Best Pubs in Dublin, Ireland

Best Pubs in Dublin, Ireland

The pubs in Dublin, Ireland are one of the most celebrated attractions in the city. The cozy, historic Dublin pubs are quintessentially Irish – and travelers, like us, are eager to soak in the atmosphere while sipping dark, creamy stouts.

Our recent stay of more than a month allowed us plenty of time to seek out the best pubs in Dublin City Centre…and beyond!… Read the rest

Inis Oirr, Ireland Day Trip to Aran Islands' Inisheer from Doolin by

Inis Oirr: Day Trip to Aran Islands’ Inisheer from Doolin, Ireland

Inis Oirr, Ireland – also known as Inisheer – is a fantastic day trip destination, either from Doolin or Galway. The smallest of the three Aran Islands, Inis Oirr is charming, beautiful and easy to explore. We are sharing all the need-to-know details to help fellow travelers plan their perfect day trip to Inisheer and the Aran Islands!… Read the rest

The Brazen Head: Sunday Session at the Oldest Pub in Dublin, Ireland by

The Brazen Head: Oldest Pub in Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland is a land of historic castles, Catholic churches, little leprechauns, lucky shamrocks, pots of gold, pints of Guinness and rowdy bars filled with music and craic. Among the many Irish pubs in Dublin, The Brazen Head reigns king.

Honored as the Oldest Pub in Dublin, Brazen Head is an institution…and a must-see Dublin sight!… Read the rest