6 Things To Do in Cairns, Australia On A Budget JetSettingFools.com

6 things to do in Cairns, Australia on a budget

Australia was, at one time, considered a budget destination…but those days are long gone. However, I believe that every place can be visited on a budget and Cairns is no exception. Even if it is a jumping off point to numerous expensive activities, there are many things to do in Cairns, Australia on a budget while still experiencing the city’s main attractions.… Read the rest

Hobart, Tasmania Australia 5-Day Itinerary Without A Car JetSettingFools.com

Hobart without a car: Our 5-day itinerary

When we first starting planning our trip to Hobart, Tasmania, everything and everyone told us we would need a car. Our research made us wonder if we might feel trapped without our own wheels. Our quirk of not driving while sticking to a budget (meaning no expensive tours) has become an increasingly pesky impediment, but we are determined to make it work.… Read the rest

Hiking down Mount Wellington in Hobart

Hiking down Mount Wellington in Hobart

What goes up, must come down. And, when it comes to hiking, the down part is easy.  At least easier than up, anyway…but hiking down Mount Wellington in Hobart may be an exception.

In Hobart, Tasmania, Mount Wellington stands as a majestic 1270 meters and provides a sturdy backdrop to the city, guarding it from the elements.… Read the rest

3 day trips we didn’t do in Melbourne

3 day trips we didn’t do in Melbourne

Whenever we visit a new place, I have a tendency to overdo it. I gather brochures from the visitor’s office and quickly make a list to see everything. Time constraints and our budget usually help whittle the list down. With a lengthy two month housesit in Melbourne, Australia – the longest stay we have had since we started traveling full-time – I was certain we would be able to conquer my massive wish list of things to see; time was on our side and not having to pay for accommodations left extra room in the budget.… Read the rest

A view south to the city on our Sydney Road pub crawl in Brunswick

Sydney Road pub crawl in Brunswick

Sydney Road has long been the main thoroughfare in Brunswick and it is lined with shops, eateries, government buildings and churches. Gentrification of the area has spurred the remodeling of historic hotels (which are pubs) and the adaptive reuse of many of the buildings along Sydney Road.… Read the rest

Queen Victoria Market: The night market is a feast for foodies, offering a variety of cuisine

Queen Victoria Market – Day, Night and Weekend

The buzzing halls of the Queen Victoria Market have all the ingredients – meat, fish, produce, prepared food, clothing and gadgets – of a thriving metropolitan market. But, while some markets like these become geared toward tourists, there is no doubt that this is where urban locals do their shopping, too.… Read the rest

The Melbourne skyline as seen from Williamstown, Australia

Williamstown, Australia: A last minute day trip

We took the train into the Melbourne CBD with a specific plan in mind – one that did not include a day trip to Williamstown, Australia. Our afternoon itinerary included a visit to Parliament to watch the action from the public gallery followed by a late picnic lunch in Carlton Gardens.… Read the rest

Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne

Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne: A photo essay

The Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne, founded in 1846, provided a nice retreat from the streets and skyscrapers of the city. We spent a late afternoon walking through the park, taking note of the variety of plants in the tranquil setting.… Read the rest

St. Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church JetSetting Fools

5 religious buildings in Melbourne

Whenever we visit a new city, I like to learn its history. I’m by no means a history guru, but I enjoy imagining what life was like in different time periods as a way of understanding how the city was shaped.… Read the rest

Laneways Street Artists at work on Union Lane.

Laneways in Melbourne: alleys, arcades and street art

There is a tangible energy in Melbourne’s central business district, where historic pubs and modern skyscrapers coexist and a steady stream of trams transport people down the main thoroughfares. We learned early on to explore beyond the major streets in order to get a good look at the culture that lies in the laneways in Melbourne.… Read the rest