Walk from Piran to Strunjan on Slovenia's Coast

Walk from Piran to Strunjan on Slovenia’s Coast

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From the tip of the Piran Peninsula, the rocky Slovenian coastline trails east two and a half miles toward a protruding landmass of bulking cliffs covered in trees. The protected natural reserve, Strunjan Nature Park, is rich with diverse geological phenomena.

The layers of rock that plummet into the Adriatic Sea are formed by the crashing waves, wind and rain. Natural vegetation, as well as olive groves and vineyards, grow on Strunjan, which can be explored by foot on intertwining trails. A shoreline nature path connects the two peninsulas, providing a pleasant way to walk from Piran to Strunjan on Slovenia’s coast.


How to Walk from Piran to Strunjan, Slovenia

What To See in Piran, Slovenia Tartini Square

Mid-morning, after lounging over coffee on Piran’s main square, we exited Tartini Plaza on the east side via a narrow passage, Bolniska Ulica. At the top of the street, after passing the Minorite Monastery and two other Piran churches, we found stairs to our left that descended to the beginning of the path and began our walk from Piran to Strunjan.


Coastal Walk from Piran to Strunjan

View of Piran, Slovenia

The paved trail barely exceeded the height of the splashing sea. Across the turquoise water of Fiesa Bay, we had unobstructed views of Strunjan and the 260-foot high bluffs. Although they seemed distant, we would be standing on top of them in just a little more than an hour.

Looking back at the path to walk from Piran to Strunjan in Slovenia

In the small community of Fiesa, we regretted not bringing a Piran to Strunjan Map of the route for our coastal walk, as it appeared we had three options. The path hugging the coast seemed to end at the waterfront hotel and the road veering right appeared to cut too far inland.

Looking back at Piran, Slovenia from Strunjan

The street to the right of the hotel leading up was marked with a faint bicycle trail marker – and we determined it had to be the right trail to follow. Our intuitions were correct and soon we had other faded and ramshackle signs keeping us on track as we moved onto a dirt trail under a canopy of trees. Through gaps in the greenery, we could see Strunjan getting closer and Piran growing smaller.

Bridge and boats at Strunjan Salt Works in Slovenia

The dirt path ended at a road of steeply declining switchbacks. We kept to the berm as we made our way down to Strunjan Bay and the Strunjan Saltworks. The sectioned fields date to the 13th century and are still operating today using traditional methods for collecting sea salt. Rather than walking along the perimeter of the salt pans, we cut across the bridges to Strunjan Beach and lagoon, looking back at Piran and the distance we had traveled.


Exploring Strunjan Nature Park, Slovenia

Moon Bay - or St. Cross Bay - at Strunjan Nature Reserve in Slovenia

We headed into town, looking for the trail on the Strunjan Nature Park that would ascend to the top of the cliffs. We hiked up stairs to a hotel and then turned left onto a dirt trail. At each opportunity, we stayed to the left, anxious for lookouts that would provide views over the sea.

White marble Cross of Strunjan on Strunjan Nature Reserve in Slovenia

At the stone Cross of Strunjan, which was erected in 1921 for departing sailors to say a final prayer to the Holy Mary before setting out to sea, was the viewpoint we had hoped to find. It was a fairly clear day and from the base of the cross we looked over the Bay of Trieste to Italy. A viewing guide made from a wooden pole helped us locate the cities and sights on the land beyond the sea.

Trail on top of cliffs and Moon Bay on Strunjan Nature Reserve in Slovenia

We again had three paths to choose from to continue our Piran to Strunjan trek: down the hill inland to the 16th century Church of the Apparition of the Virgin Mary, down the cliffs to the rocky beach below or straight along the coastline for more views. We chose the latter (although, later we regretted not making the short detour to see the church) and walked along the edge, peering down at Moon Bay (also called Bay of St. Cross).

Wine vineyards on Strunjan Nature Reserve with Piran, Slovenia in the distance

Continuing east on the northern side of Strunjan, we walked through olive groves and farms, passing few other people along the way. We reached a second lookout point, which provided clear views north to the picturesque seaside town of Izola. From that point on we followed a one-lane road (they all seemed to be just named ‘Strunjan’) to the west. We made our way toward Strunjan town walking through vineyards and passing a few houses and abandoned structures on the way.

View of Izola, Slovenia from top of cliffs at Strunjan Nature Reserve

The road we were on took us almost directly to Strunjan’s main bus stop. Instead of retracing our steps on the walk from Piran to Strunjan, we hopped a ride on a bus and were quickly back on the Piran Peninsula, again viewing Strunjan in the distance. Not a bad way to spend the day!

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