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5 Bars in Bondi Beach, Sydney with Views

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Bondi Beach may be Sydney, Australia’s iconic powder-sand beach lapped by teal blue water, but the sand and waves are not the only attraction. The famous Australian beach town is packed with stylish restaurants and hip bars.

After a day spent surfing the waves, soaking in the rays or walking the famous Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk, it’s nice to have a cold, refreshing drink. While many of the bars in Bondi Beach are tucked away, we prefer a drink with a view. On our Visit To Sydney, we found 5 Bars at Bondi Beach boasting cocktails and brews with balcony views.


Bars in Bondi Beach With The Best Views

Stormy waves crashing on shore at Bondi Beach, Australia

This list of Bondi Beach bars only includes the bars with the absolute best Bondi Beach views!

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#1 Icebergs Bondi

View from Bondi Icebergs Bar in Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

Icebergs is a Bondi institution that has occupied the southern edge of Bondi Beach since 1929. Started as a private swim club, Icebergs is now open to the public. Even the famed seaside lap pool can be visited by non-members for a small daily fee. However, it wasn’t the pool we were interested in visiting.

The Icebergs dining room and bar offer views from every seat. The modern glass-walled Bondi Icebergs Bar also features small – almost private – viewing balconies, which are the best seats in the house. From the perch, guests can gaze below at the swimmers in the ocean-filled pool, watch a surfer catch a wave or scan the horizon for misty whale spouts.

Waves crash at Icebergs Bondi Beach, Australia

Beyond a doubt, Icebergs is the best bar in Bondi for views. We could have stayed for hours staring at the picture-perfect beach scene. However, Bondi Icebergs menu is a bit pricey, so we only stayed for one small glass of beer. But, if you can swing it, the spectacular view is worth it! Read Reviews on TripAdvisor!


#2 North Bondi RSL

3 bars in Bondi Beach: Brews with views JetSetting Fools

North Bondi RSL is a classic Bondi Beach pub. The drinking hall sits on the north end of the beach and features a spacious patio overlooking the beach. Although it states entry is limited to members, anyone who lives more than 5km from the establishment can patronize the restaurant (just sign in with ID). Drinks cost much less than at Icebergs and the view from the wrap-around glass balcony is also superb.

Pints with a view at North Bondi RSL

We ordered our pints of beer from the bar just before sunset and scored prime seats. As the sun went down, the clouds and sky over Bondi Beach glowed bright pink. The light bounced off the clouds and illuminated the water in the same gorgeous hues. We can’t imagine there being any better bar in Bondi Beach for watching a sunset! Read Reviews on TripAdvisor!


#3 Bucket List Bondi

Beachfront Bucket List bar on Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

Bucket List is one of the Bondi Pavilion restaurants overlooking the ocean from the center of the beach. The beachy motif at Bucket List is prevalent both on the comfortable outdoor patio space, as well inside, where a glass wall extends the length of the restaurant providing views for all. Drinks and food are ordered at the bar with the young and friendly waitstaff.

Pouring a beer at Bucket List on Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

As one of the best Bondi Beach restaurants with a view, the place was nearly full, even at our mid-afternoon arrival. We grabbed a pitcher of beer from the bar and found ocean-facing seats at one of the long, community high-tops. Prices were at the top end, but on point with the fabulous view. As a bonus, throughout the week, they offer various specials on both food and drinks. If you are looking for a Bondi happy hour, Bucket List might be a good choice. Read Reviews on TripAdvisor!

Top Tip: Surfish is another Bondi Beach Pavilion restaurant, which also has beach views. Front Yard Bar is also a fun Bondi Beach café, located at the Pavilion. Update for 2023: The Bondi Beach Pavilion was closed for extensive renovations and is planning to reopen soon with a new lineup of venues.


#4 Don Pedros (formerly Vue Bar)

Drinking beers with a view at Vue Bar in Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

Aptly named, Vue Bar certainly ranked as one of the best bars in Bondi Beach with a view from across the street. Located on the second story on Campbell Parade, the wide view encompasses the entire beach (but also the traffic below). Now, Don Pedros is serving up Mexican fare in the trendy space along with creative cocktails. There is even Australian craft beer on tap, something we struggled to find at other viewpoint bars in Bondi Beach.

Although the interior is uber chic, the small balcony offers the only seats with a view. We were only having drinks, but the friendly wait staff happily seated us on the balcony. We were able to claim a table overlooking the ocean while we sipped on pints of craft beer (try the Balter XPA if they have it!). Read Reviews on TripAdvisor!


#5 Ravesis Bondi Restaurant and Bar

Pint of Furphy Refreshing Ale on first floor of Ravesis Hotel Bar in Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

The Ravesis Bondi Beach hotel bar has recently been renovated into one of the hip and fun Bondi pubs and clubs. At the corner of Campbell Parade and Hall Street, the bar occupies two floors on prime Bondi Beach real estate. The downstairs Ravesis Bar features live music or DJs at night. The Bondi Beach views are from the second-floor balcony that wraps around the building.

The Ravesis Hotel and Bar on Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

Unfortunately, the balcony was full when we arrived. We settled for seats downstairs facing out the glass window toward the beach, but not of the beach. Like many other bars in Bondi Beach, the selection of beer was typical – and at an upcharge for the view. Had we gotten a seat with a view, we probably wouldn’t have minded paying extra. Read Reviews on TripAdvisor!

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Happy Hour Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach Bars, Sydney, Australia

In general, it’s more expensive to drink at bars in Bondi Beach than in many other Sydney neighborhoods. Fortunately, there are happy hour Bondi specials for budget-conscious drinkers. Not always openly advertised, look for boards or ask waitstaff for current Bondi Beach bar discounts.


More Bondi Pubs and Bars

A storm brewing over the water just as we were getting back to Bondi

Looking for more bars in Bondi Beach? We have a few more suggestions for you to check out!


Salty’s Bondi Beach

Surf vibes and a stellar happy hour make Salty’s a great spot to kick off the night. Consider sticking around for dinner and check out their “SoCal meets Bondi” food offerings. Although at street level, it is possible to see the beach between passing cars on Campbell Parade.


Hotel Bondi Bar

The Bondi Hotel bar has a spacious patio on the hotel’s ground level along Campbell Parade. Although there are not really views from the bar, they do offer incredible happy hour deals.



Another popular Bondi Bar is Speakeasy. Not only making cracking cocktails, they also specialize in Port and Sherry concoctions! Society and Rumba are just around the corner and worth popping into, as well.


Bondi Hardware

The highly-rated and uber hip Bondi Hardware is found on Hall Street, so there are no beach views. However, they have an inventive cocktail list and quite a few Australian craft beers on offer.  


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Bars in Bondi Beach, Sydney Brews with Views by JetSettingFools.com

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