Six Marvellous Reasons to Visit Maribor, Slovenia

6 Marvelous Reasons To Visit Maribor, Slovenia

Maribor is Slovenia’s second largest city, but somehow often overlooked as a tourist destination. Granted, Ljubljana, seems to steal all of the attention, but there a many great things to do in Maribor! While there is no disputing that visiting Ljubljana for the city sights is a must, Maribor is distinctly different.… Read the rest

4 Ljubljana Parks: Nature Paths in Ljubljana, Slovenia by

4 Must Visit Ljubljana Parks

Like most cities in Slovenia, Ljubljana is very walkable. However, the quaint Ljubljana Old Town with it’s wide pedestrian-only streets that run along the Ljubljanica River are just the beginning of the places to walk near the city center. We think the best place for sunny day strolls are the lush inner-city Ljubljana parks. … Read the rest

Glampinig in Slovenia Our Big Berry Expeirence

Glamping In Slovenia: Our Big Berry Experience

Slovenia is a country rich in nature – from soaring mountains to lush forests to craggy coastline to crystal-clear rivers, lakes and streams to the gently rolling hills of the countryside. The small country can be traversed in a single day making nature easily attainable on quick day trips from the architecturally stunning and centrally-located capital city of Ljubljana.… Read the rest

Slovenian Wine Highway

Slovenian Wine Tasting: Our Road Trip Across Slovenia

Slovenia is not a big country; it roughly measures the size of the state of New Jersey. Shaped like a chicken facing east, the nation is wedged into the space between Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. Although it doesn’t have a large landmass, it certainly has diverse landscapes: towering mountains, crystal-clear lakes, vibrant and historic cities, a dramatic coastline, massive caves, wide open farmland and hundreds of vineyards.… Read the rest