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Cerro Campanario: Hiking In Bariloche, Argentina

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Cerro Campanario, one of the many hills that dot the scenic landscape surrounding San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina, sits at an elevation of 1,049 meters (3445 ft.) The Campanario Hill, while not the tallest in the Patagonia Lakes region, boasts a stunning 360-degree viewpoint offering vistas of deep, cobalt-blue lakes and stark, snow-capped mountaintops.


Hiking Cerro Campanario Bariloche, Argentina

Views from Cerro Campanario in San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina

Bariloche, Argentina, nestled along the shoreline of Lago Nahuel Huapi in the northern region of Patagonia, is lush with nature. Completely surrounded by Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi, Bariloche is known for its mountains, lakes, forests…and trails. On our two-week trip to Bariloche, climbing to the top of Cerro Campanario (which means Belfry Hill) ranked as our number one thing to do…and we didn’t waste any time getting to it.

On our first day in Bariloche, we hopped on a bus for a 40-minute ride that dropped us at the entrance of the Cerro Campanario Chairlift. Rather than getting a ride to the summit, we opted for one of the best hikes in Bariloche to the Cerro Campanario peak.

Cerro Campanario road sign on main road from Bariloche, Argentina

Not a very difficult trek – at least when it comes to hiking in Argentina – the less-than-a-mile trail does require a little effort. The uphill climb has an elevation gain of about 280 meters. We made it to the summit in about 40 minutes, including frequent stops for sneak previews of the vistas that were sneaking out between the trees.

Top Tip: The trailhead for the Cerro Campanario summit hike is located to the right of the chairlift. Follow the path around to the right of the building to find the well-marked path that leads to the top.

Trail to the Cerro Campanario Summit in Bariloche, Argentina

Viewpoint from hiking trail to Cerro Campanario in Bariloche, Argentina

Viewpoints from our hike up Cerro Campanario in Bariloche, Argentina


Cerro Campanario Summit

Cerro Campanario JetSetting Fools

Kris at Cerro Campanario

Sarah at Cerro Campanario

At the top of Cerro Campanario, several platforms combine to offer a 360-degree view of the Rio Negro Province of Patagonia. The sensational viewpoint is proclaimed by many (including National Geographic) to be one of the best in the world.

From the top, visitors have sweeping views of scenic terrain. The panoramic viewpoint encompasses lakes – including Nahuel Huapi Lake, Perito Moreno Lake and the El Trebol lagoon – and mountains – like Cerro Otto, Lopez and Catedral. Guests can also clearly see Isla Victoria (Victoria Island) and the Llao Llao Peninsula.  

In addition to the scenic outlook, visitors can visit the mountaintop café. The Confiteria, which offers cakes, coffee and other beverages, has indoor seating and floor-to-ceiling windows.


Cerro Campanario Chairlift

The Aerosilla – or chairlift – at Cerro Campanario allows visitors to bypass the hike and relax while taking in the views along the 640-meter ride to the summit. The ride only takes 7 minutes to get to the top. The Cerro Campanario chairlift price is 330 pesos per person, roundtrip. Visitors who only want to take the lift one-way and hike up or down don’t get a discount and will need to pay the full price.

Top Tip: There are often long lines, especially after the arrival of a tour bus.

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Tips For Visiting Cerro Campanario, Bariloche, Argentina

Although not one of the most difficult Bariloche hiking trails, we have a few tips that can make Cerro Campanario trekking a bit more enjoyable.


Check the Bariloche Weather

For the best views from the summit, you need clear skies! Check the weather forecast before you head out on your Bariloche climbing trip!


Arrive Early

Start your day trekking Bariloche early to get a jump on the crowds. While this popular Argentina hiking trail will likely not be crowded in the morning, the summit can fill up with visitors quickly. Get an early start – before 9:00am – and you could possibly have the best Bariloche viewing platform all to yourself!


Hiking Poles for Trekking Bariloche

The short hike to the Cerro Campanario summit is not difficult, but the incline and Bariloche elevation may make it challenging for some. Hiking poles can help – especially on the way down.


Plenty Of Water

Like any trekking in Bariloche, make sure you have plenty of water! We recommend traveling with a collapsible water bottle that can be reuseable.


Proper Shoes for Hiking Bariloche

For fairly easy Bariloche day hikes like Cerro Campanario, hiking boots are not necessary. However, good all-terrain shoes are! I like hiking trails like this one in my Columbia shoes and Kris prefers wearing his Merrell shoes.


Sunscreen and Hat

The trail to the top is shaded by forest, but at the Cerro Campanario summit there is little in the way of shade. Make sure to bring sunscreen and/or a travel hat to protect your face and shade your eyes from the sun.


Argentina Travel Insurance

Although it is not likely you will get hurt while trekking Bariloche, it’s always better to be safe than sorry! Find out more about World Nomads travel insurance that can protect you in the case of injury. 


How To Get To Cerro Campanario From Bariloche

Getting to Cerro Campanario from Bariloche is fairly easy – it’s just 10 miles from the city on the main Route 237. Just hop on Bus 20 from the Bariloche city center and ride to the Campanario chairlift. The ride costs about 30 pesos.


Bariloche Tour Guide

Visitors who would rather experience the Patagonia Lakes region with a Bariloche guide can join a Bariloche Sightseeing Tour. The half-day tour includes top sights in the region and the opportunity to visit the Cerro Campanario summit. Find out more here


More Patagonia Hiking and Activities In Bariloche

More great Argentina hikes and outdoor activities are abundant in Bariloche! Check out some of these other top attractions in Bariloche for your visit.


Cerro Otto Bariloche

Closer to the city (only 3 miles away), Otto Hill has long been a city attraction. Visitors can ride the 2,100-meter-long cable car to the Cerro Otto summit that rises 1,405 meters above sea level. Find more information and reviews here


Circuito Chico Bariloche

Circuito Chico is a 37-mile route through beautiful nature and is an ideal way to get acquainted with the area. The asphalt road makes it suitable for cars or bikes (but not walkers). Visitors with cars can explore at their own pace – or let a tour guide lead the way. Learn more here!


Bosque de Arrayanes on Isla Victoria Bariloche

Join an excursion to Victoria Island and the Arrayanes Forest. Spend your time walking through the forest on hiking trails or visit other highlights on the island. Get the details here


Cerro Catedral Bariloche

Cerro Catedral is the popular Bariloche ski resort, but offers outdoor activities outside of the winter skiing months. As one of the most well-known Bariloche mountains, visitors spend time there year-round.


Refugio Frey

One of the most popular hikes around Bariloche, the Refugio Frey trek is accessed via the Catedral ski resort. After riding a chairlift to Frey Ridge, the hike commences and passes by the Toncek Lagoon and through the Lengas forest. Find out more


Cerro Llao Llao

The Llao Llao Hill is located within the Llao Llao Municipal Park – and is one of our favorite places to hike in Bariloche! Get all the details here!


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