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The Best Weekend In San Diego Itinerary

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Sunny San Diego is the perfect destination for a weekend escape! The southern California city has something for everyone: Beautiful San Diego beaches, must-see attractions, amazing parks, unique neighborhoods and an exciting nightlife. We created a Weekend in San Diego Itinerary that features the absolute best things to do on a getaway to the city.

Planning a trip to San Diego doesn’t have to be complicated. However, with so many things to see (and so little time), organizing your weekend San Diego trip is essential.


How To Plan a Weekend in San Diego Itinerary

During the many years that we resided in Phoenix, we made countless weekend trips to San Diego, California. It is an easy flight – and the San Diego airport is right in the heart of the city, so it takes little time to dive into weekend fun.

That said, no two of our San Diego weekends were planned exactly the same. Although beaches, baseball and craft beer are among our favorite things to do in San Diego, we constantly challenged ourselves to plan San Diego weekend itineraries that included sights, attractions and districts that we had yet to visit.

Based on our experiences, advice from locals and tips from fellow travelers, we have created a plan for the perfect San Diego weekend trip.


San Diego Weekend Getaway Itinerary FAQs

Before we jump into our trip plan for a weekend getaway to San Diego, we want to answer a few of the most frequently asked questions.


How Many Days for a Weekend Getaway San Diego?

For the best weekend getaways in San Diego, we recommend spending at least three days in the city. Planning a 3-day long weekend in San Diego is enough time to see top sights, discover cool districts and stroll on the best SD beaches.

However, your trip plan needs to be succinct. To help, we created a detailed itinerary that shows you the best way to plan a weekend in San Diego for 3 days. In fact, our SD itinerary is a complete day-by-day guide that includes the best 3 days in San Diego.

That all said, we know not all travelers are planning a 3-Day San Diego Itinerary. Therefore, we offer our top tips for longer – and shorter – stays at the end of the post. So, if you want to create a San Diego 1-Day Itinerary or a 4-Day San Diego Itinerary, we have got you covered!


Is this a City or Beach San Diego 3 Day Itinerary?

If you are going to spend three days in San Diego, there is certainly enough time to see both the beach and the city…and even more!

As such, our 3 Day San Diego Itinerary is a trip plan that includes both city attractions and the best beaches. Rather than focusing on one specific activity, we include a wide range of events in our plan for visiting San Diego in 3 days.

On the other hand, visitors interested in only a beach San Diego vacation or those who want to plan a city break can still use our outlined San Diego trip itinerary for our best suggestions on what to see, do and eat.


Can I Use this Weekend Itinerary San Diego for Families?

We first designed our San Diego 3-Day Itinerary for adults – as we were intent on creating the best weekend trip for traveling couples and/or groups of friends.

However, since San Diego boasts numerous attractions and places that kids will enjoy – and we have updated our SD trip plan to include kid-friendly activities, as well. With the incredible range of activities we recommend, this can easily serve as a San Diego family vacation itinerary.

In fact, whether you are looking for a fabulous San Diego itinerary for couples or are creating a San Diego vacation planner for families, you can use our weekend guide to plan your best SD trip!


Can I Plan a San Diego, California Vacation on a Budget?

Absolutely! While the city is generally considered to be an expensive destination, you can certainly plan affordable San Diego vacations…and you can use our San Diego weekend itinerary to help you do it.

Many of the activities that we recommend throughout our itinerary are either cheap or free things to do in San Diego. As a matter of fact, some of the must-do San Diego attractions – like the beaches and parks – don’t cost at all. Furthermore, district exploration (which is always free!) is highly encouraged in the city – and we recommend a few of the best places to see in San Diego.

Some of the biggest costs of your vacation in San Diego will be flights and accommodations – so we highlight our top tips for finding cheap airfare and best suggestions for discounts on hotels in San Diego later in the article.


What else is included in this Weekend in San Diego Trip Planner?

San Diego trip planning is not limited to what to see, do and eat while in the city – you also need to consider how you will get there, where you will stay, what you will do to get around the city and what you need to pack.

Don’t stress! Our San Diego trip plan includes our best recommendations for getting there, getting around and the best SD hotels and we share top San Diego travel tips for packing, as well. Plus, we created a San Diego Map of attractions to help you better plan your trip.  

The Best Weekend in San Diego Itinerary by JetSettingFools.com



Now that we have covered the basics, it’s time to get to our complete day-by-day plan of our perfect San Diego weekend itinerary. Don’t miss the map of San Diego at the end of the post! 

Our San Diego Itinerary blog is packed with information. It includes everything you need to plan a trip to San Diego! Save, Pin or Bookmark our Weekend in SD Itinerary so that you can plan your San Diego trip!


Day 1: San Diego Sightseeing

Night out in San Diego CA

After checking into your accommodations (recommendations later), kick off your 3 Day San Diego Itinerary with classic sightseeing in San Diego. Start at the beginning – in Old Town in San Diego – then make your way back into downtown for city exploration, dinner and drinks.


Old Town San Diego

A destination for history, shopping and dining, Old Town San Diego is an excellent place to start your fantastic weekend in San Diego.

The Old Town State Historic Park is a living history museum that celebrates the origins of San Diego. The complex is comprised of historic buildings and exhibits that depict what life was like in San Diego in the 1800s. Visitors can learn about the history of San Diego in Old Town via on-site museums, re-enactments, tours and events.

There is no entry fee to the park and museums – it’s one of the best free San Diego attractions! Use this brochure for more information.

Pro Tip: Old Town is a San Diego must-see sight…and it is easily accessible by trolley, bus, train or taxi. As a matter of fact, one of the best ways to explore on the first day of your San Diego Itinerary is with a Hop On Hop Off Trolley pass.


Little Italy San Diego

Dating to the 1920s, the Little Italy neighborhood in San Diego is one of the remaining Italian enclaves in the United States – and a weekend in San Diego itinerary would not be complete without taking a stroll through the charming district.

At one time home to 6,000 Italian families, Little Italy is a thriving community that features public art and quaint piazzas. What San Diego Little Italy is best known for is its fabulous outdoor weekend market, Little Italy Mercato. In addition to the fresh produce, there are several vendors that sell locally prepared foods.

Pro Tip: The Little Italy Mercato, which runs for six blocks on West Date Street, happens on Saturday mornings from 8:00am until 2:00pm (and Wednesdays from 09:30am to 1:30pm). If the market is a must-see in your weekend 3 Day Itinerary San Diego, plan accordingly.


Downtown San Diego Sightseeing

Downtown San Diego is a hub of culture and entertainment. Sightseeing in the city is highlighted by impressive museums, SD Harbor views and leisurely shopping. We are sharing our top picks for what to do in San Diego Downtown.


USS Midway Museum

The USS Midway naval aircraft carrier is anchored at Navy Pier in downtown San Diego – and visiting is one of the top San Diego activities.

Serving for nearly half a century, the Midway was converted into a museum in 2004. Visitors use self-guided audio tours to navigate their way through the legendary military ship.

Pro Tip: The USS Midway Museum offers a dedicated children’s audio tour, which is ideal for anyone planning a San Diego Itinerary with Kids. Find out more and buy tickets!


San Diego Harbor Cruise

On a San Diego cruise, passengers enjoy spectacular views of the skyline while listening to commentary about the city’s history and sights. With multiple daily departures – and a choice of 1- or 2-hour bay cruises, guests can easily fit a cruise into their San Diego Itinerary.

Pro Tip: Whale Watching Cruises – like this one! – are one of the best things to do in San Diego – but only in the right season. The whales migrate past the San Diego shoreline from December through April.


Seaport Village

An outdoor shopping mall and dining district, Seaport Village is a pleasant spot along the waterfront in downtown SD. As it is featured in every San Diego vacation guide, it can be quite touristy. That said, it is a fabulous place to grab an ice cream cone, browse for souvenirs and people watch. If you do grab a bite to eat at Seaport Village, the San Diego Pier Café is a landmark spot.

Pro Tip: On Saturday mornings, peruse the fresh-caught fish, shrimp and seafood at the Tuna Harbor Dockside Market. 


More Downtown San Diego Attractions and Museums

We have featured a few of our preferred top things to do in San Diego Downtown, but we want to mention some of the city’s museums that are great weekend trip ideas in San Diego, as well.

The New Children’s Museum

A fun activity to include in a family weekend getaway to San Diego, the New Children’s Museum is an interactive art museum dedicated to young children and families.

San Diego Chinese Historical Museum

A small museum located in an old mission-style building, the San Diego Chinese Historical Museum displays fascinating exhibits of Chinese art, history and culture.

Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego

Another small museum in the city center, the Museum of Contemporary Art features intriguing and thought-provoking modern artworks.

Gaslamp Museum at the Davis-Horton House

A Victorian-era heritage home detailing the rich history of the city…plus it’s haunted.

Pro Tip: We love these bite-sized museums in downtown SD– but we feature more of the best museums on Day 2 of our Weekend San Diego Itinerary.  


San Diego Padres Baseball Game 

Catching a game at the San Diego Padres’ Petco Park is a highlight of a 3 Days in San Diego Itinerary. Located in the heart of the Gaslamp District, the stadium is one of the best in all of Major League Baseball.

In addition to watching a game, visitors have several more reasons to put Petco Park on their list of what to see in San Diego in 3 days. The skyline views are incredible, there is a kid-friendly ‘Park at the Park’ and the concessions feature local eateries and San Diego craft breweries.

Whether you are planning a San Diego Itinerary with kids, couples or friends, a Padres baseball game is a big hit!

Pro Tip: Visiting outside of the summer season? See what else is going on at Petco Park! The stadium is used for an array of San Diego events – including concerts, motorsports and rugby.


A Night Out in San Diego Gaslamp Quarter

The epicenter of downtown San Diego nightlife, the historical Gaslamp Quarter – or Gaslamp District – is the perfect place to kick off your long weekend in San Diego.

In addition to the numerous restaurants, bars and night clubs that are housed in the district, the Gaslamp is also center stage for several fun San Diego events – like street parties and music festivals.

Pro Tip: You can start your discovery of the district on a fascinating guided walk of the Gaslamp Quarter. The fun early evening history tour, Brothels, Bites and Booze – where you snack, sip and soak in the atmosphere of the iconic SD district – is a good introduction.


Where to Eat and Drink in San Diego Gaslamp

The Gaslamp is the prime spot for dinner, drinks and dance clubs in the city. The biggest challenge for your 3 day trip to San Diego may be deciding which places you want to go to eat, drink and dance the night away. 

The Gaslamp District is constantly evolving, with new places coming on the scene and old favorites fading away. That said, we are sharing a few recommendations for the best restaurants and bars in Gaslamp.

Casual Dining

For pizza, you can’t go wrong with Basic. Blind Burro fits the bill when you are in the mood for Mexican. Hodads is, hands down, the place to go for burgers. Punch Bowl Social serves standard American fare and is always a fun time.

Upscale Eats and Drinks

Looking for something slightly upscale from bar eats? Check out Garage Kitchen and Bar. For the most amazing cocktails, head to Noble Experiment, which exudes a speakeasy ambiance.

Gaslamp Nightclubs

The Gaslamp nightclubs are fun and funky – and there are more than a few in the district where you can dance late into the night. We are highlighting just a few of the places you might want to include in your San Diego Three Day Itinerary.

  • Bang Bang: An Asian eatery that transforms into a fun club on weekends.
  • Cafe Sevilla: A Spanish tapas and paella place with live music and dancing every night of the week.
  • The Tipsy Crow: Nightclub offering three levels of dancing and games.
  • Trailer Park after Dark: A basement dive that is popular with the young crowd.
  • Moonshine Flats: Excellent fun for country music fans.
  • Parq: An upscale club with tables and bottle service.

Pro Tip: The Local San Diego, which is situated in the nearby Financial District, is an excellent choice for delicious pub grub – plus it’s also the home of Resident Brewing, some of the best craft beer in SD!


How To Plan a San Diego Weekend Itinerary by JetSettingFools.com


Day 2: The Best Places to Go in San Diego

Hotel Del, San Diego, CA

On the second day of your San Diego Trip Itinerary, explore the city’s best park, discover a neighborhood gem and take a ferry to Coronado.


Balboa Park in San Diego

A massive green space and cultural destination, Balboa Park is a must-visit on your weekend trip to San Diego. The urban park is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – and it is free to enter the grounds.

Top attractions in San Diego Balboa Park are the planned gardens, miles of walking trails and some of the city’s best museums. In fact, there are so many things to do that visitors could easily spend an entire day in Balboa Park. However, for our Weekend Itinerary for San Diego, we recommend spending just the morning in the park.

To help you choose which fun things to do in San Diego Balboa Park, we are highlighting the best sights.


San Diego Zoo in Balboa Park

Balboa Park is home to the world-famous San Diego Zoo. The zoo is a must for travelers planning a San Diego itinerary with family. One of the most incredible zoos in the world, the zoo in San Diego is a state-of-the-art facility housing more than 4,000 animals.

Visitors who opt to go to the SD Zoo should buy skip-the-line tickets in advance to save time – because there is still more to see!


Botanical Building and Lily Pond

The most photographed spot in the park is the 1915 Botanical Building from across the Lily Pond and Lagoon. While the viewpoint is iconic, visiting the Botanical Building is fun, too; it houses more than 2,000 plants, including orchids and palms. Plus, it’s one of the best San Diego things to do for free!


Japanese Friendship Garden

Nestled in Balboa Park, the Japanese Friendship Garden features meticulously planned gardens, koi ponds, bridges and waterfalls. There is a fee to enter.


Inez Grant Parker Memorial Rose Garden

The free rose garden is one of the must-see sights in San Diego Balboa Park. Visitors can see the roses in bloom from March through December – but April and May are the peak season.


Spreckels Organ

With 5,098 pipes in 81 ranks, the Spreckels Organ in Balboa Park is the largest outdoor musical instrument in the world. Catch a free organ concert on Sundays at 2 in the afternoon.


Museums in Balboa Park

The sprawling Balboa Park houses 16 incredible museums – and we are featuring the top picks. While the museums are not free, there is a money-saving Balboa Park Explorer Pass that will help save money if you plan on visiting multiple museums.

  • Fleet Science Center: An educational and interactive facility with a planetarium, IMAX theater and hands-on exhibits.
  • San Diego Natural History Museum: Dinosaurs and fossils are top attractions at this earth science museum.
  • San Diego Museum of Art: A vast and incredible art collection, including masterpieces and sculptures.
  • San Diego Air & Space Museum: Aviation history museum with flight simulators and displayed aircraft.


Walking Trails at Balboa Park

While there are many things to see at Balboa Park that you will want to include in your San Diego itinerary for the weekend, one of the best things to do at the park is just walking. Balboa Park features an astounding 65 miles of walking and biking trails – which are open 24/7/365.

Pro Tip: Take some time to explore the magnificent Balboa Park on foot or on wheels. One of the best ways to cover more ground in the enormous park is via a Segway tour – like this morning tour!


South Park District

Sitting adjacent to Balboa Park on the southeast side, the San Diego South Park District exudes classic Southern California charm. Established in 1870, the under-the-radar district is a top destination to include on your San Diego weekend trip.

The residential neighborhood is comprised of quaint bungalows, tree-lined streets and a main thoroughfare that hosts boutique shops and innovative eats.


What To Do in San Diego South Park District

Exploration of the South Park neighborhood centers on 30th and Fern Streets.

We recommend grabbing lunch in the district – either at the highly rated Café Madeleine for French-inspired fare or Eclipse Chocolate for weekend brunch.

After lunch, peruse the shops for interesting finds and unique, local San Diego made products.

Pro Tip: We have a few tips for top shops in South Park. Vinyl Junkies Record Shack is fun for music lovers, The Book Catapult is a must for bookworms and Thread and Seed is a top choice for apparel.


Coronado, California

Coronado sits just across San Diego Bay (and is technically a peninsula, not an island) – and is a must-see on your 3 Days in San Diego Itinerary. Appealing to tourists for decades, the posh residential community boasts high-end resorts, an artsy downtown district and one of the best beaches in America.

From San Diego, it’s just a 15-minute ferry ride to Coronado Ferry Landing, which puts visitors in the perfect position to start exploring. Travelers with a car can just as easily drive to Coronado via the stunning Coronado Bridge, taking in the epic ocean views en route.

That said, another way to see Coronado is via a guided Segway Tour that navigates through San Diego and Coronado.


What To See in Coronado, San Diego

The number one reason to include Coronado on your San Diego vacation planner is to see the Hotel del Coronado – or just Hotel Del; it’s the town’s most famous building. Dating to 1888, the resort hotel is a National Historic Landmark and has been visited by a long list of celebrities – from Marilyn Monroe to Muhammad Ali.

However, the Hotel Del isn’t the only reason to visit this stylish San Diego neighborhood. Some of the fun activities on Coronado include spending time on the pristine beach and going shopping at the boutique shops that line Orange Avenue. It’s all easily walkable – although we prefer to rent a bike and navigate Coronado on two wheels.

Pro Tip: Ladies who are looking to add a little fun in their San Diego Bachelorette Itinerary might want to make reservations for spa treatments at the Spa at The Hotel Del. 


Dinner on Coronado

On the second day of your Weekend in San Diego, stay on Coronado for a delicious dinner. Although Coronado feels like a small town, there are a copious number of places to eat. In fact, some of the very best restaurants in San Diego are in Coronado – so we are highlighting a few of the favorites.

Coronado Brewing Company ranks as our top choice for a casual meal and a few locally crafted brews. The tavern serves exceptional pub fare – and the classic Pub Burger is our go-to (but the Ahi Fish Tacos are phenomenal, too!).

Seafood is naturally a specialty on Coronado – and Lobster West is a top pick. Try the Lobster Roll – and accompany it with a bowl of Lobster Bisque or Clam Chowder.

For an upscale dining experience with a sea view, Serea Coastal Cuisine at the Hotel Del Coronado is said to be exceptional. The sea-to-table concept has a flair for the Mediterranean – and the tiered patio seating is hard to beat.

Pro Tip: If dinner in Coronado isn’t appealing to you, head back to the city and try one of the hip restaurants in Little Italy – like Juniper and Ivy or The Crack Shack. 


How To Spend 3 Days in San Diego, CA by JetSettingFools.com


Day 3: Discover the Best San Diego Beaches

On the last day of your 3-day trip to San Diego, spend time on the beautiful Pacific coastline – it is possibly the best thing to do in San Diego.


San Diego Beaches

In addition to visiting Coronado Beach, it’s essential to schedule some time in your San Diego trip itinerary on the mainland beaches.

Our favorite San Diego beach communities – Point Loma, Ocean Beach, Mission Beach, Pacific Beach and La Jolla – are just a short distance from downtown San Diego. Torrey Pines, just a bit further north, is a top SD destination, as well.

Catch a Uber/Lyft ride (or drive) up the California Coast to sink your feet into the sand while you soak up the sunshine. Top San Diego beach activities are shoreline walking, frisbee throwing, bike riding, beach bar imbibing and sunbathing.


The Best Beaches in San Diego

The best San Diego beaches are north of the city. We are listing the top beaches to visit in San Diego from south to north.


Point Loma

While Point Loma does not have beaches for playing and swimming, the coastline offers some of the most spectacular views in the city – which is reason enough to include it in your Weekend San Diego Itinerary.

The top attraction in San Diego Point Loma is Cabrillo National Monument Park. The best things to do at Cabrillo National Monument is explore the Point Loma tide pools, go hiking on the Bayside Trail, take in the view at Whale Overlook and visit the Old Point Loma Lighthouse. A fee is required to visit Point Loma Park.


Sunset Cliffs Natural Park

Dramatic cliffs, rocky bluffs, natural rock arches and hidden sea caves are top reasons to visit the free Sunset Cliffs Natural Park on the northern boundary of Point Loma.

The park encompasses 1.5 miles of rugged shoreline. Visitors can stay on the top of the cliffs for the unrivaled panoramic views – bring binoculars to see if you can spot any migrating whales. Adventurous travelers can take the stairs down the Ladera Steps to explore the sea cave at low tide.


Ocean Beach

The town of Ocean Beach dates to the late 1800s – and, in addition to the beach, there is a lot to discover!

The most popular beach in Ocean Beach is Newport Avenue Beach – where surfers ride the waves and people come to hang out. Visitors can also walk along the landmark Ocean Beach fishing pier or eat at one of the many Ocean Beach restaurants. Wonderland Ocean Pub is our top pick in OB – but South Beach Bar & Grille is a close second (especially if you’re there for Taco Tuesday!).

Other things to do in Ocean Beach are exploring tide pools during low tide, embarking on a self-guided historic walk, seeking out artistic murals, and walking along Dog Beach in OB.


Mission Beach

Mission Beach embodies the classic Southern California beach atmosphere – which is why we think it is one of the best places to include on your San Diego trip itinerary. The skinny, 2-mile peninsula is just two blocks wide – with the Pacific Ocean on the west and Mission Bay on the east.

The top thing to do in San Diego Mission Beach is to stroll or bike along the boardwalk promenade. The paved beachfront path is used by walkers, joggers, rollerbladers and skateboarders.

The Belmont Park theme park is a big tourist attraction in Mission Beach – and riding the 1927 Big Dipper wooden roller coaster is a must! The best part is that you only pay for rides and food – getting into the small beach theme park is free.

That said, for food, we actually recommend heading to Draft, where they serve big portions and feature a massive local craft beer list.


Pacific Beach

Exuding a chill surfer vibe and the home to loads of fun beach bars is what encouraged us to spend many of our 3-day weekends in San Diego on Pacific Beach.

The same oceanfront boardwalk in Mission Beach extends to Pacific Beach (and north to Law Street Beach) – and it’s just as popular in PB.

The sandy beach is ideal for surfing, swimming, sunbathing, playing in the sand and building sandcastles – and the wooden Crystal Pier is a super spot to catch a beautiful San Diego sunset.

Another spot for an amazing SoCal sunset – and one of the best things to do in San Diego Pacific Beach – is to perch on the ocean view deck at Lahaina Beach House.

While there are several fun beach restaurants in Pacific Beach (like World Famous, Baja Beach Club and PB Shore Club), our top recommendation for a place to eat in PB is Bare Back Grill – which sits a block off the beach, but makes divine burgers (try the Bare Lil Lamb Burger!).


La Jolla, California

La Jolla is a fabulous destination with heaps of activities and beautiful beaches to entertain guests.

The best shoreline spot is La Jolla Cove, where sea lions and pelicans provide the entertainment and the natural landscape provides the scenery. The La Jolla tide pools and Sunny Jim’s Sea Cave are two other top places to see – and sandy La Jolla Shores Beach is the best place for bodyboarding and bonfires.

San Diego visitors who have had enough beach can go shopping on Prospect Street – where there are cafes, ice cream shops, local boutiques and famous brands. If you are looking for a better view, drive up to nearby Mount Soledad National Veterans Memorial, where a large white cross stands in honor of American veterans.


Torrey Pines

Active and adventurous travelers planning a weekend trip to San Diego may want to head further north to Torrey Pines, where an abundance of outdoor adventures await.

The popular oceanside Torrey Pines State Park boasts a network of hiking trails along the top of the rocky cliffs, offering fine Pacific Ocean views.

More impressive views are to be had, however…from a paraglider. Thrill-seekers can book a paragliding adventure from the Torrey Pines Gliderport.

If you prefer views from the sand, the Torrey Pines State Beach is an incredible wide, flat beach backdropped by a towering cliff. However, Black’s Beach is the most famous beach in the area, well, because everyone is naked.


How To Visit San Diego Beaches

Planning a trip to San Diego beaches requires a little bit of planning. While public transport can be used to get to some of the beaches closest to the city, you will need to rent a car or Uber/Lyft if you want to visit multiple beach attractions in a single day.

Of course, if you just want to see Mission Beach and Pacific Beach (admittedly, two of our favorites for San Diego beach activities), then we recommend getting a lift to Mission Beach and renting a bike. From Mission Beach, you can use the 3.2-mile Ocean Front Walk to bike north to PB.

Pro Tip: Another option for visitors who want to see multiple beaches without a car is to join a local guide on a tour of the most famous San Diego beach spots. Find out more here!

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Weekend in San Diego Itinerary Map of Attractions

Use this link to Google Maps for an online, interactive version of our Attractions Map of San Diego.

Weekend in San Diego Itinerary Map by JetSettingFools.com


More Things To Do In San Diego, California

Above we outlined three perfect days in San Diego, but there really is so much more to see and do! We are highlighting a few other popular SD activities that you may want to incorporate into your San Diego vacation planner.


San Diego SeaWorld

Sea World is a top attraction to include on a San Diego vacation itinerary. That said, if you decide to go to the SeaWorld – which features sea creatures, animal shows and amusement park rides – plan on spending an entire day at the adventure park.


San Diego Safari Park

Located north (near Escondido), the Safari Park is a spacious zoo that features wild and endangered animals in a more natural habitat. Exhibits include the Asian Savanna, African Plains, the Tiger Trail, Hidden Jungle and Gorilla Forest. Visitors will want to create a full-day San Diego Safari Park Itinerary in order to see all of the amazing animals and partake in the incredible activities. Buy your tickets in advance!


San Diego Day Trips

We think our San Diego Three-Day Itinerary features the best things to do in the city. That said, if you are trying to plan a longer San Diego vacation itinerary or have alternate interests to what we outlined, then you may want to add fun day trips from San Diego, CA to your trip plan.

We are highlighting some of the top-rated day trips that can be added to your San Diego travel itinerary.


Valle de Guadalupe Premium Wine and Food Tour

On this San Diego day trip itinerary participants sip and swirl wine in ‘La Ruta del Vino’, which is one of the oldest wine-producing regions in North America. Transportation, appetizers and wine tastings are included in the tour. Find out more!


San Diego to Tijuana, Mexico

Get an introduction to the city of Tijuana on a full day excursion from San Diego. Taste-test local spirits, eat real Mexican tacos and learn more about the city’s fascinating culture. Get the details!


San Diego to San Francisco Tours

Many visitors making a trip to California want to squeeze in more than one city into their trip itinerary – like Los Angeles and San Francisco. Unfortunately, the top destinations are too far apart for day trips from San Diego. Rather than bogging down your San Diego weekend trip with long travel distances between cities, it is best to save other California destinations for another (or a longer) trip. 

In fact, one of the best ways to see the state’s best coastline destinations is via a multi-day California road trip! We detail everything you need to know in our blog post, Driving the California Coastal Highway (including stops in amazing destinations like Malibu, Santa Barbara, Morro Bay and Monterrey).


San Diego or San Francisco Vacation?

If you are limited to just a few days over a weekend, you will need to weigh the advantages of a San Diego vs San Francisco vacation.

Although the two cities are in the same state, there are so many differences that deciding which one – San Diego vs San Fran – really comes down to what kind of trip you want. Use our San Francisco Itinerary so that you can compare the activities and choose which city to visit.

How To Spend a Weekend in San Diego, California by JetSettingFools.com


How Many Days in San Diego?

San Diego is a vibrant city offering an array of activities. We could easily spend a week in San Diego and not see it all. That said, we have been limited to spending just 1 day in San Diego, as well – and we absolutely made the most of it!

When planning a trip to San Diego, it is best to consider your interests and your budget to help you decide how many days to stay in the city. 

Above, we featured how to spend 3 perfect days in San Diego – but what if you are trying to plan a succinct San Diego 2-Day Itinerary or are planning a longer trip – like a 4-Day Itinerary in San Diego? No problem! Our tips will make planning your trip to San Diego a breeze! 


More San Diego Itineraries

Below, we offer sample itineraries for what to see in San Diego in one day – or how to spend 5 days in San Diego.


San Diego One-Day Itinerary

Visitors with only 1 Day in San Diego will certainly be pressed for time, but it is possible to create a San Diego one-day trip planner for travelers limited to a single day.

The key to planning a one day trip to San Diego is to focus on one area. For example, explore downtown or set sail for Coronado Island or go to a beach city that you can fully explore for the day. 

San Diego Itinerary 1 Day Tour with a Tour Guide

On the other hand, you can join a local guide for a San Diego one day tour. The guide will introduce the best of the city sights in San Diego in a day. Highlights of the tour include Coronado, the Embarcadero, Balboa Park, Gaslamp Quarter, La Jolla and more of downtown. Book it here!


San Diego Itinerary 2 Days

A 2-Day San Diego Itinerary is still limiting, but it is possible to visit San Diego in 2 days and still see and experience a lot!

San Diego 2 Day Itinerary Outline

It can actually be quite simple to create a 2 Days in San Diego trip plan. Using our above San Diego Itinerary 3 Days, pick the two of the three days that are most interesting to you.

Alternatively, you could create a 2 Day San Diego Itinerary by combining Days 1 and 2 and eliminating sights that are not of interest. For example, you could start at Coronado in the morning, go to Balboa Park in the afternoon and discover downtown sights and the Gaslamp in the evening.

Then, choose one (or more) of the beaches from day three of our 3-Day Itinerary San Diego for your second day.  


San Diego Itinerary 4 Days

With 4 days in San Diego, visitors will have much more time for sightseeing. You could break up the tourist sights in our 3-Day San Diego Itinerary – or you could add even more attractions to your trip plan. 

San Diego 4-Day Itinerary Outline

For us, a Perfect 4 Day San Diego Itinerary would be to follow Day 1 in our trip plan as written. On Day 2, however, spend the entire day in Balboa Park and South Park. Then, on Day 3, spend the entire day in Coronado – and on Day 4, visit the best beaches in the city.

Alternatively, create a 4-day itinerary for San Diego by using our outlined guide for Three Days in San Diego, then spend the entire last day at one of San Diego’s amusement parks or the San Diego Zoo.


San Diego Itinerary 5 Days

Spending 5 days in San Diego is certainly a more relaxed way to see the city sights. How you plan your trip will depend on your interests – but we can assure there are plenty of SD sights and attractions to fill your time! 

San Diego 5-Day Itinerary Outline

To create the best San Diego 5-Day Itinerary, we recommend following our above tips for a Perfect San Diego 4-Day Itinerary (spending an entire day in both Balboa Park and Coronado). Then on the last day, go to an amusement park or the zoo.


San Diego Itinerary 7 Days

There are numerous ways to spend one week in San Diego! With a full week, we recommend adjusting our Weekend in San Diego Itinerary to allow for an even more relaxed pace and deeper exploration.

San Diego One-Week Itinerary Suggestions

When organizing a 1 Week San Diego Itinerary, we suggest using our above San Diego 5 Day Itinerary as a start. Then, on Day 6, take one of the day trips – for example, to Tijuana or Wine Country in Mexico. Then, spend the last day of your trip delving more deeply into a favorite district. With 7 days in San Diego, you could also see any attractions that you missed or go to a beach that you skipped earlier in the week.


Tips for Your San Diego Weekend 

Now that we have detailed what to do in our 3-Day San Diego Itinerary – as well as highlighted the best way to spend more or less time in the city – we have a few more travel tips for your trip! 


What is the Best Month to Visit San Diego?

Determining the best time to visit San Diego really depends on what you want to see and do in the city. 

The summer months – June, July and August – have the best beach weather and, in general, the summertime is considered the ideal time of year to visit San Diego. However, those months are also the busiest with tourists and the most expensive for accommodations. 

San Diego in the autumn – September and October – experiences warm weather, yet there are far fewer crowds and prices on hotels start to come down. Fall is our favorite season to visit San Diego.

Wintertime is relatively pleasant in SD, although a bit too cold for sunbathing (but not too cold for beach walks and other outdoor activities!). Traveling in the winter months to San Diego is perfect for budget travelers and those looking to avoid crowds (unless of course you visit San Diego for New Year’s!).

In the spring, San Diego is busy in March (due to it being a major spring break destination), but then usually has a lull in visitors during April and May. 


How To Get To San Diego

San Diego, California can be reached by car, boat, train or plane. Most San Diego weekend visitors travel by plane – and will land at the San Diego International Airport (SAN). The airport is conveniently located just north of downtown and is close to some of the best San Diego beaches.

Use our top tips for Finding the Best Flights – and then use SkyScanner to find the best prices on flights to San Diego!

To get from the airport to the city, visitors can take a bus, taxi or Uber. However, guests who want to book a ride in advance can book private airport transportation online.


Getting Around San Diego

Most places in downtown San Diego can be reached on foot; it is relatively flat with good sidewalks, so it is actually a great city for walking. However, visitors not inclined to walk can also use the convenient trolley. A Hop On Hop Off Trolley ticket is ideal for short term travelers who want to use the trolley to get to top SD attractions. 

To go beyond the city – to the beaches and nearby communities – you can rent a car or use a car service, like Uber. While renting a car will open your opportunities for further exploration, cars (and parking) can be very expensive and difficult in and around San Diego. 


Where To Stay In San Diego

During our weekend San Diego trips, we have stayed in many different locations in an array of San Diego hotels and Airbnb’s – and there are heaps to choose from!

That said, for a short 3-Day Weekend in San Diego Itinerary, we recommend staying in a hotel, rather than Airbnb accommodations. With the limited time, you want to be certain you can check in early (or at least drop off your luggage) – plus, the extra Airbnb and cleaning fees can be exorbitant during a short weekend visit.

We also suggest choosing a hotel in San Diego that is centrally located and close to the attractions that you most want to visit. For our Weekend Itinerary for San Diego, staying in or near downtown is ideal – and we have a few recommendations in a range of prices.


Ramada by Wyndham Gaslamp – $

Formerly the St. James Hotel, the Ramada by Wyndham San Diego Gaslamp Convention Center hotel is located in the heart of the Gaslamp District. (Despite its name, the SD Convention Center is about a 20-minute walk away.)

The historic property has been remodeled, but still retains features of the past – like smaller rooms and a fun, old-school elevator – plus they have a great rooftop. However, what we like most about this hotel is that it is a budget option in the center of the downtown SD. Check prices now!


Porto Vista Hotel in Little Italy- $

We have stayed at the stylish Porto Vista Hotel on several occasions. The hotel is located in Little Italy, just a short walk to the Gaslamp District. Some of the contemporary rooms have balconies, but guests who do not have a balcony can still enjoy the views from the sun deck or the on-site restaurant – The Glass Door (which has a good happy hour, too!).

The chic hotel has a pool and gym – and is one of our top picks for an affordable, yet fashionable, place to stay in San Diego. In fact, it would be one of my top picks for an affordable San Diego Bachelorette Party Itinerary hotel. Check availability!


Hilton San Diego Bayfront – $$

The modern Hilton San Diego Bayfront hotel is a big, beautiful property located right on the waterfront, with direct access to the adjacent Petco Park baseball stadium.

The 4-Star resort offers spacious rooms with elegant touches. The Hilton Bayfront features an outdoor pool and hot tubs, a luxury spa and a sophisticated restaurant. On weekends we wanted to treat ourselves a little, the Hilton San Diego Bayfront Hotel was well-worth the splurge. Check out the amenities!


Hotel Del Coronado – $$$

For an exceptional stay during a weekend in San Diego, there is no property that comes more recommended than the Hotel Del Coronado. The charming hotel offers its guests luxury rooms and outstanding service. We have yet to stay at the famous Hotel Del, but we look forward to it one day. Book your stay!


Before you start your search, use our tips for Booking the Best Hotels!


What To Pack For Your San Diego Trip

We also have a few packing hacks for your San Diego Weekend Trip. In fact, whether you are visiting San Diego in one day or staying for the week, our packing tips will help you decide what to pack for San Diego.


Walking Shoes for Your 3 Days in San Diego

Our Weekend in San Diego Itinerary includes a lot of walking! Make sure you pack a pair of comfortable city walking shoes for your trip. I like these by Columbia and Kris prefers wearing Merrell trail shoes for city walks. In the summertime, I also like wearing Reef Flip Flops, which with the extra arch support are comfortable to wear all day long.


Pack Layers for Your Weekend in San Diego

Regardless of what time of year you go on your weekend trip, you will want to pack clothes that can be layered. The San Diego ‘June Gloom’ weather is real – so you will want to bring along warm clothes – like a hoodie that can be tucked into your day bag, despite it being summer. Even on sunny days, nights can be cool…so keep that in mind as you choose which outfits to pack in your suitcase.


Don’t Forget Your Sunscreen

The sun is strong in California – even on cool and partly cloudy days. We spent a cool day at Pacific Beach on one of our San Diego weekend trips and didn’t think we needed sunscreen…and we were both burnt to a crisp! We highly recommend slathering on the sunscreen, even in cooler weather.


Pack A Travel Camera for Your San Diego Itinerary

San Diego is a beautiful city – so don’t forget your camera! We use a DSLR Canon Rebel, which takes outstanding photos. A perfect budget camera for beginner photographers, the kit comes with an array of useful accessories. Also, if you have binoculars, bring them…especially if you plan on taking a whale watching cruise!


Travel Insurance for Your San Diego Weekend Trip

One last thing you need for your weekend trip to San Diego is Travel Insurance. Trip insurance can protect travelers in the case of cancelled flights, lost luggage and other unfortunate trip interruptions – like illness and injury. Check World Nomads for rates and coverage!


We Want To Know: What would you add to our Weekend in San Diego Itinerary? Give us your top tips on the best things to do in San Diego in the comments below! 


Start planning your trip to San Diego, California! Search for the lowest airfares, the best accommodations and fun things to do…then start packing!  Want more travel planning tips? Head over to our Travel Planning page for more information and tips on traveling – and for country-specific information, take a look at our Travel Guides page!


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