Sights to see in Amsterdam Walking Tour for 1 day

One Day in Amsterdam Self-Guided Walking Tour

Amsterdam is a city that is both historic and progressive, elegant and bawdy. There are 17th century canals and trendy cannabis coffee shops. Grand, gabled houses line the streets, while a neon glow emanates from the Red Light District. Bicycles outnumber the human population and the long history of beer is being revolutionized by craft brewers.… Read the rest

Top 5 Things To Do in Haarlem, Netherlands by

Top 6 Things To Do in Haarlem, Netherlands

When we arrived in the Netherlands, we had three full days before we boarded a ship for our European River Cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest. At first, we considered staying in Amsterdam – a city that we love and one that can easily entertain us for weeks – but we were on a streak of visiting new places (Riga, Latvia and Tallinn, Estonia were our previous stops) and wanted to stay in that new-city groove.… Read the rest

Amsterdam Craft Beer Bars: The Best Local Dutch Beer by

Amsterdam Craft Beer Bars: The Best Local Dutch Beer

There are so many things to love about Amsterdam…and Dutch beer is one of them. We are not talking about mass-produced Dutch beer; we are talking about good Amsterdam beer, Amsterdam Craft Beer.

The Netherlands has a long history as a beer producing country – but it has only been recently that craft beer in Amsterdam has really taken hold.… Read the rest

Things To Do in Nijmegen Netherlands by

Things To Do in Nijmegen, Netherlands

Nijmegen, Netherlands; it’s nice to meet you. Our first introduction to the historic and beautiful city was when we agreed to housesit in the nearby village of Beek-Ubbergen for two months. However, on our frequent trips into the city, we quickly learned that there are numerous things to do in Nijmegen!… Read the rest

Visit Beek-Ubbergen, Netherlands by

4 Reasons To Visit Beek-Ubbergen, Netherlands

When we agreed to housesit for the holidays in the small village of Beek-Ubbergen in the Gelderland Region of the Netherlands, we expected small town charm – and we got it. Beek is a one grocer, one post office, one pub, two bakery type of town; a stark contrast from Amsterdam!… Read the rest