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Ba Na Hills Vietnam: Golden Bridge And Theme Park In Da Nang

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Visiting Ba Na Hills is a must-do activity while in Da Nang! The fantasyland mountain retreat is a conglomeration of sights, entertainment and engineering feats. Home to the famed Golden Bridge (held by two gigantic hands), a three-level arcade and an award-winning cable car system, the Sun World Da Nang Ba Na Hills complex is one of the city’s top attractions. Appealing to a wide range of audiences – including couples, families, friends and photogs, Ba Na Hills Vietnam should not be missed.

There are so many things to do at Ba Na Hills that guests can easily spend an entire day at the theme park. Options for visiting the theme park range from DIY trips to organized day tours to staying overnight.

In this travel guide, you can find everything you need to know about visiting the mountain park. We include details regarding the various ticket options, how to get there and what to see. Additionally, we include a map and budget options, too.


Ba Na Hills Vietnam History

The Vietnam mountain resort, which sits 1,500 meters above sea level, was a favored vacation destination from the late 1800s until the 1950s. The French colonists established the Da Nang hill station in 1919. When the French withdrew from Vietnam in 1954, the complex fell to disuse and the hilltop town crumbled into a dilapidated state.


Ba Na Hills Da Nang Amusement Park

In the early 2000s, the rundown resort – which consisted of several ramshackle structures – was revitalized into a magical theme park. With the origins clearly at the forethought, the developers designed a replica 19th century French village. The surreal Central Vietnam mountaintop complex is complete with opulent gardens, reproduction stone structures, fanciful squares…and an iconic way to access it: Cable Cars.


How To Visit Ba Na Hills In Da Nang, Vietnam

Statue-lined bridge at entrance to Ba Na Hills in Da Nang, Vietnam

Guests can plan a day trip on their own or as part of a tour group (tips on the top-rated tours in a minute!). 

Visitors access the park via a network of cable cars (a sight within itself!); the entire village is a car-free zone. A Ba Na Hills ticket is required to visit all areas of the park, including the Golden Bridge, French village, arcade and restaurants.


Ba Na Hills Tickets

The Ba Na Hills ticket price is a bit steep; it costs more than 700,000 VND ($30 USD) for a one-day adult pass. That said, the Ba Na Hills Entrance Fee is inclusive of the entire complex (except the Wax Museum and some games), including the cable car ride up and back down. Top Tip: A small discount is applied to tickets purchased online.

Adult Ticket: 750,000 VDN

Child Ticket (1m to 1.4m height ~ 3.2-feet-tall to 4.5-feet-tall): 600,000 VDN

Small Child (up to 1m height ~ 3.2-feet-tall): Free

DaNang Resident Adult: 450,000 VDN; Child: 350,000 VDN.


Discount Ba Na Hill Ticket: Evening Visit

Visiting Ba Na Da Nang is not cheap, but there is a budget option! The Ba Na Hills price is reduced to just 600,000 VND for guests who enter after 4:00pm. What makes the discounted ticket a true budget choice, however, is all the inclusions. In addition to the park entry, the Night Combo ticket includes free transportation via bus from Da Nang to Ba Na Hills (and back) and a free buffet dinner with 1 liter of beer.

Night Combo Ticket Deal: Entry, Cable Car, Da Nang City Transport, Buffet Dinner, Beer = 600,000 VND.

As budget-conscious travelers, we were ecstatic to find a more affordable way to visit the park. Rather than spending an entire day at Ba Na Hills, we were content to experience the park utilizing the cheaper entry fee.

While there are many pros to the discounted entry, it is not without a few shortcomings. Additionally, we found it incredibly difficult to find accurate information online regarding the reduced fare. To help other travelers understand how to get the discounted Ba Na Hills tickets and what to expect, we detail our entire experience at the end of the post.


What Are The Ba Na Hills Park Hours?

The cable car runs everyday from 7:00am until 10:00pm. The hours of operations for each attraction is listed below.


Where Is Ba Na Hills, Vietnam?

Ba Na Hills is located 25km directly west of downtown Da Nang. The entertainment complex is located atop the mountain preserve at 1,487 meters. A parking lot and drop-off area is located near the base of the hill; visitors then ride cable cars to the theme park.


How To Get To Ba Na Hills From Da Nang

On a day trip from Da Nang City, visitors can self-drive, take hired private transport or ride the SunWorld bus (available to after 4:00pm visitors only).

To drive yourself, use these Google Maps directions.

Visitors without a car can take a taxi, Grab ride, shuttle or hire a private driver online (like this one). There is no public transportation.

Top Tip: Many tours combine transport and entry, which can cost less than paying for a ride and tickets separately.


Getting from Hoi An to Ba Na Hills

The options of how to get to Ba Na Hills from Hoi An are the same as from Da Nang. Visitors can self-drive (Google Maps directions) or take private transport. Find out more about booking private Ba Na Hills-Hoi An transfer.


Tour Ba Na Hill Da Nang With A Guide

Joining a Ba Na Hill tour can be an economical (or at least less expensive) trip to the park. Most tours bundle your Ba Na Hill ticket, transportation and sometimes even a meal into one flat fee. Check out the details of this 5-Star full-day tour, which includes hotel pick-up, park entry, on-site buffet lunch and a private tour guide for $75 USD. (More tour options listed at the end of the post!) 


Ba Na Hills Vietnam Attractions

The Da Nang Ba Na Hills Theme Park is jam-packed with attractions and photo-ops. Many visitors come to see one sight – and stay to enjoy the entire park!


#1 Ba Na Hills Cable Car

Cable Cars in misty mountain going to Ba Na Hills in Da Nang, Vietnam

The Vietnam cable car is a modern marvel. The Ba Na Hills Da Nang Cable Car system consists of five separate routes (with plans already in the works for three more to open in the near future!). The ropeway was constructed by the Austrian-Swiss Doppelmayr company that has been designing aerial trams since the late 1800s. The cable car network can move 7,500 passengers per hour. Hours: 7:00am to 10:00pm.

Note: The Ba Na Hills Cable Car price is included with the theme park ticket and can not be purchased separately.

Cable Car Lines and Stations

Hoi An – Marseille Line

The Hoi An to Marseille Line transports visitors from the park entrance Hoi An Station to the Marseille Station. From the Marseille Station, guests can visit top sights – like the Golden Bridge – before continuing to the top of the hill on the Bordeaux – Louvre Line.  Length: 5,261 meters.

Bordeaux – Louvre Line

Located just steps from the Marseille Station, the Bordeaux – Louvre Line is used to get from key sights – like the Golden Bridge – to the top of the hill where the French Village is located. Length: 672 meters.

Suoi Mo – Ba Na Line

The Suoi Mo – Ba Na Route extends from the park entrance to the same hillside sights as the Hoi An – Marseille Line; the two areas are connected via a funicular. Length: 5,042 meters.

Debay – Morin

Connecting the Suoi Mo – Ba Na Line to the top of the mountain is the Debay – Morin Line. Length: 690 meters.

Toc Tien Waterfall – L’Indochine

The Toc Tien Waterfall – L’Indochine ropeway connects the entrance of the park to the top of the hill. When it opened in 2013, the cable car line set four world records: Longest One-Line Car Cable; Largest Height Difference from Departure to Destination; Longest Cable; and Heaviest Cable. Comprised of 86 cabins, the ride takes 17 minutes from station to station. Length: 5,801 meters.


#2 Golden Bridge (Giant Hands Bridge)

Panoramic view of Golden Bridge at Ba Na Hills in Da Nang, Vietnam

The most recognizable Ba Na Vietnam attraction is the Ba Na Hills bridge: Golden Bridge. Built in 2018, the pedestrian bridge appears to be held up by two gigantic stone hands emerging from the mountainside. The iconic (and over Instagrammed) bridge sits at 1,414 meters. Location: Mountainside; Bordeaux Station. Hours: 8:00am to 7:00pm.


#3 French Village Ba Na Hills

Emphasizing the origins of the hill’s first establishment, the magical theme park French Village in Vietnam resembles a classic European village. The make-believe French Village Ba Na Hills features a replica St. Denis Church, a Moulin Rouge windmill and numerous picturesque squares and alleys, which are thoughtfully designed with a French flair. Location: Peak; Louvre, Morin and L’Indochine Stations. Hours: Always open.

Top Tip: While the Da Nang French Village is quite perfectly quaint, very little – if any – is real. There are, however, a few remaining (and decaying) structures that visitors can explore. 


#4 Ba Na Hills Fantasy Park

Featuring three stories of arcade games and rides, Fantasy Park Ba Na Hills is a hive of entertainment. Featuring both modern and classic games, there is no extra fee to play! We played classic games, like Pop-a-Shot, Skee Ball and a giant Pac-Man video game; then hopped on for one ride on the Freefall. Other popular rides include Bumper Cars, car racing games and a children’s play area. Location: Peak; Morin and Louvre Stations. Hours: 8:30am to 7:00pm.


#5 Alpine Slide Ba Na Hills

Guests can speed down twisting tracks on the hillside Alpine Slide. There are two Alpine Slide tracks at the park – both of which feature crazy turns and corkscrews! Location: Peak; Louvre and Morin Stations. Hours: Exact time unavailable, but closes early – between 5:00pm and 6:00pm.


#6 Ba Na Hills Wax Museum

The first wax museum in Vietnam, visitors are invited to mingle with worldwide celebrities…or at least their wax figures. Location: Peak; Morin and Louvre Stations, inside Fantasy Park. Hours: 8:30am to 7:00pm.


#7 Mid-Mountain Ba Na Hills Sights

Two of the cable car Ba Na Hills lines (Hoi An – Marseille and Suoi Mo – Ba Na) take passengers to a mountainside location just short of the peak. Several park attractions are nestled in the hillside.


Golden Hands Bridge

See above for Sun World Ba Na Hills Golden Bridge information.  


Debay Wine Cellar

The wine cave was built by the French in 1923 as an ideal place to store wine. Today, visitors can walk through the wine cellar tunnel that terminates at a wine bar. Top Tip: If you purchase a glass of wine, take it upstairs to enjoy it on the elevated patio that offers garden views. Hours: 8:00am to 5:00pm (extended until 6:30pm in peak season).


Le Jardin d’Amour Flower Garden

Featuring nine different gardens designed to invoke nine different emotions, the flower gardens are an explosion of color. Complemented by columns, statues and stretching vistas, the garden is a must-see!

Top Tip: Don’t miss the Maze garden! Hours: 8:00 to 6:00pm.


Linh Ung Pagoda and Buddha Statue

The city of Da Nang has three Linh Ung Pagodas: Linh Ung Non Nuoc in the Marble Mountains, Linh Ung Bai But on the Son Tra Peninsula and Linh Ung Ba Na at the Da Nang theme park. Easy to find, the pagoda features a 27-meter-tall (88 feet) white Sakyamuni Buddha statue. Hours: Unavailable.


Ba Na Hills Funicular

A funicular can be used to travel between the mid-mountain cable car stations and sights. Hours: 8:00am to 5:00pm (extended until 6:30pm in peak season).


Best Ba Na Hill Restaurants

There are an incredible number of restaurants on the grounds of the Ba Na Hills amusement park. Guests can choose from fine dining Da Nang French restaurants to the beer sloshing buffet at Beer Plaza. Hours: Vary by restaurant. 

Pro Tip: Read more about the Best Food in Da Nang!

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Ba Na Hills Vietnam Map

Use this link to an online Ba Na Hills Vietnam Map.  Top Tip: Zoom in the SunWorld logo on the Ba Na Hill Map to see the theme park layout.

Ba Na Hills Map of Attractions



Ba Na Hills Review: Budget Night Combo

When we were planning what to do in Ba Na Hills, we were confident we could fit our desired sightseeing into a couple of hours. Rather than pay full price for tickets, we took advantage of the cheaper Night Combo tickets that saved us a bundle of money.

It wasn’t just the savings that enticed us; we saw many benefits to the late-day tickets. Not only did the ticket include transport, but the park was less crowded. Furthermore, the timing of the ticket also allowed us to see the sights in both daylight and after dark – and we could watch the sunset over the city.

Our biggest disappointment was that not all Ba Na Mountain Vietnam attractions stay open until the 10:00pm closing time. We didn’t learn this key fact until we were buying our tickets at the gate.


Top Tips for Cheap Ba Na Hills SunWorld Night Combo Tickets

Finding information about the Night Combo tickets was a real struggle! We had so many questions, but could find no online info. To help other guests, we are outlining our top tips and pertinent information we wished we would have had for our trip to Ba Na Hills.


Ba Na Hills Transport

The included transport is one of the major benefits of the Night Combo ticket; you don’t need to worry about how to get to Ba Na Hills! Buses depart for BaNa Hills from Da Nang at 3:00pm and 3:30pm – and they will run as many buses as necessary to transport evening visitors to the park. You will, however, need to get to the pick-up location, which is at the SunWorld DaNang Wonders Park (where the Ferris wheel is) before 3:30.

Use this link to Google Maps for the coordinates and exact location of the bus pick-up point.

Important Note: You do NOT need to purchase BaNa Hills tickets in advance (in fact, it is extremely difficult to do so and a complete waste of your time)! Simply hop on the Sunworld bus at the designated pick up spot and buy tickets once you arrive at the park. 

How To Get To The Pick Up Location

To get to Wonders Park, we took a Grab taxi and arrived at about 2:50pm. Promptly at 3:00pm, the first bus pulled up, collected passengers and set off for the park within minutes.

Second Pick Up Location

There is a second pick-up point at the Green Hotel (62 Hoang Van Thai) at 3:30pm and 4:00pm. The bus ride takes about 40 minutes and conveniently drops passengers off at the Ba Na mountain resort ticket office.

Bus from Ba Na Hills to Da Nang

The return bus ride – also included in the ticket price – departs from the Toc Tien Waterfall Station – which is the lower station for the Toc Tien – L’Indochine Cable Car Line. Top Tip: The cable car ride takes 17 minutes; furthermore, it takes about 5-10 minutes to get from the cable car to the bus, so be sure to factor that into your time at the park. We were dragging our feet to get on the cable car – and we nearly missed the bus.


Evening Crowds At Ba Na Hills

Most guests visit the park during the day – which means the park is a lot less crowded in the evening. In fact, by the time we were catching the cable car back down the hill, the park was nearly vacant. There were rarely lines for anything – and we had a few moments when it felt like we had the entire park to ourselves.


Day Light and After Dark At Ba Na Hills

The timing of the evening ticket is superb for those who like to watch sunsets (like we do!). There wasn’t a spectacular sunset during our visit, but it was still nice to watch the sun go down and the city lights come on. In fact, seeing the park after dark was a highlight of our time at Ba Na Hills! The French Village is particularly pretty at night.

Important Note: The day/night experience isn’t exclusive to Night Combo ticket holders! Guests who purchase full-price day tickets can stay until closing, too.


Buffet, Beer and Entertainment

Our combo tickets included the buffet dinner at Beer Plaza, plus a liter of beer (light or dark, served in a 1-liter glass stein). Although the choices were mostly Asian staples, there was a plethora of dishes to choose from. They even featured some unique options, like smoked duck, octopus, fried frog legs and snake.

Chefs were stationed around the buffet making fresh classic dishes – like fried spring rolls – and serving roasted meats and specialty soups. In addition to a long table covered with traditional main dishes, guests could assemble a salad from the salad bar or gorge on as many desserts as desired at the fruit and dessert station.

While we wouldn’t rate it as the best food in Da Nang, it was good…and plentiful. The real treat was the beer – which was ice cold and German inspired (two things most beers in Da Nang are not).

Another surprise was the entertainment. A continual line up of bands performed on stage (which sits on top of the bar) throughout our meal. Covering current hits and well-known bar classics, we found the performances (and audience) to be quite entertaining.


Night Combo Attractions at Ba Na Da Nang, Vietnam

The one downside to the Night Combo ticket is that not all attractions stay open after dark. We had planned which sights we wanted to see and created a route through the park that would get us to those sights. Once we arrived, however, we learned our route was not possible.

Thankfully, we didn’t need to scramble to rearrange our plans. The park conveniently provides a plan for Night Combo ticket holders to follow. The suggested tour included most of the sights we wanted to see. Actually, the only two attractions we missed were the Alpine Slide and the Funicular.

Top Tip: When you buy your tickets, ask for the current hours for each exhibit! Some hours change by season and the information we found on the official website differed from those on the official pamphlet. If you are visiting the park for a specific attraction, you don’t want to miss it because it closed earlier than you thought!


What We Saw: Our Ba Na Hills Route

Guests purchasing the Night Combo tickets can follow in our footsteps to the top sights at the park. For that matter, guests who visit during the day can also take the same route!


Hoi An Station to Marseille

From the ticket counter, night visitors are prompted to take the cable car from the Hoi An Station to Marseille. They don’t allow Night Combo ticket holders on the cable cars until 4:00pm. Guests can either line up and wait in the queue or stroll the picturesque gardens. There is also a convenient bathroom located to the right of the ticket booth.

Top Tip: There are clean, clearly signed restrooms located throughout the park.


Ba Na Hills Vietnam Golden Bridge

After disembarking the cable car, it’s a short walk to the famed Golden Hands Bridge. During our visit, it was less crowded than we anticipated it being…but far from being void of people. There is a ‘photo spot’ located on the north end of the bridge, which will likely have a line.

Top Tip: Rather than spending our precious time standing in line, we took pictures directly to the left of the ‘photo op spot’.


Debay Wine Cellar

The Wine Cellar is not far from the Golden Bridge and worth a quick visit. The wine-by-the-glass options were vintages from Australia and Italy (not France or Vietnam) and priced around 75,000 VND for a small glass.

Top Tip: In hindsight, we would have skipped getting a glass of wine. We are fairly certain we would have made it to the Alpine Slide before it closed had we not lingered at the wine cellar.


Le Jardin d’Amour Flower Garden

The gardens are quite beautiful – and full of photo ops. Don’t miss the giant chess board, the peacock garden and the maze!


Bordeaux Station to Louvre

Hop on a cable car at the Bordeaux Station and arrive at the Louvre Station on the mountain peak.

Top Tip: Because of the thinning crowds, we were able to get a private cable car compartment. It’s a short ride, but being able to move around for the different views was a nice treat.


The French Village

Unless you are racing to get in line for the Alpine Slide, spend some time wandering around the French Village before sunset.

Top Tip: Check out the thoughtful details and slow down to enjoy a stroll in the make-believe town.


Fantasy Park Da Nang

With far fewer crowds in the evening, the games at Fantasy Park should not have long lines. We were able to play all of our favorites – and try a few new-to-us games, too!

Top Tip: If there is a line for a specific game you want to play, we recommend skipping it and coming back later when there could possibly be no line at all.


Beer Plaza Buffet Dinner

The buffet dinner features tables and tables of food. We enjoyed being able to try a few Vietnamese dishes that we had been too scared to order in a restaurant (the snake was particularly good!). The only line – and a short one, at that – was at the Prime Rib station. Guests are free to stay at the buffet as long as they please and eat as much as they want.

Top Tip: Peruse the entire buffet table before piling your plate with food; in an effort to cut down food waste, excessive leftovers may incur a fee.


Beer Voucher

Our Night Combo ticket entitled us each to one liter of beer. The beer is served in large steins, which can render the beer warm by the time you finish it. Instead, travelers in pairs can use one beer voucher and ask for the beer to be poured into two half-liter steins; unfortunately, it is not possible for one person to get a half-liter and come back for the second half-liter later.

Top Tip: It is difficult – if not impossible – to buy a beer rather than using a voucher. However, drinking water is available at the bar free of charge.


French Village At Night

After dark, when the French Village is bathed in soft light from streetlamps, the town feels even more whimsical.

Top Tip: Keep an eye on your time and plan ahead to allow about 20 minutes to walk through the streets at night. Wind your way through the town and end at the L’Indochine Station where you catch the cable car back down the mountain.


L’Indochine Station to Toc Tien

The record-breaking cable car line is fascinating to ride at night!

Top Tip: After disembarking from the Cable Car, you need to venture down a trail of escalators; factor the time this will take into your bus departure time! Also allow time to use the bathroom, which is just steps from the cable car exit.


Ba Na Hills Vietnam Tour

Rather than trying to sort all of the details of a trip to the mountains, guests can opt to tour Da Nang Ba Na Hills with a professional tour guide. The Ba Na Hills Day Tour includes everything – from hotel pick up to all the top sights to an on-site lunch and a ride back to the city. 

Ba Na Hill Tour 1 Day = Transport, Professional Guide, Entry, Top Sights and Lunch for $75 USD. Book it now!


Private Ba Na Hills Vietnam Tour

Upgrade your BaNa Hills Experience with a private tour guide. Arrive via luxurious transportation and visit the sights with an English-speaking guide – who can also double as your photographer! Get the details and book it!


More Tips For Visiting Ba Na Hill Da Nang

Whether traveling with a guide, on your own or with a Night Combo ticket, we have a few tips so you can plan the best Ba Na Hills trip!


Ba Na Hills Weather

Being on top of a mountain, the Ba Na Hills temperature is guaranteed to be cooler than in Da Nang or Hoi An.  In fact, Ba Na Hill weather can be drastically different from sea-level weather…and it can rapidly change from sunny to soggy. Make sure to be prepared with both sunscreen and a raincoat or umbrella for your day trip!


What You Will Need For Your Visit To Ba Na Hills, Vietnam

You don’t need much for a fun day at BaNa Hills Vietnam, but make sure to have these necessities.

Travel Camera for Vietnam Photography 

As we mentioned, the sights at BaNa Hills are a photographer’s dream! While a phone camera can be used to capture the sights, we recommend bringing a real camera on your trip. We travel with a Canon Rebel and use an everyday 18-135mm lens that is perfect for the park! As we are sure you will be snapping a ton of photos, make sure to charge your camera battery before your trip.


What To Wear To Ba Na Hills

The weather is much cooler on top of the mountain, so it’s a good idea to pack a light jacket – especially if visiting at night. Also, wear comfortable shoes; although the park is compact and easy to get around, there is some walking required.


Vietnam Travel Insurance

Always travel protected with Travel Insurance! In addition to trip cancellations and delays, World Nomads travel insurance can also cover illnesses and injuries. Check rates and coverage on the World Nomads site.


Ba Na Hills Golf Club

The Da Nang theme park isn’t the only mountain attraction. Another reason to visit Ba Na Hills is for a round of golf! The most prestigious of all the Da Nang golf courses, the Ba Na Hills Golf Club offers guests an opportunity to play a challenging game of golf on an 18-hole course. The world class experience is highlighted by the professional caddies and stylish clubhouse.


Ba Na Hills Hotel

Guests who want to spend the night atop the mountain can do so at the Mercure Ba Na Hills Resort Da Nang.

Mercure Da Nang French Village Ba Na Hills Hotel

The Mercure Ba Na Hills French Village hotel is a key feature of the French Village at the Ba Na Hills resort. In addition to the absolutely superb location, the top features of the Ba Na Hill Resort Hotel include a spa, swimming pool and an included breakfast. Get fellow travelers’ opinions; read the Mercure BaNa Hills French Village TripAdvisor reviews!  

Want to stay at the Da Nang Ba Na Hill Resort?! Check Rates and Availability for the Mercure Hotel Ba Na Hill for your trip!



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Start planning your trip to Vietnam! Search for the lowest airfares, the best accommodations and fun things to do…then start packing!  Want more travel planning tips? Head over to our Travel Planning page for more information and tips on traveling – and for country-specific information, take a look at our Travel Guides page!


We Want To Know: Have you been to Ba Na Hills Vietnam? What were the highlights? Do you have any tips? Share your best advice in the comments below!


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