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An Epic California Coastal Drive: San Francisco to Los Angeles Road Trip

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Driving from San Francisco to Los Angeles on the Pacific Coast Highway is an iconic American road trip experience. The California coastal drive, which ranks as one of the most gorgeous road trips in the United States (and the world), features the majestic western coastline, amazing forests and incredible viewpoints. We meticulously planned our coastal California drive – and are sharing our CA Route 1 itinerary details to help fellow travelers plan their trip.


San Francisco to Los Angeles: Pacific Coast Highway

The San Francisco to Los Angeles coastal drive on the Pacific Coast Highway – or PCH – rolls through small California coastal towns, crosses magnificent bridges and delves into dense forests. The scenery along the SF to LA coastal drive is simply breathtaking – and the Big Sur coastal drive section is certainly a highlight of the trip. In our California Coast road trip itinerary, we include the region’s top attractions and best places to stop.


Planning a California Coastal Trip: San Francisco to Los Angeles Highway 1

In our itinerary, we outline a 4-Day California coastal trip on the Pacific Coast Highway from San Francisco to Los Angeles – and have picked the perfect places to stop along the route.

We think 4 days is an ideal amount of time for a San Francisco to Los Angeles Pacific Coast Highway road trip. 

That said, we understand that not all travelers plan to make the California drive in the same time allotment. Some travelers only have a couple of days to complete a California self-drive tour, while other adventurers plan on spending a week driving the coast of California. In fact, it is even possible to make the San Francisco to LA coastal drive in a single day (albeit, a very long day with about 10 hours of drive time).

Regardless of your time frame, you can use our California coastal road trip planner to create your best California self-drive itinerary. In addition to the day-by-day sightseeing suggestions that we provide to help you plan your California coastal vacation, we include tips of where to stay, what to pack in your suitcase and offer alternate Route 1 stops.

We even share links to online maps including a San Francisco to Los Angeles coastal drive map marked with top attractions at the end of the article.

Pro Tip: Get (and stay) organized for your Cali Coast Road Trip by using our Travel Planning Printables!

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Coastal California Trip FAQs

Before jumping into our day-by-day plan for driving down the coast of California, we are answering a few commonly asked questions about the California coastline drive.


How Long is the California Coast Drive: PCH from San Francisco to LA?

Our California coastal drive itinerary is a one-way trip that begins in San Francisco and ends in Los Angeles. Although there are numerous ways to break up a San Francisco to Los Angeles road trip, we designed a 3-night, 4-day California road trip between the two cities. 

The actual length of your coastal drive in California will depend on whether or not you make any detours or additional stops for sightseeing or hikes.


How to Plan a One Week California Trip

We think we have outlined the best coastal drive in California in a relatively short amount of time. However, you could easily design a longer, more leisurely San Francisco to Los Angeles PCH drive making just a few tweaks to our outlined schedule. 

One of the best ways to turn our trip plan into a 1-Week San Francisco to Los Angeles itinerary is to stay in each noted destination for two nights instead of one. This will allow you to thoroughly enjoy the San Francisco to Los Angeles scenic route and have a full day of city exploration in between each day of driving the PCH California road trip. 

Alternatively, you could create a complete 1 Week California Itinerary by spending time in both SF and LA before and after your 4-day CA coastal road trip. Our detailed day-by-day California coastal drive vacation does not include time for city exploration in either San Francisco or Los Angeles.

Therefore, in order to create a perfect Week in California, we recommend spending at least a few days in San Francisco before embarking on your SF to LA road trip and then one day in Los Angeles at the end of your SF to LA Highway 1 drive. 


What is the Distance from San Francisco to Los Angeles?

The distance between San Francisco and Los Angeles on the Pacific Coast Highway is roughly 500 miles. While it is possible to cover that distance in about 10 hours, it is much more likely that your San Francisco to Los Angeles drive time will be much longer – due to both traffic and sightseeing.

For each day’s journey of our Pacific Coast Highway road trip itinerary, we indicate the route length and an estimated drive time. Be aware, however, that in the busy summer months, some parts of the California coast experience bumper-to-bumper traffic, resulting in much longer drive times – and, therefore, some sights along the route may need to be eliminated. Plan to be flexible, patient and adjust your California Coast road trip itinerary as necessary.

Pro Tip: Our San Francisco to Los Angeles road trip itinerary is designed as a scenic drive that features multiple stops on the drive down the coast. If you are in a hurry and need to get between the two cities quickly, rather than taking Highway One San Francisco to Los Angeles, it is much faster (about 6 hours) to take I-5. 


What Vehicle to Use on the Pacific Coast Highway from San Francisco to LA?

We think it is best to use a rental car for California coastal travel. In fact, an SUV – that sits higher off the ground – is recommended for the scenic drive on the California Coast so that you have the best view of the surrounding landscapes.

Note that our California 1 Pacific Coast Highway road trip is designed as a one-way trip. Renting a car in one city and dropping it off in another may incur extra rental fees, which needs to be considered for your overall Road Trip California Coast vacation budget. 

Additionally, an international driver’s license may be required for overseas visitors to rent a car for the San Francisco to Los Angeles road trip. Check with the rental car company in advance for requirements for your SF to LA PCH drive.

Use our car rental tips before you start your rental car search. Our tips will help you find the best rental car prices for your San Fran to LA drive.


Which Direction is Best for a California Self-Drive Trip?

Many travelers question, Is it better to drive up or down the California coast? We think the best route on California State Route 1 is from north to south – which is why we recommend the drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles via the Pacific Coast Highway.

Driving south on the CA coastal highway allows for uninterrupted views of the shoreline. Plus, it is a lot easier to pull off into most of the scenic overlook spots to the right, rather than having to make a left turn across traffic.


South to North via Pacific Coast Highway: Los Angeles to San Francisco

While we do not prefer it, there is nothing wrong with driving from Los Angeles to San Francisco on Pacific Coast Highway. Views will be slightly obstructed by southbound cars and turning left into scenic overlooks will require caution on this Los Angeles to San Francisco drive.

However, it is completely viable to make the northbound Los Angeles to San Francisco coastal drive. For the best places to stay on an LA to SF coastal drive, simply use our outlined itinerary, in reverse!


Where are the Best Overnight Stays on the Coastal Drive from San Francisco to LA?

The overnight California coastal drive stops we include in our itinerary are Monterey, Morro Bay and Santa Barbara.

For each of the stops in our San Francisco to Los Angeles driving itinerary, we include suggested California coastal hotels based on places we have personally stayed (or found through our diligent research).

Travelers interested in California coastal camping sites (or California coastal RV parks) will find numerous choices. Unfortunately, we do not have any personal recommendations for RV or camping sites as you travel from San Francisco to Los Angeles.


When is the Best Time for California Coastal Trips? 

Deciding the best time to drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles on Highway 1 depends on many factors. Weather is a major concern when driving San Francisco to Los Angeles, but not the sole factor. You will also want to consider the crowds (and, thus, traffic) on your San Francisco to LA drive. 


Best Weather to Drive California Coast PCH San Francisco to Los Angeles

Overall, the California coastal region weather is a Mediterranean climate with mild year-round temperatures. Summers are usually dry, but winters can be rainy and windy. When considering weather, the best time to drive Pacific Coast Highway is from late spring through autumn – with summer offering the most ideal weather conditions.

Autumn Road Trip: San Francisco to Los Angeles

We personally think autumn is the best time to visit Big Sur and the central Cali coastal region. We made our Coastal California road trip in mid-autumn – and the weather was absolutely perfect – with full sunshine, pleasant temperatures and minimal traffic congestion.

Pro Tip: The California coast climate can vary dramatically from north to south. Be sure to read our tips for what to pack for your SFO to LA drive at the end of the post.


Crowds and Traffic on the PCH

While the summer provides the best weather for the SF to LA Route 1 drive, it is also the time of year that PCH is most crowded. With the heavy crowds comes extra traffic…which can result in a very long San Francisco to LA drive time. 

Additionally, crowds on the road trip from San Francisco to LA also mean fewer – and more expensive – accommodations. If you are going to drive the California coast in summertime, it is wise to plan ahead and make hotel reservations early.


Will I Be On the “Pacific Coast Highway” On The Coastal Drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles?

The Pacific Coast Highway – or ‘PCH’ – is the best route for driving the California Coast. However, when you drive San Francisco to Los Angeles, you will notice that there are multiple names (and signs) for the same road.

The reason for this is that the Pacific Coast Highway is just part of California State Route 1 (or CA SR 1). State Route 1 runs from Leggett (which is north of San Francisco in Mendocino County) south to San Juan Capistrano (which is between LA and San Diego), where the highway merges into Interstate 5.

Only specific portions of the 655-mile-long road are designated as the Pacific Coast Highway. Regardless of proper names, the entire stretch of the San Francisco to Los Angeles drive is commonly referred to as the Pacific Coast Highway. 

Also note that a Highway 101 California Road Trip is different from the Coastal Highway California 1 PCH. While the two roads merge (from San Luis Obispo to Pismo Beach and from Gaviota to Ventura), CA Highway 101 is a north-south mostly inland road.

Fun Fact: The SF to LA road trip is one of the country’s best coastal drives – and as such, the PCH highway is also labeled an All-American Road.

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Our California Coastal Drive

Now that we have answered commonly asked questions about the San Francisco to LAX drive, we are ready to dive into our coastal drive California itinerary.

In the outline for our road trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles, we highlight the best places to stop for sightseeing, hikes and viewpoints. Our Pacific Coast Highway road trip planner also includes specifics on where to eat and the best places to stay along the scenic route. 

With our detailed day-by-day California Coast drive itinerary, you can easily plan your trip on the Pacific Coast Highway. Our plan for 4 days on the California coastal road features the best coastal towns, fun attractions and epic viewpoints – but as previously mentioned, it does not include sightseeing in either San Francisco or LA.

If it is your first visit to these California cities, we highly recommend spending at least two full days in SF and one day in LA; doing so, you will create a perfect One Week California Vacation Itinerary!

Please keep in mind that our noted driving times are estimated and do not include stops or HWY1 traffic delays.

This Pacific Coast Highway Itinerary includes everything you need! Save, Bookmark or Pin our California road trip blog post for planning your Cali road trip!


Day 1: Drive to the California Coastal Region – San Francisco to Monterey

  • Destination: San Francisco to Monterey Bay via Highway 1.
  • Route: Pick up your rental car at the San Francisco International Airport (or Bay Area Airport of your arrival) and start your drive from SF to LA via Pacific Coast Highway. Hop on Route 1 at Pacifica and drive south to Monterey.
  • Distance from San Francisco to Monterey Bay: 120 miles.
  • San Francisco to Monterey Bay Driving Time: 2 hours and 25 minutes.

The San Francisco to Monterey Pacific Coast Highway route features a beautiful coastline, beaches, parks and hiking trails.


Golden Gate Bridge: Pacific Coast Highway San Francisco to Los Angeles

A legendary start to your drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles is on the Golden Gate Bridge. Not only is it one of the most iconic sights in the world, the Golden Gate Bridge is part of the Pacific Coast Highway. From the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway 1 heads south through San Francisco, passing through Golden Gate Park and Daly City before veering west to the coastline.

That said, as epic as it would be to start your SF to LA road trip on the landmark bridge, driving through the city is a hassle – plus, driving south across the Golden Gate Bridge requires a toll. 

Hopefully, you decided to spend a few days exploring the best attractions in the city – using the tips in our San Francisco Itinerary. If so, you can start your San Francisco to LA road trip south of the city in Pacifica. 


Pacifica, California 

Pacifica marks an excellent start to your San Francisco coastal drive – especially if you are renting a car from the San Francisco airport, as Pacifica is directly west of SFO.

Shortly after starting the southbound California Coast drive, stop at Devil’s Slide Trail – a 1.3-mile section of Route 1 that has been converted into a pedestrian-only path and features stunning ocean views. Also consider making a stop at the Devil’s Slide Bunker for a short hike at the graffiti covered World War II bunker.


Seafood Lunch

On the first day of your SF to LA drive, eat lunch at Moss Beach Distillery, which has an outdoor patio that overlooks Seal Cove. The upscale eatery features an abundance of seafood and classic American fare.

However, if you are looking for something a little more casual, stop by Sam’s Chowder House (3 miles south on PCH from Moss Beach), where they serve award-winning clam chowder and lobster rolls with a view of Half Moon Bay.


Half Moon Bay Trail and Beaches

On your route from San Francisco to Monterey via Highway 1, make a stop in Half Moon Bay. 

Work off your lunch with a stroll on the Half Moon Bay Coastal Trail (you can even rent bikes to pedal along the path) or put your feet into the sand and walk along the string of sandy beaches along the bay.


Big Basin Redwoods State Park

If you are ready to make a detour on your San Francisco to LA road trip, Big Basin Redwoods State Park is a super sight off the Pacific Coast. Just keep in mind that the detour will take up a big portion of the day.

Big Basin Redwoods was designed as a state park in 1902. The park features hiking trails, waterfalls and the famous Coast Redwood Trees, which can live for more than a thousand years and are among the tallest trees in the world.


Santa Cruz, California 

If time allows in your Highway 1 San Francisco to Los Angeles trip, make a stop in Santa Cruz to walk the Santa Cruz Wharf and boardwalk. With ample time, consider making the 6-mile roundtrip walk on West Cliff Drive to the Natural Bridges State Beach Vista Point, which offers an excellent vantage point of a natural rock arch that sits in the ocean near the shoreline.


Monterey, California

The first overnight stop on our Pacific Coast Highway trip planner is Monterey – and it doesn’t disappoint!

With heaps of attractions, history and natural beauty, Monterey is one of the best California coastal cities to visit. Check out the fascinating Jellyfish Exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, walk from the historic (now slightly kitsch) Cannery Row to Fisherman’s Wharf and stand on the shore to spot Sea Otters and Sea Lions.


Where to Eat and Drink in Monterey Bay

So many to choose from! We went with sipping locally produced wine at the waterfront Taste of Monterey and then indulged in casual and cozy pub fare and a few craft beers at Peter B’s Brewpub.


Where To Stay in Monterey Bay

During our stay in Monterey Bay, we stayed at the Portola Hotel and Spa – and we highly recommend it to fellow travelers! Centrally located, the fashionable hotel offers excellent amenities and has an on-site spa. Check rates and availability!

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Day 2: Big Sur Drive – Monterey to Morro Bay

  • Destination: Monterey Bay to Morro Bay.
  • Route: Pacific Coast Highway South.
  • Distance from Monterey to Morro Bay: 123 miles.
  • Monterey to Morro Bay Driving Time: 2 hours and 50 minutes.

On the second day of your SFO to Los Angeles drive, spend a couple of hours in Monterey before departing. Sip coffee, visit sights or simply stroll around town, then embark on the HWY 1 Route to Big Sur.

The distance from Monterey to Morro Bay is about 125 miles – and the route passes through some of the most gorgeous sections of the coastal drive in California. Leaving Monterey via the 17-Mile Drive (rather than California Route 1), travel through beachside Carmel-by-the-Sea and then follow SR 1 through the incredible beauty of Big Sur and on to Morro Bay.


California 17-Mile Drive

The scenic 17-Mile Drive hugs the coastline of California through Pebble Beach and Pacific Grove. Points of interest on the drive along the California Coast include the Point Pinos Lighthouse, Bird Rock Vista Point, the Lone Cypress tree (a Pebble Beach icon), Pescadero Point viewpoint and the famous Pebble Beach Golf Course.


Point Lobos State Natural Reserve

Rated as one of the best state parks in California, Point Lobos is well-worth a stop on your California coastal drive. If you are feeling ambitious, complete the 6.7-mile Point Lobos Loop Trail, otherwise, just take in the magnificent views by making short jaunts from a few of the parking lots.


Drive to Big Sur

Driving Big Sur Pacific Coast Highway is an absolute highlight of any California road trip. In fact, Big Sur is one of the reasons many people opt to take the longer San Francisco to Los Angeles coastal route over the shorter and faster inland Interstate 5.

The Big Sur drive features the rugged coastline to the west and the Santa Lucia Mountains to the east. Beyond taking in the stunning Big Sur scenic landscapes, we recommend seeking out a few must-see Big Sur sights.

Some of the best places to see in Big Sur are Rocky Creek Bridge, Bixby Bridge (also called Bixby Creek Bridge or Bixby Canyon Bridge), Point Sur Lighthouse, Nepenthe restaurant, McWay Falls at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park and Big Creek Bridge.

Pro Tip: These sights are listed from north to south on PCH; use this link to Google Maps for locations.


Lunch in Big Sur

As one of the best places to visit in Big Sur, Nepenthe is a perfect spot for lunch. Enjoy their Famous Ambrosiaburger on the outdoor patio of the cliff-topping restaurant. The sweeping views are as satisfying as the food! Note: While Nepenthe is an absolute gem of a spot for a Big Sur sunset, unless you decide to stay in Big Sur, you will have to miss it – as there is still more to see before arriving in Morro Bay!


Big Sur to Morro Bay

Continue the Big Sur scenic drive south on the California Coast Pacific Coast Highway. After crossing Big Creek Bridge, consider stopping at Limekiln State Park during your Big Sur road trip to explore the waterfall and creeks on one (or more) of the three short trails. For more hikes, check out this Big Sur guide on day hikes


Elephant Seal Vista Point

A fun (and sometimes smelly) stop on a PCH road trip is at the Elephant Seal Rookery in San Simeon. A shoreline boardwalk offers fantastic views of the mammoth Elephant Seals as they dwell in their natural habitat. Plus, volunteers are on hand to answer questions and offer information. 


Hearst Castle on the Road from San Francisco to Los Angeles

A landmark sight between Big Sur and Morro Bay is the Hearst Castle in San Simeon; it is one of the top places to stop between San Francisco and Los Angeles. While many people include the extraordinary castle as a stop on their California coastal route, in a day filled with epic natural scenes, we opted to skip it. Deciding if visiting Hearst Castle is worth it is entirely up to you!


Morro Bay, California

Quaint, peaceful and an underrated US destination, Morro Bay is an ideal place for some rest and relaxation after two full days of sightseeing on the scenic California coastal drive. For us, it proved to be one of the best places to stay between San Francisco and Los Angeles to recharge.

The Central California seaside town is incredibly laid back – with the beach itself punctuated by the massive Morro Rock. The volcanic 581-foot-tall monolith is preserved as a California Historical Landmark and is home to numerous bird species, as well as sea lions, otters, seals and other sea life.

Besides Morro Rock, the town has a charming city center comprised of streets lined with restaurants, cafes, inns and tourist shops. Morro Bay State Park sits at the south end of town, while The Stacks – three chimney stacks formerly part of a power plant – mark the north end of town. 


Where to Eat in Morro Bay

The pleasant town has numerous waterfront eateries, all of which feature a seafood menu. However, we recommend dining at Dorn’s Breakers Cafe, a local institution serving fresh seafood since 1942 and offering fine views of the bay and Morro Rock from the elevated patio.


Where To Stay in Morro Bay

We struggled somewhat to find a hotel in Morro Bay that ticked all of our boxes. Desiring to be on the water in the center of town at an affordable price (not asking too much, right?!), we chose to stay at the Bayfront Inn. While the hotel doesn’t necessarily dazzle guests, the staff were friendly and the rooms were clean and comfortable. We would definitely stay at the Bayfront Inn again! Check rates and availability!

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Day 3: California Scenic Drive – Wineries and Beaches from Morro Bay to Santa Barbara

  • Destination: Morro Bay to Santa Barbara.
  • Route: CA SR 1 South.
  • Distance from Morro Bay to Santa Barbara: 126 miles.
  • Morro Bay to Santa Barbara Driving Time: 2 hours and 20 minutes.

Continuing south from Morro Bay, resume the best drive in California. Watch as the landscape shifts from dramatic seaside cliffs to vine-covered rolling hills and flat, sandy beaches. State Route 1 – called the Cabrillo Highway in this section – deviates inland after Morro Bay, merges at different points with Highway 101 and wiggles its way south. The road eventually makes its way back to the shoreline as you approach Santa Barbara.


San Luis Obispo

Get a jump on the third day of your California Coast trip itinerary and leave Morro Bay early for the nearby town of San Luis Obispo – or just SLO, for short. Stop at the iconic Madonna Inn for breakfast in the over-the-top Copper Cafe. Then duck into the historic city center to visit the Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa, get a glimpse of Fremont Theater and leave your mark on Bubblegum Alley.

From SLO, it’s just a short drive on Route 1 to Pismo Beach, where you can walk out on the pier or visit the Monarch Butterfly Grove (best from autumn to mid-winter).

Alternatively, rather than continuing on your Highway 1 SF to LA route, take Route 227 south from San Luis Obispo for a beautiful drive through the vineyards of Edna Valley. For more wineries and tasting rooms, consider detouring to nearby Santa Maria Valley wine country.


Solvang, California

Dubbed the “Little Denmark in California,” Solvang in the Santa Ynez Valley was established by a group of Danes in the early 1900s. Today, it is an interesting place to include on your Pacific Coast Highway drive itinerary.

The town features European-style architecture, replicas of Copenhagen landmark sights and an array of bakeries and restaurants serving Danish treats. In addition to the strong ties to the city’s origin, Solvang is home to numerous wineries and wine tasting rooms from local Cali producers.

We didn’t stop in Solvang – we were too excited about getting to Santa Barbara – but visitors will find many Danish-themed restaurants right in the heart of town for a quick bite.


Santa Barbara: One of our Favorite Coastal California Towns

Continue your California coastline drive to one of the best cities on the Pacific Coast: Santa Barbara.

Stylish and chic, Santa Barbara is brimming with a multitude of tourist attractions, delectable eateries and breezy wine tasting rooms. Featuring an abundance of nature, history, art and gastronomy, Santa Barbara ranks high on our list of best California coastal towns – and even makes our list of the Best USA Weekend Destinations

Top things to do in Santa Barbara include visiting the Old Mission Santa Barbara, stepping inside the opulent Santa Barbara County Courthouse, and viewing exhibits at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. Additionally, shopping at Paseo Nuevo, going to the Santa Barbara Botanic Gardens and exploring the many hiking trails are all excellent Santa Barbara activities.

But, to be honest, what we love most about Santa Barbara is the fun beach atmosphere and fabulous places to imbibe and feast!


Where to Eat and Drink in Santa Barbara

After getting settled into your accommodations, take a stroll on West Beach and walk to the end of Stearns Wharf. Start your walk up State Street, but detour into the Funk Zone for an afternoon wine tasting at one of the many wine tasting rooms. Oreana Winery has always been one of our favorites!

If you can tear yourself away from the fun vibes of the Funk Zone, continue your walk up State Street and pick a place to eat dinner. We recommend indulging in classic Southern California Mexican eats at Carlitos Cafe y Cantina.


Where To Stay in Santa Barbara

We have stayed in many hotels in Santa Barbara, but our top pick is the Hotel Milo Santa Barbara. With a prominent location right on the waterfront at West Beach and just minutes from Stearns Wharf and the Funk Zone, the boutique Hotel Milo has an outdoor heated pool, stylishly decorated rooms and super service. Check rates and availability!

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Day 4: Los Angeles Coastal Drive from Santa Barbara

  • Destination: Santa Barbara to LA.
  • Route: CA SR 1 South.
  • Distance from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles: 100 miles.
  • Santa Barbara to Los Angeles Driving Time: 2 hours.

On the final morning of your San Francisco coastal drive to Los Angeles, spend some time enjoying just a bit more of Santa Barbara.

Before leaving, eat a classic American breakfast at Chad’s then work it off with a morning bike ride along the Cabrillo Bike Path that extends all the way to Butterfly Beach.

After your morning exercise, start the final leg of your California coastal drive to Los Angeles. Work up your appetite on the hour-long drive on the California Coast to Malibu – because Neptune’s Net is a must-see stop on the PCH.


Malibu, California

Home to movie stars and millionaires, Malibu is a posh seaside town that seems to embody the iconic classy California lifestyle – and Route 1 passes right through it.

For lunch, eat at the landmark Neptune’s Net seafood diner, which was established in the 1950s and has been featured in many films and television shows. Just a bit further down the road, Point Dume Lookout is worth a stop for another elevated view of the California coastline from the rocky bluff.

Top Tip: Be sure to plan your visit with our Best Things To Do In Malibu article!


Santa Monica

As you roll through Santa Monica, you may be lured to make a stop to visit the recognizable Santa Monica Pier. In addition to the giant Ferris wheel and other amusement park rides at Pacific Park, there is an aquarium and a few American chain restaurants. Just south of the pier is the original Muscle Beach, which was designed in the 1930s.

Fun Fact: The Santa Monica Pier marks the western end of Route 66, which begins in Chicago, Illinois, and is another epic American road trip.


Complete Your California Coastal Drive at LAX

From Santa Monica, the Pacific Coast Highway turns inland, passing through Venice Beach (but not on the shoreline) and leads straight to LAX Airport. You may want to go ahead and drop off your car rental if you are only staying the night (especially if you will incur extra fees for overnight parking at your hotel) – and then use Uber to get to your accommodations.


Where To Stay in Los Angeles, California

Choosing where to stay in LA is quite the conundrum. There are thousands of LA hotels – in the city, by the airport and at the beaches. Because of LAX’s close proximity to the beach, we have often opted to just stay at an LA airport hotel for the convenience (especially when we have an early morning flight).

The Hilton Los Angeles Airport Hotel is one of our top picks if you decide to stay near LAX. The sleek hotel offers spacious rooms, comfortable beds, a pool (and whirlpool) and free airport transport. Check rates and availability!

That said, we love the friendly, local vibes at Manhattan Beach and think it is a spectacular place to stay as well – especially if you plan on visiting LA for a few days or are continuing your drive down the Cali Coast to San Diego (more details on that in a minute). There are a few hotels right on SR 1 – like Best Western Plus and Wave Hotel – which is just a short walk to the beach, but the chic boutique Shade Hotel Manhattan Beach is an absolute gem!

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California Coastal Map: San Francisco to Los Angeles

Use this link to Google Maps to follow our route on California Highway 1. Our San Francisco to Los Angeles Map is interactive – and we indicate all of the recommended stops on the Pacific Coast Highway Map. 

California Coastal Drive MAP from San Francisco to Los Angeles on PCH by


California Coast Drive Map

While our online Pacific Coast Highway map from San Francisco to Los Angeles is helpful, we highly recommend purchasing a paper map for your drive from San Francisco to LA.


Check Current State Route 1 Road Conditions

Furthermore, in addition to using a Pacific Coast Highway California map to plan your route, it is essential to check road conditions (including SR 1 road work and HWY 1 road closures) online prior to your trip. You can use the official Caltrans site to check current PCH road conditions. 


Alternate California Coastal Drives

We outlined what we think is the absolute best itinerary for a California coastal drive – but it certainly isn’t the only route to take. In fact, there are hundreds of different ways to create itineraries for coastal drives in California. Factors to consider are your allotted time, budget and interests – but we are highlighting a few other popular ways to drive the Pacific Coast Highway.


San Francisco to Big Sur

For a looping out-and-back California coastal road trip that returns to the Bay Area, consider driving only from San Francisco to Big Sur. The San Francisco to Big Sur distance is only about 150 miles.

However, unless you plan on making the return coastal drive to San Francisco, you will need to continue driving south almost to Morro Bay (a total distance of about 240 miles) to be able to hook back up with an inland highway and complete the Big Sur to SFO route.

Travelers interested in creating an SF to Big Sur California Coastal Drive Itinerary can simply use our outlined route for Days 1 and 2, then make the drive back to SF on Day 3 (either driving up the coast of California or taking the inland route).


San Francisco to Santa Barbara

Travelers who are limited to just a 3-Day Pacific Coast Highway road trip can do so by eliminating the last segment of the drive to Los Angeles. In our opinion, the most beautiful part of the coastal drive is from San Francisco to Santa Barbara via Pacific Coast Highway – and Santa Barbara has an airport with many recently added destinations.


San Francisco to San Diego

Driving from San Francisco to San Diego on PCH is a phenomenal way to see the California coastline. The route takes in the major California cities and stunning natural beauty.

It is relatively easy to create a California Coast Drive Itinerary from San Francisco to San Diego on the Pacific Coast Highway. In fact, you only need to add one more day to your Cali Coast trip plan. After staying the night in Los Angeles, hop on the Pacific Coast Highway from LA to San Diego. The distance from LA to SD is about 130 miles and could take 3 to 4 hours (but be prepared for traffic). Note: PCH ends at San Clemente and you will then join Interstate 5 for the rest of the drive to San Diego.

For tips on what to see and do in San Diego, use our Weekend in San Diego Itinerary.


Northern California Coast Drive

The Pacific Coast Highway north of San Francisco is drastically different from the Central California Coast. Characterized by epic scenery, Redwood forests and secluded beaches, a Northern California Coast road trip offers a more off-the-beaten-path experience (but don’t expect to be the only one there!).

Top sights to see on a North California road trip itinerary are Point Reyes National Seashore, Glass Beach in Fort Bragg and the Redwood National Park. 

Travelers can even extend their Northern California Coast Drive Itinerary by follow the coastline north from San Francisco to Crescent City – and then continue driving up the Oregon Coast.

To create this epic California to Oregon Trip, use our Oregon Coastal Road Trip Itinerary!


Inland Detours on a California Coast Road Trip

While the coastline offers sublime scenery, there are a few reasons to detour inland during your San Francisco road trip to Los Angeles. We are highlighting a couple of the best detours to include in your scenic drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles. 


Yosemite National Park Detour on Road Trip SF to LA

Travelers who want to include Yosemite National Park as part of their Pacific Coast Highway Road Trip can make a detour the top destination at the beginning of the drive. Just be aware that the detour will add at least one full day to your trip itinerary (preferably more!). 

From San Francisco, instead of heading south, drive east to Yosemite NP. After spending a day or two exploring, either drive back to SF to the coast – or skip the first day of driving on our above itinerary and drive west directly to Monterey. From there, follow the rest of our outlined Road Trip San Francisco to Los Angeles as written. 


Paso Robles Detour on Road Trip San Francisco to LA

Paso Robles – known for its wine and olive production – is an even easier detour on a San Fran to LA road trip. After passing through Big Sur, head east on 46 (also called Green Valley Road) and follow it to the 101 and on to Paso Robles. 


California Coastal Tours

We detailed a perfect Coastal California Self-Drive Tour – but what if you don’t want to (or can’t) drive? Visitors who want to forego the responsibility of driving down the California Coast can join an organized California Coastal Tour.


Multi-Day California Coast Tours from San Francisco to Los Angeles

This small-group 3-day tour from San Francisco to Los Angeles is a fantastic way to see the coast. The tour features most of the highlights of our trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles. The best part of this 3 day California Coast tour is that the skilled driver takes the wheel, allowing you time to take in the scenery! Get the details here!


California Coast Day Trips

Not every has time in their trip itinerary for 3-day tours from San Francisco to Los Angeles – but, there is still a way to see the coast!

Visitors to San Francisco and Los Angeles can also take day trips that will allow them just a glimpse of the magnificent shoreline on a Coastal California tour. 


San Francisco, California Coastal Tour Day Trips

One of the most popular day tours from San Francisco, the full-day trip includes Monterey, the 17-Mile Drive and Carmel. Get the details!


Day Trip from LAX on PCH

This Los Angeles day trip departs the bustling city and explores Santa Barbara, Solvang and the Hearst Castle. Book it now!


California Coastal Train

Taking the train is an alternate way to see part of the coast of California without driving. However, the majority of the tracks through California are inland – meaning, it will be a lot less pretty than the PCH scenic drive.

The train route, run by Amtrak, is dubbed the Grand West Coast Train Adventure and the Coast Starlight Train runs from Seattle to Los Angeles with stops along the way in Vancouver WA and Portland OR.


California Coastal Cruise

Another way to view the California coastline is via a West Coast Cruise. Boat cruises range from 1 to 10 days and are run by multiple cruise lines.


California Coastal Hikes

Yet one more option for exploring the West Coast is by hiking the California Coastal Trail. The network of public trails covers about 1,200 miles and can be used by experienced walkers and bicyclists.


What You Will Need For Your California Coastal Road Trip

Before you set off on your California Coast scenic drive, we have a few final tips and packing hacks for your Cali road trip!


Weather Appropriate Clothing for Your San Francisco to Los Angeles Coastal Drive

As we already discussed, the California coastal climate varies from north to south – and from season to season. It is best to be prepared for your scenic coastal drive in California with clothing that can be layered. A warm jacket may be required in the north, while you will want to back your swimsuit for Southern California.

A wide-brimmed travel hat, sufficient sunscreen, a lightweight packable raincoat and travel umbrella are also suggested when traveling from San Francisco to LA via Highway 1.


Comfortable Shoes for Your California Coast Drive

Short hikes and city exploration are sprinkled throughout our California Coast drive trip. We recommend bringing a few different pairs of travel shoes to ensure you have the proper footwear.

For the cities and towns, a pair of comfortable walking shoes – like Skechers or these Columbia shoes for women. Likewise, these Merrell trail shoes for men – are ideal for a California coast trip. Flip flops are best for the beaches and you may even want to bring a pair of hiking boots, depending on which hikes you include on your PCH trip planner.

Find all of our packing tips on our Ultimate Packing List post!


California Coastal Highway Map

While you can use the above San Francisco to Los Angeles Pacific Coast Highway Map for sightseeing, we think it is best to purchase a road map for your trip. Buy a California Pacific Coast Highway map – like this one – before your trip.


Binoculars for Your Drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles

The scenery on the West Coast California drive is nothing short of spectacular. While the various outlooks offer stellar vantage points to take in the sights, it can be difficult to see the details with the naked eye. With a good pair of binoculars, however, you will be able to scan the water for whales, get a better view of coastal scenes and see the surrounding nature on the road trip from SF to LA.


Camera with Zoom Lens for Your LA to SF Coastal Drive

If you are anything like us, you will be snapping a ton of pictures on your California Pacific Coast Highway trip. As we just mentioned, however, some of the best sights can only be viewed from far away. We highly recommend using a good DSLR Camera with zoom lens to capture the beauty of the Pacific Coast Highway from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

In our travels, we carry a Canon Rebel with an everyday 18-135mm lens. (However, it would likely be better to have a better zoom lens – a 55-250mm lens – for the drive down the coast of California.)

The Canon camera can be purchased in a bundle with an array of accessories, which makes it perfect for beginner photographers


Start planning your trip to California! Search for the lowest airfares, the best accommodations and fun things to do…then start packing!  Want more travel planning tips? Head over to our Travel Planning page for more information and tips on traveling – and for country-specific information, take a look at our Travel Guides page!


We Want To Know: Is there anything you would add to our California Coastal Drive Itinerary? What were the highlights of your California Coast road trip? Give us your best tips on the comments below!


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