We had been to Italy several times as ‘vacationers’ (Lake Como, Rome, Sorrento, Cinque Terre, Ancona), but as full-time travelers, we wanted to experience Italy in a different way – so we decided to spend a month in Lecce!  We stayed inside the Old Town walls where Roman ruins have been unearthed and opulent Baroque architecture is the standard. During our time in Lecce, we ate our way through the unique regional cuisine, took a day trip to Gallipoli and were joined for a week by friends from the States. Since our time in Lecce, we have returned to Italy to meet up with family for a whirlwind visit to Rome.

Italy Facts:

Capital City: Rome

Country Population: 60 Million

Language: Italian

Useful Words and Phrases: Hello - Ciao  |  Thank You – Grazie

Currency:  Euro (EUR) | Current Value

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