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20 Things To Do in San Gimignano, Italy  

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San Gimignano, Italy is a fun and fascinating place to explore while visiting Tuscany. Ancient towers soar skyward from the Medieval village creating a striking horizon and historic sights are tucked along the lanes that weave through the town center. To help fellow travelers experience the best of this stunning location, we created our list of the Top Things To Do in San Gimignano, Italy!


Things To Do in San Gimignano FAQs

Before we get started with our list of what to do in San Gimignano, we want to answer a few of the most frequently asked questions, which will help make planning your trip a bit easier!


Where is San Gimignano, Italy?

When planning to visit San Gimignano, you need to know where it is! The hill topping town is situated in the lush, rolling hills of Tuscany in Central Italy. San Gimignano is southwest of Florence and northwest of Siena.

We offer advice about getting to San Gimignano in the Travel Tips section later in the article. Additionally, we share a San Gimignano map that is marked with our recommended attractions, which is designed to help travelers get oriented with the layout of the town.  


How To Pronounce San Gimignano?

Before your San Gimignano visit, you will want to learn how to pronounce it’s name. Don’t worry – it’s not as difficult as it looks. The second G is silent (like in gnocchi) and therefore, San Gimignano is pronounced: Sahn Jee-Mee-NYAH-Noh.


What is San Gimignano Famous For?

San Gimignano is most famous for its skyline that is punctuated by ancient ‘skyscrapers’. The Towers of San Gimignano – or the Torres de San Gimignano – were built during the Middle Ages by wealthy families that wanted to flaunt their prosperity.

The towers became a status symbol in San Gimignano – the higher the tower, the more powerful the resident. At one time, there were an astounding 72 towers in the small town – and today, 14 remain standing.

The towers that rise above the town have earned San Gimignano the nickname of The Town of Fine Towers and, more recently as, Medieval Manhattan. In fact, the entire historic core of San Gimignano is so well preserved that it has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Are There Free Things To Do in San Gimignano, Italy?

Visitors traveling to San Gimignano on a budget might be wondering if there are things to do in San Gimignano for free – and we can assure you there are!

While most of the attractions in San Gimignano (like entering towers and visiting museums) require a ticket, some sights are free to enter. Furthermore, the entire town is an attraction – and it is completely free to explore the lanes, admire the architecture and take in the views.


Are There Things To Do in San Gimignano with Kids?

Sure! Families traveling to San Gimignano with kids have quite a few options for entertainment. While our list is not specifically designed for family travel to Tuscany, we do include several kid-friendly San Gimignano activities.


Is San Gimignano Worth Visiting?

Yes – we certainly think San Gimignano is worth seeing! Like many Tuscan hill towns, San Gimignano is charming and inviting. However, what makes San Gimignano worth visiting is its unique landscape and striking appearance.


Should I Visit Siena or San Gimignano?

Many tourists to Tuscany debate whether to visit San Gimignano or Siena – and we understand the conundrum. Both towns are utterly enchanting. Our best advice is to figure out a way to see them both, because we would be hard pressed to pick one over the other! Visitors who must choose, however, should consider their interests and time.

Siena is a bigger town with far more sights; the churches, districts and squares all beg to be discovered. In our opinion, visitors need the better part of a day to appreciate Siena.

San Gimignano, on the other hand, can be visited in a couple of hours. As beguiling as San Gimignano is, it’s just not that big. However, it is a truly unique Medieval Tuscan town to see.


How Much Time in San Gimignano?

As we just mentioned, visitors could easily spend just 2 hours in San Gimignano and see the highlights. That said, we think it is best to spend at least one day in San Gimignano in order to experience the town at a more relaxed pace.

Travelers spending a day in San Gimignano have plenty of time to stroll the lanes, climb the towers and sip the local wine. Our list of the best things to do in San Gimignano can be used to plan activities for a quick trip, a full day or even a longer stay!


Planning a Trip to San Gimignano, Italy

Travelers taking a trip to San Gimignano are tasked with figuring out all the details. In addition to planning what to see in San Gimignano, visitors also need to determine how to get there, what to bring and, possibly, where to stay.

To help make San Gimignano trip planning as easy as possible, we offer suggestions and advice for all the pertinent travel details later in the article.

Additionally, travelers visiting San Gimignano, Italy from abroad can use our tips for How To Plan a Europe Vacation. We also share heaps of information about visiting Italy and Tuscany that can be helpful in planning a longer trip to the region.

As you make your travel plans, staying organized is key! We recommend using our Printable Travel Planner – to stay on top of all the necessary details!

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20 Best San Gimignano Things To Do

See the Best Sights of San Gimignano, Italy, Tuscany Travel

Now that we have covered the basics, let’s dive into our list of the top things to do in San Gimignano, Italy! Our list features what to visit in San Gimignano in one day – and we share ideas for longer trips, too.

In fact, we have listed the sights in order so that travelers can create their own Self-Guided Free Walking Tour of San Gimignano Route. Visit the attractions in order for one of the best walks around San Gimignano!

Pin, Save or Bookmark our San Gimignano Travel Guide to plan your vacation to Italy!


#1 Walk Through Porta San Giovanni City Gate

Porta San Giovanni Gate and Piazzale Montemaggio Park, San Gimignano, Italy, Tuscany Travel

We are starting off our list of what to see in San Gimignano, Italy at the main entrance to town, the Porta San Giovanni Gate. The ancient gate and the surrounding walls date to the 13th century – and were the second to encircle the city (as it had outgrown the first fortifications).

Walk along Via San Giovanni, San Gimignano, Italy, Tuscany

The south-facing San Giovanni Gate is the most ornate of the remaining entrances and leads visitors directly into the atmospheric Via San Giovanni pedestrian lane. This is the same gate pilgrims would have used when walking the Via Francigena, which stretched from Canterbury, England to Rome, Italy.

Outside the gate, visitors can stroll through the pleasant Piazzale Montemaggio Park that features memorials, monuments and artworks.

Tuscan Countryside Views from San Gimignano, Italy

Before walking through the gate, be sure to take in the views across the Tuscan countryside. The stunning vista is one of the best things to see in San Gimignano (and fill your water bottle at the Fontana d’acqua potabile)!


#2 View Remains of the Church of St Francis

Remains of the San Gimignano, Church of St. Francis, Italy, Tuscany

While not a must see in San Gimignano, the Church of St. Francis is a point of interest for travelers who like historic ruins and repurposed structures.

The St. Francis Church in San Gimignano was built in the 13th century. The façade was designed in the Romanesque style of Pisa and features five travertine arches and four slender columns. By the 18th century, however, the church was in decline and was eventually sold. The new owner then proceeded to tear it down…or at least most of it.

Only the façade of the Resti della Chiesa di San Francesco still stands. Inside the doorway, there is a small courtyard and the entrance to a shop that sells local Tuscan products.


#3 Visit the Tower Campatelli House

Go to Punto Panoramico view of Tower Campatelli House, Best Panoramic View of San Gimignano, Italy, Tuscany

One of the top things to do in San Gimignano is to step back in time at the Torre Casa Campatelli Museum. The 12th century tower stands 92 feet tall right in the heart of the town.

In the 19th century, the tower complex was purchased by the Campatelli family and renovated into a stylish residence. The house has been preserved – with original furniture, paintings and mementos – so that visitors can get a glimpse of life in San Gimignano in the 1800s.

In addition to the furnishings, guests are also invited to watch a short film on the history of San Gimignano. There is a fee to enter the Campatelli FAI (Fondo Ambient Italiano) Museum.


#4 Look Up at the Torre dei Cugnanesi

Visit the Torre dei Cugnanesi, San Gimignano, Tuscany, Italy

The famous towers are one of the best San Gimignano things to see and Torre dei Cugnanesi is one of the tallest. Built in the 13th century along with the Cugnanesi Palace, the tower stands at the intersection of Via San Giovanni and Via del Quercecchio.

The stone Palazzo dei Cugnanesi and soaring tower were built into the first ring of defensive walls and protected Arco dei Becci, the arched entry that leads into Piazza della Cisterna.


#5 Learn about the Past at San Gimignano 1300 Museum

Visit the San Gimignano 1300 Museum, Italy

Although a rather small museum, we think the 1300 Museum is a San Gimignano must see sight! The free San Gimignano 1300 Museum features a miniature replica of the town circa the year 1300. The scale model was created by two brothers in a span of two years – and the attention to detail is superb.

San Gimignano 1300 Museum Town Model, Tuscany, Italy

The museum houses a few additional exhibits and there are pamphlets available that help explain each display. The museum is free to enter, but visitors can make a donation or buy something from the shop.


#6 Gawk at the Frescoes of San Gimignano Cathedral

View the Amazing Frescoes of San Gimignano Cathedral, Italy, Tuscany

Visiting the Duomo San Gimignano (also called the Collegiata di San Gimignano or the Collegiate Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary) is one of the most interesting San Gimignano things to do.

Adorned in vivid frescoes that date to the 1300s, the church is truly spectacular. The floor-to-ceiling frescoes depict scenes from the bible in stunning detail.

Housed within the church is the Chapel of Santa Fina, which is dedicated to the protector of San Gimignano – and her remains lie under the main altar. We share details about the life of Santa Fina a bit later.

There is a fee to enter the church, but the cost includes the use of an audio guide (which is extremely helpful in explaining the sights). Combo tickets can also be purchased to include the in-house Museum of Sacred Art.


#7 Rest Your Feet in Piazza del Duomo

View from Piazza del Duomo, San Gimignano, Italy, Tuscany Trip Things To Do

The eastern façade of the San Gimignano Duomo opens onto the wide and sloping Piazza del Duomo. Throngs of tourists and busy locals pass through the square – but many choose to rest their weary feet by taking a seat on the church steps.

Steps of the San Gimignano Cathedral, Italy, Tuscany Travel Must See

The odd-shaped square is surrounded by incredible architecture from the Middle Ages. In addition to the Cathedral, palaces surround the square and towers rise above them. Palazzo Comunale and Torre Grossa are the highlight of the square and we feature them next on our list of San Gimignano, Italy Things To Do.


#8 Visit Palazzo Comunale

Visit Palazzo Comunale, San Gimignano, Italy, Tuscany Vacation Things To Do

The Palazzo Comunale on Piazza del Duomo is one of the best San Gimignano places to visit. Also called the Palazzo del Popolo – or the People’s Palace – Palazzo Comunale was built in the 13th century to house the local government. (The government formerly met in Palazzo Vecchio del Podesta, the 12th century palace that directly faces the Cathedral on Piazza del Duomo).

Inside the ground floor courtyard of Palazzo Comunale, visitors can see the coats of arms that decorate the brick walls. The courtyard space is free to visit.

Frescoes and artworks are housed in the Museo Civico Museum inside the Comunale Palace. The Civic Museum consists of the reception hall (also called the Sala di Dante), galleries containing paintings and artifacts and the Camera del Podesta (Mayor’s Apartment) that features San Gimignano’s most famous 14th century frescoes. There is a small fee to enter the museum.


#9 Climb Torre Grossa San Gimignano

GO to the top of Torre Grossa San Gimignano, Italy, Tuscany

Of all the towers of San Gimignano, the 177-foot-tall Torre Grossa ranks as the tallest. Built in the early 1300s, Torre Grossa – or Big Tower – extends high into the sky aside Palazzo Comunale. The tower is one of the top San Gimignano attractions – and visitors can climb the more than 200 steps to the highest level. 

View of Torre Grossa, San Gimignano, Tuscany, Italy

From the top, guests are greeted to the best view of San Gimignano, Italy. Tickets are required to enter the tower and climb to the top.


#10 See the Pretty Piazza della Cisterna Square

Join the crowds at Piazza della Cisterna, San Gimignano, Italy, Tuscany Visit

A must-see San Gimignano sight, Piazza della Cisterna Square looks like it is plucked right out of the pages of a fairytale. The quaint, triangular piazza is encircled by adjoining, narrow, multi-level stone houses. At the center of the square is the picturesque well it’s named for.

The cistern itself dates to the year 1287 – and the ornamental travertine pedestal was built in the mid-1300s.


#11 Savor the Local Flavors at Gelateria Dondoli

Best Gelato, Gelateria Dondoli, San Gimignano, Italy, Tuscany Best Things To Eat

Not all of the famous places to visit in San Gimignano, Italy are from ancient times. Case in point: Gelateria Dondoli. Established on Piazza della Cisterna in 1992, Gelateria Dondoli is known for churning out the best gelato in San Gimignano.

Eat at Gelateria Dondoli in San Gimignano, Italy

The World Champion Gelateria excels at creating unique flavor combinations using local products. We recommend trying a scoop of one of the signature flavors, like the Crema di Santa Fina (made with San Gimignano saffron and Pisa pine nuts) or Vernaccia Sorbet (which utilizes the local Tuscan wine).


#12 Stroll along Via del Castello

Ride A Bike, San Gimignano, Italy, Tuscany, Best Things To Do

Stretching to the east of Piazza della Cisterna, the brick paved Via del Castello is one of the most beautiful streets in town. One of the top things to do in San Gimignano, Tuscany is to stroll along the curving lane (and it’s even better with a gelato in hand!).

Via del Castello is lined with boutique shops and fine residences that feature arched doorways and potted plants.


#13 Stop by Casa Santa Fina

Visit Casa Santa Fina, San Gimignano, Italy

For travelers who like stories intertwined with sightseeing, the Santa Fina House is one of the best places to visit in San Gimignano. The historic house, which is marked by a simple plaque, was the home of Santa Fina.

According to the tale, Fina was born in San Gimignano in 1238, but became paralyzed at the age of 10. She spent her days inside the house on a wooden bed, but remained faithful. In the house, she saw an apparition of St Gregory the Great, who predicted the date of her impending death…and she, in fact, died on that exact day.

After removing her from the wooden pallet, it is said that yellow flowers bloomed in her place and filled the house with a floral scent. The yellow violets that grow on the San Gimignano walls are referred to as Saint Fina Violets – and since her passing, it is believed several miracles have occurred in her name.

Go On A Walking Tour, Casa Santa Fina, San Gimignano, Italy, Tuscany Travel Tips

Although Fina has never been canonized by a pope, she is referred to as Saint Fina (or Santa Fina) and the town of San Gimignano celebrates her on March 12 (the day of her death) and the first Sunday in August. On both dates, her remains (which are kept in the Cathedral) are paraded through the streets.

Do note that the house is not open to the public; visitors can only view the plaque and the exterior.


#14 Take in the Epic View from Via degli Innocenti

Enjoy the View, San Gimignano, Tuscany, Italy

Every tour of San Gimignano should include a view of the gently rolling, vine covered hills of the Tuscan countryside. While there are several scenic vistas to choose from, we rank the Punto Panoramico viewpoint on Via degli Innocenti at the best view in San Gimignano.

Punto Panoramico, Best View in San Gimignano, Italy, Tuscany

The iconic Tuscany landscape view is picture perfect – and it’s completely free to visit!


#15 Trek Down to Fonti Medievali

Find the fountain Fonti Medievali, San Gimignano, Italy

If you have the curiosity and time when visiting San Gimignano, Tuscany then definitely make it a point to trek down to the Medieval fountain, Fonti Medievali.

Visitors can find the historic fountain on the edge of town at the bottom of a short but steep hill along Via delle Fonti. Covered by 10 arches, the fountain dates to the 12th century when it provided fresh water for San Gimignano’s inhabitants.


#16 Stroll Outside the Walls San Gimignano

Famous Skyline View, San Gimignano, Tuscany, Italy Travel

Travelers who would like to explore more can embark on the Passeggiata della Mura – or the Wall Walk. Outside the walls, a trail follows the outside of the 13th century fortifications, offering sensational views of both the countryside and the San Gimignano Skyline.

Localita il Bigazzino Walking Path, San Gimignano, Italy, Tuscany

We found some of the best views along Localita il Bigazzino Path, which connects Porta delle Fonti Gate to San Jacopo Gate. Just note that if you walk from the Fonti Medievali to Porta San Jacopo on the Localita il Bigazzino Path, pause along the route to look at the view behind you!

Enthusiastic travelers who want to stretch their legs on a San Gimignano hike can follow the 1.3-mile trail that completely encircles the town.


#17 See San Jacopo Gate and San Jacopo al Tempio 

Find the San Jacopo Gate, San Gimignano, Italy, Tuscany

One of the interesting places to visit while San Gimignano sightseeing is the Old Templar Church at San Jacopo Gate.

The Church of San Jacopo al Tempio was built outside the original city walls – but was incorporated into the expanded fortifications in the year 1250. The church has an unusual façade, in that the bottom half is built of travertine stone while the upper half is composed of brick. The double arched San Jacopo Gate is built right into the church façade.


#18 Spend a Quiet Moment in Sant’Agostino Church

View of the Sant’Agostino Church, San Gimignano, Italy, Tuscany

Visiting the Church of Sant’Agostino can be a peaceful respite from the major San Gimignano tourist attractions. The massive all-brick church was constructed in the 13th century and the interior is adorned with frescoes and artwork that dates to the 15th century.

While not one of the top San Gimignano sights, we love this little corner of town. In addition to the church, visitors can enter the cloisters and see the Church of San Pietro, which dates to the 11th century and is located just across Piazza Sant’Agostino.


#19 Do a Wine Tasting in San Gimignano, Italy

Local Tuscan White Wine in San Gimignano, Italy

Vernaccia is the famous white wine from San Gimignano. In fact, Vernaccia di San Gimignano has been labeled as a protected DOC Italian wine since 1966 (although, the grape has been grown in the region since the 13th century).

The Vernaccia di San Gimignano Wine Experience offers visitors the opportunity to taste the crisp white wine of San Gimignano. Travelers can opt to join a Wine Tasting San Gimignano, Italy Class – or simply order a glass of wine and enjoy it on the terrace overlooking the Tuscan hills.

Relax and Enjoy a Wine Tasting, San Gimignano, Italy, Tuscany

That said, for the best wine tasting in San Gimignano, we recommend visiting one of the nearby vineyards. There are several organized tours to a local winery in San Gimignano, Italy. We share specific ideas in the following section, but you can start checking some tour options now


#20 Hike Up to Rocca di Montestaffoli Fortress

Town and Tower Views from Rocca di Montestaffoli Fortress, San Gimignano, Tuscany, Italy

The ruins of the Rocca Fortress are a must-see sight for every San Gimignano To Do list! The crumbling remains of the 14th century fort reside on the west side of town, perched atop a hill.

Best View from Rocca di Montestaffoli Fortress, San Gimignano, Italy, Tuscany

The interior, now a park, is filled with trees and flowers. On the far side, however, there is a stone staircase that leads up to a phenomenal viewpoint that encompasses both the city rooftops and the rolling hills of the countryside.

Rocca di Montestaffoli Fortress Walls in San Gimignano, Italy, Tuscany Travel Tips

There is no fee to enter Rocca Fort – and we think it is a fantastic place for a picnic lunch. (We share tips for what and where to pick up picnic supplies in the Best Food in San Gimignano section below).

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More Things To Do in San Gimignano

Go Shopping for local products in San Gimignano, Italy, Tuscany Vacation Things To Do

We have highlighted some of the best places to visit in San Gimignano – especially for visitors limited to one day. However, there are a few more San Gimignano top things to do that we want to highlight for travelers staying longer than a day.


Torture Museum San Gimignano

In Medieval times, torture was a form of reprimand…and there were various ways the punishment could be doled out. The San Gimignano Torture Museum exhibits ancient torture artifacts and shares the history of how the practice came to an end (in most countries).

Travel Tip: If you are wondering what to do in San Gimignano, Italy with teenagers and kids, carefully consider whether or not to visit the Torture Museum. The displays are gory and the content heavy.  


San Gimignano Shopping

Find Out What to eat in San Gimignano, Italy, Tuscany

There are many excellent opportunities for shopping in San Gimignano, Italy. The best shopping street is Via San Giovanni, which is lined with boutique stores selling local products. It’s also where visitors will find the best leather shops in San Gimignano, Italy.

We recommend popping into any of the stores along the street that sell local food products – like the flavorful wild boar salami. Shops often offer free samples of the city’s best-known goods.

Le Torri is one of the top-rated leather stores in San Gimignano, Italy. They are known for making quality and stylish leather bags, belts and wallets. It is worth stopping in just to peruse the current designs.


Market Day San Gimignano

Thursday is Market Day in San Gimignano – and it’s a festive event! On Thursday mornings, the main squares in San Gimignano (Piazza Duomo, Piazza della Cisterna and Piazza delle Erbe) transform from wide, open spaces into bustling marketplaces.

San Gimignano Market Day vendors sell local wares, handmade Tuscan products, clothes and shoes.


Day Spa San Gimignano

Travelers who need a day of rest and relaxation during their trip to Tuscany can opt to visit a spa in San Gimignano.

The IriSpa Benessere is located in the Villa San Paolo Resort and features excellent spa amenities, as well as a pool.


Cooking Class San Gimignano

Cooking classes in San Gimignano, Italy are a fabulous way to learn about Tuscan cuisine (and, more importantly, get a taste of it!).

The Tuscan Cooking Class San Gimignano Experience is one of the best rated by fellow travelers. Located just out of town, participants learn to cook a five-course meal using recipes passed down from previous generations. Book your spot here!


Best Wineries in San Gimignano

Join a Wine Class, San Gimignano, Italy, Tuscany

We already featured the famous Vernaccia wine from San Gimignano, Italy, but there are so many different wines to try in Tuscany! The vineyards in San Gimignano not only produce the Vernaccia grape, but several other grape varietals.

Visitors can tour the wine estates and partake in tastings along the way. With so many options of wineries in Tuscany, it is impossible to name one as the Best San Gimignano Winery!

That said, Falchini Wine Estate, Podere la Marronaia and Azienda Agricola Palagetto are all highly rated for offering great experiences at their vineyards. Visitors who would rather join other travelers can taste local varietals paired with bites to eat on a popular wine tasting tour – like this one!


Wine and Olive Oil Tasting San Gimignano

Olives on the branches, San Gimignano, Italy, Tuscany

Just like wine, Tuscany is also renowned for the production of olive oil – and visitors can get a taste of it from the source. In fact, many of the local San Gimignano farms make their own wine, olive oil and cheese. There are a few different Tuscany Wine Tours from San Gimignano that feature both wine and olive oil.

Travelers short on time can participate in a quick, 1-hour tasting at a local farm (get the details) – or, with more time, enjoy a wine and oil tasting and then settle in for a full meal (find out more)!


Tours From San Gimignano

Duomo View from Piazzale Michelangelo, Florence, Italy

We have highlighted some of the best tours in San Gimignano, but there are full day trips from San Gimignano, Italy that allow travelers staying longer to discover more of the region.

One of the best things to do near San Gimignano is explore the Tuscan countryside – including the various vineyards – and there are many quaint towns to visit near San Gimignano, too.

Other options for the best places to visit near San Gimignano are Siena and Florence – and you can make a trip to either with your own car, a private driver or by using public transit. 


Chianti, Tuscany

Vineyards at Grace Winery, Chianti, Tuscany, Italy

A Chianti Wine Tour from San Gimignano is fantastic day trip! Chianti and San Gimignano are only 30 miles apart (but, not well connected by public transit). One of the best day trips from San Gimignano is to travel by Vespa scooter to Chianti for lunch and a wine tasting on a half day tour. After lunch, ride back from Greve in Chianti to San Gimignano via the countryside. Reserve your space!

Visitors who would rather not ride a scooter can join a Chianti San Gimignano tour that includes transportation. On this Small Group Wine Tour from San Gimignano to Chianti, participants visit two wineries for tastings. Learn more about the tour!

Another one of the top day trips from San Gimignano is to go horseback riding in Tuscany, which is a unique way to see the lush landscapes. Get more info!


Best Food San Gimignano: Where to Eat

People walking along Via San Matteo, San Gimignano, Tuscany, Italy

While there is no shortage of restaurants to choose from, we are highlighting a few of the best places to eat in San Gimignano for your trip!


Da l’Mariani Deli

Best Places and tips on Where to eat in San Gimignano, Italy, Tuscany

A simple deli on a quiet alley, Da l’Mariani is run by a passionate and friendly owner. Eager to share a taste of the best local meats and cheeses, he prepares sandwiches made to order (with his best suggestions) and platters, too. It’s a great spot to pick up items for a picnic!


RiccaPizza – Best Pizza San Gimignano

Travelers who want a slice of the best pizza in San Gimignano can make their way to one of the two RiccaPizza locations. The thin pizza is topped with quality ingredients – and it’s perfect for a quick take-away lunch in San Gimignano.


Bar Ristorante Boboli

Drink Tuscan Wine in San Gimignano, Italy

Located on the main thoroughfare, Via San Giovanni, Bar Ristorante Boboli is a casual eatery that is frequented by both locals and tourists. The menu features typical Tuscan fare at fair prices. Sit al fresco for drinks, people watching and maybe even decide to stay for dinner!


Le Vecchie Mura – Best Pasta San Gimignano

Featuring a full menu of classic Tuscan cuisine, Le Vecchie Mura is an excellent San Gimignano restaurant. Regularly rated as serving the best pasta in San Gimignano, we recommend ordering the local Pici pasta dish. Book ahead for a table on the terrace and enjoy the panoramic views with your meal!


LINFA – Michelin Star San Gimignano

Hailed as one of the top restaurants in San Gimignano, Italy, LINFA has earned a Michelin star for their top quality cooking. The local dishes are well presented and the wait staff are helpful with wine recommendations.


Map of San Gimignano

Use this link to Google Maps for an interactive version of our Map of San Gimignano area sights and attractions.

Things To Do in San Gimignano Map by JetSettingFools.com


Travel Tips San Gimignano

Find the Old Doors, San Gimignano, Italy, Tuscany

Now that you know what to see and do in San Gimignano, Italy, we want to share a few travel tips that might help make your trip enjoyable!


How To Get to San Gimignano Tuscany

San Gimignano can be reached by car, bus or tour. There is no train station in San Gimignano. We are highlighting some of the most popular routes for getting to San Gimignano from nearby destinations.


Florence to San Gimignano

Many travelers want to know how to get to San Gimignano from Florence – as it is one of the most popular day trips from Florence. Here are our top tips for taking the bus, riding a train or driving a car.


Florence to San Gimignano by Bus

The most popular method for how to go to San Gimignano from Florence is by bus. However, there is not a direct bus to San Gimignano from Florence; passengers must transfer in the town of Poggibonsi.

The Florence to San Gimignano bus route begins at the main Florence bus station. Take bus #131 to Poggibonsi (about 45 minutes). In Poggibonsi, switch to bus #130 to San Gimignano. The bus from Poggibosni takes about 30 minutes and terminates at Piazzale Montemaggio, right outside of Porta San Giovanni.

Visitors can find a bus timetable for Florence to San Gimignano online or at the Florence Bus Station, where you should also buy roundtrip tickets.


Trains from Florence to San Gimignano

We already mentioned that there is no train station in San Gimignano – so (despite some information online) there is not a direct Florence to San Gimignano Train route. While there is no train to San Gimignano, there is a train from Florence to Poggibonsi.

Therefore, you could take a train from the Florence main train station to Poggibonsi, then switch to the #130 bus from Poggibonsi to San Gimignano. However, be aware that getting from Florence to San Gimignano using the train and bus combination will take longer than just riding the bus – as the train journey alone takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes.


Driving from Florence to San Gimignano

Of course, you can also get from Florence to San Gimignano by car. In fact, getting to San Gimignano from Florence by car is the quickest and most direct route – as it only takes about 40 minutes.

However, parking in San Gimignano town center is not permitted. Instead, there are a few pay parking lots that are a short walk. Parcheggio 2 Montemaggio is just outside Porta San Giovanni and has reasonable rates (and apparently really small parking spots) if you’re lucky enough to snag a space.


How To Get from Siena to San Gimignano

The distance from Siena to San Gimignano is about 33 miles. Getting from Siena to San Gimignano is fairly easy with both bus and rail combinations (the train will require a switch at Poggibonsi).

The Siena to San Gimignano Bus is the most convenient route. Bus #130/A travels from Siena to San Gimignano via Poggibonsi – but ask the driver because sometimes a change is required in Poggibonsi.


How to get from Pisa to San Gimignano

How to get to San Gimignano from Pisa is complicated. The distance between the two cities is only about 50 miles, but they are not well connected with public transit.

Rather than there being a Pisa to San Gimignano Bus or a train from Pisa to San Gimignano, the route requires multiple bus and train trips to complete the journey.

Therefore, we think it is best to travel from Pisa to San Gimignano by car. Driving to San Gimignano from Pisa should take about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

(Note that this same advice applies to travelers making the trip from Lucca to San Gimignano.)


How To Get from Rome to San Gimignano

The options for how to get to San Gimignano from Rome without a car are fairly limited.

As we have already made clear, there is no train from Rome to San Gimignano. Instead, take the high-speed train from Rome to Florence – and make your way to Poggibonsi via bus or train…and then continue to San Gimignano by bus. The quickest journey time from Rome to San Gimignano takes a little more than 3 hours.


Take a Tour to San Gimignano

Visiting San Gimignano, Italy on a day trip by tour is a simple option. Rather than hassling with the specifics of a DIY San Gimignano day trip, travelers can join a highly rated tour and leave the all details to them!


Day Trip: Florence to San Gimignano

Several operators provide tours to San Gimignano from Florence – and we are highlighting a few of the best based on fellow travelers’ reviews.


Florence to San Gimignano Tour – plus Pisa and Siena

Join a full day tour from Florence to the highlights of Tuscany: San Gimignano, Siena and Pisa. With this option, guests get 1 hour to visit San Gimignano (which is just enough time to see most of the top attractions on our list). Join this tour!


Florence to Tuscany: Siena, Chianti, San Gimignano Tour

On a full day expedition from Florence, see the Tuscan towns of Siena, Chianti and San Gimignano. Participants get 1.5 hours of free time to explore San Gimignano on this tour. Reserve your seat!


Half Day Tour from Florence to San Gimignano

A great option for a half day trip to San Gimignano is to hire a private driver. With round-trip transportation provided, visitors are free to explore the town on their own with 2-3 hours of free time. Book your driver!


Day Trip Tour to San Gimignano from Siena

As the two are in close proximity, a tour is an ideal way to take a day trip from Siena to San Gimignano.

On this Siena to San Gimignano Tour, visitors spend a full day exploring the region of San Gimignano – plus a stop in Volterra to learn about the ancient art of sculpting. Take this tour!


Where to Stay in San Gimignano, Italy

There is a wide range of accommodation in San Gimignano – from hotels to apartments to villas. On a short trip, we think the best place to stay in San Gimignano is at one of the centrally located hotels – but we are featuring a few of the top choices in several different types of accommodations.


Leon Bianco Hotel San Gimignano

Located in the historic centre of San Gimignano on Piazza della Cisterna, Leon Bianco is just steps from the best sights. It is regularly rated as one of the best hotels in San Gimignano, Italy. In addition to the prime location, the hotel gets rave reviews for its spacious rooms, comfortable beds and fantastic breakfast. Check rates and availability for your stay!


San Gimignano Tower Apartment

Visitors seeking unique places to stay in San Gimignano might want to book an apartment in a historic tower. The apartment at La Torre Nomipesciolini features modern conveniences (including a kitchen) in a 13th century tower. Check it out!


Agriturismo in San Gimignano

Rather than sleeping in the historic center, visitors can opt to stay in a farmhouse in San Gimignano. Antico Casolare offers rustic rooms in a beautiful stone house that is just a short walk (or quick bus ride) from the old town center. Guests love the welcoming hospitality…and the tasty homemade breakfast. Check availability!


Villas in San Gimignano, Italy

Travelers looking for a luxurious and unique accommodation in San Gimignano can book a room in a lovely villa. At Villa Ducci, guests can take in the panoramic views from the terrace, enjoy a refreshing swim in the pool and sit in the garden that boasts 100-year-old trees. Check rates for your stay!


What To Pack for San Gimignano

Our final travel tips for San Gimignano are all about what to pack in your suitcase or backpack. We share more advice on our dedicated Packing Tips page. Need a checklist? Grab your FREE Packing Checklist here


Comfortable Travel Shoes

All of the places to visit in San Gimignano need to be reached on foot – so it is wise to pack the right shoes for your trip! I like to explore in my comfortable sneakers and Kris prefers to wear these trail shoes for sightseeing.

Pro Tip: We share more info and reviews in our article, Best Shoes for Travelers.


San Gimignano Weather

The weather in San Gimignano is fairly mild and temperate, but the Tuscan sun is quite strong, so bring sunscreen on your trip to Italy. A wide-brimmed travel hat and a good pair of sunglasses are also recommended.

While the winter months are the wettest, the Tuscany, Italy  weather can be rainy any time of year. A lightweight rain coat and a travel umbrella are always good items to pack.


Travel Camera

San Gimignano and Tuscany are simply gorgeous! In order to properly capture the beauty of the region, we recommend upgrading your travel camera for the best photos.

We use a DSLR Canon Rebel with a 18-135mm lens. It is nicely equipped and well-priced – and we think it is the best camera for budget travelers!


Day Pack for Travelers

Travelers taking a day trip to San Gimignano, Tuscany will want to be organized and prepared with the right day bag. Zippered pockets are essential for keeping your personal items secure. We use these small backpacks on our day trips – but we share more advice and reviews in our article, Best Day Bags for Traveling.


Italy Trip Insurance

If you haven’t already booked travel insurance for your trip to Italy, check the rates and coverage at World Nomads.


Fun Facts about San Gimignano

Sant’Agostino Church through the gate, San Gimingano, Italy

Now that you are ready for your San Gimignano, Tuscany trip, here are a few fun San Gimignano facts!


San Gimignano Movie Scenes

There have been many movies filmed in San Gimignano. One of the most popular is Tea with Mussolini – but my personal favorite is Only You – watch the scene here.


Tower Height Restrictions

The competition to build the tallest towers in San Gimignano was at its peak in the mid-1200s. In the year 1255, a new law was enacted that said no tower could be built taller than the Torre Rognosa San Gimignano.

A wealthy resident was so intent to display his fortune that he circumvented the law by building two towers that together exceeded the height of Torre Rognosa!


San Gimignano Tower Houses

The towers of San Gimignano, Tuscany, while status symbols, were also homes. The ground floor often hosted a workshop, the bedrooms were on the lower floors and the kitchen above the rooms. Most owners expanded their residences over time to include a complex of structures, including a palace.


History of San Gimignano

Interested in learning more about the timeline of San Gimignano history? Read more on the UNESCO official site. Additionally, you can check out the Rick Steves San Gimignano Travel Guide – that also covers Florence and more of Tuscany – get it here!


We Want To Know: What is on your list of Top Things To Do in San Gimignano, Italy? Tell us in the comments! 


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