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One Day in Glasgow: Best Things To Do

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Planning to spend one day in Glasgow, Scotland? Feeling overwhelmed about how to plan your time in the city? We understand; we’ve been in your shoes. There are an astounding number of things to do in Glasgow – and trying to plan a succinct 1-day itinerary is not easy. No need to fret. We are sharing the perfect way to see Glasgow in a day!


Best Things To Do in Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow is an amazing city filled with history, museums and scenic landscapes. The vibrant and lively downtown is the heart of the city, but what to see in Glasgow extends beyond the urban core. In fact, some of the very best things to do in Glasgow are found outside of the center.

With so many attractions spread out from one end to the other – deciding what to see in Glasgow in 1 day can be perplexing. However, with a solid trip plan, even travelers limited to visiting Glasgow in one day can still see the all the best sights.


Day Trip to Glasgow

We were staying in Edinburgh when we decided to take a quick, one day trip to Glasgow. The two cities are just 45 miles (72 km) apart and it’s easy to travel from one to the other by bus or train. (We discuss more about getting to Glasgow at the end of the post.)

We were intent on making the most of our day in Glasgow – and didn’t want to miss a single sight. As we researched what to see and do in Glasgow, our list of attractions grew. Bearing in mind opening hours and walking distances, we planned a perfect day trip from Edinburgh to Glasgow.

Pro Tip: In the end, we saw everything on our list, but realized that we could have easily spent 2 days in Glasgow – if not longer. If you are still deciding how many days to spend in Glasgow, we share itinerary tips for longer trips at the end of the article.


Organized Day Tours from Edinburgh to Glasgow

Before we made our DIY trip plan, we searched for an easier way to see Glasgow in a day: An organized day tour from Edinburgh to Glasgow. Unfortunately, we did not find any tour operators in Edinburgh offering fully planned day trips to Glasgow. Therefore, we planned what to see in Glasgow in a day on our own.

Because we’ve already done the research, you don’t have to. We are detailing everything you need to know to plan your trip to Glasgow!

Looking for tips on what to do in Edinburgh? Use our guide to the Best Things To Do in Edinburgh in 3 Days


How To Spend One Day in Glasgow: 20 Sights to See

Our outline for how to spend a day in Glasgow covers the must-see sights – as well as tips for what to eat during your day trip. We have organized our Glasgow 1 Day Itinerary so that the sights are listed in the order that we recommend visiting them.

We share a map link to each sight so that you can route yourself from one to the next. To save time (and your feet!), we also recommend using the Glasgow Underground on two occasions (which we note in the itinerary). Additionally, we share a Map of Glasgow Attractions at the end of the article.

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#1 Glasgow Cathedral

View of the Glasgow Cathedral, Scotland

MAP. Start your One Day in Glasgow Itinerary at the Cathedral. The Gothic Cathedral in Glasgow is an extraordinary sight.

The grand Glasgow Cathedral dates to the year 1136 and is dedicated to St. Mungo (also called St. Kentigern) – the city’s patron saint who is buried at the church. The church interior is dimly lit by sunlight that filters through the colorful stained-glass windows.


#2 Glasgow Necropolis

View of the Glasgow Necropolis, Scotland

MAP. Some travelers might think it’s strange to include a cemetery in their Glasgow One Day Itinerary, but the Glasgow Necropolis is truly one of the best sights in the city.

Located on a hill that rises behind the Cathedral, the Glasgow cemetery – where 50,000 Glaswegians are buried – hosts a number of ornate and striking monuments. Pedestrian paths weave through ‘The City of the Dead,’ past the gravesites and memorials, which date to the mid- to late-1800s.


#3 St. Mungo Street Art

Famous St. Mungo Street Art, Glasgow, Scotland

MAP. It would be impossible to spend a day in Glasgow and not notice the impressive displays of street art. Detailed murals and graffiti tags grace the sides of buildings and are tucked along inconspicuous side streets.

While street art has decorated the city since the 1970s, Glasgow’s recent Mural Project has brightened blighted spaces. Artist Smug, who lives in Glasgow, has contributed many works – including Saint Mungo, one of his most famous Glasgow art murals, at 287 High Street.


#4 High Street, Glasgow

View of the High Street, Glasgow, Scotland

MAP. High Street is one of the oldest streets in Glasgow, and in Medieval times, was the main thoroughfare. Lined with Victorian tenements, the curving street slopes down toward the River Clyde, marking the eastern edge of Merchant City. (We’ll return to Merchant City later in the day.)

The most significant sight along the street is the 7-story Tolbooth Steeple, a clocktower that was built in the year 1626. Adjacent to the steeple is a replica Mercat Cross, which historically was used to mark the location of the market (but this one was built in 1930).


#5 St. Andrew’s Square

Belltower at St. Andrew’s Square, Glasgow, Scotland

MAP. St. Andrew’s Square is dominated by the 18th century church, St. Andrew’s in the Square. The exquisite classical church was designed in a style similar to St. Martin-in-the-Fields in London and ranks as one of the oldest churches in Glasgow.

Although St. Andrew’s in the Square no longer functions as a church (it has been renovated into an event center), take a peek into the square to view the outstanding architecture.


#6 Barras Market

Barras Market Sign, Glasgow, Scotland

MAP. Only worth stopping by on the weekend when the market is in full swing, Barras Market is a long-standing marketplace for antiques and oddities.

Once Glasgow’s daily thriving market, Barras Market was established by Maggie McIver in the early 1900s. Today, weekend shoppers can find bargains on everything from vintage clothes to household appliances.   


#7 Glasgow Green and People’s Palace

Standing on the Glasgow Green and People’s Palace, Scotland

MAP. A spacious green space on the East End, Glasgow Green is the city’s oldest park, dating to the 15th century. The park, which hugs the curve of the River Clyde, is crisscrossed by walking paths and dotted with monuments.

At the center of the park is the opulent People’s Palace, a small but wonderful museum detailing City of Glasgow history – and it’s free to enter. In front of the building is the impressive Doulton Fountain, which stands as the largest terracotta fountain in the world.

Pro Tip: There are many museums in Glasgow – most of which are free of charge. When visiting Glasgow in one day, it is unlikely that you will be able to see all of the museums. We recommend thoroughly visiting the museum that is of most interest to you – and breezing through the others.


#8 Lunch on the Go: Shawarma King

MAP. If you want to see all of the sights on our 1 Day Itinerary Glasgow, it’s probably best to eat a quick meal rather than sit down at a restaurant and wait for table service. Our top pick for take-away in Glasgow is the famous Shawarma King.

Voted the Best Shawarma in Glasgow in 2022, the restaurant whips up delicious kebabs and wraps at affordable prices. We recommend getting it to go and eating it on the riverbank.  


#9 River Clyde and Glasgow Bridges

Crossing the Portland Street Suspension Bridge, Glasgow, Scotland

MAP. The Clyde River has had a significant influence on Glasgow. Essential for trade and vital for shipbuilding, the River Clyde was instrumental in the city’s industry and expansion.

Several bridges cross the River Clyde in Glasgow. Victoria Bridge, built in 1854, is the oldest surviving bridge in Glasgow, but the pedestrian only Portland Street Suspension Bridge was our favorite to cross.

An extensive pedestrian path, the River Clyde Walkway, lines the riverbank allowing walkers, joggers and cyclists to travel along the riverside under the shade of trees with a scenic view.

That said, to get to the next stop, we recommend riding the Glasgow Subway. Use the St. Enoch Underground Station (map) and travel to Patrick Station.


#10 The Tall Ship Museum

River Clyde view from The Tall Ship Museum, Glasgow, Scotland

MAP. Free. Located on the far west side of Glasgow, the best way to reach The Tall Ship Museum is via subway. We recommend alighting at Patrick Station – as it’s just a short walk to the ship and there are signs that show the way.

Visiting The Tall Ship Museum is one of the fun things to do on a one-day trip in Glasgow – especially if you are traveling with kids.

The 3-mast Glenlee was built in 1896 and proudly floats on the Clyde River. Guests are invited to hop aboard and freely explore the ship from bow to stern, as well as deep below deck.


#11 Riverside Museum

Exterior View of the Riverside Museum, Glasgow, Scotland

MAP. Free. The Riverside Museum – which is just steps from The Tall Ship – is one of the best places to visit in Glasgow in one day. Dedicated to the history of transportation, the museum is chock-full of old cars, train compartments, motorcycles and bikes.

The Wall of Cars is an impressive sight – but we personally liked the Glasgow Old Town Street displays. The short street features typical shops from the early 1900s – and visitors are invited to go inside each establishment to learn more about its history.


#12 Kelvingrove Art Gallery Museum

Exterior View Kelvingrove Art Gallery Museum, Glasgow

MAP. Free. One of the most interesting things to do in Glasgow in one day is to visit the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. Housed in a magnificent red sandstone building, the Kelvingrove Museum features more than 20 galleries of artifacts and artworks.

Displays in the museum range from ancient Egyptian mummies to masterpiece paintings to modern sculptures (with even one of Elvis Presley).

That said, don’t miss (and it is likely impossible to do so), the grandiose Centre Hall – complete with a pipe organ towering over the far end.


#13 University of Glasgow

Belltower at University of Glasgow, Scotland

MAP. Next on our list of what to see in Glasgow in one day is the beautiful University of Glasgow campus on Gilmorehill. The university was founded in 1451 and moved to the Glasgow West End in 1870.

The main campus building is a stunning Gothic revival double-quad, complete with a soaring bell tower. Enter through the main entrance into the Cloisters and walk around the interior of both quads. If you have time, pop into the Hunterian Museum (free admission) for interesting artifacts and unusual collections.


#14 Kelvingrove Park

MAP. An 85-acre park in the West End of Glasgow, Kelvingrove Park was designed in the mid-1800s as the city was expanding (and the center was becoming overcrowded and undesirable).

The River Kelvin streams through the hilly park, which features numerous monuments and spacious lawns. Visitors are free to explore the many paths, but it is worth seeking out the Stewart Memorial Fountain.

To get back into central Glasgow from Kelvingrove Park, we recommend taking the subway again. From the park, use the Kelvin Walkway riverside path, which takes you right to the Kelvinbridge Station and ride back to St. Enoch Station.


#15 Street Art Murals in the Glasgow City Centre

Girl with a Magnifying Glass Mural, Glasgow, Scotland

MAP. As we have already mentioned, there is incredible Glasgow street art – and there are a few great murals just steps from the St. Enoch Underground Station.  

From St. Enoch Square, walk northwest across Argyle Street – one of the city’s main shopping streets – to Mitchell Street (a narrow one-way street that looks more like an alley). Find the fun Taxi Mural, the Girl with a Magnifying Glass Mural and Wind Power.

While seeking out street art on Mitchell Street, check out The Lighthouse – an architecturally unique building designed by renowned Scottish architect, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, in 1895. It now serves as Scotland’s Centre for Design and Architecture.


#16 Buchanan Street

View looking down Buchanan Street, Glasgow, Scotland

MAP. Marking the epicenter of the city and the thriving shopping district, Buchanan Street is a must on your Glasgow one day trip. The pedestrian-only street is lined with high-end retailers and department stores.

Even if you don’t intend to shop, stroll the street to see the extravagant Victorian and Edwardian architecture. Along the way, you will likely be entertained by street performers.


#17 Gallery of Modern Art and the Duke of Wellington Statue

Cone on top of Duke of Wellington Statue, Glasgow, Scotland

MAP. Detour from Buchanan Street and walk through the Royal Bank Palace archway into Royal Exchange Square. At the center of the square is the Gallery of Modern Art (free), which is housed in the former Royal Exchange building (dating to 1829). The GoMa has four galleries of rotating contemporary art exhibits.

Standing directly in front of the GoMa is the Duke of Wellington Equestrian Statue – which has become one of the quirky Glasgow landmarks. The statue was erected in 1844 – but since the 1980s, fun-loving Glaswegians have taken to decorating the Duke’s head with a traffic cone.

The city attempted to thwart the cone bandits by making a plan to elevate the statue, but the move was met with fierce outcry. The people of Glasgow prefer their ornate statue to be adorned with a cone, it seems – and it’s definitely one of the top things to see in Glasgow in one day.


#18 Merchant City

MAP. Continue your Glasgow sightseeing with a leisurely walk through Merchant City. The district marks the first Glasgow New Town, when wealthy residents moved west from crowded High Street. The grid plan included wide streets, stately homes and tobacco warehouses.

Today, the area is a mecca of shops, bars, restaurants and residences housed in beautiful old buildings. At the center of Merchant City is Merchant Square – the former fruit market and now a hub of eateries and entertainment. The stylish district is also the site of many top Glasgow festivals in the summertime.


#19 George Square

People enjoying the nice weather at George Square, Glasgow, Scotland

MAP. George Square is a Glasgow must see sight. Named for King George III, the square was developed in the early 1800s. Ringed by regal government buildings and elegant architecture, the square marks the civic center of Glasgow.

Unlike some city squares, George Square features four green lawns to stretch our and relax on. Monuments and statues of Scotland’s most revered citizens stand in the square – including memorials to Robert Burns, James Watt and Sir Walter Scott.


#20 Dinner and Drinks in Glasgow

NEIPA at Shilling Brewing Company, Glasgow, Scotland

Now that you’ve checked off everything on your Things To See Glasgow list, it’s time to rest your feet and relax. End your Glasgow one day tour with dinner and drinks in the city center. There are a copious number of bars and restaurants in the area – but we have a few recommendations.

A lively spot right on the square is The Counting House (map). The modern Weatherspoon-chain pub serves real cask ale and a typical pub menu – but the beautiful building (don’t miss the ceiling) served as a bank for more than 100 years.

Just a block west of George Square is Shilling Brewing Company (map). Also housed in a former bank building, at the Shilling brew pub they make craft beer onsite – and feature guest taps from other Scottish brewers, as well. Woodfired pizzas are the only menu item, but trust us, they are delicious!

Alternatively, eat in Merchant City. After seeing the Duke of Wellington Statue, continue to George Square – then end your day with dinner and drinks at one of the buzzing bars and restaurants at Merchant Square.

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Glasgow Map of Attractions

Use this link to Google Maps for an interactive version of our Glasgow, Scotland Map.

One Day in Glasgow Things To Do Map by


More Glasgow Things To Do

We shared our top tips for what to do in Glasgow in one day, but there is more to see if you have time. Consider adding (or swapping out) some of these things to do in Glasgow, Scotland to your 1 Day in Glasgow trip itinerary.


Glasgow City Walking Tour

Visitors can use our outline of things to see to create their own Glasgow walking tour. However, travelers who would rather a personal introduction should consider joining one of the many walking tours in Glasgow led by local guides – like this popular and highly rated tour.


Glasgow Botanic Gardens

Dating to the year 1817, the Glasgow Botanical Gardens are one of the top sights in the city. The gorgeous gardens encompass 27 acres of colorful flora from regions around the world. The gardens are free – including entry to the Kibble Palace Greenhouse.


Tennent’s Brewery Tour

Street Art at Tennent’s Brewery Tour, Glasgow, Scotland

One of the oldest brewers in the United Kingdom, Tennent Caledonian Brewing is located in Glasgow just below the necropolis – and is open for tours. Visitors can discover the sights in the Wellpark Brewery complex – including the Heritage Center and a behind-the-scenes look at the brewing process. The tour ends with a pint of freshly poured beer straight from the source. Prefer craft beer? Us, as well! Next door to Tennent is Drygate Brewing, a collaboration brewery offering unique and diverse beers.


Street Art Tour

Best Street Art Tour, Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow’s street art scene is truly part of it’s culture. Interested travelers can join a local guide for a tour of the best art murals. Tour participants will gain a better understanding of the artwork and area as well. Reserve your spot on the tour!


More Glasgow Museums

In our one-day itinerary for Glasgow, we featured a few of the best museums – but not all of them. Fellow travelers may want to make time in their itinerary to see some of the other fantastic museums in Glasgow.


Provand’s Lordship

One of the oldest houses in Glasgow dating to 1471, Provand’s Lordship Museum (free) features 17th century furniture and informational plaques.


St. Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art

Dedicated to Glasgow’s Patron Saint, the St. Mungo Museum (free) contains religious artworks and relics.


Glasgow Science Center

A fun science and technology museum, the Glasgow Science Centre (tickets required) is one of the fun things to do in Glasgow with kids. Highlights of the hands-on museum are an IMAX theater, a planetarium and the Glasgow Tower observation deck. Visitors could easily spend the better part of a day at this museum!


Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre

An unusual and somewhat dark museum, the Sharmanka Kinetic Theater boasts mechanical sculptures that move to eerie music.


Pollok House and Gardens

Located 4.5 miles (7 km) southwest of Glasgow, the Pollok Estate is an elaborate country house that also houses a large collection of Spanish artwork. Tickets are required for entry. The gardens and surrounding park are lovely for a walk.  


Day Hikes from Glasgow

The city of Glasgow is a great jumping off point for a multitude of day hikes.

The above-mentioned Pollok Country Park is a fantastic place for walking. The park features 11 miles (7 km) of trails – including a Highland Cattle Walk and Pond Walk.

The Clyde Walkway and Kelvin Walkway are also good routes that follow along picturesque waterways. A long walk along the Clyde River can take trekkers all the way to Bothwell Castle, as well.


1 Day Tours from Glasgow

While we have outlined how to spend one day in Glasgow, visitors can also plan a one day trip from Glasgow.

Perhaps the most popular 1 day trip from Glasgow is an adventure into the Scottish Highlands. Top attractions on a day trip to Highlands from Glasgow are Loch Lomond, castles and Glencoe. Find out more here!

Other day trips near Glasgow are Outlander tours and trips to Scottish whisky distilleries.


How Many Days in Glasgow?

With so many things to do Glasgow, you may be wondering, Is One Day in Glasgow Enough? To be honest, we wished we had more time in the city. There are so many things to do and see in Glasgow that we could have easily spent 3 days there.

That said, our one-day trip Glasgow was a great introduction – and being limited to a single day, we are glad we made the most of it!

We know fellow travelers have differing timeframes – so we are sharing some sample Glasgow itineraries for travelers with more (or less) time.


2 Hours in Glasgow

Travelers with a layover in Glasgow can still get a quick peek and we recommend sticking to the city center. Start at the Cathedral and Necropolis, then walk down High Street to Merchant City. Head west through Merchant City to see the Gallery of Modern Art and Duke Wellington Statue, then walk north on Buchanan Street to George Square.


2 Days in Glasgow Itinerary

Visiting Glasgow in 2 days allows for a much more relaxed sightseeing pace. In fact, we would not add any more attractions to our outline of what to do in Glasgow, Scotland in one day. Instead, we would slow down and more thoroughly enjoy the sights on the list.

We recommend spending the first day in the Glasgow City Centre and East End. Then, on Day 2 go to the West End of Glasgow to visit the Tall Ship Museum, the Riverside Museum, the Kelvingrove Art Museum and Park and the University of Glasgow Campus. If time allows, follow the Kelvin Walkway to the Botanic Gardens.

Pro Tip: Limited to just 36 hours in Glasgow? Choose just two museums to visit, rather than trying to see them all!


 3 Days in Glasgow

Travelers visiting Glasgow in 3 days have heaps of options for how to spend their time. We recommend using the above tips for a 2-Day Glasgow Itinerary – then on the third day, choose one or two additional sights. For example, opt to spend the last day at the Science Museum, at the Pollok House and Park or on a day hike.

Alternatively, take a day trip to the Highlands to see more of amazing Scotland.


Travel Tips for Planning a Day Trip to Glasgow

Now that you know what to see and do in Glasgow, we have a few travel planning tips that will help you best plan your vacation to Scotland.


Trip Planning Info

There is a lot more to planning a trip to Scotland than determining what attractions to see!

Travelers planning a vacation to Scotland from abroad need to consider other details of their trip. We offer helpful tips and advice in our Guide to Planning a European Vacation.

As you plan your trip, organization is key! Don’t let the little details get lost in the shuffle. Stay organized with our printable Travel Planner. The planner includes 26 pages of trip planning printables.

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Timing Your Visit to Glasgow

On a quick Glasgow one-day trip, timing is of the utmost importance.

Throughout the day, be sure to keep an eye on the time (especially if you are using public transport for your day trip). If you find you are falling behind, know in advance which sights you will skip to stay on schedule.

Make note of the current opening time of attractions. The museums, cathedral and graveyard all close by 5pm – if not earlier (plus, the church closes mid-day for lunch). We purposely routed our Glasgow 1-Day Itinerary so that we could enter museums early in the day and then wander outdoors in the evening, when opening times were not an issue.

Our trip to Glasgow was in the summer when there is plenty of day light. This meant that we could extend our sightseeing in Glasgow into the evening. Travelers visiting outside of the summer season should check sunrise and sunset times to ensure you will have enough daylight to see all the best Glasgow sights.


Glasgow Weather

It’s best to have a sunny day in Glasgow for your one-day trip – but that is nearly impossible to predict in Scotland.

The weather can be quite rainy – but the good news is that there are many things to do on a rainy day in Glasgow. If your trip coincides with a rainy day, Glasgow museums are your best bet for beating the foul weather.


How To Get To Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow is well-connected to regional destinations by bus and train. The main bus station (Buchanan Bus Station) is located on the north side of the city center. There are two main train stations – the Glasgow Central Train Station and Queen Street Station – which are both centrally located as well.

If you are travelling to Glasgow by plane, you will arrive at The Glasgow International Airport (GLA) that is located just 10 miles west of downtown. The best way to get from the airport to the city is via the Airport Express 500 Bus, which takes about 30 minutes.

Looking for cheap one-way flights to Glasgow, Scotland? Use our tips for Finding the Best Flight Deals and then start your search on Skyscanner


Day Trip Edinburgh to Glasgow: How To Get There

On a one day return trip from Edinburgh to Glasgow, visitors can opt to take the bus or the train.

The bus typically costs less (£9) than the train and takes about an hour and 20 minutes, while the Express Edinburgh Glasgow Train takes just under an hour (but costs twice as much).

Whether you arrive by bus or train, make your first stop of the day at Greggs for a morning Scotch Pie. It’s one of our favorite Scottish Foods and provides good sustenance for your full day of sightseeing!


Looking for more ideas for day trips from Edinburgh?

Travelers staying in Edinburgh are spoiled for choices when it comes to day trip adventures. These are a few of the most popular DIY and Guided Edinburgh day trips.


Transport for a Day Trip to Glasgow from Belfast

Travelers in Belfast can hop on a one-way flight to Glasgow that takes just 45 minutes. The quick flight is typically cheap – we found deals on Skyscanner for as little as £9 for a base fare.


Dublin to Glasgow Day Trip: Getting There

The flight from Dublin to Glasgow takes just under an hour, but it can be  just as cheap as flying from Belfast.


Planning a Day Trip: Glasgow from London

Flights from London to Glasgow can cost a bit more, but they still are relatively affordable and flight time is about an hour and 20 minutes. There are direct trains from London to Glasgow – but it takes about 4.5 hours to complete the journey (which is way too long when planning a day trip to Glasgow!).


Getting Around Glasgow

Arriving train in the Glasgow Subway, Scotland

Once in Glasgow, it is fairly easy to get around. For our 1-Day Glasgow Itinerary, it’s best to move on foot and via subway.


Glasgow Subway

The subway in Glasgow is one of the easiest urban transportation systems we have ever used. The entire underground consists of just 15 stations, which are connected in a loop with two lines: The Outer Circle and Inner Circle.

The Outer Loop runs clockwise and the Inner Circle goes counter-clockwise. The complete circuit takes just 24 minutes and trains run frequently.

Tickets cost £1.75 per ride, no matter how far you travel. Tickets can be purchased from kiosks or from the ticket office. Keep the ticket, as you need it to exit the station.


Hop On Hop Off Bus

The Hop On Hop Off Bus is another great way to get around Glasgow, especially for tourists traveling to Glasgow for one day.

The bus makes stops at all of the recommended attractions on our One-Day Glasgow Itinerary. An All Day Bus Ticket Glasgow can be purchased in advance of your trip. 


Where To Stay in Glasgow for One Night

Spending 24 hours in Glasgow? Then you will need a place to stay!

Visitors who plan to spend one night in Glasgow should stay in the center close to the main attractions. Being in the heart of Glasgow will allow the opportunity for further exploration early in the morning, before you move on to your next destination.

For a one night stay in Glasgow, we recommend staying in a hotel (rather than a holiday apartment, like Airbnb, which can have short check in times, no luggage storage and exorbitant one-night fees).


Glasgow Hotels

There are many hotels in Glasgow City Centre in a range of prices.

The boutique Carlton George Hotel in Central Glasgow is situated right next to the Queen Street Rail Station and offers luxury rooms at fair prices. Plus, they have a complimentary mini-bar, as well as decanters of whisky, gin and vodka in every room. Check availability!

Situated just steps from George Square, the Z Hotel offers incredibly affordable rooms for the prime location. The rooms are on the small side, but they are clean and the beds are comfortable. Check rates!


What You Will Need for your Glasgow 1 Day Tour

Now that you know what to do in Glasgow for a day, it’s time to get ready to go! We have a few tips on what you will want to pack for your one-day Glasgow trip. For all of our packing tips, head over to our Travel Packing page – and grab your FREE Packing Checklist!


Comfortable Shoes

In our outline of what to do in Glasgow in a day, we cover some ground – so it’s important to wear the right shoes for your trip! I like to wear lightweight and versatile sneakers and Kris is most comfortable in his trail shoes for city sightseeing. Read all our top tips on the best travel shoes


A Real Travel Camera

Glasgow is a beautiful and unique city! Upgrade to a real camera to properly capture the sights. We use a Canon Rebel with an everyday 18-135mm lens. We think it is one of the best cameras for budget travelers because it is easy to use, takes quality photos and comes with loads of accessories.


Weather Gear

It rains in Glasgow…a lot. Make sure you are prepared for your One Day in Glasgow trip with sufficient weather gear. We recommend bringing a travel umbrella and a lightweight rain coat.


Day Pack

On a day trip, you will want to make sure you bring everything you anticipate needing along with you. Therefore, a good day bag is necessary. We like using small backpacks for day trips – but share all of our tips in our article, Best Day Packs for Travelers.


UK Trip Insurance

There is no doubt about it, travel insurance is essential…for any trip! Check out the affordable rates and robust coverage at World Nomads.


Start planning your trip to Scotland! Search for the lowest airfares, the best accommodations and fun things to do…then start packing!  Want more travel planning tips? Head over to our Travel Planning page for more information and tips on traveling – and for country-specific information, take a look at our Travel Guides page!


We Want To Know: Do you have any tips for spending one day in Glasgow? What to do? What to eat? Tell us in the comments!


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