Malahide, Ireland Things To Do in One Day

Malahide, Ireland: Things To Do in One Day

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Malahide, Ireland is one of the fun places to visit on a day trip from Dublin. The top things to do in Malahide are visiting the impressive Malahide Castle, strolling the gorgeous shoreline and dining in the quaint village. With our tips for what to see in Malahide in one day, you can plan your perfect trip!


Malahide, Ireland FAQs

Before we get to our list of what to do in Malahide, Ireland, we want to answer a few of the most frequently asked questions about Malahide.


Where is Malahide in Dublin?  

When you start planning your one day in Malahide, you need to know where it is! Malahide is located about 9 miles (14km) north of the City of Dublin.

Travelers can get from Dublin to Malahide by car, train or bus. We detail how to get to Malahide from Dublin later in the article.


Is Malahide County Dublin or County Fingal?

The village was long part of sprawling County Dublin, but it is now officially governed by County Fingal.


Can I Visit Malahide on a Tour?

Visitors who want a guide to lead the way to the best North Dublin sights can join the Malahide Castle and Coastal Tour. The highly rated Malahide Tour includes visiting two castles and a distillery. Tours do fill up, so it’s best to book in advance


Where To Eat in Malahide?

Day trippers wondering if there are good places to eat in Malahide are in luck – as there are several fantastic eateries in town. We detail the best restaurants in Malahide, Dublin Co later on our list.


Is One Day in Malahide Town Enough?

Malahide is a fabulous day trip destination – it is just long enough to take in the major attractions, like the Dublin Malahide Castle, the heart of the village and the beach.

However, visitors who want to stay longer – or make Malahide their base for exploring more of the Dublin area and coastline – have just a couple of choices for accommodations. We highlight those Malahide hotels at the end of the post.


What is the Best Way to Plan a Day Trip to Malahide?

Visitors do have plenty of options when it comes to what to see and do in Malahide in one day. We, however, are featuring a trip plan that outlines the best attractions. The Malahide sights are listed in order to help day trippers easily plan their trip itinerary. Additionally, we include a Map of Malahide Attractions that will help fellow travelers plot out their route.

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10 Best Things To Do in Malahide, Ireland

Our list features what to see in Malahide in a day. In order to visit all the attractions on our list, visitors will need to plan for a full day adventure and get a relatively early start.


#1 Explore the Malahide Castle Ireland

Exterior view of Malahide Castle Ireland

Without a doubt, the top thing to do in Malahide is to visit the majestic Malahide Castle and Garden. Built in the 12th century, the castle was owned by the Talbot family for nearly 800 years.

As one of the oldest castles in Ireland, it is the town’s must-see sight – and some visitors make the trip to Malahide Village just to see it. Although, we think it’s well worth sticking around to see the other top sights, as well!


What To Do in Malahide Castle Dublin, Ireland

The only way to visit Malahide Castle Dublin is on a guided tour. On a Malahide Castle Tour, visitors get to see the castle interior and learn about the Malahide Castle history and Talbot heritage (perhaps even hearing a tale or two about resident castle ghosts). There are a few tours to choose from – including a classic tour, a kid-friendly tour and a whiskey tasting tour.

Malahide Castle Tour tickets include entry to the Walled Garden, Botanical Gardens, Fairy Trail and Butterfly House (open seasonally). Be sure to consult the official website for current Malahide Castle price and opening times prior to your visit.


How To Get to Malahide Castle from Dublin

The castle is marked on our Malahide Map, which you can find below and use to make your way to the castle.

There is no direct train or bus to Malahide Castle from Dublin. That said, the Malahide train station and closest bus stop are just a short 10-to-20-minute walk from the castle. Malahide visitors looking for the most direct way to get from Dublin to Malahide Castle should consider driving or taking an Uber or FreeNow taxi.

We detail public transportation options for get from Malahide to Dublin and vice versa in the Transportation Section.


#2 Spend Time in the Malahide Castle Gardens

Malahide Castle Grounds, Ireland

Spending time in the expansive castle gardens is one of the best things to do in Malahide, Ireland – especially if it is a warm and sunny summer day. The estate encompasses 260 acres of land (which is now named the Malahide Demesne Regional Park).

The park at Malahide Castle is inclusive of trails, forests, a cricket pitch, tennis courts, golf course, dog park and the fantastic Malahide Castle playground. (Families take note: The Malahide playground is one of the best things to do in Malahide for kids!)

While getting inside the castle requires a ticket, it is completely free to visit the vast estate and Malahide gardens.

Pro Tip: Want more Ireland budget travel tips? Use our guide to the Best Free Things To Do in Dublin!


#3 Eat Lunch at a Malahide Park Café

Before leaving the castle grounds, grab a light lunch at one of the park cafes: Avoca or The Garden House.

The Avoca Malahide Café features a self-service café, as well as a food market, where they sell quiche, sandwiches, soups and delicious baked treats (try the brownies, they are truly divine!). Visitors can dine inside or at the outdoor terrace.

The Garden House Malahide Café is another dining option near the castle. The garden center (where they sell BBQs, patio furniture and plants) also doubles as an eatery with an all-day brunch menu.

Alternatively, pack your own picnic lunch and bring it with you. There are plenty of places on the grassy field to spread out and enjoy a picnic lunch with a castle view. We actually think it is one of the top things to do in Malahide Castle for travelers on a budget!


#4 Walk along Malahide Beach

Beautiful View from Malahide Beach, Ireland

One of the best Malahide attractions is the sandy shoreline! The coastal village is bounded to the north by the Malahide Bay Estuary and to the east is the Irish Sea (Muir Eireann), creating a lengthy and incredible coastline.

Visitors can kick off their shoes and walk barefoot over the sand and rocky shore – or follow the paved coastline path. Either way, the panoramic vistas are sure to please!

Views stretch across the inlet to Corballis Bay Beach and over the sea to Lambay Island.

It is important to note, however, that the small beach in Malahide changes drastically with the tide. The dramatic tide swing and strong currents make swimming in Malahide quite dangerous. Only fit and experienced swimmers should enter the ocean and it’s best to go in at Low Rock or High Rock (but always with caution).  


#5 Visit the Malahide Cows

Highland Cattle in Malahide, Ireland

The Highland Cows are one of the odd Malahide tourist attractions, but one of our favorites. Grazing on a patch of land just across the street from the beach, the long-haired Highland Cattle are a must-see!

The friendly cows often greet guests and pose for photo ops. In addition to the hairy cows, there are sheep that graze on the grass, as well. Visitors can get a good view of the animals from the stone wall – or anywhere along the iron fence if the cows are further up the land.


#6 Hike Up Robswell Park Hillside

View from Robswell Park Hillside, Malahide, Ireland

The small hill that rises behind the grazing cows is Robswell Park – and it’s a fantastic place to take in spectacular views! The park features vast wildlife meadows that are crisscrossed by paved paths and nature trails.

Popular with families, joggers and dog walkers (it is where we often walked the puppy we were housesitting), the park is located on the site of the original Malahide settlement.

Visitors can follow the trail up to the highest point (marked on the Malahide, Ireland Map below) for an excellent scenic viewpoint. The panoramic view encompasses Malahide Estuary, the Irish Sea, Lambay Island, Ireland’s Eye Island and Howth Head.


#7 Trek the Seaside on the Malahide to Portmarnock Walk

Velvet Strand, Malahide to Portmarnock Walk, Ireland

After taking in the views from Robswell Park, set off on foot along the Malahide-Portmarnock Coastal Walk. Highlights of the walk are the stellar sea views, the historic Martello Tower (which has been renovated into a residence) and the Portmarnock Beach.

The beach in Portmarnock – called the Velvet Strand – is a 3 mile (5km) beach that is a fabulous place to walk, build sandcastles or go for a swim. The beach also holds a spot in aviation history, as Charles Kingsford Smith departed on the second east-to-west Atlantic crossing from Portmarnock Beach in 1930.

To get back to Malahide, visitors can retrace their steps from Portmarnock to Malahide or hop on Dublin Bus 102 or H2.


#8 Discover Malahide Village

High Street, Malahide Village, Ireland

The heart of Malahide Village paints quite a pretty picture – especially in the summertime, when flowers are in full bloom and the sky shines bright overhead. Main Street Malahide runs east-west, with smaller streets breaking off to the north towards the harbor and south into residential areas.

The quaint lanes in the village center are lined with the best restaurants and shops in Malahide. In fact, one of the best things to do in Malahide, Dublin is to go shopping. We recommend popping into one of the boutiques in Malahide (like Neola), a Malahide bookshop (like Manor Books) or a gift shop (like Robyn’s Nest).


#9 Eat at the Best Restaurants Malahide

Wind down your day in Malahide with a delectable meal. Malahide is home to an abundance of eateries that cater to a variety of tastes – from local eats to international fare. Furthermore, many of the Malahide restaurants offer special weekday and early-bird pricing.


Bon Appetit

A highly recommended restaurant in Malahide, Ireland, Bon Appetit is a classy French brasserie housed in a historic Georgian house.


The Greedy Goose Malahide

The Greedy Goose is a Malahide Marina restaurant that features tapas and other types of shared plates along with a full wine list.


Sale Pepe Malahide

For a taste of surf and turf, there is no better restaurant in Malahide than Sale e Pepe. The eatery has been a local favorite since it opened in the early 1990s.


Scotch Bonnet Grill and Pizza Malahide

A casual eatery featuring a menu of pub favorites (think burgers, wings, ribs and pizza), Scotch Bonnet Grill is a good option for families and groups of friends.


Kajjal Pakistani and Indian Restaurant Malahide

Kajjal gets rave reviews for both the exquisite food and the overall dining experience. The beautiful atmosphere is ideal for couples on a date.


Jaipur Malahide Indian Restaurant

Another Indian restaurant in Malahide, Jaipur offers classic Indian fare in a contemporary space.


Al Fresco

A Malahide Italian restaurant, Al Fresco is located on a pedestrian-only street with outdoor seating. The menu features upscale Italian – including lasagna, seafood pasta and chicken dishes.


Coffee Shops Malahide

Sure, there is a Starbucks in Malahide, but we recommend going to a local café. The Insomnia Coffee Company, located on Main Street, is an Irish coffee chain – but Seomra Tae Café Malahide is a locally-owned and run shop offering coffee (along with breakfast and lunch).


#10 Raise a Pint in Malahide Pubs

Gibney’s of Malahide Pub, Ireland

At the end of the day, partake in one of the top things to do in Malahide: Drink a pint of beer at a pub! The best pubs in Malahide are on New Street – the car-free lane where tables spill out onto the sidewalks.


Gibney’s of Malahide Pub

Without a doubt the best pub in Malahide, Gibney’s is an Irish institution. A village pub since the 1800s, the deceptively large space features cozy rooms, a beer garden and a rooftop patio.

Pro Tip: We like the atmosphere at Gibney’s so much that we include it on our list of the Best Pubs in Dublin!


Fowler’s Malahide

Just across from Gibney’s is Fowler’s, a classic Irish pub complete with sports on the television, honest banter from the bartenders and two outdoor spaces – one along the pedestrian zone in front and one in the garden out the back.


Gilbert and Wright Malahide

Gilbert and Wright is a lively bar that offers a great spot for a cocktail and live music on weekends.


Chez Sara Wine Bar Malahide

Located on the quiet Old Street, Chez Sara features the most extensive wine list in Malahide (alongside a full dinner menu!).

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Malahide, Dublin Map

Use this link to Google Maps for an online and interactive version of our Malahide, Ireland Map.

Malahide Map by


More Malahide Things To Do

We have featured our top picks for the best Malahide, Ireland Things To Do on a Day Trip – but there are more attractions that fellow explorers might wish to add to their travel plans.


Churches in Malahide, Dublin, Ireland

St. Sylvester’s Catholic Church, Malahide, Ireland

Visitors interested in architecture and history might want to include visiting a Malahide church in their sightseeing plans. St. Sylvester’s Catholic Church in the town center is the most striking church and has a history that dates to 1845.

The Malahide Abbey, which sits in ruins adjacent to the castle, is older than the castle itself. In addition to the stone skeleton of a church, the cemetery that surrounds it contains burials that date to the 15th century.


Malahide Golf Club

An immaculate and challenging course, the Malahide Golf Club is open to visitors on weekdays with advance booking.


Fishing in Malahide

Malahide Harbour Fishing Boats, Ireland

Chartered fishing tours from Malahide can be booked with Fish and Trips Malahide. They also organize Malahide boat trips to Lambay Island, where visitors can spot the resident wallabies and other wildlife!


Afternoon Tea Malahide

Guests who want to partake in traditional afternoon tea in Malahide can make a booking at the Pink Bar at Bon Appetit, where they serve sweet and savory bites alongside a selection of teas.


Model Railway Museum Malahide

The Casino Model Railway Museum in Malahide is one of the top things to see in Malahide for train enthusiasts. The Malahide museum is housed in a historic thatched cottage that has long served as a landmark in the town.


Malahide Festival

One of the best ways to experience Malahide is during one of the planned festivals. In the past, events range from cricket matches to community BBQs to the Malahide Christmas Market.


Things To Do Near Malahide

Malahide is well situated near other top regional sights. We are highlighting a few of the nearby Malahide attractions for fellow travelers.


Swords Castle and Town

Located west of Malahide, the Swords Castle was built around 800 years ago – and admission is absolutely free! While in Swords, take a stroll along Main Street and consider having a meal or a drink at The Old Schoolhouse.


Donabate to Portrane Cliff Walk

Donabate and Portrane are both on the north side of Malahide Estuary and the two towns are connected by a walking path. A beautiful Irish coastal walk, the Donabate to Portrane Walk features expansive sea views, powder sand beaches and a historic Martello Tower.


Skerries Mills

Once an industrial city with a bustling fishing port and booming embroidery trade, Skerries is now a pleasant coastal town with a beautiful coastline and two restored mills that can be visited on guided tours.


Howth, Ireland

Howth Head View from Howth, Ireland

Howth is one of our favorite Irish coastal towns! The top things to do in Howth are walk the coastal paths, dine on seafood and visit one of the classic pubs. We detail what to see and do in our blog post, Best Things To Do in Howth

Travelers who want to see both Malahide and Howth can combine the two destinations into a single day trip from Dublin. As a matter of fact, visitors can use public transit (either the DART train or Dublin bus, both with connections) to get from Malahide to Howth. The Malahide-Howth route takes about 40 minutes.


Howth or Malahide? Tough Decision!

If you don’t have time to visit both Howth and Malahide – and can only fit one destination into your trip plans – which should it be? We have truly enjoyed both of these coastal towns, so it is difficult to choose just one. That said, the two towns are quite different and will likely appeal to different travelers.

Visitors most interested in rich history, impressive architecture and international fare should go to Malahide. Travelers who enjoy elevated coastal walks, amazing scenic views and the freshest seafood should head for Howth.


Malahide Travel Tips

Colorful houses in Malahide Village, Ireland

In addition to our top tips on what to see and do in Malahide, Ireland, there are a few more things you need to know when planning a Malahide trip– such as how to get there, where to stay and what to bring.


Planning a Trip to Malahide

We have shared our top tips for how to plan a trip to Malahide from Dublin. Visitors based in Dublin can also use our article, Things To Do in Dublin in 3 Days, for more of our best trip planning tips.

Furthermore, travelers visiting Ireland from overseas can use our advice for 7 Days in Ireland and Planning a European Vacation.

As you make your plans – whether for a day trip or international travels – it is important to stay on top of the details. Using a planner – like our Printable Travel Planner – can help!

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Weather: Malahide, Ireland

Malahide, Ireland weather is typical for the Irish coastline. Summers are relatively warm, winters are cool and cloudy – and there is always a chance of rain. The weather does change swiftly, however, so travelers should be prepared. Before making a day trip, check the weather forecast Malahide


How To Get To Malahide

As previously mentioned, travelers have several options for getting to Malahide – including train, bus, taxi and car.


DART Dublin to Malahide

The DART Train from Dublin is the easiest way to get to Malahide. The Dublin to Malahide train departs frequently (every 20 minutes on weekdays). It’s about a half hour ride on the DART from central Dublin to the Malahide DART Station, which is the end of the line.

Visitors can find scheduled Malahide DART times on the official DART Malahide Timetable.

DART Train from Malahide to Dublin

We also recommend using the DART from Malahide to Dublin to make the trip back to the city. The same DART Timetable to Malahide shows the times for the return route.


Bus Malahide to Dublin

Visitors can also take a Dublin bus to Malahide. The Malahide-Dublin Bus Route H2 connects Dublin City Centre to Malahide Village – as does Route 42. That said, we don’t necessarily recommend taking the Dublin-Malahide Bus – as it takes longer than the train.

The bus from Dublin to Malahide makes about 60 stops along the route and takes approximately 50 minutes to an hour. Unless you are staying directly on a Dublin to Malahide Bus Route, it is likely faster and more efficient to take the train.


Malahide Taxi

FreeNow Taxi and Uber are also available to transport passengers from Dublin City Center to Malahide Village. The ride will take about 30 minutes and cost about 40 euros. 



Travelers with a rental car can also drive to Malahide. Once in Malahide, there is a free parking lot at the beach, a paid lot off of Malahide Road (Main Street) and on-street parking for a fee.


Malahide to Dublin Airport

Need to get from Dublin Airport to Malahide? The convenient 102 bus from Malahide to Dublin Airport is the most economical option.


Where To Stay in Malahide

While we presented Malahide is a day trip destination, it can also be a great base for visitors. However, there is just one hotel in Malahide, Ireland. Before you start your search, use our tips for Finding the Best Hotels.


The Grand Hotel Malahide

The Grand Hotel in Malahide is the only hotel in the village. Located near the shoreline, right off Main Street, the Grand Malahide Hotel is well situated to exploring on foot. The hotel boasts many amenities, such as an indoor pool, gym, sauna, restaurant and bar – as well as an included breakfast. Check rates and availability for your stay!


White Sands Hotel Portmarnock

While not technically one of the Malahide, Ireland hotels, the White Sands Hotel is a family run hotel with sea-facing rooms situated in the adjacent town of Portmarnock. Check rates!


Airbnb Malahide, Ireland

Vacation rentals are another option for Malahide accommodation. If you are new to Airbnb, before you book be sure to read our Tips for Airbnb Guests.


What To Bring on a Malahide Day Trip

Now that you are well on your way to planning a day in Malahide, we have a few final tips on the things you will want to bring along.


Comfortable Travel Shoes

While Malahide itself is a small village, the sights – from the castle to the coastline – are not necessarily close. Visitors will want to make sure to wear a pair of comfortable and versatile shoes for their day trip. I wear casual everyday sneakers – but Kris likes to wear Merrell trail shoes. Find more tips in our article, The Best Shoes for Travel.


Irish Weather Gear

We already mentioned that Malahide weather can change in a hurry, so you will need to be prepared on your day in the village. We recommend wearing layers. A lightweight raincoat is always a good idea, as well as a travel umbrella.

That said, if you are visiting in the summertime, you might also want to bring some sunscreen – as the sun can feel intense, even when the temperatures are mild.


Travel Camera

Malahide is gorgeous! To truly capture the beauty of the area, upgrade to a real camera. We use a Canon Rebel – which we think is one of the best cameras for budget travelers. It is easy to use, well priced, takes phenomenal photos and comes with heaps of accessories!


Day Pack

Day trippers will want to be sure to bring a bag that can hold all their everyday travel items. We use small backpacks, where we stow our essentials (like keys, phone and wallet), but it is also big enough to fit a camera and extra layers of clothes. We share more tips in our article on the Best Day Bags for Traveling.


European Trip Insurance

Travelers visiting Malahide as part of a longer Dublin, Ireland trip can consider protecting the trip with Travel Insurance. Not only can it protect against unfortunate situations – like Lost Luggage or Delayed Flights – but it can also cover injuries or illness while abroad. Check the affordable rates and extensive coverage at World Nomads.


We Want To Know: What are your favorite Malahide, Ireland things to do? What would you add to our list? Tell us in the comments!


Start planning your trip to Ireland! Search for the lowest airfares, the best accommodations and fun things to do…then start packing!  Want more travel planning tips? Head over to our Travel Planning page for more information and tips on traveling – and for country-specific information, take a look at our Travel Guides page!


More Day Trips from Dublin: Malahide, Howth, Bray, Dun Laoghaire, Dalkey

We have outlined the best way to spend a day in Malahide, but travelers looking for more Dublin day trip ideas can add one of these fun destinations to their itinerary.

Howth: Spend a fun day out in Howth! Trek the coastal walk, dine on fresh seafood and end the day at a cozy pub. Read more about Howth, Ireland Things To Do.

Bray: A hip destination with fun eateries, a historic bar, beautiful beach and hilltop walk, Bray is easy to reach by train from Dublin and Malahide. Find all the details in our post, Best Things To Do in Bray!

Dun Laoghaire: A coastal town boasting seaside attractions, a historic old town and a handful of museums, visitors to Dublin can easily spend an enjoyable day in Dun Laoghaire.

Dalkey: A posh town off the Irish coast, Dalkey day trippers can take in the sea views from Sorrento Park, hop aboard a boat to discover Dalkey Island and experience the grand Dalkey Castle in the heart of the town.  


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