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Beek-Ubbergen, Netherlands: Naturally Beautiful

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When we agreed to housesit in the village of Beek-Ubbergen in the Netherlands, we expected small town charm – and we got it. Beek is a one grocer, one post office, one church, one pub, two baker kind of town.

Beek-Ubbergen Netherlands Nature

Beek-Ubbergen, Netherlands

The Village of Beek-Ubbergen

The village is home to 3,400 residents who all know each other and live on quiet streets in red brick homes with smoke puffing out the chimneys. What we didn’t expect – but were pleased to find – is the abundant nature that surrounds the village.

Beek-Ubbergen Netherlands Nature

Beek-Ubbergen village center

Beek-Ubbergen is less than 10km east of Nijmegen, a city with a population of 160,000; yet it has a distinctly different vibe and doesn’t necessarily feel like a suburb. The village is tucked between Duivelsberg (Devil’s Mountain) and the Meertje River- and is practically on the German-Dutch border.

Beek-Ubbergen Netherlands Nature Sunrise

Beek-Ubbergen at dawn

Beek-Ubbergen Hills

The hills (not really mountains at all, standing at only 250 feet) are the result of glacial ice melt from 150,000 years ago. In the Netherlands, hills are an anomaly – and this small range of topography is practically in our back yard (or side yard, more specifically).

Beek-Ubbergen Netherlands Nature (16)

A trail in the hills of Beek-Ubbergen

Several paths (some that double as driveways) lead south from the main street into the forested park. The trail closest to us passes by one house and a pasture, where we often have to contend with a herd of cattle before continuing deep into the 308 acres of nature reserve. Connecting trails weave through mostly deciduous trees and (on any day besides Sunday) we could very well not see another soul during our hikes.

Beek-Ubbergen Netherlands Nature

Sharing the path with cattle

In all the solitude, if we are searching for the masses, we simply head in the direction of the Pancake House, where we can quickly replenish the calories we’ve just burned. Pannenkoeken de Duivelsberg, which sits on the top of the hill, has been selling pancakes since 1963 from an old, early-1900s farmhouse.

Beek-Ubbergen Netherlands Nature hike to pancake house

Pannenkoeken de Duivelsberg – Pancake House on Devil’s Mountain

Unlike pancakes as Americans think of them, these big-as-your-plate pancakes are both sweet and savory – and serve as lunch and dinner, not breakfast. As odd as it was to order a single pancake topped with ham, cheese, tomato and fried onion for lunch, it surely satisfied.

Beek-Ubbergen Netherlands Pancake House

Savory pancakes – as big as the plate!

A lake and river in Beek-Ubbergen

At the east end of Beek-Ubbergen, just meters from Germany, is Wylerbergmeer. The small lake is circled by paths, home to a variety of birds and has a sandy beach that we are sure is popular with kids in the summertime.

Beek-Ubbergen Netherlands Nature

Sunrise over Wylerbergmeer

In the winter, however, it’s not so crowded. On our early morning walks we sometimes encounter camping fishermen or fellow dog walkers, but often have the wide open space to ourselves. We’ve witnessed stunning sunrises and trees filled with fog – and we find it heavenly to breath in the fresh air.

Beek-Ubbergen Netherlands Nature

A foggy morning at Wylerbergmeer

Paths lead from the lake north of the village along the river and into farm land. Scattered even further north are other villages, including Netherland’s smallest hamlet, Persingen, with only 89 residents. The entire area is connected with narrow one-lane roads that are biked more than driven.

Beek-Ubbergen Netherlands Persingen

Persingen, the smallest hamlet in the Netherlands

Although much of our time housesitting in Beek-Ubbergen was spent updating our blog and social media, we have still managed to break free and experience the outdoors. With all of the options for hiking and biking in the area, even after two months we are discovering new routes.

Beek-Ubbergen Netherlands Nature

A nature trail near Wylerbergmeer

We want to know: Have you been to Beek-Ubbergen in the Netherlands? What did you like about the village? Did you get to enjoy a bit of nature? Tell us in the comments!

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Beek-Ubbergen Netherlands Natureally Beautiful JetSetting Fools

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  1. So picturesque! Surprised there is no snow or is this an unusually warm winter? Winter in Arizona has been unusually cold. Do you know of any places in US that compare to Beek?

    • It is a little warm here, so no snow yet. The temperatures are supposed to drop, but there isn’t any snow in the forecast. I’m not sure what to compare it to the United States ~ maybe Ohio or Indiana.
      Hope you are doing well!

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