detouring to the end of a major thoroughfare.

Therefore, in the 15th century, Rope Street – which is 260 feet long and is no wider than 53 inches – was designed as a cut-through so that, if needed, fire crews could quickly mobilize.

Pro Tip: The street is named Rope Street because at the far end of the narrow passageway was the Rope Makers Guild.


#16 Trek up to the Cetatuia de pe Straja Fort

Old Fort, Cetatuia de pe Straja, Brasov, Romania

Sitting on Straja Hill overlooking the Brasov Old Town is the mighty Cetatuia de pe Straja Fort. It stands today as a historical monument of national importance. Portions of the fort date to the 1500s – although renovations continued throughout the following centuries to bolster the stronghold.

The fort functioned for many years to protect Brasov, but once the building no longer served a defensive purpose, it was used as a prison, a warehouse and even a restaurant. Sadly, however, the fort is now at the center of an ownership dispute – and access is no longer permitted.

Visitors can still take one of the trails (or stairs) up the hillside to get a better look at the fort through the locked gates. Even though there are no city views (the foliage surrounding the fort is usually too high and dense), it is still an interesting place to stroll around.

Pro Tip: Although Cetatuia de pe Straja translates to ‘The Fortress on Straja’ or ‘The Citadel on Straja’, it is not the Citadel of Brasov or the Brasov Fortress. The Brasov Citadel is the historic encircled center and the Brasov Fortress is the fortification system of walls and towers that was built to protect the city.


#17 Relax at the Parcul Nicolae Titulescu

Fountain at the Parcul Nicolae Titulescu, Brasov

While the Mt. Tampa Park is ideal for hiking, the Nicolae Titulescu Park is the place to relax. The pleasant park – with intertwining paths, fountains, planned gardens and plenty of benches – was created in the early 20th century.

A statue of Nicolae Titulescu and the busts of other prominent residents are found throughout the park, along with groups of men gathered together playing chess.

Pro Tip: At the east end of the long, rectangular park is Brasov City Hall, post office and other government buildings.


#18 Gaze at the Beautiful Brasov Architecture

Admire the Beautiful Brasov Architecture, Romania

The architecture in Brasov, Romania is simply outstanding – so be sure to look up while wandering around the city!

The buildings in Brasov Old Town feature ornate Gothic and Baroque elements, while Modern and Brutalist architecture adorn the streets beyond the historic center.

Council Square and Piata Apollonia Hirscher are two places where you can view some of the city’s impeccable design. Strada Lunga – one of the oldest streets in Brasov – features an impressive display of 17th century architecture.

On the south side of Nicolae Titulescu Park, visitors can see a prime example of Modernist architecture at the round Modarom Building.

Pro Tip: Looking for Brutalist concrete structures? Citadel Valley (Valea Cetatii) on the southeast side of Tampa Mountain is one of Brasov’s 1980s block apartment communities that highlights the socialist-era design style. More of Brasov’s Brutalist architecture can be found east of the center along Calea Bucuresti.


#19 Spend Time at a Brasov Cemetery

Gravestones at the Cemetery of Soldiers, Brasov, Romania

One of the rarely touted Brasov activities for tourists – but one that we recommend – is visiting a Brasov City cemetery. The cemeteries offer a place of quiet peace and a better understanding of the history of the city. We already mentioned visiting the cemetery at the Saint Nicholas Orthodox Church, but there are other intriguing cemeteries around town that tourists can visit.

Many of the graveyards in Brasov are designated to a specific religion – so you can find a Catholic cemetery, a Jewish cemetery and an Evangelical cemetery.

The most poignant cemeteries, however, are those dedicated to people who died fighting for a cause. The Heroes Revolution Cemetery (Cimitirul Eroilor), near Titulescu Park, contains a single row of uniform gravesites for those who perished in the 1989 revolution – as well as a memorial to the victims.

Near the Weaver’s Bastion is the Cemetery of Soldiers (Cimitir de Ostasi), which hosts the graves of fallen soldiers from the First and Second World Wars.

Pro Tip: Remember to always be respectful when visiting graveyards as tourist sights.


#20 Admire the Paintings at the Brasov Art Museum

Hosting a humble but wonderful collection of art works by Romanian artists, the Brasov Art Museum is well worth a visit.

The small museum displays classic paintings, as well as a section of modern art. The permanent collection is supported by temporary exhibits. A ticket is required to visit the Brasov Art Museum.

Pro Tip: Looking for a deeper introduction to the art? Ask for a guided tour.


#21 Seek Out Street Art and Public Art Installations

Look at the Brasov Street Art

Museums are great for seeing paintings, but when you visit Brasov, Romania we recommend that you seek out the public art, as well. In addition to the opulent architecture, the city is dotted with artistic works and we are featuring a few of our favorites.

In the garden next to Catherine’s Gate, be sure to peruse the wooden animal sculptures carved by the university students at the forestry school. Stroll the nearby Strada George Cosbuc to see the street art murals that decorate the wall.

On Piata Apollonia Hirscher, our favorite quaint and beautiful square in Brasov, find the fun chair art (which is great for photo ops) and the colorful street art that disguises the utility boxes. Along the Graft Canal there are other utility buildings featuring artists’ work.

Piata Sfantul Ioan, however, features the largest street art mural in Brasov. The colorful artwork is worth seeing up close and from far away.

Pro Tip: Saint John the Baptist Church of the Franciscan Monastery of Brasov is just around the corner from Piata Sfantul Ioan and is a beautiful little church to pop into during your sightseeing in Brasov!


#22 Glimpse the Past at the Muresenilor House Museum Brasov

Once an apartment belonging to a prominent family, the Muresenilor House has been transformed into a history museum. Original furniture, fine artworks and a collection of documents are on display inside home.

They include an exhibit on the Romanian national anthem, correspondence with top politicians of the time and everyday items that showcase life in Romania.

Pro Tip: The museum hosts regular concerts in the home’s music room. It’s worthwhile to see if there will be a concert during your visit to Brasov!


#23 Explore More Brasov Museums

We have already shared our top picks of the best museums in Brasov, but fellow travelers who are further intrigued by the area’s history might want to add one or more of the following museums to their Brasov to-do list. These museums all require a ticket to enter.


Stefan Baciu Museum

The Casa Memoriala Stefan Baciu Museum is dedicated to Baciu, a renowned Romanian poet. The museum features his writings, as well as those of other Romanian poets.


Ethnography Museum

The small Ethnography Museum in Brasov displays traditional clothing and Romanian textiles. Additionally, there are exhibits on local customs and crafts.


Urban Civilization Museum

Housed in a Renaissance palace that dates to the 1500s, the Urban Civilization Museum details the history and culture of Brasov through everyday items, fashion and toys.


Tales of Communism Museum

Telling the tale of the long and often brutal time of Communism in Romania, this recent addition to the Brasov museum offerings has been very well received. Aimed at both young Romanians and visitors alike, the Brasov Communism Museum pledges to educate in a casual and interactive setting. It even features a café where you can order up classic drink and snacks from the period. Proceeds also go to charities helping to support vulnerable children struggling in today’s Romania.


Pro Tip: The Brasov Visit Ticket is a money-saving combo ticket for visitors interested in all of our featured museums in Brasov (except the Communism Museum). The ticket is purchased online and includes access to 11 museums. Find out more on the official website.


Things To Do Near Brasov, Romania

We highlighted what to see in the Brasov, Romania Old Town, but there are many attractions nearby that should not be missed! Visitors can plan these day trips from Brasov, Romania on their own or join guided tours. (We feature more day tours from Brasov later in the post.)


#24 Visit Dracula’s Bran Castle Brasov, Romania

View of the Dracula Bran Castle, Romania

The Bran Castle, a historic castle near Brasov, is a must-see when visiting the region. Although it is often referred to as Dracula’s Castle, there is actually no real connection between Bram Stoker’s Dracula and the Brasov Bran Castle. 

The landmark Brasov castle does, however, have an intriguing tale. Whether you are fascinated by the legend of Dracula or interested in the true history, it’s definitely worth taking a day trip from Brasov to Bran Castle.

The highlight of the trip is touring the castle interior, which features artwork and original furniture of Queen Marie – the last Romanian queen, who resided at the castle along with her family.

We also recommend taking time to walk the grounds for great photo opportunities. For the best Bran Castle pictures, we recommend crossing the street behind the castle and into the park just over the river. For a quick bite to eat in Bran, don’t miss La Trasura cu Bucate – a fast food wagon where ‘The Grillfather’ serves up Transylvania specialties (get the pastrami and the bulz!).


How To Get to Bran Castle from Brasov

Visitors planning their own day trip can get from Brasov to Bran Castle by bus. The Brasov to Bran bus departs from Brasov Autogara 2. Find the current Brasov to Bran Castle bus timetable online.

Alternatively, join one of the many fun tours from Brasov to Bran Castle. You can find many highly rated tours on Viator.


#25 See the Peles Castle and Sinaia Monastery

First view when you arrive at the Peles Castle, Romania

The Peles Castle in Sinaia is another historic European castle near Brasov, Romania – and it’s even more impressive than the Bran Castle. Built in the late 1800s by the first king of Romania, King Carol I, the castle served as his summer residence.

Nestled in the Carpathian Mountains just 30 miles from Brasov, the Peles Palace features intricate woodwork and lavish décor. Guests can choose from a few different tours, but the basic tour covers the most luxurious rooms on the first floor.

While the famous Sinaia castle is understandably the top draw for tourists, there are other sights to see in the town. The Sinaia Monastery is a complex of buildings – including the quaint Old Church that dates to 1695 and the impressive Great Church, which was built in the 1840s.

While in Sinaia during the summer and autumn, it is fun to soar to the top of the mountain via cable car for spectacular panoramic views of the vast landscapes. There are two cable car companies that transport passengers up to viewpoints – Sinaia Gondola and Telegondola.

Before leaving Sinaia, be sure to wander through Parcul Dimitrie Ghica Park to admire the gardens, fountains and architecture.  


How To Get from Brasov to Peles Castle

The best Brasov – Peles transport is the local train. Tickets are inexpensive and trains are fairly frequent. Find the schedule for the Brasov to Sinaia Train online.

Note: Sinaia is on the main train route from Brasov to Bucharest. Brasov travelers going to or coming from Bucharest can stop at Sinaia along the way. There is luggage storage at the Sinaia train station (inquire with the bathroom attendant).

Travelers who would rather visit Sinaia with a guide can join one of the Brasov, Romania tours to Peles Castle. Find options on Viator – and note that many day tours in Brasov include visiting both Bran Castle and Peles Castle on the same trip – like this one!


#26 Travel to Poiana Brasov Resort for Skiing, Hiking and Mountain Biking

Gondola at Poiana Brasov, Romania in autumn

Poiana Brasov, Romania is a resort town situated in the Transylvanian Alps. As one of the best places to visit near Brasov, and particularly famous for it’s highly rated ski runs, the area is prime for outdoor activities year-round. The district is easily reached with Brasov Bus 20, which departs from the Livada Postei bus stop right in front of the Brasov Old Town.

While Poiana Brasov skiing is the top wintertime activity, the summer and autumn are the best time for biking and hiking at Poiana. Hiking trails branch out in all directions – and range from moderate hikes to multiday treks. Pick up a useful trail map from the Tourist Information Office at the Poiana Brasov bus stop.


What To Do in Poiana Brasov, Romania

One of the best things to do in Poiana Brasov is to take the cable car up the mountainside. At the top, it’s a short (but steep and rocky) walk to the Postavaru observation deck, which offers 360-degree vistas of the surrounding terrain. The Yager Chalet, just below the summit, is a top place for dining on the mountain at Poiana.

Visitors can opt to purchase one-way tickets to ride up and hike down (or vice versa) but be aware that sections of the hike are very steep – and it’s best to wear proper hiking shoes and use hiking poles.

In town, there are just a few sights, a handful of restaurants and many Poiana Brasov hotels. The wooden church, Biserica Sfantul Ioan Botezatorul, is worth stepping into for a quick look around. Visitors can enjoy drinks outside on the sloping lawn at KUPA Apres Ski Bar. For a traditional meal in an atmospheric place, we recommend dining at either Sura Dacilor or Coliba Haiducilor.


#27 Admire the Rock Formations at Pietrele lui Solomon

Pietrele lui Solomon, Brasov, Romania Hiking

Solomon’s Stones – or Pietrele lui Solomon – is a place of legendary folklore…and a popular nature park that is not too far from Brasov city center. The picturesque park features towering karst rock monoliths separated by a small gorge. Walking, relaxing, picnicking and barbequing are top activities at the park.

As far as the legend goes, it’s a good one. According to the tale, while trying to evade being captured, Hungarian King Solomon and his horse made the jump from the top of the rock to the other side of the ravine unscathed, while those chasing him perished as they tumbled into the gorge below.

The nature retreat can be reached on foot; it’s about an hour walk southwest from the Brasov main square to Pietrele lui Solomon through the rustic Schei District. The local Bus 50, which departs from the Livada Postei bus stop, is another way to get to Solomon Park.


#28 Hike in the Brasov Mountains

Views while out Hiking In Romania, Brasov

The area around Brasov is ideal for hiking – and there are numerous trails that allow visitors to immerse themselves in nature. We are highlighting just a few of the most popular routes and trails in this region of Transylvania.


Brasov Hike from Poiana Brasov

We already mentioned hiking at Poiana Brasov Mountain Resort, but there are hiking trails that connect Brasov to Poiana Brasov. While the roundtrip hike would likely take the better part of the day, visitors can take bus #20 up to Poiana Brasov and hike back to the Old Town.

The most popular route is Drumul Vechi – the Old Road. From the mountaintop, the road winds down to Pietrele lui Solomon and from there hikers can take bus 50 back to town or continue the walk through the Schei neighborhood.

For a slightly shorter but more scenic hike, we’d hop off bus 20 at Poiana Mica and walk to the Blue Stripe Route 11 trailhead (map). From there, it’s about a half hour downhill walk to Solomon’s Rocks through dense forest and about another 45 minutes back into town.


Piatra Craiului NP and Zarnesti Gorge

The Piatra Craiului Mountains – just an hour by car, train or bus – are a fabulous place to go hiking near Brasov. Featuring limestone rocks, glacial lakes and mountain towns, it is considered to be one of the most beautiful places to hike in the Carpathians.

Zarnesti Gorge offers some of the best hiking trails in Piatra Craiului National Park – although it is a little difficult to get to the trailhead without a car. Instead, visitors can join an experienced guide for a private hiking tour


7 Ladders Canyon Brasov

Seven Ladders Canyon is another fantastic place for outdoor adventures near Brasov. The canyon, carved by the Sapte Scari Brook and featuring 7 waterfalls, can be traversed with the aid of installed stairs and platforms. Visitors can go on their own or join a professional guide.

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More Things To Do Brasov, Romania

Now that we have covered the absolute must-do Brasov activities, we are sharing a few more highly rated attractions in and around the city center.


Brasov Zoo

The zoo in Brasov is one of the fun things to do in Brasov, Romania with kids. In addition to the more than 100 species of animals, the zoo also has a planetarium.


Adventure Park Brasov

Set in the forest, the Parc Aventura Brasov offers a multitude of zip lining and ropes courses to visitors of all ages and skill levels. An admission ticket allows entry to the park for 3 hours of adrenaline-fueled fun!


Water Park Brasov, Romania

A place for relaxation and recreation, the Paradisul Acvatie Waterpark is a leisure facility that boasts multiple indoor and outdoor pools, waterslides, saunas and fitness rooms. The Aquatic Park Brasov is one of the family things to do in Brasov with dedicated kids’ areas.


Horse Riding Brasov

Horseback riding a popular way to explore the rugged landscapes in Transylvania. Visitors will find several equestrian facilities near Brasov that offer horseback riding opportunities.


Brasov Markets

There are several produce markets around Brasov, but none in the Old Town. The best market in Brasov is the Piata Alimentara Dacia Brasov Market, which is a large farmer’s market located near the train station. Vendors at the market sell in season produce, plus meats, cheeses and prepared foods.  

The weekend flea market – Targul de Vechituri – is southeast of the city center. A small fee is charged to enter the market where clothing, household appliances and random goods are for sale by individual sellers.


Brasov Events

Brasov hosts events throughout the year that entertain both tourists and visitors. Concerts are top draws in the summertime, but the Halloween party at the Bran Castle ranks as one of the best events in the autumn.

The Brasov, Romania Christmas Market is the biggest wintertime festival. The Targul de Craciun din Brasov Christmas Market takes place in the main square, Piata Sfatului. The Brasov Winter festival is highlighted by an enormous tree and traditional market huts.


More Day Trips from Brasov

Above, we outlined some of the must-see places near Brasov, Romania – but there are additional Brasov day tours that might interest fellow travelers!


Rasnov Fort

The Rasnov Fortress is a 13th century hill-topping fort that was built as part of the massive defensive system in Transylvania. The fort was expanded and remodeled numerous times over the centuries. The historic well inside the courtyard took 17 years to complete and was dug by prisoners.

Inside the Rasnow Fort is a collection of artifacts, artworks, native crafts and weaponry. The fort has been closed for some time for a massive renovation, but there are plans to reopen in 2023.

Visitors can get to Rasnov by bus or join a Brasov Tour of Castles that includes a stop at Rasnov


Wild Bears and Brasov Bear Sanctuary

Brown bears roam the Carpathian Mountains near Brasov. While it is possible that hikers may encounter bears while hiking in Transylvania, visitors who want the best chance of getting a glimpse of a brown bear in its natural habitat can join a tour. On a Brasov Bear Tour, participates are led by an experienced forest ranger to the places where bears are most active. Get the details here!

Another option for a bear encounter is at the nearby Bear Sanctuary. Guests can join a guide to visit multiple sights – including the sanctuary, Bran Castle and Rasnov Fort. Find out more!


Transfagarasan Highway to the Sky

Touted as one of the best driving roads in the world, the Transfagarasan Highway climbs up the Transylvanian Alps in a long series of hairpin turns. The winding road offers impeccable views – and tours (like this one!) stop at streaming waterfalls and mountain lakes.


Brasov – Sighisoara Day Trip

An idyllic 15th century village, Sighisoara is a top day trip destination in Romania. However, it takes at least 3 hours by train to travel from Brasov to Sighisoara. Instead of making the long journey on your own, we recommend joining a Small Villages Tour, where participants see more than just Sighisoara on a full day trip.


Brasov to Sibiu Day Trip

Vendors at Piata Mica, Sibiu, RO

Sibiu, about 2.5 hours from Brasov, is another gorgeously preserved town in Romania and a top tourist destination in Transylvania. In fact, it is one of our favorite Romanian cities due to it’s stunning architecture and fabulous food scene.

There are so many Things To Do in Sibiu that we think it deserves more than just a few hours on a day trip – but visitors short on time can join this tour.


Cristian Brasov, Romania

For a quick, but informative, day trip from Brasov visitors can travel 7 miles to the village of Cristian. The village is known for its fortified church – one of the many in Transylvania that was built by the Saxons between the 13th and 16th centuries. Although the fortified church in Cristian is not designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is a gorgeous sight…and a local will give you a personal tour!


The Best Brasov Restaurants

Since you now know the best Brasov things to do, it’s time to discuss what to eat! There are an astounding number of restaurants in Brasov, Romania that serve traditional Romanian and Transylvanian fare. In fact, Brasov trips would not be complete without getting a taste of what’s cooking locally. Brasov food tends to be hearty, meaty…and delicious.

During our visit, we sought out the top Brasov, Romania restaurants. Now, we are sharing our tips on What and Where To Eat in Brasov.


Le Ceaun Restaurant Brasov, Romania

Recommended to us by locals, Le Ceaun is a top Brasov eatery right on the main square (and a second location just around the corner!). Although they feature many traditional dishes, they are known for the Ciorba de Cartofi, which is bean soup in a bread bowl. Inexpensive and incredibly satisfying, we ate at Le Ceaun more than once!



A top-rated Brasov restaurant in the heart of the city, Sergiana excels at making traditional Romanian dishes in an atmospheric space. For a popular Brasov dish, try the Bulz – a meal of polenta, cheese and (usually) ham baked in a terracotta dish.


Terroirs Boutique du Vin

For an exceptional dining experience from start to finish, eat at Terroirs. The chic wine bar features a stellar list of Romanian wines – and the waiter will make personal recommendations based on your taste preference and price point. The menu features gourmet burgers (the camembert and chili jam burger is out of this world) – but don’t miss the onion soup as a starter!


Bistro Del’Arte

Tucked away on a quiet side street in the maze of Old Town lanes, Bistro Del’Arte creates delectable Romanian food with a modern twist featuring international influences. We enjoyed the slow cooked chicken, but the star at Bistro Del’Arte is the beef tenderloin pappardelle with truffle sauce.



We popped into Churchyard for dinner on a whim…and it was incredible! The décor is warm and inviting – and the service is attentive and professional. The menu features traditional eats with a bit of panache. Try the sarmale stuffed cabbage rolls (the national dish of Romania) and the venison salami for a starter.


Ceasu Rau

Part of the Sergiana restaurant group, Ceasu Rau offers authentic Romanian food at fair prices with both indoor and terrace seating. Known particularly for their grilled specialties, we recommend starting with the Bulz ciobanesc (Shepherd polenta lump) – and if you are feeling adventurous, order the pork brains or testicles. For a main, try the Romanian mititei cu mustard (caseless sausages with mustard) or the house specialty, Angus Beef with mushroom sauce.


Passage Burgers (aka Two Guys)

Located amongst the block apartments of the Citadel Valley community, Passage is a hip burger joint offering a selection of meat and vegetarian burgers with international toppings. If you are craving a solid burger, go for The ‘Merican or double-down with the Two Guys!


Beraria Pofta sau Foame

Known for their huge portions at affordable prices, Beraria Pofta sau Foame is a fun place to enjoy a meal. In addition to the traditional local food, they also offer a large menu of burgers and pizzas. Whatever you order, you won’t leave hungry!


Dze Best Café and Restaurant

Travelers craving something other than Romanian food, pizzas or burgers should try the Georgian Dze Best Restaurant. The portions are reasonable (most Romanian dishes are gigantic), the quality and taste are on point for Caucasian fare! We ordered three things to share – adjaruli, meat khinkali and pork mtsvadi – and left satisfied, full and happy!


Un Trancio e Via

For a cheap grab-and-go bite to eat, Un Trancio e Via is the place to go! They crank out slices of pizza with standard and unique toppings (try the potato pizza) – as well as select sandwiches (go for the mortadella). It is – by far – the best Brasov pizza to go.


Gelato Mania

Located in the Schei District, Gelato Mania is a favorite local ice cream shop – and it quickly became our favorite, too! The flavors change regularly – and they are all divine! Expect a line, but don’t worry…it moves fast.


More Places to Eat in Brasov

Need more Brasov restaurant recommendations? These restaurants in Brasov were recommended to us, but we have yet to try them.

  • Roata Noroculini – A local hotspot with traditional food and live music.
  • Sub Tampa – An upscale eatery at the base of Tampa Mountain serving well-plated classics.
  • La Birou Bistro – Highly recommended for breakfast or brunch; the pancakes receive rave reviews.
  • Casa Romaneasca – A local restaurant serving traditional fare in the Schei District.
  • Poarta Schei 4 – High end French cuisine that pairs well with the extensive wine list.


Best Bars in Brasov for Romanian Wine and Craft Beer

One of the things we like best about visiting any town is sampling the local craft beer and regional wine – and Brasov was no exception. We learned that while the craft beer revolution is slow to take hold in Romania, the movement is certainly catching on.

Romanian wines, however, took us by surprise. The Romanian red Feteasca Neagra grapes produce bold, deep, rich, dry wines – and they are very affordable, as well.

We are sharing a few of our favorite places for a pint of craft beer and glass of Romanian wine.


Aftar Stube Craft Beer Brasov Bar

Featuring a large selection of bottled and canned Romanian craft beers, Aftar Stube is, without a doubt, the best craft beer bar in Brasov – plus they offer weekday happy hour specials! The outdoor terrace is ideal in the summer and autumn, but we love the cozy, eclectic interior, too.


Tipografia Craft Beer Bar and Café

The menu at Tipografia boasts a nice selection of craft beer from Romania – including a few on draft (a rarity outside of Bucharest). The staff is always helpful with beer selections and the place has a fantastic vibe. 


Opus 9

We wouldn’t call Opus 9 a craft beer bar, but they do carry Barlog – a craft subsidiary of Ursus Brewing…and they have it on draft. Besides, we just found it’s a fun spot for casual Brasov, Romania nightlife.


Propaganda Bar

Not a craft beer bar, but a really cool Brasov bar nonetheless, Propaganda Bar features décor that is a throwback to communist times. The bar attracts a mix of students, locals and tourists.


Juno Wine Bar Brasov

With a lush garden and giant wine barrel seating, it is easy to understand why Juno is a top place to taste Romanian wines in Brasov. In addition to wine, guests can drink local beer and fun cocktails in the outdoor space. Although we always enjoyed Juno in the early evenings, it’s a recommended spot for Brasov nightlife, as well.


More Wine Bars in Brasov

We mentioned Terroirs in the above Brasov restaurant section, but it’s also a great place for just drinking wine. Wine Stories, across the street, has a big selection of local wines and they even offer tastings. Travelers who want to branch out should try Ma Cocotte Wine Bar that is north of Old Town.


Map Brasov, Romania

Here’s an online version of our Things To Do in Brasov Map. The map of Brasov, Romania is interactive, but you can also pick up a paper Brasov tourist map at the visitor center.

Things To Do in Brasov, Romania Map by


Travel Tips for Brasov, Romania

Best Tips for Visiting Brasov, Romania

Okay, we’ve covered the best things to do in Brasov, Romania and the top places to eat and drink, but we have a few more travel planning tips for your trip!


When To Visit: Brasov Weather and Crowds

Determining the best time to go to Brasov will depend on your desired activities, budget, weather tolerance and patience.

The City of Brasov experiences four distinct seasons. The summers are hot, the fall is gorgeous, the winter is cold, and springtime is crisp. The Brasov, Romania weather can play a big role in your sightseeing and adventure activities, so it’s essential to know what to expect.

Tourist crowds can also impact your time in Brasov. During the busy tourist season, costs can spike and lines for activities and dining can be long.

We are sharing some insight into the typical weather in Brasov, Romania is for each season and what to expect crowd-wise so that you can plan your best time to visit!


Summertime in Brasov

Summer is the most popular time to go to Brasov. The days are long and the weather is sunny and warm, making it an excellent time to explore the city and surrounds. However, in recent years, summertime high temperatures have inched into the 90s (and over 100 degrees Fahrenheit on occasion!).

The summer is also when Brasov is most crowded and prices for accommodations are highest. Summer tourists generally encounter long lines at top attractions – so it’s best to plan ahead, book accommodations early and buy skip-the-line tickets online (especially to Bran Castle) if you can.


Brasov Autumn

Cable Car at Poiana Brasov, Romania

We think autumn is the best time to visit Brasov! The weather is cooler, the crowds have dissipated and the prices are lower – and when the leaves change color, Brasov it is absolutely stunning!

That said, the days quickly get shorter and the beginning of November marks that start of the snowy season.


Winter in Brasov

Brasov Christmas Tree for the Holiday Festival in Romania

The Brasov, Romania winter is long, cold and snowy. January is the coldest month, when high temperatures hover right around freezing.

However, there are many reasons to visit Brasov in winter. Accommodation costs are typically at their lowest – and the nearby skiing is spectacular – plus the Christmas Market in Brasov is said to be exceptional.


Brasov in the Springtime

The wintery weather in Brasov sticks around through the beginning of spring…and showers come in May. The combination of snow melt in the mountains and heavy rains can cause flooding in the springtime.

In our opinion, spring is the least desirable time to visit Brasov, Romania – but for those who want to avoid the crowds, the spring is a fabulous time to do it!

Check the current weather in Brasov before your trip – and look at the local Brasov Webcam to view the conditions. 


Brasov Tourist Information Office

There are 4 Brasov Visitor Centers that supply travelers with Brasov maps, pamphlets and information.

Visitors will find a Brasov Tourist Office at the Brasov Railway Station, at the east end of Parcul Nicolae Titulescu and in a charming house near the Schei Gate.

Additionally, there is a Brasov Tourist Info Office in Poiana (in fact, we rate this office as the Best Tourist Office Brasov for their helpful and knowledgeable staff!).   

Use this link to the official Brasov Tourism Board for location addresses.


Brasov Shopping

There are numerous opportunities for shopping in Brasov, Romania. Whether looking for souvenirs, the latest fashions or outdoor gear, there is a Brasov shopping mall that has what you are searching for.

The Star Shopping Center is rather small, but it is the closest to the Old Town and has a large Carrefour Supermarket. The AFI Mall Brasov, however, has an excellent selection of international retailers and is a 20 minute walk from the Old Town. The much larger Coresi Shopping Center Brasov Mall is north of the city center and, in addition to major retailers, also has a movie theater. There is also a Decathlon sporting goods store in Brasov, located in another major shopping district to the southeast of the city.


How To Get to Brasov, Romania

Travelers can currently get to Brasov by train, bus or car. However, a new Brasov Airport has completed construction and is expected to open in the summer of 2023.


Airport Brasov, Romania

The Brasov-Ghimbav International Airport (BRV) is the first airport to be built in Romania in decades. Flights to Brasov, Romania are expected to start in June 2023. The Brasov, Romania airport will likely be serviced by major European airlines as well as regional Romanian carriers.

Until then the best airport near Brasov, Romania is in Bucharest (OTP) – and there is an airport in Sibiu (SBZ), as well.

Start your search for the best Brasov flights on Skyscanner, but first read our tips on How To Get the Best Flight Deals.


Train to Brasov

Trains in Romania are notoriously slow, but it can be a viable way to get Brasov.

The main Brasov Train Station is (inconveniently) located 2 miles northeast of the city center. The most frequent trains are on the Bucharest – Brasov route, but it is possible to get to Brasov on long-distance trains from other Romanian destinations (and from Budapest and Vienna, too!).

There are multiple train companies that service the Brasov station. Visitors can find a Brasov train schedule online or by using Google Maps.


Bus to Brasov

There are buses to Brasov from cities around Romania – but just like the trains, the bus journeys can be time consuming. The country is large and there are limited freeways.

There are two Brasov bus stations – Autogara 1 and Autogara 2. The Autogara 1 Bus Station is by the train station, while Autogara 2 is about 2 miles directly north of the historic center. is a good online resource for finding Brasov bus schedules.


Popular Routes to Brasov by Bus and Train

We are highlighting a few of the most popular bus and train routes in Romania to help give you an idea of options for getting to Brasov.


Bucharest to Brasov by Train

The best option is to get from Bucharest to Brasov by train. The Brasov – Bucharest distance is about 115 miles (185 km).

The train from Bucharest to Brasov, Romania takes about 2.5 hours. When we traveled between the two cities, we used the Brasov – Bucharest train and the ride was slow, but mostly scenic.

Pro Tip: It is possible to take a day trip to Brasov from Bucharest, but it would require a significant amount of travel time. We recommend spending at least 1 day in Brasov (but 3 days is better!).


Sibiu to Brasov by Bus

Although there are both buses and trains to Brasov from Sibiu, we thought taking the bus was the better option for the trip – as it’s slightly faster and the departure times aligned better with our schedule. The Brasov – Sibiu distance is about 95 miles (150 km). The Bus Brasov – Sibiu takes about 2.5 hours, mostly on rural roads.


Budapest to Brasov

On a map, it looks like taking the train from Budapest to Brasov, Romania would be an easy journey. However, it takes about 13 hours to travel by train between the two cities. The fastest bus routes are about an hour quicker, but that is still an awfully long bus ride, in our opinion!

Instead, we recommend flying from Budapest to Romania.


How To Get Around Brasov

We think the best way to get around Brasov is by walking. Although there are hills surrounding the city, the center is flat and walkable.

However, to get to places outside the city center, there is an affordable and frequent Brasov public transit bus system. Visitors not inclined to use Brasov public transport can use inexpensive Uber rides or consider renting a car.


Rent a Car Brasov, Romania

A car rental in Brasov, Romania could be useful for travelers who want to take Brasov day trips without relying on public transport or tours. However, drivers should be aware that parking in Brasov can be difficult and drivers in Romania are…aggressive.

Before you make a reservation for a car, read our Tips for Getting the Best Car Rental Rate.


Where To Stay: Accommodation Brasov, Romania

Brasov accommodation ranges from cheap hostels to luxury hotels. On short trips to the city, we think the best place to stay is the Brasov Old City Center. We are highlighting a few of the best options for Brasov hotels, hostels and apartments.

Use our tips for Finding the Best Hotels before you start your search!


Hotels in Brasov, Romania

Visitors looking for Brasov, Romania hotels will find many options in the historic center. We are featuring a few of the best places to stay in Brasov based on guest reviews.


Radisson Blu Aurum Hotel, Brasov

Newly opened in the fall of 2022, the sleek and modern Radisson Blu Brasov is sure to be a traveler’s top pick! The stylish rooms are already getting rave reviews and the seasonal outdoor pool is certain to be a hit, as well. Book a room for your vacation!


Vila Katharina

Centrally located in the heart of the city, Vila Katharina is ranked as one of the best hotels in Brasov, Romania. The hotel offers comfortable, spacious and clean rooms. Elegant décor features throughout and guest rave about the fabulous breakfast. Check rates and availability for your trip!


Casa Chitic Hotel Brasov, Romania

Providing value for money, Casa Chitic is a top choice for places to stay in Brasov. Located right in the middle of the city, the hotel offers clean rooms, comfortable beds and traditional décor. Check rates for your stay!


Hotel Brasov Kronwell

The Brasov Hotel Kronwell is a stylish and modern 4-star hotel at the city’s train station. The hotel features an onsite spa, bathrobes and flatscreen TVs. Check availability!


Hotel Aro Palace Brasov Romania

A eye-catching property across from Nicolae Titulescu Park, Hotel Aro Palace is a 5-star hotel offering all the modern conveniences. Check rates!


Silver Mountain Poiana Brasov Spa and Resort

A high-end mountain resort, the Silver Mountain Hotel is nestled in the mountains above Brasov. All rooms feature terraces with mountain views and the hotel has an onsite wellness center. Check availability!


Brasov Hostels

While there are several affordable and cheap hotels in Brasov, Romania, visitors looking to stay in a hostel with fellow travelers will find a few hostels in Brasov.

The Secret Boutique Hostel offers beds in mixed dorm rooms at affordable prices – check the rates here.

At JugendStube Hostel, guests can choose to stay in a room with private bathroom or shared – plus there are common areas where guests can relax and socialize. Check availability!


Airbnb Brasov, Romania

Visitors who are staying in the city for more than a few days (like us!) might want to stay in one of the many Brasov apartments found on Airbnb.


What To Pack for your Brasov Trip

Our final travel tips for Brasov, Romania are what to pack in your suitcase. You can find all of our advice on our dedicated Packing Page. Need a packing checklist? Grab your Free Packing Checklist here!


Excellent Shoes

A good pair of travel shoes are essential for Brasov! Between the cobblestone lanes and hiking trails, you will want to make sure you have shoes that will keep your feet comfortable. For city walks and Tampa Mountain treks, I was comfortable in my travel sneakers – but better hiking shoes are ideal for advanced trails.


Weather and Activity Appropriate Gear

Being at the foot of the mountains, the Brasov weather can fluctuate a lot during the day. Make sure to pack clothing that can be layered when touring Brasov.

Additionally, if you plan on participating in adventurous outdoor Brasov activities, make sure you are prepared with proper footwear, hiking poles and a hydration system.


Travel Camera

Brasov, Romania is absolutely beautiful! Capture all of that beauty with a real travel camera. For our travels, we use a Canon Rebel with an 18-135mm lens. Not only does it take quality photos, but it’s easy to use and comes with heaps of accessories – plus it’s priced right, which makes it a great camera for budget travelers


Day Bag

With long days of sightseeing or hiking on the trails, a good travel day bag is a must. We use small backpacks for our daily adventures. They are the perfect size for stowing everything we need!


Travel Insurance

Regardless of how well you plan your trip to Brasov, things can go wrong – like lost luggage or getting sick abroad. And if they do, travel insurance might help cover costs incurred. If you don’t already have travel insurance for your trip, check the rates and coverage with a reliable company.


Travel Planner and Documents

As you prepare for your trip to Brasov, Romania, keep all the details organized with a travel planner. Additionally, make sure your important documents stay safe in a document organizer for travel


We Want To Know: What would you add to our list of the best things to do in Brasov, Romania? Give us your tips and advice in the comments below!


Start planning your trip to Romania! Search for the lowest airfares, the best accommodations and fun things to do…then start packing!  Want more travel planning tips? Head over to our Travel Planning page for more information and tips on traveling – and for country-specific information, take a look at our Travel Guides page!


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