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10 Best Things To Do in Coolangatta, Australia

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When we booked three weeks at the Beachcomber Coolangatta on the Australian Gold Coast, we were ecstatic for three reasons: sunshine, sand and sea. At first, we envisioned doing little more than soaking up the sun’s rays on the powder-sand Australian beach.

Coming from a whirlwind week of sightseeing in Sydney, we were looking forward to the slow pace of beach life. We swapped out our city walking shoes for bare feet – and discovered an abundance of things to do in Coolangatta, both on and off the beach.


10 Things To Do in Coolangatta, Gold Coast

Best View of Coolangatta Beach, AU, Gold Coast, Australia

Our list of what to do in Coolangatta – or just Cooly – includes many of the top Coolangatta activities. At the end of this Coolangatta travel guide, we offer helpful travel tips, like what Cooly hotel to stay at and where to eat along the Gold Coast. And, to help you better plan your trip, we also provide a Coolangatta map.

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#1 Take Your Vitamin Sea

View looking down Kirra Beach, Gold Coast, Australia

Go to a Coolangatta Beach! Put your feet in the sand. Sunbathe near the surf. Walk along the shore. The main attraction in Coolangatta is the beach…and there is plenty of it. We are hoping this is already on your list of Coolangatta things to do – but if it’s not, it needs to be! As they say, Life’s a Beach, Enjoy the Waves!

View of Coolangatta, Rainbow Bay Beach, Gold Coast, Australia

Our visit to Coolangatta was in the winter, and we still went to the beach nearly every day. The strong Australian sun warms the sand and a gentle ocean breeze keeps beach-goers cool. Mornings are ideal for brisk beach walks in the cool fresh air. Even in the Australian winter, the afternoons are warm enough to take a dip in the Pacific Ocean waves.

View of the Beach Access, Coolangatta, Gold Coast, Australia

The sea is just what we needed – and, for the first few days of our trip, we let one lazy day melt into the next. At a Coolangatta beach, you can just kick back and enjoy the ocean view along Australia’s Gold Coast.


#2 See a Gold Coast Sunrise

The moment of the Sunrise, Coolangatta, Gold Coast, Australia

We know what you are thinking: Are you kidding me? I’m on vacation! But trust us on this one: Coolangatta sunrises are a spectacular experience. Plus, they are one of the free things to do in Coolangatta – so why not?

Getting up early to watch sunrise on the Australian Gold Coast is definitely worth it! There is a peaceful calm in witnessing the fiery sun break through the darkness and slowly inch up over the horizon.

Dark and Stormy Sunrise, Coolangatta, Gold Coast, Australia

On the day we chose to watch the sunrise, we woke up at 6:00am – but it only took us about five minutes to pile on four layers of clothes and get out the door. As soon as we stepped outside, our hopes of seeing the sunrise on the Gold Coast were squashed: thick, dark clouds hung low in the sky. But, we were already dressed and outside, so we continued on with our Cooly sunrise plan.

Sunrise Surfer, Coolangatta, Gold Coast, Australia

We puffed up the hill to Point Danger in darkness. As we crested the hill, we could see a break in the clouds just on the horizon and streaming rays of sunlight were already starting to shine through. Soon, the dark clouds were rimmed in dazzling gold and hot pink. Below, the water was shimmering brilliantly, and sunrise surfers were already riding waves. Absolutely worth it!

Top Tip: The coastline of Coolangatta angles northeast, so to get a good view of the sunrise straight on, we recommend walking to Point Danger. It’s the best viewpoint of the eastern horizon, plus you can also check out the Captain Cook Memorial while you’re there.


#3 Enjoy an Australian Sunset 

Sunset on from the beach in Coolangatta, Gold Coast, Australia

Sunrise isn’t the only time to keep an eye on the sky in Coolangatta. Although some people may scoff at the idea of ‘watching the sunset’ from a northeast-facing beach, the sunsets are actually fantastic. The afterglow from the setting Australian sun can set the sky on fire.

Surfers ride waves at sunset in Coolangatta, Gold Coast, Australia

As the sun sets in the west, the light shifts radiantly on the eastern sky. Watching the colorful display reflect of the glimmering Coral Sea is a must-see in Coolangatta.


#4 Go Whale Watching in Coolangatta

Go Whale Watching, Coolangatta, Gold Coast, Australia

Whale Watching is one of the top Coolangatta attractions – and there are numerous boat tours that take visitors on a scouting mission out at sea. However, the whales are easily spotted from the shore in Cooly. Whether sitting on the beach or at a lookout point, whale watching from the Gold Coast is one of top things to do in Coolangatta, QLD.

From June to early November, nearly 16,000 humpback whales move in pods passing Cooly on their route. The migrating whales swim north from Antarctica to the warmer waters of the Gold Coast to both mate and to give birth. August is the most eventful time for whale watching in Coolangatta, as whales are moving in both directions. Some haven’t arrived to their northern destination, while others – with their just-born babies swimming alongside – are already heading back south.

The lookout at Point Danger is the best whale watching spot we’ve found in Coolangatta. Every time we ventured to the elevated Gold Coast lookout point, we have seen some whale activity in the area: mist from spouts, splashing from playful fins and tails and sometimes even a full breech.

Top Tip: Even with our go-to travel camera, the Canon Rebel, you will need a professional zoom lens if attempting to take photos from the shore. If you want a good view of the whales, be sure to bring binoculars

Want a closer view of the whales? Find out more about booking a Gold Coast whale watching tour for your trip! 


#5 Cruise to Currumbin

Surfers Paradise skyline from Currumbin, Gold Coast, Australia

Another one of the Coolangatta fun things to do is to hop on a bike and pedal around town. There are miles and miles of bike paths that make it easy to enjoy a bike ride in Cooly. One of our favorite bike routes was a 5-mile stretch from Coolangatta to Currumbin.

The bike path between the two towns sticks close to the edge of the surf, providing fabulous views and places to stop along the way. The relatively flat path enables a smooth and almost effortless ride.

Get a Bike rental in Coolangatta, AU, Gold Coast, Australia

From Coolangatta, we donned the required helmets, saddled up and cruised north into the wind with the sun on our faces. We stayed on the main bike path, passing Kirra, Bilinga and Tungun Beaches along the way, each of which clustered around a strip of shops and ocean view cafes.

Oceanview looking south, Coolangatta, AU, Gold Coast, Australia

We ended our northbound ride where Currumbin creek flows into the ocean; locked up our bikes and went for a stroll on the beach. From Currumbin Rock we could see Surfers Paradise to the north and to the south the distance we covered from Coolangatta. Board surfers, kite surfers and wind surfers provided entertainment as they zipped through the waves.

View from Elephant Rock in Currumbin south to Coolangatta, Gold Coast, Australia

On the ride back to Coolangatta, we stopped at Elephant Rock for a beverage with a view. From the vantage point, we spotted whales just off the coast that were splashing about, flipping their tails and smacking their fins. Back on our bikes, the afternoon winds were picking up and pedaled back to Cooly in no time at all!

Top Tip: One of the many perks at Beachcomber International Coolangatta was the free use of their beach cruiser bikes and helmets. If your accommodations don’t provide bicycles, there are bike rental shops in town.


#6 Set Sail (or Stand-Up Paddle Board)

Sailboat in Coolangatta, Gold Coast, Australia

While lazing around Coolangatta Beach is truly relaxing, splashing around in the water is even better! Jump in the waves, rent a stand-up paddle board, take a surf lesson or set sail from the shore in a sailboat. Water sports are one of the biggest Coolangatta tourist attractions – so get out on the water and test your skills!

Kris using the kayak on Watersport day at the harbor, Coolangatta, Gold Coast, Australia

You can book Coolangatta activities – from surf lessons to sailboat cruises – on Viator!

During our trip, we paddled around in kayaks, sailed a small catamaran and had our first crack at stand-up paddle boarding. I had long wanted to learn to SUP, but have to admit it isn’t as easy as it looks, and I felt like a wobbly kid learning to ride a bike. But, once I got my balance (by keeping my eye on the horizon), it was awesome!


#7 Catch World-Class Coolangatta Surf at Snapper Rocks

Surfer rides waves at Snapper Rocks in Coolangatta, Gold Coast, Australia

Whether we were searching for whales in the ocean or the sunrise on the horizon, one thing we could always find in Coolangatta, Australia was surfers on the waves. Surfing is, after all, one of the top things to do in Coolangatta, Gold Coast.

Early mornings and late afternoons the entire stretch of water from Greenmount Beach to Rainbow Bay to Duranbah was filled with long boards, short boards and sometimes even boogie boards. However, the best place to watch Coolangatta surfers is at Snapper Rocks.

Surfer rides barrel wave at Snapper Rocks in Coolangatta, Gold Coast, Australia

Surfers jog across the beach with their boards tucked under their arms and splash into the sea without any reaction to the chilly water. Hundreds of surfers sit buoyantly in the water waiting for the next set of waves and each time one rolls in, the “paddle-battle” is on to catch one. The ocean swell hitting the sandbar at Snapper Rocks on the east end of Rainbow Bay produces some incredible waves; the most skilled surfers line up waiting to ride them on what is known as the “superbank”.


#8 Shop at the Coolangatta Gold Coast Sunday Market

Gold Coast Arts and Crafts Market, Coolangatta, Australia

If you’re visiting Coolangatta over the second weekend of the month (or the 4th weekend of 5 weekend months) be sure to check out the local Sunday market. The rotating Gold Coast Arts & Crafts market offers fresh produce and live music along with the works of local artist and chefs (and much more!).

If it’s not on in Cooly when you’re there, check their website and pop up to Broadbeach, Paradise Point or Burleigh to have some fun!


#9 Enjoy the Best Coolangatta Restaurants and Bars

Enjoying the Coolangatta View on the Gold Coast of Australia

Coolangatta boasts an array of restaurants and bars. For beachfront dining, check out Coolangatta Surf Club and for delicious steaks go to Bondi Grill’e. If you’re looking for the best burger in Cooly, head to Eddie’s Grub House. Our favorite spot for a pint overlooking the water is the bar at Rainbow Bay Surf Club.

Find more of the top Cooly restaurants and read reviews on TripAdvisor


#10 Take Day Trips from Coolangatta

Welcome to Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Australia

Although we loved spending our days on the Coolangatta Beach, there are a few things to do near Cooly that shouldn’t be missed!


Day Trip to Surfers Paradise

Skyline View from the beach at Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Australia

Located 16 miles north of Coolangatta, a trip to Surfers Paradise is a fun way to spend a day. Absolutely packed with shops, cafes, restaurants and entertainment venues, Surfers has something for everyone!

{Read about our Day Trip to Surfers Paradise}


Day Trip to Springbrook National Park

Rainbow in waterfall at Springbrook National Park in Australia

As much as we love the beach, we also love the forest. Just an hour drive from Cooly, Springbrook National Park has multiple hiking trails for a full day of fun!

{Read about the 3 Springbrook National Park walks we recommend}


Go South to Byron Bay from Coolangatta

Watching sunset while hiking on the Byron Bay Lighthouse Walk in Cape Byron, Australia

Byron Bay is a seaside town with a bohemian vibe…and an iconic lighthouse. You can drive to Byron Bay in about 45 minutes – or join one of the highly rated Byron Bay Tours!

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Coolangatta Map, Gold Coast, Australia

Bright Blue Seaview, Coolangatta, AU, Gold Coast, Australia

Use this Google Map for all the best things to see in Coolangatta and around the Gold Coast of Australia!

Things To Do in Coolangatta Map by


More Things To Do Near Coolangatta

Giant Lizard on the beach, Coolangatta, AU, Gold Coast, Australia

Need more ideas of what to do in Coolangatta, Queensland? Check out these Coolangatta activities and attractions. 


Spend a Day at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Want to see koalas, kangaroos and crocodiles? Spend the day at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary – it’s one of the top things to do around Coolangatta! Whether you breeze through the park on the train or take the Tree Top Challenge, it is certain to be an entertaining day of fun.


Play a Round of Coolangatta Golf

Golfers should bring their clubs and head to the Coolangatta and Tweed Heads Golf Club to play a round. While it is the best golf course in Cooly, there are other nearby courses, too. 


Visit Broadbeach

Broadbeach, just south of Surfers Paradise, is home to a convention center, a casino and gardens. Of course, spending time on the beach still ranks as one of the top things to do in Broadbeach. For more ideas of what to do in Broadbeach, check recommendations on TripAdvisor.


Coolangatta with Kids

Looking for fun family activities on the Gold Coast? Check out the tips in this family guide to the Gold Coast for tons of tips and information. 


What’s On Coolangatta?

If you are looking for things to do in Coolangatta this weekend, check the calendar of Coolangatta events.

Best Things To Do in Coolangatta, Australia by

Advice for Your Vacation to Gold Coast, Australia

Now that you know the best Things To Do Coolangatta, let’s take care of all those other details and get you on your way Down Under!


Coolangatta Accommodation

Book a Room with a View, Coolangatta, AU, Gold Coast, Australia

During our trip to Coolangatta, we stayed at the Beachcomber Coolangatta. Located across the street from the beach, our unit had one bedroom with a pull-out couch, full kitchen with dishwasher and an in-unit washer and dryer. Our spacious balcony faced the sea, which was lovely.

The Coolangatta beach resort had several on-site amenities, like a rooftop pool, hot tub and BBQ grills. They also provided free use of beach cruiser bikes and boogie boards. Additionally, they had scheduled weekly activities, many of which were free.

However, visitors have ample options when it comes to Coolangatta holiday rentals – from inexpensive hostel rooms to high-rise Coolangatta resorts.

Top Tip: Looking for beachfront accommodation in Coolangatta? Many resorts overlook the ocean, but none are actually on the beach. We recommend reading our Top Tips for Finding The Best Hotels, then starting your hotel search for Coolangatta NSW accommodation on


Coolangatta Nightlife

Coolangatta isn’t known for having a stellar nightlife scene (go to Surfers Paradise if that is what you are looking for!). But, there are a few fun Coolangatta bars and nightclubs for visitors looking for fun things to do in Coolangatta at night.

For live music, The Coolangatta Hotel usually has an entertaining line up and fun crowds, especially for a legendary Australian Sunday Session! Australian Craft Beer fans should check out 4 Pines Coolangatta for tasty brews and good times!


Flights to Coolangatta

The Gold Coast Airport (OOL) is located in Bilinga, the suburb next to Coolangatta. The Coolangatta Airport is serviced by both domestic and international flights; we arrived from Sydney and departed to Cairns. You can search SkyScanner for the best prices on flights to the Gold Coast. 

Top Tip: Use this link for a Coolangatta Airport Map.


Getting to Coolangatta from the Airport

Passengers can take Bus 760 from the airport to Coolangatta or book an airport transfer. Coolangatta car rentals are available at the airport; start your search here to find transportation for your vacation.

Alternately, if you are also visiting Brisbane, Australia, the Brisbane International Airport (BNE) offers additional international flights and is less than a 2 hour drive away from Coolangatta.


What To Pack for your Coolangatta Vacation

Sarah at the New South Wales/Queensland State Line, Coolangatta, Australia

We have a few final packing hacks before you go. You can find all of our advice on our Travel Packing Tips page – and you can grab your Free Packing Checklist here!


Gold Coast Beach Gear

Don’t forget your beach essentials! You will need a swimsuit, high-SPF sunscreen, a wide-brimmed hat and flip flops or beach shoes


Coolangatta Sightseeing Essentials

Make sure to have a good city map and/or guidebook before arriving in Australia. Regardless of whether you travel with a backpack or suitcase, also bring a great day bag to pack up all your everyday travel essentials!


Australia Travel Insurance

If you haven’t already obtained travel insurance for your trip to Australia, consider traveling protected with World Nomads.


Coolangatta Tourist Information Centre

Coolangatta, Austailia Meaning

Tourist Information for Coolangatta and the region can be obtained at the airport at the Gold Coast Visitor Centre. The Tweed Heads Information Center also provides area info and help with booking things to do in Coolangatta and Tweed Heads.


Start planning your trip to Australia! Search for the lowest airfares, the best accommodations and fun things to do…then start packing!  Want more travel planning tips? Head over to our Travel Planning page for more information and tips on traveling – and for country-specific information, take a look at our Travel Guides page!


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