What To Eat in Edinburgh Restaurants and Pubs

What To Eat in Edinburgh Restaurants and Pubs

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If you are wondering what to eat in Edinburgh, Scotland, you are not alone. Travelers are often mystified by Scottish cuisine. If you are traveling to Edinburgh and are curious about local fare, we are making it simple with our list of the best things to eat in Edinburgh!


What To Eat in Edinburgh: A Traveler’s Guide

In our opinion, one of the best things about traveling is getting a taste of the local cuisine. Food is at the heart and soul of every culture – and we found it especially so with the Scottish food in Edinburgh.

On our recent trip, we eagerly sought out unique food to eat in Edinburgh. Intent on finding the must eats in Edinburgh, we ate at restaurants, pubs, cafes and food trucks. We took advice from locals as well as fellow travelers – and feel we succeeded in sampling some of the absolute best Edinburgh food.

In our list, we feature the best food in Edinburgh, Scotland – specifically, what dishes are a must eat. For each of the iconic Scottish dishes, we also provide a tip on the best Edinburgh restaurant to try that meal.

Furthermore, because this list of What and Where to Eat in Edinburgh is designed especially for travelers, we are sharing some of the common food items that appear on menus throughout the city (even though they may not technically originate from Scotland).

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Street view of Victoria Street, Edinburgh, Scotland

The selections on our Must Eat in Edinburgh list features quintessential Scottish food – and the items you will likely see on most menus. We share both traditional and modern fare and the absolute best places to eat in Edinburgh.

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#1 Haggis

Haggis, Neeps and Tatties, Edinburgh, Scotland

We can’t write about what to eat in Scotland without talking about haggis. It’s the national dish of Scotland – and a must eat in Edinburgh. Yet, it is one of the most mysterious dishes for travelers. For some visitors, it’s better not to know what is in haggis – instead, just try it and see what you think.

Haggis is a Scottish pudding – as in, a savory sausage. It is made with sheep – typically, the heart, liver and lungs that are ground and mixed with spices and oatmeal and then encased (traditionally in the sheep’s stomach, but more often in artificial casing). The result is a nutty and deliciously divine main dish.

As the number one best food to try in Edinburgh, travelers will be pleased to know that Haggis is served in a variety of ways – and it appears on the menus at all Scottish food restaurants in Edinburgh. We are sharing a few of the best ways to eat this classic food in Edinburgh, Scotland. 


Haggis with Neeps and Tatties

When you see Haggis, Neeps and Tatties listed on menus, you may really start to wonder if Scottish people speak English. Don’t stress; it’s just slang. Let me translate: Haggis with Turnips (Neeps) and Potatoes (Tatties). A whisky sauce is served on the side. It’s comfort food at its finest and the most traditional meal for dinner in Scotland.

Pro Tip: On some pub menus, Haggis with Turnips and Potatoes is offered in a smaller, appetizer portion. If you are uncertain about eating haggis for a full meal, consider starting off with just a taste of this Edinburgh must eat dish. 


Haggis Stack

Simply a modern way of presenting an old favorite, a Haggis Stack (also called a Haggis Tower) contains the same ingredients as above, but is neatly assembled in rounds of each item, layered on top of each other and then drizzled with whisky sauce.


Haggis Balls

Breaded haggis balls – or Haggis Bon Bons – are deep fried appetizers that provide a great introduction to the cuisine. Everyone at the table can get a taste of haggis without committing to the full order!


Best Haggis Restaurant Edinburgh

Eat at the Greyfriars Bobby, Edinburgh, Scotland

Labeling just one restaurant as the Best Place for Haggis in Edinburgh is somewhat of a challenge. We tried haggis at a few different Edinburgh restaurants and pubs – and actually enjoyed them all.

I particularly liked the haggis at The Conan Doyle (map) – a pub named for the Edinburgh native that invented Detective Sherlock Holmes. The classic pub atmosphere is highlighted by the traditional gastronomy – all of the Scottish dishes we tried, including the haggis, were excellent.

That said, Greyfriars Bobby (map) is often hailed as the best haggis restaurant in Edinburgh. They serve haggis as both a starter and main meal – plus they have heaps of other traditional Scottish food on their menu.


#2 Fish and Chips

The Fishmarket, Fish and Chips, Edinburgh, Scotland

While Scotland can’t lay claim to inventing Fish and Chips, in Edinburgh, they have certainly put their own spin on it. The Edinburgh version is Fish and Chips with Salt ‘n’ Sauce and it is a must eat in Scotland.

Typically made with a large fillet of haddock, which is breaded and deep fried, the fish is then salted and generously doused in Chippy Sauce (a mixture of malt vinegar and ‘brown sauce’).

For Scottish Fish and Chips – often referred to as a Fish Supper – the fried fish is served atop a bed of thick fries (chips). If you want tartar sauce, you may have to pay extra, as it is not a typical accompaniment.


Best Edinburgh Restaurants for Fish and Chips

Bertie's Proper Fish and Chips, Edinburgh, Scotland

Fish and chips are served in nearly every pub and restaurant in Edinburgh, Scotland. Additionally, chippies – small take-away spots that specialize at making fish and chips – are found throughout the city and, in our opinion, are some of the best places for local eats in Edinburgh.

Travelers sticking to the city center, however, should pop into Berties Proper Fish and Chips (map) on Victoria Street (just steps from the Royal Mile). It is one of the top places to eat in Edinburgh for a taste of the classic British meal.

The Fishmarket, Newhaven, Edinburgh, Scotland

However, visitors willing to venture beyond the center for a truly delightful platter of fish and chips, should head to The Fishmarket (map) in Newhaven. With a long history in the seafood industry and a commitment to sea-to-table fare, The Fishmarket serves exceptional fish and chips.

Pro Tip: Craving something sweet after a dish of salty fish and chips? Be sure to order a Fried Mars Bar from the chippy for an after-dinner treat. Yes, you read that right: Deep Fried Mars Bar. It’s an Edinburgh foodie thing!


#3 Cullen Skink

Cup of Cullen Skink, Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland

Cullen Skink is another classic Scottish comfort food – but one that I will admit I had a difficult time getting on board with. The decadent, thick and creamy soup is made with smoked haddock, potatoes and onions, all of which sounds wonderful. It was the name that hung me up – and I almost missed out on what has become my favorite Scottish meal!

The dish was created in the seaside town of Cullen along the northeast coast of Scotland. Skink is a Scottish word that means shin or knuckle – and was long ago used to describe soups made from these animal parts. The word later just came to mean soup. Thus, Cullen Skink is simply soup that originated in the town of Cullen.

Regardless of the name, the smokey flavor combined with the creamy, chowder-like texture is absolutely delicious.


Best Restaurant in Edinburgh for Cullen Skink

Must Visit Teuchters Landing, Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland

Visitors dining in Edinburgh restaurants will find Cullen Skink on many menus – usually as a starter, but also available as a main meal. After my first taste of the soup, I was on a mission to find the Best Cullen Skink in Edinburgh. I tried the hearty soup in many establishments and found two of the best places to eat Cullen Skink in Edinburgh: The Magnum in New Town and Teuchters Landing in Leith.

At The Magnum (map), the dish is served with large chunks of smoked fish in a superb broth. A slice of cheesy bread is brought alongside the soup. As a main meal, it was more than enough for one person. Plus, this Edinburgh traditional food restaurant boasts a cozy ambiance, great service and pleasant atmosphere. 

At Teuchters Landing (map), they serve Cullen Skink in a mug – either small or large. While the soup at Teuchters features smaller pieces of haddock and potatoes, it was an absolutely delicious appetizer.


#4 Balmoral Chicken

Bamoral Chicken, Edinburgh, Scotland

In my What To Eat Edinburgh research, Balmoral Chicken is not something that I came across. However, we consistently saw it listed on pub menus and other places to eat in Edinburgh – and decided that we had to try it.

Balmoral Chicken is a stuffed chicken dish that is named for the Royal Castle and is a very popular thing to eat in Edinburgh – and a tasty one, at that.

Not particularly complex – but definitely Scottish – Balmoral Chicken is a chicken breast stuffed with haggis, wrapped in bacon and baked in the oven then topped with a whiskey gravy. The distinct flavor combination is sublime and one of the best foods to try in Edinburgh. 

Pro Tip: Balmoral Burger is another fashionable pub meal. The burger is topped with haggis, bacon, cheddar cheese and gravy – and can be found in popular Edinburgh pubs, like The World’s End (map).


Balmoral Chicken: Where To Eat in Edinburgh, Scotland

As we already mentioned, Balmoral Chicken is a Scottish food in Edinburgh that appears on many menus, but we have two specific recommendations for where to eat it.

The Conan Doyle (map), which makes our list for their haggis, serves a scrumptious Balmoral Chicken accompanied with mashed potatoes and carrots.

The Hanover Tap (map) is another spot where we enjoyed Balmoral Chicken. One of the fun and funky places to eat in Edinburgh, The Hanover Tap features a great line up of craft beer and has a lively atmosphere.


#5 Full Scottish Breakfast

Similar to an English breakfast, a traditional Full Breakfast in Edinburgh – sometimes called a Proper Fry Up – is a hearty affair that includes an array of items on a single plate.

Diners who order a Scottish Full Breakfast can expect to be served a plate of bacon, sausage, haggis, black pudding, a potato scone (also called tattie scones), baked beans, grilled mushrooms, a slice of fried tomato and a sunny side up egg. Of course, the breakfast is best with a cup of Scottish tea!


Where To Eat Breakfast in Edinburgh

Loudons is hailed as the best place for breakfast in Edinburgh. There’s a location in New Waverley (map) and Fountainbridge (map) – and it’s best to reserve a table ahead of time. At Loudons, options are not limited to a Full Breakfast – other choices include pancakes, eggs benedict (try the Hoots Mon Scottish Benny!) and sweet pastries.

Snax Cafe (map) is a famous breakfast diner and one of the cheap places to eat in Edinburgh. The small greasy spoon offers all-day breakfast dishes (among other menu items). Well known for filling breakfast food, Snax provides good value for a morning meal in Edinburgh.


#6 Scotch Pie

Classic Scotch Pie, Edinburgh, ScotlandAn institution of Scottish cuisine, a savory Scotch Pie is a must-eat in Edinburgh. Considered a convenience food for centuries, the hand-held pies are cheap, on-the-go fare.

According to culinary tradition, a Scotch Pie is filled with spiced minced lamb with a slightly sweet taste. Modern versions of the Scottish pie, however, feature a more savory beef filling. Each baker has their own guarded recipe of their secret blend of spices, but we haven’t come across one that wasn’t totally satisfying.

A Forfar Bridie is another type of Scotch hand pie in the shape of a half moon. It is similar to the Cornish Pasty in appearance, but only includes beef, spices and onion (and does not include swede/turnip/rutabaga, like a pasty does).


Scotch Pie: Where To Eat Edinburgh

Storries Scotch Pies, Edinburgh, Scotland

Scotch Pies are often sold from bakeries and small cafes (which, by the way, are some of the best cheap places to eat in Edinburgh).

The Piemaker (map) is a modern bakery doling out a hefty range of Scotch Pies. The assortment includes pies filled with steak, beef, chicken, haggis and macaroni and cheese. They also have a list of vegetarian and vegan pies.

Storries (map), on the other hand, is a classic bakery on Leith Walk where we think they make the best pies in Edinburgh. The no-frills establishment bakes homemade pies with both meat and non-meat fillings (plus donuts and cakes).


#7 Scottish Steak Pie

Must Eat a Proper Pie, Edinburgh, Scotland

A pub specialty throughout the United Kingdom – and a must eat food in Edinburgh – a steak pie is similar to a Scotch Pie, except that it is larger and eaten as a sit-down meal. The pie is typically served alongside mashed potatoes and vegetables, like peas, carrots or broccoli.

In a Scottish Steak Pie, the filling is chunky and saucy – more like a thick beef stew encased in either a buttery or flaky crust. The variations of pie fillings are endless – from chicken to game to fish to lentils.

Pro Tip: Traveling in Europe for Christmas Holidays and wondering what to eat in Edinburgh for New Year’s Day? Steak Pie is the traditional Scottish dinner on January 1st.


Best Restaurants Edinburgh for Steak Pie

Exterior of Deacon Brodies Tavern, Edinburgh, Scotland

Nicholson’s Pubs (of which there are 8 in Edinburgh, each with a unique theme) specializes in pie dinners. We recommend indulging in the Steak and Nicholson’s Pale Ale Pie, which won gold at the British Pie Awards, at Deacon Brodie’s (map). The classic tavern is right on the historic Royal Mile – and the pies are certain to tantalize the taste buds.

That said, if you have a kitchen in your accommodation, get a steak pie from James Anderson Butchers (map) in Leith where they make an award-winning steak pie that just needs to be reheated in the oven!


#8 Stovies

Classic Stovie, Edinburgh, Scotland

A one-pot, stovetop dish based on stewed potatoes, stovies are a Scottish food that is versatile. Although stovies always include potatoes, they are usually accompanied by onions and meat – which can be corned beef, lamb, sausage, steak, roast beef…or any other leftover meat that needs to be used up.

A warm and comforting traditional Scottish stew, stovies are a favorite cold-weather meal – and a must eat Edinburgh dish on chilly days.


Top Places to Eat Edinburgh Stovies

In our opinion, cozy and dimly lit pubs are the best places to eat stovies – and it’s even better if the weather is cool and drizzly outside.

The Last Drop (map) – a former execution site and now an atmospheric restaurant with exposed brick – makes excellent stovies. Prepared with beef rib, potatoes and root vegetables, the slow-cooked stovies is served with bread and seasonal greens.


#9 Fresh Fish and Seafood

Fresh Fish Dish, Edinburgh, Scotland

Not surprisingly, seafood is a staple of Scottish cooking. There are more than 6,000 miles of coastline around mainland Scotland and fishing is a major industry.

With Edinburgh’s prime location right off the sea, fresh fish is a highlight of the local cuisine. Haddock and Atlantic Salmon are two of the most popular types of fish in Scotland that are caught regionally and sold fresh.


Fresh Seafood Places to Eat in Edinburgh, Scotland

Eat Seafood at Fishers in Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland

Fishers is the best seafood restaurant in Edinburgh. Fishers in the City (map) is located in New Town, but we like the ambiance of the original Fishers in Leith (map) a bit better. The oysters and scallops are popular starters, but if you are going all in, get the Seafood Platter and enjoy!

The Kitchin Edinburgh (map), which is also in Leith, is an upscale Edinburgh Michelin star restaurant run by Scottish chef, Tom Kitchin. Diners can feast on a multi-course surprise tasting menu or order seafood items a la carte. However, reservations definitely need to be made in advance!


Popular Edinburgh Food

So far, our Edinburgh, Scotland Food Guide has featured traditional Scottish food, where you can order the classic meals at the best places to eat in Edinburgh. That said, there is a lot more to Scottish cuisine than centuries-old dishes. 

In addition to the classics, we are highlighting some of the most popular food found in restaurants around Edinburgh. These items may not necessarily be Scottish, but they are certainly dishes that you will want to put on your list of Must Eats in Edinburgh!


#10 Scottish Hog Roast Roll

Everyone loves Oink BBQ, Edinburgh, Scotland

Although a pulled pork sandwich might not be the first thing to come to mind when thinking about what to eat in Edinburgh, Scotland, the hog roast roll is a big hit with both locals and foreigners.


Edinburgh Best Restaurant for Pulled Pork

Eat at Oink, Edinburgh, Scotland

The hog roast roll catapulted to popularity with a food stall at the Castle Terrace Farmer’s Market in 2001. Since then, the creators behind the popular pork sandwiches have opened multiple venues under the name Oink – with the Oink Victoria Street (map) location being the most popular.

The slow-cooked pork sandwiches at Oink Edinburgh come in three sizes – piglet, oink or grunter. What elevates these sandwiches to the status of Best Things To Eat in Edinburgh is the unusual (but classic Scottish) toppings of haggis, apple sauce and crackling!


#11 Scottish Cheese Macaroni

Classic Mac and Cheese, Edinburgh, Scotland

Many nations lay claim to Macaroni and Cheese – from the United States to Switzerland to Italy. While Scotland is not claiming to have created the dish, the locals certainly seem to crave it – as it appears on pub menus throughout Edinburgh.

The best mac and cheese is baked in the oven with local Scottish cheese and a breadcrumb topping. Some restaurants take it up a notch by mixing in tasty trimmings – like sauteed mushrooms, lobster, truffles or chili jam.

In an even bolder move, some pastry chefs are packing pies full of macaroni and cheese. At places like the aforementioned Piemaker, the Mac and Cheese Pie is one of their best sellers.


Mac and Cheese Restaurants Edinburgh

MUMS Great Comfort Food (map) gets rave reviews as a top place to try Scottish macaroni and cheese. At MUMS, the dish is paired with chips (fries) for a fully carb-loaded meal.

However, we prefer eating creamy macaroni cheese at a classic pub, and the best place we ate mac and cheese was at the Volunteer Arms Pub in nearby Dunbar. In Edinburgh, pubs, like The White Hart Inn (map) in Grassmarket (which claims to be the Oldest Pub in Edinburgh) or the family-run and delightfully quirky Roseleaf Bar Cafe (map) in Leith, also make great macaroni and cheese.


#12 Nachos

Nachos seem to be a thing in Edinburgh – and although we were left scratching our heads trying to make the connection as to why they are so popular, we couldn’t resist ordering some.

Admittedly, we didn’t have big expectations for nachos in Edinburgh, but we were pleasantly surprised by the generous portions and the all important chip-to-topping ratio.


Places to Eat Edinburgh Nachos

Without a doubt, The Auld Hoose (map) is one of the best restaurants in Edinburgh for nachos. Their legendary Gigantic Nachos – either meat, veggie or vegan – is a literal mound of nacho goodness.

That said, you really don’t need to go out of your way for a good plate of nachos – just pop into the closest pub!


#13 Sausage and Mash

Classic Sausage and Mash, Edinburgh, Scotland

A regional dish in the UK and Ireland, Sausage and Mash (or Bangers and Mash) is a classic meal of sausage (usually two thick pork links) and mashed potatoes covered in an onion gravy. Sometimes the meal is served with a side of peas.


Good Places to Eat Edinburgh Sausage and Mash

Eat at Makar's Mash Bar, Edinburgh, Scotland

Chefs at both local pubs and upscale restaurants can cook up a tasty platter of sausage and mash. However, our top pick for the best place in Edinburgh for the British meal is Makars Gourmet Mash Bar (map).

At Makers, they use local ingredients to create an array of flavor combinations. Diners choose a meat (or veg option) and then pair it with a choice of mashed potatoes. Our top combination is the Wild Boar Sausage with the Smoked Bacon and Spring Onion Mash – but the Stornoway Black Pudding Mash gets rave reviews.

Plus, the Makars menu features some other must try food in Edinburgh, like a Haggis taster and Scotch Eggs (which is next on our Best Food Edinburgh list!). 


#14 Scotch Eggs

Haggis Scot Eggs, Edinburgh, Scotland

It may be somewhat surprising (and nonsensical), but Scotch Eggs are not Scottish. The Scotch Egg – a hard (or sometimes soft) boiled egg, wrapped in sausage meat, covered in breadcrumbs and then baked or fried – is actually an English culinary treat. All the same, Scotch Eggs are eaten throughout Scotland as pub snacks.


Where to Eat Scotch Eggs in Edinburgh

The Innis and Gunn Brewery Taproom (map) makes incredible Scotch Eggs. The free-range egg is coated in sausage and black pudding and served with Brown Sauce.

For unique take-away Scotch Eggs, however, head to IJ Mellis Cheesemongers (map) where they offer a fun variety of Scotch Eggs – including haggis, chorizo and vegetarian.


#15 Afternoon Tea

Exterior view of Brewhemia, Edinburgh, Scotland

Afternoon Tea – or High Tea – is a great British tradition and prevalent throughout Scotland, as well. Finger sandwiches, scones and other sweet nibbles are served on a tiered tray alongside tea or champagne.

Typically, the ‘in between’ meal is served in the late afternoon as a snack to bridge the gap between lunch and dinner. However, in many Edinburgh restaurants, the meal is served from lunchtime until early evening.


Best Places to Eat: Edinburgh Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea is often a fancy affair – but it doesn’t have to be! We are highlighting a few of the best places in Edinburgh for the delightful mid-day snack.

The Witchery Edinburgh (map) is the most elegant place to have afternoon tea in Edinburgh. Only available on weekdays from 3 to 4pm, tea and hand-crafted bites are served in a gorgeous candlelit dining room.

At The Dome (map), afternoon tea is served in the classic Georgian Tea Room from 12 noon until 5pm. Visitors looking for a traditional tea experience will find it at The Dome.

Brewhemia (map) serves afternoon tea with a twist. The sandwiches and pastries are non-traditional and the ambiance is casual and inviting. Plus, they offer a special Gentlemen’s Tea, which features heartier pub fare and tank beer. There are three seatings – noon, 2pm and 4pm.  


#16 Sunday Roast

Proper Sunday Roast, London, England, UK

The tradition of Sunday Roast in the United Kingdom dates to medieval times. The big meal consists of a succulent meat, gravy, roasted potatoes, root vegetables and Yorkshire pudding (which is similar to a popover dinner roll). Typically eaten on Sundays at around 3pm, many pubs serve it all day long (or until it’s gone!).


Best Scottish Restaurant in Edinburgh for Sunday Roast

Sunday Roast at Queen's Arms, Edinburgh, Scotland Things To Eat

There are no shortage of places offering Sunday Roast in Edinburgh. For the best Sunday Roast, however, we recommend going to The Ox (map). The hip gastropub serves delectable meals alongside a wide array of craft beers and lovely wines.

The Queens Arms (map) also gets high marks for their Sunday Roast – plus, we love the cozy interior and book-lined walls!


International Food in Edinburgh, Scotland

International fare thrives in Edinburgh! After getting a taste of Scottish Cuisine, consider eating some of the most popular food on offer from around the world.


#17 Indian Food

Spicy Kebabs, Edinburgh, Scotland

As a former British colony, Indian food is common throughout the United Kingdom. In Edinburgh, they have an affinity for the cuisine – as evidenced by the high number of Indian restaurants.

However, Dishoom (map) on St. Andrew Square is far and away the most popular Indian restaurant in Edinburgh. At Dishoom, they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner – and have special vegan and kids’ menus, too.


#18 Best Bagels in Edinburgh

Best Bross Bagels, Edinburgh, Scotland

We didn’t expect to eat bagels on our trip to Scotland, but when locals boasted about how good the bagel sandwiches are at Bross Bagels (map), we had to see if they lived up to the hype. The Montreal-style bagels are, in fact, incredible.

We recommend ordering the Dirty Rachel on a pretzel bagel. The sandwich is stacked with turkey, bacon and slaw, then topped with the condiment combo Mama Bross Rock Sauce. That said, the McBross – with haggis – offers up their contribution to the Must Try Food in Edinburgh with a unique twist of being served on a bagel topped with a hash brown and caramelized onion chutney. 


#19 Pizza in Edinburgh 

Wherever we are in the world, we almost always end up eating pizza. Sometimes it impresses, other times it falls short. In Edinburgh, we were pleasantly surprised by the phenomenal pizza at Civerinos (map).

Selling both pies and humungous slices-to-go, Civerinos makes a New York style pizza featuring creative topping combinations on a utterly delicious crust.

Edinburgh travelers on a budget will want to swing by 2£ Pizza Slice (map) for tasty bite to-go. 

Pro Tip: Also Visiting Glasgow? Try the tasty woodfired pizza at Shilling Brewing Company!


#20 Best Burgers in Edinburgh 

Must Eat a Proper Burger, Edinburgh, Scotland

Burgers are now commonplace worldwide, so it’s not surprising to find them on menus in restaurants all around Edinburgh. Gourmet burgers, however, are harder to come by – but there are a few exceptional gourmet burger joints in Edinburgh.

The award-winning Lioness of Leith (map) is one of the best places to sink your teeth into a superb 100% Scotch beef burger. The only problem is choosing which Burger Mama to get (we recommend The Future and Old Skool!).

Jeremiah’s Tap Room (map), which is known for a super lineup of craft beer, also serves excellent burgers (go on a Monday for a deep discount!). Order the Jeremiah Junction and add a Haggis fritter. 

Bread Meats Bread (map) is a family-run burger chain in Scotland that features local ingredients and a big selection of unique burgers and tasty fries. Try the signature Wolf Burger, which is topped with pulled pork, and side a poutine.


Best Desserts in Edinburgh

Looking for Scottish desserts to satisfy a sweet tooth craving? Our Food Guide Edinburgh would not be complete without sweet treats! We are highlighting a few of the best Edinburgh desserts – and where to eat them.


#21 Cranachan

Visit the legendary Whiski Bar, Edinburgh, Scotland

Cranachan is an iconic Scottish dessert made of raspberries, cream, whisky and oatmeal. Popular in June when raspberries are in season, the parfait dessert is a divinely sweet treat. Try it at Whiski Bar and Restaurant (map).


#22 Scones

Must eat a Proper Scone, Edinburgh, Scotland

The humble scone – pronounced scon in Scotland – may be English, but it is derived from Scottish Bannock (an oat-based flatbread).

There are several cafes that produce spectacularly good scones in the city, but our top recommendations for the best Edinburgh scones are Café Portrait (map) located within the National Scottish Portrait Gallery and Mimi’s Little Bakehouse (map) right on the Royal Mile.


#23 Sticky Toffee Pudding

It’s heavily debated where sticky toffee pudding originates – Scotland or England. All the same, the British dessert has seen a quick rise to fame, as it is a relatively new creation. The basics of sticky toffee pudding – or STP – is sponge cake with dates, covered in toffee sauce and served with ice cream.

The Doric Tavern (map) – a historic gastropub that dates to the 17th century – is famous for their indulgent sticky toffee pudding.


#24 Scottish Shortbread

Shortbread biscuits – also called fingers or shorties – are Scotland’s most well-known sweet treat. The cookie is said to have been created by none other than Mary, Queen of Scots in the 16th century.

The shortbread cookie is delicious plain, but it is so much better when it is enhanced into a decadent treat called a Millionaire’s Bar. With a shortbread base, the cookie is topped with gooey caramel and then a thin layer of chocolate…and it’s worth every calorie. 

It’s not difficult to find the buttery, melt-in-your-mouth goodness – just pop into any bakery. You can also stop by a market or shop to buy a complete box! However, we recommend seeking some from the family-run baking dynasty, Shortbread House of Edinburgh if you want to try the original.


#25 Tea and Cakes

Many cafes in Edinburgh serve tea and cake – but none as famous as The Elephant House (map). A true treat for Harry Potter fans, The Elephant House claims to be the ‘birthplace’ of Harry Potter. JK Rowling was a frequent customer and would often write while eating cake. (Temporarily Closed)


#26 Ice Cream

If you are lucky enough to visit Edinburgh on a sunny day (and even if you’re not), an afternoon ice cream treat is likely in order. Without a doubt, the best place for ice cream in Edinburgh is Mary’s Milk Bar (map), where they make gelato and chocolate fresh daily.

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Edinburgh Neighborhood Markets

Edinburgh is home to numerous markets – most of which are open on either Saturday or Sunday. The Edinburgh Farmers Market – a top spot for local Scottish produce – is a Saturday morning event located on the castle terrace.

Other area pop up produce markets are the Leith Market (Saturdays 10-4), the Grassmarket Market (Saturdays 10-5) and the Stockbridge Market (Sundays 10-4).


Food Trucks in Edinburgh

Go To The Neighborgood Market, Stockbridge, Edinburgh, Scotland Things To Do

The Pitt Market, reopening soon in Granton, is a massive cluster of food trucks churning out delicious eats in a jovial atmosphere. Visitors simply snag a picnic table and order online from any of the vendors via the QR code. Our favorite vendor at The Pitt is The Buffalo Truck where they make insanely good buttermilk chicken sandwiches.

The Neighbourgood Market (map) in Stockbridge is a fun summertime food event that is ideal for warm afternoons. Bring a blanket to lay on the lawn and graze on the fare from the many food trucks while listening to live music.


Edinburgh Street Food

Must Eat at Edinburgh Street Food, Scotland Things To Eat

A fun new concept space, Edinburgh Street Food (map) hosts several of the best eateries in the city under one roof. The space is hip and lively with ample food vendor options, plus a full bar. The patio is a hopping spot on sunny summer evenings, but they offer plenty of seating indoors, too. 


What To Drink in Edinburgh

We’ve covered what to eat in Edinburgh, but what about drinking in Edinburgh? We are sharing a few of the must-try drinks and where to drink them!


Irn Bru

Try a sip of the Irn Bru, Edinburgh, Scotland

Irn-Bru – or Iron Brew, as it was originally called – is a Scottish soft drink that is wildly popular with locals. The carbonated drink was created in 1901 – and still currently outsells Coca-Cola in Scotland. Bright orange in color, the taste is distinct…and difficult to describe, so it’s best to just try it for yourself!


Scotch Whisky

Whisky Tasting at The Black Cat, Edinburgh, Scotland

Whisky is the national drink of Scotland – and there are more than 130 distilleries currently producing whisky in the country. All Scotch Whisky is made from malted barley, and it must be matured for at least 3 years in oak barrels.

Novices just dipping their toes into the wonderful world of Scotch whisky have ample opportunities to learn about – and taste – whisky in Edinburgh.


Edinburgh Whisky Tastings

Holyrood Distillery, Edinburgh Whisky Tastings, Scotland

The Scotch Whisky Experience is a Disneyesque, whirlwind introduction of whisky, where visitors are whisked away in a whisky barrel and on to the tasting room. Book it in advance! 

Whisky and Folklore is a guided whisky tasting experience in a family-run pub. While sampling multiple tastings from a variety of whisky-producing regions, the guide entertains guests with classic Scottish storytelling. Find out more!

Take at Tour at Johnnie Walker Princes Street, Edinburgh, Scotland

Visitors who want a stylish whisky tasting experience from a major brand can go to Johnnie Walker Princes Street, where they offer complete tours.

At Holyrood Distillery, where they produce both gin and whisky, visitors get a behind-the-scenes look at the production…and have the chance to taste both products, as well. Sign up for the tour!

Travelers can also get a tailored whisky tasting experience in Edinburgh at The Black Cat (map). The New Town bar offers set whisky flights – or you can let the bartender know what you like and how much you want to spend and they will create a flight to your taste. They even take the time to sit with you and share information about each whisky in your set.

Pro Tip: Looking for more gin distilleries in Edinburgh? Try the Edinburgh Gin Distillery, the Summerhall Distillery or the Lind and Lime Distillery.


Edinburgh Craft Beer

Pints of Cold Town Beer, Edinburgh, Scotland

Beer has been brewed in Edinburgh for centuries – but the recent influx of modern craft brewers has really expanded the offerings. Visitors can enjoy craft beer in many pubs and bars in Edinburgh – but we are sharing a few of the best places to drink fresh craft beer straight from the source.



Pints of Hazy Jane, BrewDog, Edinburgh, Scotland

Okay, so BrewDog is not actually brewed in Edinburgh, but the recognizable brand hails from Scotland (their state-of-the-art facilities are located in Ellon) and they have 3 taprooms in the city center. The first BrewDog Edinburgh pub opened in 2011 on Cowgate (map) – where they pour their own beers alongside guest brews from 28 taps.


Cold Town House

Castle View from Cold Town House, Edinburgh, Scotland

Tucked right below the Edinburgh Castle in the bar laden Grassmarket District, Cold Town House Brewery (map) makes beer on site using local ingredients. The microbrewery also offers tours (limited space, so book in advance) and features a fantastic rooftop deck with castle views.


Campervan Brewery Taproom

Low-key and relaxed, Campervan Brewery in Edinburgh (map) is an absolute gem! Situated within a business park in Leith, the inconspicuous brewery makes a range of excellent beers – and offers cans for sale from other local brewers, too.

The Campervan Taproom is only open on Friday and Saturday, but fans of Campervan brews can get a taste at their Lost in Leith (map) taproom 7 days a week.


Innis and Gunn Brewery Taproom

Currently brewing in Perth, UK (but building an even larger Edinburgh brewery), Innis and Gunn (map) features an impressive list of beers, from their popular lager to cask matured brews to fruity IPAs. Their 2 tap rooms in Edinburgh (one on Lothian Road and one in Leith) are a relaxing space to enjoy a pint – and they serve great food, as well.


Moonwake Beer Co

At Moonwake Beer Company (map), they create a fun line up of beers that can be enjoyed inside their bright and colorful brewery or outside in the Taproom Yard. While what they serve is limited to beer, rotating food trucks are on hand for nosh.


Bellfield Brewery

A microbrewery hidden in a residential district, Bellfield Brewery (map) specializes in making gluten-free beers. Brewing on-site, visitors can sample the range of brews both inside or outdoors in the beer garden.


Fierce Beer

Brewed in Aberdeen, but served up fresh in their Rose Street Tap Room, Fierce Beer is bringing the craft beer revolution straight into the heart of New Town. With 20 taps, they cover a range of styles, seasonals as well as offerings from other Scottish and regional breweries.


Cocktails in Edinburgh

Speakeasy cocktails at Panda and Sons, Edinburgh, Scotland

Travelers that fancy a cocktail will not be disappointed! There are several bars in Edinburgh that serve hand-crafted cocktails is chic settings.

The Devil’s Advocate (map) on Advocate’s Close is a top pick for whisky cocktails. At Bramble (map) their cocktail list is slightly eccentric and absolutely fabulous. Panda and Sons (map) – a speakeasy posing as a barbershop – creates cocktails that are quirky and delish!


Map of Edinburgh: What To Eat and Where

Use this link to Google Maps for an interactive version of our Things To Eat in Edinburgh Map. 

Map of What To Eat in Edinburgh, Scotland by JetSettingFools.com


Tips about Eating in Edinburgh, Scotland

Bowl of Calimari, Edinburgh, Scotland

Now that you know what and where to eat in Edinburgh, we have a few final tips for your visit to Scotland.


Tipping in Edinburgh

For restaurants and pubs that provide table service, it is appreciated to leave a tip (10%). In many Edinburgh restaurants, a service charge is already included, so check your bill or ask your server.


Table Reservations in Edinburgh

Bookings are essential – especially in the summertime. Some of the most popular restaurants are booked out weeks in advance and even neighborhood pubs completely fill up for dinner. Don’t saunter into a restaurant at 7pm without a reservation and expect to be seated; book in advance to ensure you get a table – otherwise, you will risk missing out on some of the best food to eat in Edinburgh!

Also, many kitchens close by 9pm (or earlier) so if you’re visiting Edinburgh in the summer, don’t let the long days fool you into missing dinner all together!


Edinburgh Food Tours

Joining a food tour in Edinburgh is a fantastic way to get a taste of the best food in the city – and learn about the history of Scotland. Local guides lead the way to the best restaurants and share tales about both the cuisine and region


Secret Food Tour

On the Secret Food Tour participants get to taste local dishes and Edinburgh famous food – including haggis – while touring Edinburgh sights. Reserve your space!


Food and Drink Tour

The local guide of the Food and Drink Tour leads guests through the Old Town and New Town to 5 establishments – 3 of which include a local drink pairing. Book it here!


Edinburgh Travel Tips

View of Calton Hill, Edinburgh, Scotland

Finding the best things to eat in Edinburgh is just one step in planning your trip. Travelers also need to make a plan for attractions and sights – as well as travel details, like where to stay and how to get there. We share our top advice on what to see and do and other travel tips in our 3-Day Edinburgh Itinerary

Planning a Complete Itinerary for Scotland? Excellent choice! Be sure to get prepared with our detailed guides to Inverness, Plockton and Isle of Skye.

Travelers heading to Europe for the first time – or the first time in a long time – should start with our guide to Planning a Trip to Europe

To stay on top of your travel planning details, we recommend using a planner – like our printable Travel Planner

Travel Planner Printables by JetSettingFools.com


We Want To Know: What is on your list of Best Places to Eat in Edinburgh? What is on your list of Food to Eat in Edinburgh? Tell us in the comments!


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