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Best Craft Beer In Bariloche, Argentina

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Not only is Bariloche, Argentina saturated in exquisite natural beauty, it also boasts a hefty number of local breweries. Most of the Bariloche craft beer, called cerveza artesanal, is produced on a small scale using fresh, natural and local ingredients – most importantly the crystal-clear mountain water. We visited multiple Bariloche Craft Breweries over the course of our stay and we’re sharing our favorites!


Drinking The Best Bariloche Craft Beer

Before we get started on where to drink craft beer in Bariloche, Argentina, it’s important to have a basic understanding of the English-to-Spanish translations. 

  • Beer = Cerveza
  • Craft Beer = Cerveza Artesanal
  • Brewery = Cerveceria
  • Craft Breweries = Cervecerias Artesanales
  • Mug or Glass of Beer = Chop or Chopp


Things To Know About Bariloche Craft Beer

Many of the breweries are located in or near the Bariloche center – but not all. We have included a link to a map of our recommended cervecerias in Bariloche at the end of this post. Additionally, we have included a link to information and reviews for each Bariloche cerveceria on our list. 

Cerveceria Bariloche Opening Hours

Each Bariloche brewery maintains their own hours – which can vary by season. Generally, most breweries were only open in the evening (which is ideal after a long day of Bariloche hiking or skiing!). As we visited in the off-season, many of the brewpubs we wanted to visit were closed or had limited hours. Use the links provided for each pub to find hours of operation.

Cerveza Bariloche

The styles of cerveza in Bariloche differ by brewery. Many of the cervecerias in Bariloche use the tried-and-true methods of German beer production, creating wheat and Kolsch-style beers. Some breweries, however, are more creative and make unique varieties of pale ales and IPAs. Although hoppy IPA beers tend to be our favorites, we happily tried the recommended beers from each brewer. 

Happy Hour In Bariloche For Craft Beer

As if the ample choice of tasty craft beers weren’t enough for us, almost every Bariloche cerveceria offers excellent Happy Hours. The happy hour deals usually run from 6:00pm-8:00pm. The most common special is an offer of 2-for-1 beers (this worked magic for our budget and our love for beer!). 


9 Best Craft Breweries In Bariloche, Argentina

Our list of 9 cervezas artesanals in Bariloche includes our top choices for craft beer in Bariloche – as well as a few breweries we were unable to visit during our trip.

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#1 Cerveceria Manush Bariloche

Manush Cerveceria was the first brewpub we visited and it instantly became one of our favorites for Bariloche craft beer. We sat at the bar, and enjoyed the cozy, smart atmosphere. They have an impressive, upscale Bariloche food menu that was less pub and more restaurant. The bartenders, a few of which are owners, are friendly and seemed to know most of the patrons. The award winning cerveza Manush IPA was our favorite, but we also liked the Pale Ale and Kolsch. Info and Reviews


#2 Cerveceria Antares Bariloche

Antares is a bigger Bariloche craft beer operation, and we learned, not really local to Bariloche, as they have numerous Argentina locations. Regardless, the place has a great brewery vibe and features a traditional pub menu. The Antares Fries, smothered in cheese sauce, topped with bacon and chives, were sinful and the perfect pairing to any beer. We also ate a pizza here – with scrambled egg, bacon and olives. It didn’t disappoint. They were out of the IPA and had several darker beers, so I stuck with the Kolsch. Kris tried – and liked – the Honey Beer. Info and Reviews


#3 Cerveceria Bachmann Bariloche

We nearly passed on this brighter corner bar, but we were mostly excited to find it open before 6:00pm – a real rarity for Bariloche pubs. Although it lacked in curb appeal, it made up for it with a tasty beer. Our favored cerveza Bachmann was their Pale Ale – but we also really enjoyed the helpful staff, great music AND happy hour.  Info and Reviews


#4 Konna Bar Bariloche

Named for the owner’s dog, Konna Bar Bariloche is something of a hip local dive bar. It is a bit of a tight fit, but that only encourages talking with those sitting around us. Several fellow patrons were members of the “Amigos de Konna” club, which allows guests to store personal beer steins on a few shelves near the bar. Although we didn’t eat at this Bariloche restaurant, the food looked amazing, like the enormous antipasto platter and the lamb burger that the people next to us were eating. Of the three beers to choose from, we sampled the Kolsch and IPA. Both excellent! Info and Reviews


#5 Valais Craft Beer Bariloche

Colonia Suiza Bariloche Craft Beer JetSetting Fools

Our day in Colonia Suiza was spent at the outdoor market perusing the local crafts, learning about traditional food and, of course, sampling the local beer. The Valais beer stand offered two options: Red or Black. We chose the Red, which tasted a bit like a cider and found that it was perfect for the cool, sunny day.


#6 Cerveceria Lowther

Bariloche Craft Beer JetSetting Fools

We didn’t make it the Lowther Brewery, but we did try their beer on several occasions in pubs around town. We tried – and liked – their Pale Ale, Brown Ale and Porter (and, not surprisingly, the Pale Ale was our favorite!). Brewing since 2010, they opened the gastropub in 2014 close to the city center. In addition to a full range of beers and daily happy hour (from 6:00pm to 8:00pm), they offer an extensive menu. Info and Reviews


#7 Cerveceria Blest Bariloche

Bariloche craft beer: Blest

I only mention Cerveza Blest to be sure that no one thinks we just missed this one. Known as the first cerveceria artesanal in Bariloche, it is mentioned in all the guidebooks. We were pleased to learn that Blest Cerveceria Bariloche is open daily from 12 noon to 8:00pm year-round. And, we did make an outstanding effort to visit the brewery, taking the bus to the nearest stop and slopping through the wind, rain and mud puddles…only to get there and find a sign on the door that they are closed for the week for maintenance. Info and Reviews


#8 Cerveza Berlina Bariloche

Things to do in Bariloche Argentina

Cerveceria Berlina is probably the second largest producer of Bariloche craft beer – and another one that we didn’t actually make it to. Our timing was again off as the tap room wasn’t open when we stopped by during our visit to Colonia Suiza on a Sunday. We did find their bottled beer at the local grocery store, so we tried the seasonal Colonia Suiza Strong Golden Ale, which neither of us really liked. I think we would have enjoyed their staple Pale Ale on draught, though! Info and Reviews

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#9 Cerveza Patagonia Bariloche

We found the cerveza artesanal Patagonia bottled at the store, but never made it to the actual brewery. Located at the base of Cerro Lopez, along the Circuito Chico, Cerveceria Patagonia Bariloche offers their beers from the brewery…with a phenomenal view. Since we didn’t make it to the brewery, we tried it in the bottle. We thought the Amber was the best tasting bottled craft brew that we tried….if all of the brewpubs were closed, this is what we’d be drinking at home! Info and Reviews


Cervecerias Artesanales Bariloche Map

Use this link to Google Maps to route your way to all the Best Craft Beer in Bariloche!


More Bariloche Cerveza Artesanal

We did not have a chance to visit the following brewpubs on our visit, but are on our list for a future trip to Bariloche


Cerveceria Kunstmann Bariloche

Kunstmann is a small-production brewery with multiple fresh beers on tap. The main brewery is located in Chile and utilizes traditional German brewing methods. Info and Reviews


Cerveceria La Cruz Bariloche

The wide selection of beers (included raved-about IPAs) and the excellent happy hours are encouragement enough to seek out this off-the-beaten-path pub. We also heard the food is good! Info and Reviews


Beerland Bariloche

With some mixed reviews, Beerland is situated in the heart of the Bariloche center. In addition to beers on tap, they offer pub food, like pizza and burgers. Info and Reviews


Cerveceria Gilbert Bariloche

Gilbert is a Bariloche brewery with a bit of history – in that the owners are direct descendants of the original settlers of the land. In addition to the line up of beers, they also offer a full menu. Info and Reviews


Argentina Beer…That Isn’t Craft

Just to be fair, cerveza artesanal in Argentina isn’t the only choice. If you just want a mass production beer, Quilmes is a good option, especially if you have a budget to mind. The craft beer is as expensive (about $5 USD per pint, non-happy hour) as it is in the States. Yet, a liter of Quilmes is only about $1.25 in the grocery store and it’s decent enough.


We want to know: Have you sampled any Bariloche craft beer? What is your favorite Cervecerias Artesanales in Bariloche, Argentina? Give you your best tips in the comments below! 


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