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Colonia Suiza in Bariloche, Argentina

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The historic village of Colonia Suiza in Bariloche, Argentina is an hour bus ride away from the center of Bariloche and a travel back in time. The area was originally settled in 1895 by a Swiss family who had spent 10 years in Chile. When the Argentinian government began offering free land they made the move to the area, bringing along their traditions….and chocolate. A few Germans followed suit…and brought the beer. Many of the same families have occupied the land for generations.

Colonia Suiza in Bariloche

Colonia Suiza in Bariloche - Feria Artesanal

Colonia Suiza Feria Artesanal


Feria Artesanal (Craft Fair)

Wednesdays and Sundays are the days to visit Colonia Suiza in Bariloche when the Feria Artesanal (Craft Fair) comes to life and the feast is prepared. The feat, called the Curantos is a traditional method of cooking meat and vegetables underground. The food is essentially buried beneath hot stones and cooked. From starting the fire to covering the food to the very official unveiling, the Curantos is quite a spectacle – and earned a round of applause by those in attendance.

Colonia Suiza in Bariloche - The curantos: The veggies are prepared and the fire started!

The veggies are prepared and the fire started!

Colonia Suiza in Bariloche: The uncovering of the feast, The Curantos

The uncovering of the feast

Colonia Suiza in Bariloche: The Feast, called the Curantos

The Feast!


Since we have a budget to mind, the 200 pesos ($25 USD) for two plates was out of our range, but there were plenty of other food options.  There was a parrilla (grilled meats), empanadas, goulash-ish stew and some of the best-looking only tacos we’ve seen since being in South America.

German fare was also available and prepared by a girl who introduced herself as a granddaughter of an original German settler. To wash it all down: the local Valais beer. Valais is like nothing we’ve tasted before – sort of half cider, half amber, but definitely delicious. (OK, so I haven’t had a beer in Bariloche that I haven’t liked, what can I say?!)

Colonia Suiza in Bariloche - food options

Valais: The local beer in Colonia Suiza in Bariloche

The local Colonia Suiza beer: Valais


When we had our fill of food and crafts, we took the long, scenic route back to the bus stop. Our 5km walk on a dirt road took us to an outstanding view from the bridge that splits Lago Perito Moreno into East and West.

Lago Perito Moreno Este in Bariloche, Argentina

Lago Perito Moreno Este

Lago Perito Moreno Oeste in Bariloche, Argentina

Lago Perito Moreno Oeste

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Colonia Suiza in Bariloche JetSetting Fools    Colonia Suiza in Bariloche JetSetting Fools

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