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10 Things To Do in Kranj, Slovenia

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Kranj, Slovenia sits in the shadow of Ljubljana, just 18 miles away, but is often overlooked as a travel destination. In fact, on our first trip to Slovenia, the only time we saw Kranj was when we passed through on our way from Ljubljana to Lake Bled – but the town did catch our attention.

When a month-long housesitting opportunity became available in Kranj, we recalled its stunning location and were quick to apply. During our stay, petsitting in the neighborhood of Circe, we discovered a plethora of fun Things To Do in Kranj, Slovenia!

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10 Things To Do in Kranj, Slovenia

Main Square, Glavni trg, Kranj, Slovenia, mountains in background

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#1 Walk The Old Town Kranj Tunnels

Man-made tunnels in Kranj, Slovenia

Beneath the city streets of Old Town Kranj are 1300 meters of man-made tunnels. Built in 1944 during World War II, the tunnels were designed to provide shelter for the citizens in the case of aerial bombings. Fit with benches, electricity and even small chambers for toilets, the tunnels were designed to accommodate up to 6,000 residents. Although Kranj was never a direct target during the war, drills were performed daily so that people could practice gathering their blankets, food and water and descend into the tunnels.

After the war ended, the tunnels were left abandoned and garbage accumulated. For a brief time in the 80s and 90s, mushrooms were cultivated in the tunnels, capitalizing on the dark and damp conditions. In 1991, during the Slovenian War of Independence, the tunnels were prepared in case the citizens of Kranj needed to retreat to safety; but again, fortunately it wasn’t necessary.

In 2007, the tunnels were cleared of debris and opened as a historic attraction, quickly becoming one of the best things to do in Kranj. We took a guided tour that included detailed information and many interesting displays about the construction and use of the tunnels.

Benches line walls in Tunnels built during World War II, Kranj, Slovenia

A small room has been reconstructed as the shelter was intended, complete with an air raid simulator. Additionally, there are several events – wine tastings, Halloween festivities and a Christmas nativity scene – that take place in the Kranj tunnels. Unfortunately, none were occurring during our visit, but the wine tasting sounds like it would be right up our alley…or rather tunnel, actually!


#2 What to Eat in Kranj: Traditional and International Food

Beer at Das Ist Valter, Kranj, Slovenia

In Kranj, while there are not a plethora of dining options, they make up for it in variety and quality. Finding local specialties is always important to our travels and we also like to try cuisine from family owned restaurants that feature international food and, in Kranj, we got a taste of both!

Fresh Fish Meal at Gostilna Kot, Kranj, Slovenia

Gostilna Kot, located on Maistrov trg, serves traditional, homemade Slovenian dishes. We savored the locally made Kranjska sausage and whole, grilled fish from the Sava River. The prices are fair and the patio is shaded – but it’s only open for lunch or early dinner (which is really ‘late lunch’ for most Slovenes).

Sarajevo Beer, Kranj, Slovenia

Das Ist Valter is the place to feast on cevapcici, popular Balkan regional fare that hails from Bosnia. It was the most recommended restaurant during our stay in Kranj – and eating there is one of the best things to do in Kranj for good reason! The minced-meat sausages are served in bread and highly addictive. A word of advice: 10 is too many; stick to the Petka (5) or go for the Pol-Pol that has both regular and spicy sausages. Another tip: order the beer; it tastes just like Sarajevsko, the local beer in Sarajevo.

We wouldn’t normally recommend looking at the television in a restaurant, but at Das Ist Valter, catch at least a few minutes of “Walter Defends Sarajevo,” the 1972 Yugoslav film from which the restaurant gets its name, that most certainly will be playing on the screen.

Lord Burger, Projekt Burger, Kranj, Slovenia

When we had cravings for American burgers, we headed to Sava Island in the middle of the Sava River to Projekt Burger. In the small shack, they crank out incredible gourmet burgers. The Lord burger features a thick, juicy patty smothered in barbeque sauce, topped with cheese and American-style bacon…and it just might be better than the burgers we eat in the States! 2023 Update: Projekt Burger has relocated to this location in Kranj. Near the previous spot is Bazen Bar & BBQ. Let us know what it’s like if you check either (or both) of them out!


#3 Drink Local Slovenian Craft Beer

Local craft beer at Terasa Go Lokal Cafe, Kranj, Slovenia

Slovenia’s craft beer scene is in full swing and Kranj is welcoming the revolution. We found a few bars in Kranj that appreciate better tasting brew and one brewery making their own.

Kavka Bar, located in the old town center on Maistrov trg, was quick to become our favorite spot to imbibe. Whether people-watching from the patio, listening to live music or getting cozy in the back nook, Kavka exudes an inviting and relaxed vibe. While the beer selection wasn’t the most abundant in town, they do offer a nice choice of local brew.

StarCraft and local Taps at Beer Pub, Kranj, Slovenia

Beer Pub – in a somewhat odd location next to the train station and facing a parking lot – is all about craft beer and includes an enormous selection of beers from around the world, as well as those produced in Slovenia. Starcraft is the in-house beer, a pale ale poured on tap.

Terasa Go Lokal Café – Kranj’s most well-known beer joint is an appropriately named café, as they have a large patio (terrace) and a wide selection of locally crafted beer and wine. KluBar is another popular spot in Kranj for craft beer as well as live music.

Kranjska Pivnica, 2-liter beer bottles on display, Kranj, Slovenia

Of course, when we wanted to go straight to the source, we walked (or hop bus #1) just out of the city center to the Kranjsko Pivnico. The brewery, located in a warehouse district, features an on-site tap room with an outdoor patio. They also offer their fresh beer in two-liter glass bottles – perfect for take-away!


#4 Participate in Kranj Community Events

Uros Peric plays piano, Tribute to Ray Charles, Jazz Kamp Kranj, Kranj, Slovenia

Kranj might not be the biggest city in Slovenia (it’s actually the fourth largest, behind Ljubljana, Maribor and Celje), but they organize a full event schedule! From art exhibitions to outdoor movie screenings to culinary happenings, we were able to participate in quite a few of Kranj’s community events.

Water Polo at City Games Finals 2016, Kranj, Slovenia

A few that we especially enjoyed were the City Games Finals, Jazz Kamp Kranj and Kranska Kuhna. Check with the Tourist Information Center to find out what current events are taking place in Kranj.


#5 Discover the Kranj, Slovenia Art Scene

France Preseren Statue, Kranj Slovenia

Historically, it seems Kranj has always attracted artists. Some of Kranj’s most famous residents (among them, Dr. France Preseren, writer of Slovenia’s national anthem), were poets, writers, photographers and painters.

Thanks for the Flowers Banksy at Layer House, Hisa Layer, Kranj, Slovenia

Today, there are several galleries and museums located in Kranj, including the urban cultural art center, Layer House (Hisa Layer). Located in the former house of Slovene painter Leopold Layer, the space includes art exhibitions, a café and an artist-in-residence program. 

Graffiti Street Art, Kranj, Slovenia

For an even more urban art experience, we ‘followed the red line’ on an ‘everyday art’ tour. The line (red tape stuck to the ground, which has faded to white in many places) led us to small, informative plaques throughout the old town that provided brief descriptions of the graffiti, signage or art form we were viewing.


#6 Take in the Best Views of Kranj

View of the Town of Kranj, Slovenia

Of the three bell towers that rise in the city center, none of them are open to the public for climbing. However, there are two viewpoints in town that are worth checking out. A walk south along the main street in Kranj, Cankarjeva ulica, ends at Pungert.

Walk Main street, Kranj, Slovenia

The three-story defensive tower was built in the 16th century and, in 1832, it was used as the town dungeon. However, Pungert isn’t open for climbing, either. Continue beyond the defensive tower to a walkway that leads to the tip of the rock, which provides a lookout point over the Kokra River.

Get the Best View of Kranj, Slovenia

The best place to get a view over Kranj’s old city, however, is to walk toward the train station and then go south to the small parking lot. From there, continue south and climb the stairs over the arches. On a clear day, the Kamnik-Savinja Alps provide a stunning backdrop to the Old Town Kranj rooftops.

View of the Water Tower, Kranj, Slovenia

Note: The landmark Water Tower – which is still pumping water to the residents of Kranj, as it has been for more than 100 years – has 150 steps that can be climbed for views…but only on one day of the year. Unfortunately, said day didn’t coincide with our visit to Kranj.


#7 Discover Kranj Architecture

Mount of Olives relief above door to Parish Church of St. Cantianus, Kranj, Slovenia

The Parish Church of St. Cantianus is the only one of the three churches in Kranj that is open to the public. The Gothic church was built on Kranj’s main square in the 15th century (on the same location as a smaller church, which dated to the 10th century). The Mount of Olives relief has decorated the arch above the entrance since 1460, but much of the interior is relatively new – the altar dating to 1934.

People walking on Old Town Street in Kranj, Slovenia

To visit Kranj’s most modern building, head to the Kranj City Library. The state-of-the-art building was completed in 2011. As excited as we were to use the free wifi, public restrooms and air-conditioned space, we were most impressed with the surround-sound chairs located by the extensive collection of CDs.


#8 Get Creepy With Skeletons at the Kranj Ossuary

Egkh Family vault and bones inOssuary, Kranj, Slovenia

For an eerie and unusual side of Kranj, head underground to the ossuary. The lower level of a former 14th century cemetery church – the foundations of which date to the 6th century –  hosts the remains of hundreds of Kranj’s citizens.

Skull and Skeleton bones, Ossuary, Kranj, Slovenia

During an excavation in 1972, the vault of a prominent Kranj family, Egkh, was discovered. Inscribed with a coat-of-arms and year 1475, the vault contains the bones of the family buried there. The skeletons of bodies that were cremated during the 1789 plague, as well as bones dating from the 7th to 18th centuries that were piled together from dug-up graves, were also found…and are now prominently displayed in a glass case.


#9 Hike in the Kranj Canyon of the Kokra River

Wooden Path in the Canyon of the Kokra River, Kranj, Slovenia

Kranj’s old town is perched on the tip of a rock at the confluence of the Sava and Kokra Rivers. While the old town is mostly comprised of historic buildings and cobblestone streets, splendid nature is nearby.

Shallow water in Kokra River, Kranj, Slovenia

One-hundred feet down into the canyon of the Korka River is a shaded trail that follows the water’s edge. Descend the stairs on the northwest side of the Postna Ulica bridge and make the ½ mile loop, crossing at the first bridge to the north.


#10 Take A Day Trip From Kranj

Bled Island from Ojstrica Viewpoint at Lake Bled, Slovenia

Kranj is well-positioned for quick Slovenia Day Trips to Ljubljana, Skofja Loka, Lake Bled, Lake Bohinj and Vintgar Gorge. Furthermore, if you’re traveling with car, the Slovenian seaside is within reach for a day as well as the numerous excellent wineries in Slovenia.

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Top Tips For Your Visit to Kranj, Slovenia

Church Tower, Kranj, Slovenia

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Where To Stay in Kranj

Beautiful Lake close to Kranj, Slovenia

As we mentioned, during our visit to Kranj, we were housesitting with Trusted Housesitters. However, for those who prefer staying in traditional accommodations, there are many hotels to choose from in – or close to – the Kranj city center as well as great Airbnb Apartments


Before You Go To Slovenia

Incredible Mountains near Kranj, Slovenia

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