Top 5 Things To Do in Da Nang, Vietnam by

Top 5 Things To Do In Da Nang, Vietnam

When we decided to base ourselves in Da Nang, Vietnam for two weeks, we envisioned spending long, relaxing days at the beach, idling away our time by watching the Vietnamese fisherman come and go in their basket boats. What we discovered, however, is that there are many incredible and fun things to do in Da Nang besides beach life!… Read the rest

Ba Na Hills Vietnam: The Golden Bridge and Theme Park in Da Nang by

Ba Na Hills Vietnam: Golden Bridge And Theme Park In Da Nang

Visiting Ba Na Hills is a must-do activity while in Da Nang! The fantasyland mountain retreat is a conglomeration of sights, entertainment and engineering feats. Home to the famed Golden Bridge (held by two gigantic hands), a three-level arcade and an award-winning cable car system, the Sun World Da Nang Ba Na Hills complex is one of the city’s top attractions.… Read the rest

5 Fun Things To Do in Phu Quoc, Vietnam on a budget by

5 Fun Things To Do In Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Relatively speaking, Vietnam is an affordable country for most tourists. With inexpensive accommodations, cheap street food and low-priced tours visitors can experience an enjoyable vacation on a budget. To the joy of budget travelers, the cost of visiting the island of Phu Quoc is not completely inflated (or, at least it doesn’t have to be!).… Read the rest