Byron Bay Lighthouse Walk: A Quick Visit to Cape Byron, Australia by

Byron Bay Lighthouse Walk: A Quick Visit to Cape Byron, Australia

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The Byron Bay Lighthouse, built in 1901, is an iconic sight. The lighthouse stands stoically along the coastline on the most easterly point of mainland Australia. It is a Byron Bay must-see – but it’s not just the lighthouse that is photo-worthy. The coastline offers spectacular Byron Bay lookout points and a beautiful beach. The best way to see all of the top sights is on the Byron Bay Lighthouse Walk.


Gold Coast to Byron Bay via Springbrook NP

Although we were staying on the Gold Coast in Coolangatta, Australia, seeing the Byron Bay Lighthouse was at the top of our list for our trip. We decided to take a Gold Coast to Byron Bay day trip, which we combined with a trip to Springbrook NP (one of the national parks near Byron Bay).

We spent more time at Springbrook than we had anticipated (and walked 3 trails!). When we left the park, we took the scenic route through small villages and farm pastures toward the coast. Even though it was getting late in the day, when we came to the fork in the road, we headed to Byron Bay to see the lighthouse and head out on the Cape Byron walking track.

Byron Bay Lighthouse at Cape Byron, Gold Coast, Australia


Sea view from the Byron Bay Lighthouse Walk


Byron Bay Lighthouse Parking

It was late in the day by the time we arrived and just about to start getting dark. We quickly found a parking spot at the main Cape Byron Lighthouse parking lot – then we scurried onto the trail to start our Byron Lighthouse walk.


Byron Bay Lighthouse Walk

We started our Cape Byron Lighthouse walk at the walk’s famous sight. The picturesque lighthouse sits on a rocky cliff that plunges 100 meters to the sea. We admired the lighthouse at Cape Byron and the sea below. The sun was just about to set and the wind was turning cold in front of an oncoming storm. With the elements turning less favorable by the minute, we swiftly set off on the most popular portion of the Byron Bay walking tracks.

The second destination on our Byron Bay hike was the Most Easterly Point of Australia – which is one of the top places to go in Byron Bay for factoid nerds, like me. We glanced at our map of Byron Bay walks and headed in the direction of the peninsula.  Steep steps descended toward the beach, passing the Most Easterly Point in Australia on the way. We were racing against the setting sun and we hurried down the stairs only to find more stairs…and more stairs.

When we were almost to the beach (our third destination), we realized we must have flown right past the point. But now so close to the beach we continued on the Lighthouse Trail Byron Bay (down more stairs) out to the rocky point. While standing on the tip of the peninsula, we caught an amazing sunset (which we recommend as one of the top things to do around Byron Bay!).

We desperately wanted to continue on the walk around Byron Bay, but without light we thought it was better to retrace our steps. We trudged back up the steep staircase to the Cape Byron Lighthouse. On the way up the stairs, we didn’t miss the signage that clearly pointed out the “Most Easterly Point.” Even though it was getting dark and the storm was arriving, we posed for a classic picture.

Watching sunset while hiking on the Byron Bay Lighthouse Walk in Cape Byron, Australia


The Lighthouse at Cape Byron Australia JetSetting Fools


Byron Bay to Gold Coast

We wanted to stay and check out more of Byron Bay, but the darkness, the rain and the long day of exploration had us heading back north on the highway. Although not nearly enough time, we are stoked we made the effort to see the famous landmark and take in a portion of the Byron Bay Lighthouse Walk.

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Byron Bay Facts: Lighthouse Walk

Official Byron Bay Lighthouse Site: National Parks Website 


Byron Bay Map

Use this link for an online Cape Byron Walking Track Map. 


More Things To Do Near Byron Bay

While we were most interested in seeing the sights along the Byron Bay Lighthouse Walk, there are more things to do in town! Here are a few ideas:


Whale Watching Byron Bay

Whales make their annual migration along the coast during the winter months (July and August). The cliffs at Cape Byron are a fabulous place to watch the whales. Bring binoculars for a better view and a zoom camera to take photos.


Byron Bay Main Street: Jonson Street

Packed with shops, pubs and eateries, strolling along Jonson Street, the main street in Byron Bay, is a must!


Byron Bay Tours

Leave the details to the tour guide and take a Byron Bay Tour from Gold Coast. The day trip includes time to swim, shop and take in the sights! Find out more


We want to know: Have you taken the Byron Bay Lighthouse Walk? Give us your best tips and advice in the comments below!


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The lighthouse at Cape Byron, Byron Bay, Australia JetSetting Fools


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