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Best 7 Day Ireland Itinerary: How To Plan an Ireland Trip

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Planning a 7 Day Ireland Itinerary can feel like a humungous task – but we can assure you that it doesn’t have to be. While there is a lot that goes into planning an Ireland trip, we are sharing our top tips that will help you plan the absolute best 7 Day Ireland Itinerary!

A few things travelers to Ireland need to determine is where to go, what to see and how long to stay in each destination. Plus, there are important details, like choosing when to go to Ireland, deciding whether or not to rent a car and when to start booking accommodations. In our week-long Ireland Itinerary, we cover the top trip planning essentials, plus our insider advice.


How To Plan a Trip to Ireland: Itinerary Tips

Ireland boasts a buzzing capital city, an astounding coastline and quaint villages. We think the best way to plan a trip to Ireland – especially for first timers – is to experience a little bit of everything.

That said, how you plan an Ireland trip will come down to your overall interests, allowable time, travel budget and comfort levels.

We feel that our itinerary is the best way to see Ireland…but it may not be for everyone. Travelers looking to create their best Ireland vacation itinerary can use our outline as it’s written or as a starting point for their trip plan.


Planning the Best Ireland Itinerary 7 Days from Abroad

Our itinerary of Ireland that we outline below offers detailed information about visiting the Emerald Isle. However, visitors traveling to Ireland from overseas should check out the additional tips that we share in our How To Plan a European Vacation article.


Organizing Your Ireland Trip Ideas

As you plan your week trip to Ireland, organization is key! Even if you follow our Ireland Week Itinerary to a T, you will still need to make hotel reservations, book flights and plan activities.

To stay on top of all the important details of your itinerary for touring Ireland, we recommend using a planner – like our Printable Travel Planner. It includes 26 pages of travel organization!

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Ireland Itinerary 7 Days FAQs

Before we dive into our Best Ireland Trip Itinerary, we want to cover a few of the basics and most frequently asked questions. Covering these need-to-know details now will help you plan your 1 Week in Ireland Itinerary later.


What Is the Best Way to See Ireland?

The first – and probably most important – question that comes up when planning a One Week Ireland Itinerary is, What is the best way to tour Ireland? Travelers can opt to join an organized multiday tour or plan the trip on their own.

One of the benefits of joining a tour of Ireland is that all the trip details are planned for you – all you need to do is show up on time! Plus, you get to meet other travelers and have a driver and/or tour guide that share information and insight. Organized multiday Ireland tours – like this one – get rave reviews.

The downside of joining a tour, however, is that you are committed to that Ireland 1 Week Itinerary. You have to go where they take you and leave when they say so. Plus, it can be expensive – especially for travelers visiting Ireland on a budget. Generally speaking, we like having flexibility in our travels and we typically plan trips on our own.


How To Tour Ireland on Your Own?

If you opt to plan a trip to Ireland on your own, the next questions is, Should I travel Ireland by car or use public transport? It is often touted that you need a car for an Ireland tour itinerary, but we disagree. In fact, there are a few really good reasons not to drive in Ireland.

First and foremost, they drive on the left in Ireland, which can be trying (or downright dangerous) for visitors accustomed to driving on the right side of the road. Second, rental cars (plus gasoline and required insurance) can be outrageously expensive. Third, driving while on vacation can be a really stressful, and no one wants that on their holiday!

On the flip side, driving a car allows for much more freedom and flexibility. Travelers who want to rent a car should read our Tips for Getting the Best Car Rental Prices before reserving one.

Our outlined 7-day tour of Ireland can be completed with or without a car. To help travelers using public transit, we share details on how to get between each destination using trains and buses.


How Do I Plan a Self-Drive Tour of Ireland?

Planning a Self-Drive Ireland Itinerary can be straightforward. On an Ireland road trip, you choose where you want to go and you can opt to take any detours along the way.

In addition to deciding which destinations to include for your itinerary in Ireland, you will also need to research driving directions, calculate driving times and find out where you can park in cities, towns and accommodations. 

Perhaps more importantly, travelers driving in Ireland need to know the rules and laws. Visitors may need to obtain an International Drivers License (although it is optional for EU, Canadian and US citizens) and proof of third-party insurance is required. Travelers renting a car for a 7 day trip to Ireland can use these Ireland driving tips.


How To Tour Ireland Without a Car?

Creating a 1 Week Ireland Itinerary with no car is not difficult, per se, but it does require travelers to do some research and keep track of a few more details (which is why a Travel Planner is so important!).

Obviously, the destinations that you choose for your Ireland Itinerary Without A Car need to be connected via public transportation. Furthermore, you need to check transit schedules, understand fares (and how they are paid) and figure out how to get to the top sights.

While figuring out how to see Ireland without a car might seem like a daunting task, we’re here to help make it simple. In the outline that we share for a ‘7-Day Itinerary Ireland No Car’, we include important details and useful links.


Is the Outlined Trip Plan an Ireland by Train Itinerary?

Yes and no. The trip plan that we outline is an Ireland Itinerary by Train and Bus. So, we like to think of it as an Ireland By Public Transport Itinerary.

While there is a decent train network in Ireland, the bus system is much more robust. Direct trains are slightly faster than buses, but they are also much more expensive. Additionally, Irish Rail trains don’t service many destinations at all.

Therefore, rather than just creating an Ireland by Rail Itinerary, we recommend using a combination of both trains and buses.


How Many Days to Spend in Ireland?

For many travelers, how long to travel around Ireland is one of the biggest questions when creating a trip plan. Is an Ireland One Week Itinerary enough time? Is 2 Weeks in Ireland too long?

How long to stay in Ireland boils down to your specific interests, your overall allotted time for the trip and your budget. That said, it would be impossible to ‘see it all’ on a single trip – unless you plan on touring Ireland for months on end!

We think a Ireland 7 Day Itinerary is optimal for most travelers. Our proposed One Week Ireland Itinerary allows enough time to see the highlights at a reasonable pace.

However, to help fellow travelers with different times frames, we have created additional sample itineraries for Ireland. Whether you are planning a quick 5-day trip or intend on creating an Ireland 10 Days Itinerary, we’ve got it covered. We also share tips for combining a week in Ireland Itinerary with other nearby destinations – like Scotland, England and France.


When Should I Travel to Ireland?

The best time to visit Ireland is when it is dry and sunny…which is pretty tough to predict in a country where it rains year-round. The best chance for the best weather in Ireland, however, is in late spring and summer.

The temperatures in Ireland are mild throughout the year – meaning it doesn’t get too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer. And, while precipitation is often predicted, it doesn’t always rain or it’s just a passing shower.

In order to plan the best trips to Ireland, we recommend anticipating rain, wind and cloudy skies. Dress in layers (even in the summertime), bring a raincoat and always explore with a travel umbrella tucked into your day pack. In the summer, also pack sunscreen, as the sun can be deceptively strong even when the air is cool.

We share more tips of what to pack for your trip to Ireland at the end of the article.


This is the Best Itinerary for Ireland for Who?

Our sample Ireland Itinerary 7 Days can be used by anyone! It’s a great First Trip to Ireland Itinerary because it covers the top-rated sights. It can be used as a Backpacking Ireland itinerary and is great for budget travelers. Most of the recommendations are kid-friendly, so it can be used as a family trip to Ireland Itinerary, too!


What Are the Best Places to See in Ireland in 7 Days?

Labeling any attractions in any country as the ‘best places to see’ is, obviously, subjective. For our sample itinerary for Ireland, we include the places that we think are the best for a 7-day trip.

The destinations that we include in our 7 Days in Ireland Itinerary are Dublin, Limerick, Doolin (to see Cliffs of Moher and Aran Islands) and Galway.

Travelers exploring Ireland over a longer period of time can also include Cork (along with the Ring of Kerry and Killarney) and/or Belfast, Northern Ireland and Giants Causeway. We include specifics of how to work these sights into your trip plan later.



Ireland Itinerary, Dublin and the River Liffey

Now that we’ve answered the basics about planning a trip to Ireland, it’s time to dive into the day-by-day specifics of our Best Ireland Itinerary! We include everything you need to plan each day’s adventure, plus we share a helpful Ireland Map of the route.

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DAY 1: Discover Dublin Highlights

River Liffy View, Dublin Ireland Walking Tour

Kick off your 7 Days Ireland Itinerary in the capital of Dublin. The city has a long history and is home to many of the top attractions in Ireland.

After getting settled into your accommodations (recommendation: Temple Bar Inn), start your discovery of Dublin by getting your bearings on an Organized or Self Guided Dublin Walking Tour. The city is incredibly walkable and the best Dublin sights are easy to reach on foot.

Trinity College, Walking Tour, Dublin, Ireland (1)

In the afternoon, plan to see one (or more) of Dublin’s top attractions. The Guinness Storehouse, the Book of Kells at Trinity College and the Jameson Distillery are top picks. As these are the most popular sights in Dublin, it is best to book tickets in advance.

Use should also consult our complete Dublin Itinerary for more tips and details of what to see and do in the city.

In the evening, sip a pint of Guinness at one of the Best Pubs in Dublin. We recommend enjoying music and imbibing in the always entertaining Temple Bar District.


Public Transit Options for Day 1

It’s fairly easy to get around Dublin on foot, however, there is also an extensive public transit system that includes buses, trams and trains. Use the TFI website for routes and fare info. Alternatively, you can use the Hop On Hop Off Bus to conveniently get to top Dublin tourist attractions.


DAY 2: Explore More of Dublin and the Irish Coast

View from the top of Bray Head Walk, Ireland

On the second day of your Ireland in 7 Days Itinerary, explore more of Dublin in the morning and then set off for a short excursion to one of the best coastal towns.

Dublin is teeming with sights and attractions – so pick one or two to see in the morning. There are a copious number of museums in the city and, when the weather cooperates, the outdoor spaces are nothing short of spectacular.

We loved the Little Museum of Dublin (especially the U2 exhibit), but the National Gallery of Ireland is a good choice, as well (plus it offers free admission, making it one of the best free things to do in Dublin!).

Phoenix Park Deer grazing, Dublin, Ireland

Visitors who would rather spend the morning outdoors will find ample green spaces in Dublin. Our favorite spot is Phoenix Park, where deer roam the meadows, but the National Botanic Garden is a lovely place to explore as well.

Take a short trip in the afternoon to one of the picture-perfect towns on along the coast – like Howth, Bray or Malahide.

Howth Head View from Howth, Ireland

On a trip to Howth, gorge on fresh seafood and then stretch your legs on the stunning coastal walk. Alternately, travel south to the seaside resort town of Bray, where you can put your feet in the sand and then hike to the top of the hill for phenomenal panoramas. The highlight of a trip to Malahide is the impressive and mighty Malahide Castle but leave enough time for a stroll through the picturesque town, too!

Cozy at the Brazen Head, Dublin, Ireland

End the second day of your travel itinerary for Ireland at the oldest bar in Dublin, The Brazen Head, where they serve exceptional Irish stew and pour a very tasty pint of Guinness.


Public Transit Options for Day 2

All three coastal towns are easy to get to by the DART public transit train line. Tickets are inexpensive and fares can be paid with a Leap Card or purchased at kiosks located at most stops. Find more information on the DART website


DAY 3: Spend a Day in Limerick

Limerick Castle, Ireland Itinerary

On Day 3 of your One Week in Ireland Itinerary, travel west from Dublin to the city of Limerick, which is a great place to stop to break up the journey across the country. Limerick, which sits on the banks of the River Shannon, is steeped in history and has a handful of sights that are well-worth seeing.

Once you get checked into your hotel (recommended: Pery’s Hotel), set off to see the two best and historic Limerick attractions: St. Mary’s Cathedral and King John’s Castle.

The Cathedral was founded in the year 1168 and features exquisite stained-glass windows, ancient artifacts and a small cemetery.

Next, step inside the landmark King John’s Castle, which marks the heart of the city’s Medieval quarter. The interactive museum features exciting displays that showcase the interesting history and the great importance of the 800-year-old castle.

If time allows, cross over the bridge to the opposite side of the river. There you will find the Treaty Stone (where the 1691 Treaty of Limerick was signed) and fabulous views of the castle and church.

Stop at Treaty City Brewery for a locally crafted brew (they make excellent IPAs…or you can sample them all with a flight). Then, for dinner, go to The Locke Bar. Eat al fresco at one of the riverside picnic tables, but duck back inside for the live music after your meal. Just don’t stay out too late, as tomorrow is a big day!


Public Transit Options for Day 3

Visitors can travel to Limerick from Dublin via bus or train.

The Dublin Coach Bus 300 M7 Express Service from Dublin City Burgh Quay departs multiple times daily. To allow plenty of time for sightseeing in Limerick, we recommend being on one of the morning departures. Find timetables and info here.

The first direct train from Dublin Heuston to Limerick Colbert Station departs at 3:30pm, which is too late to enter the sights in Limerick, but a good option for travelers who’d prefer to spend a few more hours sightseeing in Dublin. There are earlier trains, but they require a switch at Limerick Junction. See the timetable and find fare info here.


DAY 4: Travel to Doolin and Walk to the Cliffs of Moher

View just past the visitor center to Liscannor Walk, Cliff of Moher, Ireland

Get an early start on Day 4 of your 7 Day Itinerary Ireland and travel to the dramatic Irish West Coast and the charming Village of Doolin.

Inquire if early check in is available at your hotel (recommended: Hotel Doolin or Oar Rooms) – or at the very least if you can store your luggage. Once you have that sorted, immediately set off on an absolutely epic coastal walk to the famous Cliffs of Moher.

Top Tips for the Cliffs of Moher Walking Trail Doolin, Clare, Ireland

The well-marked Doolin to Cliffs of Moher Trail follows the coastline, passing by grazing cows and horses. Hikers can walk all the way to O’Brien’s Tower, the Visitor’s Center and beyond (although the best views of the Cliffs of Moher are during the hike, not from the top). While not technically difficult, the round-trip walk is about 10 miles in length and will take about 5 hours to complete.


When you finish the hike, have dinner, drinks and enjoy the craic in Doolin at one of the town’s best bars: McGann’s Pub, Fitzpatrick’s Bar or McDermott’s Pub.

Top Tip: Use our guide of the Top Things To Do in Doolin for more tips and details about the hike, sights, restaurants and bars.


Public Transit Options for Day 4

To get from Limerick to Doolin, we recommend using a combination of train and bus. There is no direct route between the two locations.

From Limerick, take the train to Ennis; purchase tickets at a kiosk or ticket window in the station. Be on the 9:20 train in order to catch the 10:30 Route 350 Bus to Doolin (the train and bus stations are connected). Fares for the bus to Doolin are paid via a Leap Card, cash or online ticket.


DAY 5: Take a Day Trip to the Aran Islands

View of O’Brien’s Inisheer Castle, Ireland

On Day 5 of your 7 Day Itinerary for Ireland embark on memorable day trip to the rustic and fascinating Aran Islands. The three islands sit just offshore and boast centuries of history and tradition.

Take the morning ferry from Doolin to Inis Oirr – the closest, smallest and in our opinion the best Aran Island to visit on a day excursion.

Small House on Inis Oirr, Ireland, Aran Islands

Once on the island, rent a bicycle for the day and pedal your way to the top sights. The best things to see on Inis Oirr are the Plessey Shipwreck, the sunken church, the sandy beach and the lighthouse.


Return to Doolin in the late afternoon and hop on the Cliffs of Moher Scenic Tour Boat (book both boat trips together and save a bit of money). The boat ride features stunning views of the cliffs from sea level – which offers quite a different perspective from hiking on top of them!

When you return to Doolin Village, stop at the famed Gus O’Connor Tavern for a beverage, a bite to eat and the nightly music session.


Public Transit Options for Day 5

The only way to get to the islands is by public ferry. The ferries do fill up, so be sure to buy your tickets in advance.

There is no bus service to get around Doolin. Travelers without a car will need to walk from their accommodations to the ferry dock, which is about 1 mile from the heart of the village.


DAY 6: Go to Galway via the Wild Atlantic Way

View of Galway, Ireland Itinerary

The next stop on your Ireland Travel Itinerary is Galway…but getting there is half the fun! The route from Doolin to Galway is along the Wild Atlantic Way, one of the most iconic coastal routes in the world.

After a leisurely breakfast, depart Doolin and navigate through the rocky terrain of The Burren. Continue through the countryside and small villages to the Dunguaire Castle, where you can spend a couple hours touring the castle and eating lunch in the village of Kinvara.

The charming castle sits right on Galway Bay and is open to visitors for a small fee. For lunch, indulge in a steamy bowl of creamy seafood chowder at The Pier Head or one of the fun pubs on Main Street.

After the stop in Kinvara, continue your journey to Galway City – the final destination on your Itinerary for Ireland. Check into your accommodations (recommended: Thirteen on the Green or Skeffington Arms Hotel), then enjoy a leisurely evening of Galway sightseeing.

View from Eyre Square, Galway, Ireland

Walk through Eyre Square and follow Williamsgate Street into the tangle of pedestrian-only Medieval lanes in the Galway Latin Quarter. Listen to buskers, pop into shops and simply enjoy the jubilant atmosphere!

For dinner, get a woodfired pizza from The Dough Bros (ranked one of the best pizzas in Europe) or feast on a classic meal of fish and chips at the family-run McDonagh’s. End the day at one of Galway’s best taverns – like Tigh Choili or Tigh Neachtain – where you can catch a live Irish Traditional Music Session.


Public Transit Options for Day 6

Doolin is connected to Galway via Bus #350 (the same route used to get to Doolin from Ennis) and there are several departures throughout the day. Fares are paid in cash or with a Leap Card and can also be purchased online.

Travelers who want to make the stop at the Dunguaire Castle can take the 8:30 or 11:30 Route 350 bus and stop at Kinvara. Just keep in mind that the castle does not open until 10am and is about a 15-minute walk from the bus stop.

Keep an eye on the time throughout the afternoon and either catch the 14:57 or 16:57 bus to Galway. The ride to Galway City from Kinvara takes about 40 minutes.


DAY 7: Enjoy Galway Sights

Must Discover the Latin Quarter in Galway, Ireland

On the last day of your One Week in Ireland Itinerary, spend a full day sightseeing in Galway. Use our guide of Things To Do in Galway to plan your day’s adventure.

Start the day in the Latin Quarter checking off the sights that you didn’t see the day before, like the Spanish Arch, Lynch’s Castle and the St. Nicholas Church. Stop by the excellent (and free) Galway City Museum and then walk along the riverside path north to the Galway Cathedral. If time allows, wander through the University of Galway campus.

In the afternoon, either walk the seaside promenade to Salthill – a fun entertainment district and home of the National Aquarium of Ireland – or take a leisurely river cruise on the Corrib Princess boat.

Good times at Monroe’s Tavern, Galway, Ireland

End the day in Galway’s Westend, where there are ample trendy cafes, hip restaurants and fun pubs. Enjoy one last pint of Guinness at Monroe’s, where there will almost certainly be live music and a fun crowd to wrap up your 1 Week Vacation in Ireland!


Public Transit Options for Day 7

No public transit is needed for Day 7 of our Ireland sample itinerary – everything can be reached on foot!

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Ireland Itinerary Map

Use this link to Google Maps for an online version of our Ireland Travel Itinerary 7 Days.

Map of Ireland Itinerary Route by


More Ireland Itineraries

Light House View from the Howth Cliff Walk, Ireland

Our suggested itinerary for Ireland covers what to see in the country in 7 days. However, we have a few more tips for travelers with more – or less – time for their visit. We are sharing Ireland trip planner tips for 5 Days, 10 Days and 14 Days.


Ireland Itinerary 5 Days

Spending just 5 days in Ireland is not a lot of time, but travelers can still see the highlights! The trip will be a short, fast-paced journey. Our sample Ireland itinerary for 5 Days includes stops in Dublin (1 night), Limerick (1 night), Doolin (2 nights) and Galway (1 night).


5 Day Ireland Itinerary

On Day 1, arrive in Dublin and see the highlights (follow Day 1 of our 1 Week Itinerary Ireland).

For Day 2, see sights in Dublin in the morning, but depart by mid-day for Limerick. In Limerick, see the sights (if they are still open) and eat dinner on the riverside.

Get an early morning start on Day 3 and travel from Limerick to Doolin to hike to the Cliffs of Moher (following the advice for Day 4 in our One Week Ireland Trip Itinerary).

Spend Day 4 on a day trip to the Aran Islands and take the Cliffs of Moher Scenic Boat Trip in the late afternoon. Enjoy the evening in Doolin at one of the fun pubs.

Start Day 5 early and depart Doolin via the Wild Atlantic Way toward Galway. (Use the tips from Day 6 in our Ireland in One Week Itinerary.) Once in Galway, explore the sights in the Medieval Latin Quarter.

Another way to plan an Ireland 5-Day Itinerary is to fly to Dublin and spend time exploring on your own, then join a 3-Day Organized Tour


Ireland Itinerary 10 Days

With 10 days in Ireland, you can build a perfect itinerary that features one more destination. We recommend adding Cork (and the Ring of Kerry) to your trip Ireland trip plan or venture up to Northern Ireland to visit Belfast (and the Giants Causeway).  

Using our Best One Week Ireland Itinerary above, visitors spending 10 days in Ireland need to only make a few adjustments to create the perfect Ireland Itinerary for 10 days.


10 Day Ireland and Northern Ireland Itinerary

To add Northern Ireland sights to your trip plan – including the City of Belfast and the incredible Giants Causeway – use our recommended Ireland Itinerary for 7 Days as a basic outline. However, instead of traveling from Dublin to Limerick, travel from Dublin to Belfast.

Spend 3 days in Belfast – including the day of travel, a day trip to Giants Causeway (and Rede Rope Bridge) and a full day exploring Belfast City Center. Use our Belfast 3 Day Itinerary for tips on how to plan your time in Northern Ireland.

On Day 6, travel from Belfast to Limerick via Dublin – and follow the remainder of our itinerary from Day 3. To travel from Belfast to Limerick, visitors can use buses or trains, but all routes will include a switch in Dublin.

If using trains, bear in mind that the trains from Belfast terminate at the Dublin Connolly Station and trains from Dublin to Limerick depart from Heuston Station. The two stations are connected via the LUAS Tram (Red Line) or a quick Uber/FreeNow taxi ride.

If traveling by bus, the Coachstar X1 and X2 buses from Belfast to Dublin terminate at the Busaras Station, which is just a short walk from the Dublin City Burgh Quay bus stop, where the Dublin Coach Bus 300 M7 Express Service departs from about every half hour throughout the day.


10 Day Ireland Itinerary with Cork

Travelers can also create an Ireland 10 Day Itinerary that includes Cork and the fabulous Ring of Kerry.

To create a perfect 10 Days Ireland Itinerary, use our outline for one week, but instead of traveling from Limerick to Doolin on Day 4, detour to the south and spend 3 days in Cork. We recommend using the Expressway 51 Bus

On the day of arrival, see the sights in Cork City Centre (like The English Market, St. Patrick’s Street, Elizabeth Fort and Saint Fin Barre’s Cathedral). On the next day (Day 5 of your Ireland 10-Day Trip), join one of the organized tours from Cork to the Ring of Kerry and Killarney National Park. Then, on the final day in Cork (Day 6), travel by public bus to Blarney to see the Blarney Castle and Blarney Stone.

On Day 7, take the 7:25 Expressway 51 Bus to Ennis – which, with little time to spare, should get you to Ennis in time to catch the 10:30 Route 350 bus to Doolin. From there, follow our above Ireland in a Week Itinerary for the remainder of your trip starting from Day 4.


Ireland Itinerary 14 Days

With a full 2 Weeks in Ireland Itinerary, travelers have time to see many of the top sights! Using our above Ireland vacation ideas, visitors can easily create an ideal 2-Week Ireland Itinerary.

We would plan a 14-Day Ireland Itinerary like this:

  • Dublin – 2 Days
  • Belfast – 3 Days
  • Limerick – 2 Days
  • Cork – 3 Days
  • Doolin – 2 Days
  • Galway – 2 Days


Scotland and Ireland Itinerary

Due to their close proximity, many travelers plan an itinerary for Scotland and Ireland. In fact, it’s how we organized our trip, too!

There are many different ways to plan an Ireland and Scotland Itinerary. Travelers without a car, however, will likely want to base themselves in Edinburgh. From there, visitors can plan their own day trips to the exciting city of Glasgow and the coastal town of Dunbar. There are numerous day trips from Edinburgh and multiday trips that go north into the highlands.

Travelers planning an Ireland – Scotland Itinerary can use our tips for Things To Do in Edinburgh and our guide of What and Where to Eat in Edinburgh.


Ireland Scotland England Itinerary

With enough time, it is possible to plan an England, Ireland, Scotland Itinerary. Travelers can use the tips in our London 3 Day Itinerary for tips on what to see and do in London.


Ireland London Paris Itinerary

Another great trip combination is Ireland, London and Paris. We recommend following the tips in our Ireland Itinerary One Week Trip above – and then spending a few days in London before traveling to Paris for a week.


Travel Tips for your One Week Ireland Itinerary

Exterior view of Malahide Castle Ireland

We have outlined the Perfect Ireland Itinerary, but we have a few more Ireland travel tips to help you make the absolute most of your trip!


How To Get To Ireland

In our Ireland suggested itinerary, we start in Dublin on the east side of the country and end in Galway on the west side. Therefore, you could book flights into Dublin (DUB) and out of Shannon (SNN). That said, it only takes about 2 hours to get back to the Dublin Airport from Galway.

For your 7-Day Ireland Itinerary from Dublin, we recommend searching for the best fares and flight times from both cities – Dublin and Shannon – to see which one offers the best prices and schedules.

Using a airline booking tool, like Skyscanner, can help you narrow down the best flight options. We share more tips in our article about Finding the Best Flights for Cheap


Tips for Ireland Accommodations

Throughout our 7 Nights in Ireland Itinerary, we shared our top picks for where to stay in each destination. Most of the recommendations are well-priced and near the center of town. However, we have a few more tips to share about finding places to stay in Ireland.

Hotels in Ireland are expensive – especially in Dublin. Expect rates for average hotels to be priced close to $200 USD per night. Be sure to use our Tips for Finding Cheap Hotels before booking!

The best value hotels get booked early, so we recommend starting your search for accommodations early in your Ireland trip planning process.

Typically, we enjoy staying in Airbnb apartments when we travel. However, with a quick moving vacation – like our Seven Days in Ireland Itinerary – we think hotels are a better option. Hotels typically have a more lenient check-in/check-out policy and are likely to have luggage storage, if need be.


What To Pack for a 7 Day Ireland Tour

Our final advice is about what to pack in your suitcase for our recommended Ireland Itinerary. You can find all of our packing hacks on our Travel Packing Tips page. Need a packing checklist? You can also get our free, printable packing checklist!


Walking Shoes for your Ireland 7 Day Trip

It is oh-so-important to have the right shoes for your trip! We advise wearing lightweight, versatile and comfortable shoes – like everyday sneakers or these trail shoes. You can find more specifics in our tips for The Best Travel Shoes.


Weather Gear for a 7 Day Trip to Ireland Itinerary

We already mentioned that the weather in Ireland can be quite wild, so it’s essential to pack accordingly! Layers are ideal – even in the summertime. Wet weather gear – like a rain jacket and travel umbrella – are a must. And don’t forget the sunscreen – as the summer sun is still intense when it does make an appearance!


Best Camera for your Tour of Ireland Itinerary

The landscapes in Ireland are unbelievably beautiful! For your trip to Ireland, we highly recommend upgrading to a DSLR Camera.

There are many great (and some very expensive) cameras, but we suggest starting with a Canon Rebel. It’s what we use on our travels (with a 18-135mm lens). We think it’s a great camera for budget travelers because it’s well-priced, takes quality photos and comes with many super accessories.


Good Day Pack for your Week Trip in Ireland

With long days of sightseeing, you will want to make sure you carry everything you need with you in a travel day bag. There are numerous styles – like the backpacks we use to cross-body bags to hip packs. We detail many of the top options in our post on the Best Day Packs for Travelers.


Travel Insurance for your Seven Day Ireland Itinerary

Regardless of how well you plan your Ireland 7 Day Itinerary, things can go wrong. Flight delays, cancellations, lost luggage and illness abroad are just a few of the unexpected and unfortunate things that can happen while traveling. A trip insurance policy might help cover the costs. Check the affordable rates and coverages at World Nomads.


We Want To Know: What are your tips for a 7 Day Ireland Itinerary? Do you have any advice for the best way to vacation in Ireland? Tell us in the comments!


Start planning your trip to Ireland! Search for the lowest airfares, the best accommodations and fun things to do…then start packing!  Want more travel planning tips? Head over to our Travel Planning page for more information and tips on traveling – and for country-specific information, take a look at our Travel Guides page!


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