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14 Best Things To Do in Plockton, Scotland

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From the moment we laid eyes on Plockton, Scotland it was clear we had arrived at a truly stunning location. Idyllically perched on the shores of Loch Carron and surrounded by the hills of the Scottish Highlands, the Village of Plockton is an absolute gem of a destination! The best things to do in Plockton, Scotland are enjoying the enchanting landscapes, discovering the historic village and tasting the local fare.

The quaint village, which is known as the Jewel of the Highlands, stretches for just one mile from end-to-end and only has about 500 residents. Being rather small, many visitors wonder if Plockton is worth visiting – and we certainly believe that is (even for just a few hours). We are highlighting the top Plockton attractions and activities so that you can easily plan your trip!


Plockton, Scotland, UK FAQs

Before we get to What To Do in Plockton, Scotland, we want to answer a few of the most frequently asked questions.


Where is Plockton, Scotland?

The Highlands are vast, so you might be questioning: Exactly where is Plockton in Scotland? Plockton is on the West Coast of Scotland in the region of Wester Ross. Plockton is 75 miles from Inverness and just to the east of Isle of Skye.

Later in the article, in our Plockton Travel Tips section, we share advice about how to get there. Additionally, we feature a Plockton map of attractions that can help you quickly pinpoint the location of Plockton – as well as locate the sights and attractions on our list.


Are there Things to Do in Plockton for Free?

Yes! There are several free things to do in Plockton, UK. The town itself is a sight which can be explored freely. Furthermore, some of the best Plockton sights are the scenic vistas and outdoor nature, which are also free of charge.


Are there Things To Do in Plockton, Scotland with Kids?

Of course! Families traveling with kids who like to adventure and explore will have no problem keeping their kids entertained in Plockton. Additionally, the wee kids can work off some energy at the Plockton community play park.


How Much Time in Plockton?

As we already mentioned, Plockton, Scotland is a small town – and it’s possible to see the highlights in just a couple of hours. That said, to enjoy everything on our list of Plockton Things To Do, you should plan a full day in Plockton.

Travelers can also use Plockton as a base for discovering more of the Highlands. We share recommendations on where to stay a bit later in our Travel Tips for Plockton.


Planning a Trip to Plockton, Scotland

Whether stopping by Plockton for lunch while discovering the Highlands or staying in town for a couple of days, there are a few travel details to consider before setting off.

In addition to planning what to see in Plockton, you also need to consider how to get there, where to eat and what to pack. Later in the article, we share all the specifics you’ll need to know for your vacation.

Visiting more of Scotland and the United Kingdom? Start with our Tips For Visiting Europe and then dive into our detailed guides that will help you plan all your travels!


Organize your Plockton Trip

As you make your plans for what to see and do in Plockton and Scotland, staying on top of the details is essential! We recommend using a trip planner – like our Printable Travel Planner – to keep track of important information for your itinerary.

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14 Best Plockton Things To Do

View of Plockton Scotland Sailboats

Now that we have covered the basics, it’s time to get to the Best Plockton, Scotland Things To Do. Be sure to Pin, Bookmark or Save our Plockton Travel Guide to plan your trip to Scotland!


#1 Stroll along Harbour Street

View of Harbour Street, Plockton, Scotland

Topping our list of Things To Do Plockton is taking a stroll on picturesque Harbour Street.

Tracing the shoreline, Harbour Street is the main thoroughfare through the heart of Plockton. The curving street is lined with historic terraced houses to one side and an open view of Plockton Bay to the other.

Best View from Plockton, Scotland for photos

In the bay, sailboats bob in the water and islands sit just offshore. On the opposite coast, under the craggy mountains, stands the grandiose Duncraig Castle (which we talk about more a bit later).

Travelers looking for Plockton, Scotland souvenirs should pop into one of the shops on Harbour Street that sell locally made products. Top picks are Hidden Treasures, Lochalsh Knitters Workshop and the Plockton Craft Shop.

Travel Tip: Keep an eye out for the palm trees – an odd sight in Scotland – that grow along the coastline in Plockton. Not native to the area, the New Zealand Cabbage Trees were planted in the 1960s and thrive in the moderate, wet conditions.


#2 Explore the Aird a’ Mhorair Peninsula

View from the Main Pier, Plockton, Scotland

The Aird a’ Mhorair Peninsula marks the northern end of Harbour Street and exploring the area is a fun Plockton activity. Protruding into the bay, the small peninsula is home to the Plockton Village Hall, town library, main pier, playground and a handful of houses.

The Village Hall, which sits at the corner of Harbour Street and Cooper Street, hosts events and markets throughout the year. It is worth popping inside to see what is going on (plus, they have free toilets).

Cooper Street extends from Harbour Street to the Main Plockton Pier. Visitors are free to walk out onto the pier for better sea views – and it’s a good place to spot jellyfish in the water, too.

View of the Houses on Bank Street, Plockton, Scotland

Travel Tip: Another not-to-miss neighborhood is the one that stands on the south end of town, where Harbour Street merges onto Bank Street. The white terraced homes with brightly painted trim feature manicured sea-facing gardens.


#3 Climb Up to the Carn na Frith-Aird Viewpoint

View from Carn na Frith-Aird Viewpoint, Plockton, Scotland

One of the best things about Plockton, Scotland is the sublime views – and there is no better place to take in the astounding vistas than at the Carn na Frith-Aird Viewpoint. A short, inclined trail over rocky terrain quickly takes visitors to an open plateau.

Sarah Standing at the Plockton, Scotland viewpoint

At the summit, there are phenomenal 360-degree views of the surrounding lochs, islands and mountains. On a pedestal, a map indicates regional points of interest (such as the Applecross Mountains, Isle of Skye and the Cuillin Mountain Range) – and there is a bench where visitors can rest, relax and savor the scenery.

Best Plockton Scotland Viewpoints

Travelers who make the trek up to Carn na Frith-Aird Viewpoint should wear proper shoes (no flip flops!) – as the terrain is rocky in some places and can be boggy in others.


Travel Tip: The route up to the Carn na Frith-Aird summit is not mapped correctly on Google. However, the trail is marked with a signpost (which is tagged on our Plockton, Scotland map below).


#4 Take the Scenic Brae Track Route

Views from the Brae Track over the town of Plockton, Scotland

One of the interesting things to do in Plockton, United Kingdom is to ramble along the elevated Brae Track. The route runs parallel to Harbour Street, but is perched above it, behind a row of houses.

The tree-lined lane offers trekkers glimpses of the lake and town from a unique vantage point.

Travel Tip: Scenes from the 1990s television show, Hamish Macbeth, were filmed in Plockton – many from the Brae Track.


#5 Stand in the Plockton Open-Air Church

Entrance to the Plockton Open-Air Church, Scotland

Dating to the mid-1800s, the Plockton Open-Air Church offers visitors a glimpse into the history of the village (and Scotland).

When the Free Church of Scotland split from the national church in 1843, parishioners needed a new place to worship. Since no church was available, Plockton locals transformed a natural alcove into an outdoor, open-air chapel.

Area of the Open-Air Church, Plockton, Scotland

Today, visitors can still walk through the archway in the stone wall into the space where services were once held. With a bit of imagination, you can picture the scene as it once was.

Plockton War Memorial, Scotland

Travel Tip: The Plockton War Memorial stands on a hill across from the Open-Air Church entrance. Topped with a Celtic Cross and featuring a carved Scottish Lion, the memorial is dedicated to the Plockton soldiers who died during the World Wars.


#6 Trek to Duncraig Castle

Exterior view of Duncraig Castle, Scotland

The Duncraig Castle, a gorgeous 19th century estate, sits on the shore opposite of Plockton Village, Scotland. While beautiful from afar, it is absolutely stunning up close. Plockton visitors can easily reach the castle via a shoreline trek. (Note, however, that entering the castle is off limits, as it was sold to a private owner in 2022.)

Signs for the Plockton to Duncraig Walk, Scotland

The trail departs Plockton via a wooden-planked boardwalk, then follows the shore of Loch Carron, offering spectacular views along the coastal woodland route. Good shoes are necessary, as the land around the trail is used by livestock (so watch where you step!) and the trail can be mucky in places. Find more trail info here

Forested area on the Duncraig to Plockton Walk, Scotland

Travel Tip: Travelers visiting Plockton by train from Inverness can disembark at the Duncraig Train Station (be sure to let the train conductor know, otherwise the train won’t make the stop). From the station, pick up the trail and walk one-way into Plockton – it’s an absolutely wonderful way to enter the village!


#7 Set Sail to Search for Plockton Seals

Search for seals on a boat tour, Plockton, Scotland

Seals, dolphins, eagles and otters all make their home near the shores of Plockton, Scotland. In order to get a better view of the wildlife, visitors can set sail in search of the creatures. In fact, one of the top things to do in Plockton, Scotland is to join Calum’s Seal Trips for a wildlife spotting tour.

The 1-hour Plockton boat cruise aboard the Sula Bheag features astounding scenery, amazing wildlife and on-board chats. Throughout the summer, the boat departs multiple times a day – including a special sunset sailing.

Calum and his team have been running tours for years, so they know the best places to find the seals. In fact, they have a seal guarantee: No seals and your boat trip is free!  

Find all the Best Plockton Things To Do, Scotland

Travel Tip: While joining a Calum boat tour in Plockton is an excellent way to see wildlife and learn more about the region, active visitors can opt to paddle around the sea in a kayak. Guided sea kayaking expeditions explore the waters surrounding Plockton on an unforgettable journey.


#8 Walk to a Plockton Island at Low Tide

Walk to Eilean nan Gamhainn at low tide, Plockton, Scotland

The tides in Plockton, Scotland are drastic – and at low tide, the tidal islands that are close to the shore become accessible on foot. Eilean nan Gamhainn is one of easiest islands to access at low tide – and crossing from the village center onto the island is one of the fun things to do in Plockton.

Eilean nan Gamhainn Island – which translates to Cattle Island in Gaelic – is an uninhabited island that sits just 100 meters from Harbour Street and the main Plockton visitors parking lot. The Loch Carron tidal island is covered in shrubbery, but there are a few trails and a couple of picnic tables on the island, as well.

Travel Tip: Check tide charts before taking your Plockton trip so that you don’t miss this fun experience!


#9 Learn the History of Plockton

View through the Train Bridge, Duncraig to Plockton, Scotland

Plockton, Scotland might be a small town, but it has a very interesting history.

Founded as a fishing village in the 19th century, the town gained prosperity in the Herring fishing trade. Later, the building of the railway had a major impact on Plockton, and the town began attracting tourists.

Today, visitors can learn a bit more about Plockton history at the Visitor Center, where there are informational plaques and displays provided by the Plockton Historical Society and the National Trust of Scotland.

Travel Tip: The Visitor Center in Plockton is a good place to pick up area maps, too!


#10 See the Plockton Hairy Cows

Look for Highland Cows, Scotland

Highland Cattle – or Coos – are massive yet adorable creatures. With their long hair and pointed horns, the cows are a symbol of the Highlands…and they are sometimes out and about in the village of Plockton.

Old land rights allow the local crofters (small farm holders) to let their cows loose in the village streets, which can be quite amusing to visitors. We were not lucky enough to spot any coos on our Plockton, UK trip, but we certainly saw evidence that they had been there recently!

Travel Tip: Can’t find any coos in Plockton? Head to the nearby hamlet of Duirnish, a nearby crofting village, where Highland cows freely roam.


#11 Relax on Coral Beach in Plockton

Visiting the crescent-shaped shoreline at Coral Beach is one of the fun things to do in Plockton. The oasis offers sea views toward Isle of Sky and is a perfect picnic spot.

The beach is often secluded – except on exceptionally sunny summer days, when visitors, locals and families (and sometimes even the coos!) descend on the beach to soak up the rays.

Travel Tip: The west-facing beach is about 1.5 miles from the center of town and is fairly easy to get to on foot – although the last section requires climbing over a few rocks.


#12 Sip a Local Libation at the Plockton Tasting Room

One of the best Plockton, Scotland things to do is to get a taste of the regional libations. Whisky is the well-known Scottish specialty, but the popularity of gin and craft beer are surging in the country.

In Plockton, visitors can sample an array of local and regional beverages at the Experimental Scottish Gin and Whisky Tasting Room. They offer something for every taste – from whisky tastings to gin flights and creative Plocktails to a selection of craft brews from the local Plockton Brewery.

Travel Tip: Plockton Tasting Room offers spirits for sale – and not just by the bottle. Patrons can fill bottles of various sizes with their favorite spirit to take home!


#13 Feast on Plockton Seafood

Pier with Fishing Boats, Plockton, Scotland

Seafood is naturally a local specialty – and getting a taste of it is a must-do on when you visit Plockton.

Plockton Prawns (also known as Langoustine) are caught fresh daily by the local fishermen. Other seafood delicacies are Scottish oysters, Shetland mussels, clams, fish and Cullen Skink (a smokey fish soup).

Plockton restaurants pride themselves on serving the freshest seafood from boat-to-table.

Travel Tip: We highlight some of the best Plockton restaurants for seafood (and other bites) later in the article.


#14 Attend a Plockton Festival or Event

Attend the Real Ale Festival, Plockton, Scotland

Attending one of the events in Plockton can be a fabulous way to experience the village. 

While there are festivals in Plockton that take place throughout the year, the biggest festival is the summer sailing regatta. The two-week event features sailing competitions – as well as music and dancing in the streets. 

The Real Ale and Gin Festival in May, the Coigach Half Marathon in autumn and the Wester Ross Dark Skies Festival in winter are other spectacular Plockton events that visitors can attend. 

Travel Tip: Fun weekly events in Plockton – like live music and quiz nights – take place in the village pubs! 

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More Things To Do around Plockton, UK

Amazing Duncraig to Plockton Walk Views, Scotland, UK

Our list of Best Things To Do Plockton covers the top attractions in the heart of the village. However, there are quite a few things to do near Plockton, too!


Eilean Donan Castle

View of the Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland, Highlands, UK

Highly regarded as one of the best castles in Scotland, Eilean Donan Castle is just 11 miles from Plockton. The stone castle sits on a small island where three lochs converge – and is connected to the mainland by an arched bridge. Visitors can explore Eilean Donan Castle with paid entry.


Kintail National Scenic Area

The mountainous region to the southeast of Plockton is designated as the Kintail National Scenic Area. The Five Sisters of Kintail are a distinct mountain range featuring 3 peaks over 3,000 feet (and are thus classified as Munros). The Falls of Glomach – one of the highest waterfalls in the UK – is another top point of interest.


Isle of Skye

View of the Old Man of Storr, Isle of Skye, Scotland, UK

Dramatic and striking, Isle of Skye is one of the most beautiful islands in Scotland. Located 30 miles from Plockton, Scotland (and connected to the mainland via a bridge at Kyle of Lochalsh), Isle of Skye can also be reached by ferry from Mallaig or Glenelg. Hiking and adventuring are top activities on the island – and we feature all the best things to do in our Guide to Isle of Skye.


Plockton, Scotland Map

Use this link to Google Maps for an interactive version of our Map of Plockton, Scotland. 

Map of Plockton, Scotland by


Plockton Travel Tips

Amazing view of View from Plockton, Scotland

Now that you know what to do in Plockton, we have a few more tips to help you plan your perfect trip – including where to eat, when to go, how to get there, where to stay and what to pack!



Where To Eat: Plockton Restaurants

Eat at the The Harbour Fish Bar, Plockton, Scotland

As a small town, there is not an abundance of restaurants in Plockton, Scotland. However, what is lacking in quantity is certainly made up for in quality! We are highlighting a few of the best places to eat in Plockton.

Travel Tip: If you want to dine at a specific Plockton restaurant, it is best to check opening days and hours – and make an advance reservation, if possible.


Plockton Inn Seafood Restaurant

The Seafood Restaurant at Plockton Inn is highly regarded as one of the best seafood restaurants in the village. While it is a bit pricey, the freshly caught seafood is exceptional!


The Shores Plockton

A welcoming restaurant with well-plated meals of seafood and seasonal produce, The Shores is modern, yet cozy place to eat in Plockton.


The Harbour Fish Bar

A classic take away stand serving platters of fish and chips, The Harbour Fish Bar is a great option for a quick meal in Plockton. There are a few picnic tables at the stand, but we recommend eating along the wall facing the sea or at the waterfront public picnic tables on Harbour Street.


Off the Croft

A takeaway stand just outside the village and just past the train station, Off the Croft is a favorite local spot for absolutely delicious burgers. The menu includes Highland Beef, Venison or Lamb burgers – as well as sausages and fish and chips.


The Plockton Hotel and Beer Garden

View from the Beer Garden, Plockton Hotel, Scotland

From seafood to steaks to classic pub fare, the Plockton Hotel Scotland serves comfort food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We highly recommend stopping by – if only for a drink in the waterfront beer garden that offers superb views!



When to Visit Plockton, Scotland

When to Visit Plockton, Scotland

Summer is, without a doubt, the best time to visit Plockton. Guests can enjoy long days and the best chance of sunshine – plus, it’s the time of year with the most Plockton events. 

While the autumn sees far fewer visitors, it can be a wonderful time to go to Plockton. While the weather can be unpredictable, the fall foliage is astounding.

Winters in Plockton tend to be cold, rainy and dark, making it the least favorable time to visit. Springtime visitors, however, are often rewarded with few crowds and pleasant enough weather (although, it will rain – it is Scotland, after all!).



How To Get to Plockton, Scotland

Deer by the Train tracks, Plockton, Scotland

Getting to Plockton is half the fun – as the scenery surrounding the village is outstanding! Visitors can reach Plockton by car or train.

While there is an airport in Plockton, it is for general aviation, not commercial flights. The Inverness Airport is closest if you’re looking for flights to Plockton, Scotland.


Travel to Plockton by Car

Visitors with a car can easily get to Plockton from cities and towns around Scotland and the United Kingdom.

One of the biggest benefits of driving to Plockton is the freedom to explore the nearby sights and attractions along the way. The downside for many international visitors, however, is adjusting to driving on the left side of the road. Travelers who prefer to rent a car should read our Top Tips for Car Rentals before making a reservation.

Travelers visiting Plockton with a car can park at the main parking lot on Harbour Street.


Train to Plockton

Arriving at the Plockton Train Station, Scotland

Plockton is served by ScotRail on the Kyle Line, which is one of the most scenic train journeys in Scotland! The Kyle Line extends from Inverness to Kyle of Lochalsh (and both can be reached by direct bus from Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen – among others).


Plockton Day Trip from Inverness via Train

View of a Train passing Plockton, Scotland

We opted to use the train for our day trip to Plockton from Inverness. The train station in Plockton is located a short walk from the town center. Train passengers can also opt to disembark at the Duncraig Train Station and walk into Plockton via the shoreline path (but just be sure to let the train conductor know, otherwise they won’t stop at Duncraig!). 

The ride takes about 2.5 hours each way and there are multiple trains per day. That said, we recommend taking the first train in the morning and returning on one of the last two departures back to Inverness.



Where To Stay in Plockton, Scotland

Exterior view of the Plockton Hotel, Scotland

While the village may be tiny, there are a few excellent options for accommodation in Plockton, Scotland. We are sharing a few of the top picks – but before making that reservation, use our tips for Booking the Best Hotels at the Best Price


Plockton, Scotland Hotels

There are just a handful of hotels in Plockton, Scotland for travelers who want to stay overnight in the heart of town.


The Haven Guest House

A charming hotel on Innes Street, the Haven Guest House offers comfortable rooms in a historic, stone building. The owners are welcoming and accommodating and the breakfast gets top marks! Check rates and availability for your stay!


The Plockton Inn Scotland

A lovely little hotel, the Plockton Inn boasts recently renovated rooms in an ideal location. It is highly rated for being clean and spacious and guests love the delicious, cooked breakfasts. Check availability for your stay!


Cottages in Plockton, Scotland

Visitors with a car can opt to stay outside of the town center in one of the quaint cottages. Airbnb is a good resource for finding vacation apartments. However, before booking an Airbnb in Plockton, Scotland, read our Top Tips for Airbnb Guests



What To Pack for a Plockton, Scotland Trip

Boats on the shore, Plockton, Scotland

Our final tips for visiting Plockton are all about what to pack in your backpack or suitcase for your trip. We share all of our Packing Hacks on our dedicated Travel Packing page. Need a packing checklist? Get your FREE checklist here


Sturdy Shoes

The best way to get around Plockton is on your feet – so be sure to pack (or wear) a good pair of shoes for your trip. I like to wear everyday sneakers for exploring and Kris is most comfortable in these trail shoes.

When packing shoes for a trip, it is essential that they are lightweight and versatile – but above all, they must be comfortable! Find more advice and reviews in our article, Best Shoes for Traveling.


Layered Clothing and Scotland Weather Gear

Plockton, Scotland weather is unpredictable! Make sure you are prepared with whatever weather comes your way by wearing layered clothing. A waterproof rain coat is always a good idea when visiting Scotland – and a travel umbrella can help to keep you dry, too.


Travel Camera

Plockton, Scotland is breathtaking! To ensure you capture the true beauty of the town, we recommend using a real camera – like the DSLR Canon Rebel that we use on our travels.

Not only is it easy to use, but it’s also fairly priced – making it one of the best cameras for budget travelers.


Day Bag

Whether taking a day trip to Plockton or settling in for a few days, you will want to carry a good day pack for exploring the Highlands. We use small backpacks – but you can find more styles in our article, Best Day Bags for Travelers


Travel Documents

As you get ready to embark on your Plockton, Scotland trip, don’t forget to pack your essential travel documents – like your passport, reservation information and any pre-booked tickets…as well as your travel planner! We keep all of our travel docs safely zipped up in a document organizer.


UK Trip Insurance

Travel doesn’t always go as planned…but trip insurance may help recoup some of the costs incurred when luggage goes lost or someone becomes ill. If you don’t already have travel insurance, check the rates and coverage at World Nomads.


We Want To Know: What tops your list of Things To Do in Plockton? Give us your best tips and advice in the comments below! 


Start planning your trip to the UK! Search for the lowest airfares, the best accommodations and fun things to do…then start packing!  Want more travel planning tips? Head over to our Travel Planning page for more information and tips on traveling – and for country-specific information, take a look at our Travel Guides page!


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