Our Guide To The 25 Things To Do in Florence, Oregon

25 Things To Do in Florence, Oregon

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Wondering what to do in Florence, Oregon? We’ve got it covered! From sea lions to sand dunes, from the superb beaches to the Siuslaw River Bridge, we are highlighting the absolute best things to do in Florence, Oregon.

A quaint coastal town with a population of 8,500, Florence is situated along the Central Oregon Coast at the mouth of the Siuslaw River, where it flows into the Pacific Ocean. The Old Town in Florence, Oregon is the center of activity – but visitors will find tourist attractions throughout the area and as well as in the extended vicinity.


Discovering the Best Florence, OR Things To Do

We consider ourselves very fortunate to have had family living in Florence, Oregon for years, otherwise we may have never discovered it! Even before my very first visit, I suspiciously wondered “What is there to do in Florence, Oregon?” I doubted the sleepy town had much to offer…but I was proven wrong. So incredibly wrong. In the many visits since that first trip, I have discovered the best things to do around Florence, Oregon.

To help fellow travelers plan their PNW trip itinerary we are sharing our favorite fun Florence, Oregon things to do.

Planning a road trip to the Pacific Northwest? Use our guide to Driving the Oregon Coast for tips on what to see and do!


25 Top Things To Do in Florence, Oregon

With our list of things to do and places to see in Florence, Oregon, you can easily plan your trip to the coastal town. Our range of activities are ideal for solo visitors, couples and even families looking for things to do with kids in Florence, Oregon.

Below our list, you will also find a helpful Florence, Oregon Map marked with the attractions we highlight. 

Additionally, at the end of the post, we offer our top recommendations for where to eat and tips on the best accommodations in Florence, Oregon.

We’ve included everything you need for visiting Florence, Oregon. Save, Pin or Bookmark this list of Things To Do Florence, OR so that you can access it while planning your trip to Oregon!


#1 Stroll Through Historic Old Town Florence, Oregon

The Siuslaw River Bridge

The charming Old Town district in downtown Florence, Oregon is a must-see for every visitor! Tucked away under the bridge and nestled along the Siuslaw River, the district is comprised of fun shops and locally owned restaurants, and complimented with beautiful views. Historic buildings line the main thoroughfare, Bay Street, which runs parallel to the river.

Christmastime Gazebo, Florence, Oregon

In the summertime, brilliant flowers rise beside the sidewalks and overflow from the pots hanging from streetlamps, which adds a splash of color to the already pretty and quaint street. On your walk, don’t miss the picturesque gazebo and the viewing platform behind it in Old Town Park (which is always brilliantly decorated at Christmastime, too!).


#2 Pick a Flavor at BJ’s Ice Cream Parlor

Menu at BJ's Ice Cream, Florence, OR, USA

One of the best ways to explore the Old Town is with an ice cream cone in hand – and BJ’s Ice Cream Parlor is the perfect place to pick up your sweet treat.

Boasting dozens of handmade flavors, BJ’s has been in business in Oregon for five generations. Get a cone (and maybe some saltwater taffy, too) then walk down to the docks and look for harbor seals swimming by.


#3 Sink Your Feet into the Sand on Florence, Oregon Beaches

Walking along Heceta Beach, Oregon

Visiting the beaches is one of the best things to do in Florence, Oregon! Wide, long, flat stretches of sand line the Pacific shore offering visitors a chance to get outside and play.

Although the weather can be cool (even in the summer) and the wind can be strong, the Florence beaches are ideal for walking, jogging, playing catch, building sandcastles, and flying kites. Pooches are allowed, so spending time on the beach is also one of the fun things to do in Florence, Oregon with dogs as well.

Must do when visiting Florence, Walking Heceta Beach, Florence, Oregon

Visitors have numerous choices when it comes to beaches in Florence, Oregon. North Jetty Beach, Heceta Beach and Baker Beach stretch north of the Siuslaw River, while the South Jetty Beach extends to the south.

Personally, we think the best beaches in Florence, Oregon are North Jetty and Heceta Beach, which are seamlessly connected, allowing for long coastal walks (plus, it’s a good spot to look for sand dollars, whales and even Bald Eagles!). Another reason we like these beaches is that parking is free (a recreation pass is required for parking at South Jetty Florence, Oregon Beaches).

Pro Tip: If you are looking for seclusion, the best beach in Florence, Oregon is Hobbit Beach. The somewhat secret beach is reached by one of our favorite Oregon hiking trails. Which brings us to…


#4 Lace Up Your Shoes for a Hike Near Florence, OR

View of Hobbit-Beach-from-Heceta-Head-Trail-Florence-Oregon

The nature along the Oregon coastline is simply stunning! There is no better way to immerse yourself in it than to head out on some of the great Oregon Coast trails. In fact, we think hiking is the absolute best thing to do in Florence, Oregon. Trails lead through mossy forests, over sand dunes and to epic Pacific Ocean viewpoints.

Bridge on Tahkenitch Creek Trail near Florence, OR

The Hobbit Trail is our favorite hike in the region, but there are several trails for trekkers to immerse themselves in nature. For some of the best Oregon hikes, use our guide to Hiking in Florence


#5 See the Sea Lion Cave

Stop at the Sea Lion Caves, Oregon, USA

One of the fun things to do in Florence, Oregon with kids (and adults!) is to visit the Sea Lion Caves.

While it is possible to spot harbor seals around the docks in the Florence Old Town, the Sea Lion Cave is – without a doubt – the best place to see an abundance of Stellar sea lions. The natural cave is home to thousands of sea lions – and it’s just 11 miles north of Florence Old Town. The cave has been a protected habitat for the sea lions since 1932.

Today, visitors to the Oregon Central Coast can descend into the cave to see, hear, and (unfortunately) smell the funny sea lions. Note: The cave is open from 9:00am to 4:00pm and requires a ticket to enter.


#6 Visit Heceta Head Lighthouse in Florence, Oregon

Best view of Heceta Lighthouse, Florence, Oregon

One of the top Florence, Oregon attractions – and one of the best sights along the entire Oregon Coast – is the Heceta Head Lighthouse. Located just 1 mile north of the Sea Lion Cave (and 12 miles from Florence), the lighthouse is a must-see!

The red and white lighthouse has stood stoically on the western United States shoreline since 1894, safely guiding sailors around the headland.

Visitors park at Cape Cove at the Heceta Head Lighthouse State Scenic Viewpoint (fee required) and then make a short trek up to the lighthouse. A fabulous hiking trail begins from behind the lighthouse, which you can find details of in our Florence Hiking post.

Lighthouse tours are offered twice a day – and we highly recommend timing your visit so that you can join a tour; it’s one of the fun things to do in Florence for free! Exploring the beach – especially at low tide – is another fun activity when visiting the Heceta Lighthouse.


#7 Spend a Day at the Sand Dunes Florence, Oregon

Sand dunes across Hall Lake on Oregon Coast

The shifting sand dunes in Florence, Oregon almost look otherworldly. At the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, towering mounds of sand collide with dense forests while being misted by ocean spray along a 40-mile stretch south from Florence south to Coos Bay.

One of the best (and somewhat challenging) ways to experience the huge dunes is via the John Dellenback Dunes Trail that is about 30 miles south of Florence, OR. 

In addition to hiking, biking and beach walking, visitors have ample opportunities for thrilling fun on the Oregon Dunes as well.


Dune Buggy Tours Florence, Oregon

Joining one of the dune buggy tours in Florence, Oregon is an excellent way to experience the iconic sand structures. Sandland Adventures offers fun dune buggy rides in Florence, Oregon that the whole family can enjoy together.


ATV Rental Florence, Oregon

Would you rather be behind the wheel for an action-packed adventure? You can get an ATV rental in Florence, Oregon at Torex ATV Rentals.


Sandboarding Florence, Oregon

Sandboarding in Florence, Oregon is another fun activity on the dunes. At Sand Master Park, guests can rent boards and even take lessons!


#8 Take a Horseback Ride on the Oregon Coast

View down the Coastline at Florence, Oregon

Horseback riding is one of the fun activities in Florence, Oregon that is suitable for both beginners to advanced riders. The C&M Stables offer horseback rides through the spectacular sand dunes, forests and beaches.

Horseback Riding at Bandon Beach, Oregon

If you are looking for family things to do in Florence, Oregon, consider the horseback riding morning adventure tour. For couples looking for romantic things to do in Florence, watch the sunset on the beach while enjoying a horseback ride.


#9 Play Golf in Florence, Oregon

Playing golf is one of the top things to do in Florence, OR – and there are two golf courses in Florence where visitors can hit the links. Although we ourselves are not avid golfers, we have visited both courses with our family.

Florence Golf Links (formerly Sandpines Golf Course, Florence, Oregon) is a highly rated course – which also has a cozy restaurant with friendly wait staff.

At Ocean Dunes Golf Florence, Oregon, which is under the management of Three Rivers Casino, the course is said to be both challenging and beautiful. They also offer golf lessons for beginners!


#10 Gamble at the Casinos in Florence, Oregon

Wondering what to do on the Oregon Coast when it rains? Try your luck at the casino! Three Rivers Casino in Florence, Oregon offers everything from slots to table games to keno. Plus, with the recently opened non-smoking gaming area, visitors can now enjoy the excitement of the casino smoke-free!

The Three Rivers Casino Resort also features multiple on-site restaurants, evening entertainment and a resort hotel.


#11 Visit Florence Museums

If you need more ideas for things to do in Florence, Oregon in the rain, we understand; on average, the town receives rain about 160 days a year. One way to escape the soggy weather is to check out the museums in Florence, Oregon!

While the two museums – the Siuslaw Pioneer Museum and the Oregon Coast Military Museum – are not major Florence, OR attractions, they are worth popping into – especially on a wet day.


#12 Go Shopping in Florence, Oregon          

Many of the cute shops and boutique stores in Florence, Oregon are found in the historic Old Town. A few of our favorite Old Town Florence, Oregon shops are Books ‘n Bears (a used bookshop), the Jolly Egret (a gift shop) and Wind Drift Gallery (a great place to buy kites to fly on the beach and other locally handcrafted wares).


Florence, Oregon Boardwalk Market

If your trip coincides with a weekend, then be sure to check out the booths at the Florence Boardwalk Market. It is the perfect place to pick up a locally-made souvenir! 


Antiques Florence, Oregon

Antiquing is another one of the popular Florence activities. The best antique shops in Florence, Oregon are located along Highway 101. That said, the Purple Pelican Antique Mall is our top pick for antiques shopping in the city.


#13 Charter a Boat for Fishing in Florence, Oregon

Fishing Boat in the Florence OR Harbor, USA

Florence is nestled along the Siuslaw river, on the Pacific Coast and near many gorgeous lakes…which means it is a fantastic destination for fishing! Salmon are found in the Siuslaw River; perch, trout and bass live in the lakes; and tuna and halibut are abundant in the Pacific Ocean.

Visitors who want to go fishing in Florence, Oregon can charter a boat (On The Line Guide Service out of Eugene comes highly recommended) – or just drop your line in from the docks. Find more information at the Port of Siuslaw Marina or Bridgeport Market.


#14 Learn the Basics of Crabbing Florence, Oregon

Walking along the Docks at Florence, Oregon

Florence is an excellent place to go crabbing! Although you will need a license and a little instruction, you can learn how to crab during your trip. In fact, one of the best places to go crabbing is at the designated areas along the public docks.

Crabbing season starts in the spring, but the best time for crabbing in Florence, Oregon is in the summer through the autumn. Find out more about where to crab in Florence, Oregon on the official site.


#15 Grab Your Binoculars for Whale Watching Florence Oregon

When it comes to free things to do in Florence, Oregon, whale watching is a winner. But, even if it wasn’t free, we would still think it is one of the best Florence, Oregon activities!

Gray whales travel the Oregon Coastline twice a year – once in the winter while traveling south from Alaska to Mexico to breed and then again in the spring (from March to June) when they return north alongside their babies. Additionally, a small pod of whales – about 200 in number – live off the Oregon Coast year-round, making it possible to spot whale spouts any time of year!

We have been lucky enough to spot whales right off Florence, Oregon beaches – but there are much better whale watching spots. Elevated viewpoints offer a greater vantage point for Oregon whale spotting. We recommend taking your binoculars to the Heceta Lighthouse Lookout and Sea Lion Beach Viewpoint along Route 101 for the best chance at seeing whales. 


#16 Make a Campfire on the Beaches in Florence, Oregon

Sunshine along the Sandy Beaches, Florence, Oregon

A roaring beach campfire is the perfect combatant to the cool coastal weather – especially at sunset! In fact, it’s one of our favorite ways to wind down a day on the Florence, Oregon Coast. Grab some firewood in Florence from a roadside seller (usually about $5 a bundle) or pick some up at the local grocery store. And don’t forget the marshmallows!

While having a campfire on the beach is one of the fun things to do in Florence, Oregon, you will want to make sure you do so safely. Only make fires in wet sand away from driftwood and only use dry split wood. When you are finished, douse your fire with water, don’t just cover it with sand.


#17 Walk Across the Siuslaw River Bridge

Sunset view of the Siuslaw River Bridge, Florence, Oregon

Since 1936, the beautiful Siuslaw River Bridge has spanned the Siuslaw River in Florence, Oregon. The steel and concrete Art Deco bascule bridge is a sight from afar – and even more magnificent up close.

Interested visitors (and those looking for things to do in Florence, Oregon for free) can use the footpath to cross the bridge. We recommend crossing on the east side of the bridge so that you have a view of Old Town from the bridge. During your walk across the Siuslaw Bridge, be sure to search the waters below for playful harbor seals!


#18 Explore Exploding Whale Park

View of the Siuslaw Bridge, Florence, Oregon

Perhaps not on everyone’s list of the top places to visit in Florence, Oregon, we mention Exploding Whale Park for two reasons; first, because of the story behind the name and, second, for the bridge views in the afternoon sun.

While there are many parks in Florence, Oregon, none have a name quite as intriguing as Exploding Whale. To be honest, it was the park’s name that first caught our attention – and when we researched why it is called Exploding Whale Park, we learned a part of the city’s history we will never forget.

As the story goes, in 1970, a deceased whale floated ashore. In order to dispose of the carcass, city officials decided to use a half ton of dynamite to blow it up. Really. What ended up happening is that they ‘blasted blubber beyond all believable bounds.’ 

Although the Florence, Oregon park is not the actual sight of the explosion, the park was named in the infamous event’s memory.

The real reason to visit the park, however, is for the beautiful views of the Siuslaw Bridge in the late afternoon when it is bathed in sunlight. The small park offers a short walking path as well as a few benches and picnic tables.


#19 Search for Sea Life at Low Tide Florence, Oregon

When the tides in Florence, Oregon are low, the absence of water reveals wonderful tide pools and creates the opportunity to get a glimpse of colorful sea life. Mussels, crabs, anemones, urchins, starfish and other interesting sea creatures can be found hiding in rock crevices at low tide.

The tide pools are one the of the top things to see in Florence, Oregon – and the best place to find them is at Cape Cove (by the Heceta Lighthouse). Another excellent place for finding sea life exposed at low tide is along the breakwater wall at North Jetty.

Check the Tide Table for Florence, Oregon to time your beach visit. 


#20 Catch a Wave Surfing Florence, Oregon

Watching the Florence, Oregon

Surfing in Florence, Oregon is not an activity that we have participated in – but we have watched surfers ride the waves at South Jetty Beach. With strong currents and moderate shark danger, I have been happy to keep my feet firmly planted in the sand – and surfing at South Jetty is only recommended for advanced surfers.


#21 See Carnivorous Plants at the Darlingtonia State Natural Site

An interesting little park that is well worth the detour, Darlingtonia State Park is solely dedicated to the rare Darlingtonia Californica – or Cobra Lily. The 18-acre park is navigated via a raised boardwalk – and there is a place for picnicking as well. 


#22 Watch a Movie at City Lights Cinemas Florence, Oregon

City Lights Cinema is one of the evening attractions in Florence, Oregon. The City Lights Theater is a small, independently operated movie theater located right off Highway 101. The four-screen theater presents both blockbusters and independent films.


#23 Attend One of the Events in Florence, Oregon

The biggest event in town is the Rhododendron Festival, which traditionally takes place the third weekend in May. The Rhody Fest has been held annually in Florence, OR for more than 100 years and features a parade, run, car show and musical performances.

Other Florence, Oregon events are the Winter Music Festival, Oregon Dunes Triathlon, Wings and Wheels Classic Car and Airplane Show, 4th of July Fireworks, Rods ‘n Rhodies Classic Car Invitational and the Wine and Chowder Trail.

Use the Florence Area Chamber of Commerce website event list to check the dates of your visit. You can also stop by the Florence Chamber of Commerce on Hwy 101 to pick up maps and area info. 


#24 Sip a Local Vintage at the Wineries Near Florence, Oregon

Sipping local wines from the source is one of the fun things to do near Florence, Oregon. Several wineries dot the South Willamette Valley, which is a grape-growing region located between Florence and Eugene – making visiting the vineyards a fun day trip or overnight stay.


#25 Eat the Best Food in Florence, Oregon Restaurants 

Waterfront Depot, Florence, OR, USA

Wondering where to eat in Florence, Oregon? We can help! On our many trips, we have discovered where to find the best food in Florence, Oregon. From upscale dining to casual fare to local must-try seafood, we are sharing our list of the best places to eat in Florence, Oregon.


Restaurants: Florence, Oregon

With our local insight, we have been able to dine at the absolute best restaurants in Florence, Oregon. We have found that the top places to eat in Florence, Oregon are the locally owned eateries in and around the historic Old Town.


Waterfront Depot: Best Restaurant in Florence, Oregon

Our top pick for fine dining in Florence, Oregon is the cozy and classy Waterfront Depot. Located riverside, the Waterfront Depot restaurant is housed in a charming historic building. Take our advice, order the signature dish: Crab-Encrusted Halibut – it’s absolutely divine! The small space fills up quickly, so it is best to make a reservation days in advance.

If you can’t get in at Waterfront Depot, try Restobar or Bridgewater Fish House – both just across Bay Street.


Novelli’s Crab and Seafood Florence, Oregon

When it comes to seafood restaurants in Florence, Oregon, there is plenty of choice. Mo’s and International C-Food Market are two prominent restaurants along Bay Street. However, for the absolute best seafood in Florence, Oregon, we recommend getting a bowl of award-winning crab chowder from the family-owned and operated Novelli’s on the Florence docks. At the floating crab shack, they only sell what they catch, so get there early!


Best Restaurants in Florence, Oregon for Mexican Food

One of our favorite spots for an afternoon drink and an al fresco meal is Traveler’s Cove. They offer a Mexican inspired menu along with other pub grub and sometimes have live music, too.

If you are seeking additional authentic Mexican fare, then head to Rosa’s Mexican Restaurant on Highway 101. The salsa is exceptional – and everything you pour it on is great at Rosa’s! 


Abby’s Legendary Pizza in Florence, Oregon

An Oregon favorite since 1964, Abby’s Pizza Florence, Oregon is the place to pick up a pie! You can’t go wrong with anything you order from Abby’s, but our favorite is the Abby’s Special.


The Hukilau for Hawaiian Fusion

What began as a local food truck, named A Taste of Hawaii, has morphed into an exceptional fusion seafood restaurant, The Hukilau. From classic plate lunches to phenomenal sushi, the food at The Hukilau is superb!


Fast Food in Florence, Oregon

There is a slew of fast-food joints strewn along Highway 101 – including all the most popular American fast-food chains. Rather than settling for something you can get anywhere, stop at the nostalgic A&W Drive Up Restaurant for an old-fashioned burger and root beer float.


Breakfast in Florence, Oregon

Don’t skip breakfast on your trip to Florence, OR! For a fast breakfast of donuts and burritos, stop by Big Dog Donuts Florence (try the fritters!). If you want to sit down to a classic American breakfast, tuck into Little Brown Hen Café, where they serve comfort food (like chicken and waffles).

Visitors staying in the Old Town, however, will want to check out Mari’s Kitchen for amazing breakfast meals.


Coffee: Florence, Oregon

Hands down, the best place to get coffee in Florence, OR is River Roasters (formerly Siuslaw River Coffee). Located on Bay Street next to the bridge, the coffeeshop is an inviting place to sip your coffee – either inside by the fireplace or on the deck overlooking the river.

That said, one of the things we love about the Pacific Northwest is the coffee huts – a tradition that stretches from Spokane to Portland to the Florence, Oregon coast. Our favorite coffee shack in town is Teresa’s Sunrise Espresso.


Where to Buy Food in Florence, Oregon

Visitors staying in Florence, OR for awhile may want to buy food to prepare at home. There are two big grocery stores in Florence, Oregon: Fred Meyer and Safeway.

Fred Meyer’s is a one-stop-shop super store located on the north end of town. The Safeway in Florence, Oregon is located further south, right by the Old Town.


Drink at the Best Bars in Florence, Oregon

For a small town, Florence has an abundance of fun places to drink. In addition to Traveler’s Cove, our favorite spot to grab a beer with the locals in Old Town is the Beachcomber Pub, where they feature the best Oregon craft beer on tap. For a different vibe, stop by the Zebra Bar and check out their happy house specials.


Breweries in Florence, Oregon

Unlike the rest of Oregon, there are not many Florence, OR breweries – but Homegrown Public House is changing that, as they have started brewing their own beer! Although we have yet to try their brews, we love the space and have often sampled the rotating range of Oregon craft beer they have on tap. And, if you are hungry, Homegrown serves delicious food (featuring healthy and vegan options) in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.


Things To Do Near Florence, Oregon

Cushman,one of the many Bridges Near Florence, Oregon

We have highlighted the very best things to do in Florence, OR – but we have a few tips for nearby destinations, as well. These fun spots can easily be reached by car on a half-day trip. For more tips on exploring the region, use our complete Guide to the Oregon Coast


Cape Perpetua and Yachats

Just 25 miles north of Florence, Cape Perpetua (and the town of Yachats) is an excellent day trip destination. Scenic viewpoints, hiking trails and unique geological features make the cape a popular place to visit.

One of the best things to do in Yachats – which is a charming little town – is to eat a seafood meal at Luna Sea Fish House and then wander up the street to Yachats Brewing +Farmstore to sample the local brew. 



Although not as charming as other coastal towns, there are a few great reasons to visit Reedsport. The city is just 20 miles south of Florence, Oregon and features fantastic outdoor recreation. 

Umpqua Lighthouse State Park and the Dean Creek Elk Viewing Area are two outdoor attractions. The Umpqua Discovery Center is an interesting and affordable museum detailing the history of the region.



Located 15 miles east of Florence, OR, Mapleton is a blink-and-you-will-miss-it village with just a handful of businesses at the intersection of Hwy 126 and 36. (Try the cheeseburger at Frank’s – although it seems like a ‘local’s only’ spot, they are incredibly welcoming.) 

The main reason we make the drive out to Mapleton, however, is for the gorgeous hiking trails! We feature the Mapleton Sweet Creek Falls trail in our Florence, OR Hiking guide for travelers.


Things To Do Florence, Oregon Map

Use this link to Google Maps for an online, interactive version of our Florence, OR map of attractions. 

Florence, Oregon Map of Things To Do by JetSettingFools.com


Planning a Trip to Florence, OR

We have highlighted what to do in Florence, Oregon – but there is so much more to planning a trip! Florence, OR visitors also need to consider when to go, how long to stay, where to stay and how to get there. 

As you choose from the many Florence, Oregon things to do, organization is key. We stay organized with our Printable Travel Planner. It contains everything you need to stay on top of the details of your Trip to Florence, Oregon To Do list!

Travel Planner Printables by JetSettingFools.com


Best Time To Go to Florence, Oregon

Walking the pier on Lakes Near Florence, Oregon

We have had the opportunity to visit Florence, Oregon in every season – winter, spring, summer and fall – and each season has pros and cons for visitors. 


Summer in Florence, Oregon

The summer is, by far, the most popular time to visit Florence, OR. It is, not coincidently, also the best time to visit Florence, Oregon weather-wise.

During the summer, there are long days of sunshine – but temperatures are still typically cool, which is ideal for most of the best activities and top things to see in Florence, Oregon.

The downside of summer visits, however, is that the little town can get very busy, restaurants can be fully booked and the cost of accommodations can soar. 


Autumn in Florence, OR

We love visiting in the autumn when temperatures are still comfortable, but there are far fewer crowds. The weather is ideal for hiking – unquestionably one of the top things to do Florence, Oregon – and it is still a great time for walking the beach and enjoying the outdoors in general. 


Florence, Oregon in Winter and Spring

Winter and Spring are not, perhaps, the best time to visit. Florence, Oregon weather is wet, windy and chilly in the winter months. Plus, the days are short, which is not ideal for sightseeing. 

That all said, accommodations are inexpensive and visitors will be among locals at the Old Town Florence restaurants during the winter months. Plus, it really is a great time for spotting whales off the Oregon Coast. 


How Many Days in Florence, Oregon

Visitors planning a trip will need to determine how many days to stay in Florence, OR. Your length of stay will depend on what kind of overall trip you are taking. 

Many travelers breeze through Florence, OR in a day – just long enough to see the picturesque Old Town, trek one of the best trails or spend a few hours on the beach and have a great meal. 

Other travelers stay for an entire week-long Florence, Oregon vacation – and there are certainly enough attractions and fun things to do in Florence, Oregon to entertain visitors for a whole week. 

Ideally, we think travelers should plan to stay in Florence, OR for at least 2 days. With a weekend in Florence, there is time to see the beautiful Old Town, visit the top coast attractions, hike the trails and walk the beach – plus an opportunity to get a taste of the local eats. 

Subscribe Packing Checklist by JetSettingFools.com


Lodging: Florence, Oregon

What to stay here? Lake House Near Florence, Oregon

Travelers wondering where to stay in Florence, Oregon have quite a few choices – from hotels to apartments to campgrounds. Besides staying with family, when we travel with a group, we have rented houses and have used Airbnb for accommodations in Florence, OR. From our experience and research, we are highlighting the best places to stay in Florence, Oregon by type of lodging.


Best Hotels in Florence, Oregon

Before choosing a hotel in Florence, Oregon, you should consider your desired location and price range.


Hotels and Motels on Highway 101

Many of the hotels and motels in Florence, Oregon are located along Hwy 101. Of the highway options, the Quality Inn stands out as the best hotel, while most of the rest receive below-average reviews.


Best Place to Stay in Florence, Oregon Old Town

While we have not stayed at The River House Inn , some of our family members have. What they loved about the hotel was the prime location right on Bay Street, the comfortable bed and the Siuslaw River views.


Oceanfront Hotels in Florence, Oregon

Although a short drive from town, the beachfront hotel, Driftwood Shores Resort, offers nice rooms with a premium view of the ocean. If you are staying for a few days, book a room with a kitchen.

Before reserving your room, read our Top Tips for Booking Hotels


Airbnb: Florence, Oregon

Airbnb is our go-to resource for booking accommodations – and we have stayed in two different Airbnb rentals in Florence, Oregon. 

Our first vacation rental in Florence, Oregon was a condo located in the heart of the Old Town, just steps from Bay Street – which we loved for the easy access to restaurants and the river.

Our second Florence, Oregon Airbnb stay was a cozy studio near Heceta Beach – it took us just 5 minutes to walk from door to sand.

We like staying in apartments and houses over hotels and motels – but only because we tend to stay longer and like to make use of the kitchen. Visitors only staying for a night or two – and those who want to try the delectable local cuisine – will likely find hotels to be much more affordable.


RV Parks in Florence, Oregon

Florence, OR is an RV friendly city offering many options for RVers. Heceta Beach RV Park and South Jetty RV Resort are both close to the center of town and get good reviews.


Camping: Florence, Oregon

Surrounded by lush nature, there are many Florence, Oregon campgrounds for visitors who would rather camp than stay in a hotel.

Alder Dune Campground, which is situated within the Siuslaw National Forest north of the city, is highly rated by fellow travelers for camping near Florence, OR. 

South of the bridge, the Honeyman Memorial State Park Campground in Florence, Oregon is another good option, boasting 167 campsites. 

It is also possible to find cabins and yurts in Florence, Oregon for rent as well!


How To Get To Florence, Oregon

Heceta Beach, Oregon Coast Bridge, USA

The best way to get to Florence (and the only way we have traveled to the city) is by car.

There are no commercial flights to Florence, Oregon (the general aviation airport in Florence, OR only accommodates small aircraft).  

The closest commercial airfield is the Eugene Airport (EUG) and you can book flights from or through Phoenix, Seattle, Portland, Denver and San Francisco. To get from Eugene to Florence, Oregon, visitors can either rent a car and drive or take the Link-Lane Bus. The obvious downside to the bus is that, once you arrive in town, you will be limited in your exploration to just the immediate downtown area. 

The distance to Florence, Oregon from Eugene is about 60 miles – and it takes about 1.5 hours to drive between the two cities. The winding road through the forest is beautiful, but best driven in daylight. 


Driving the Portland to Florence, Oregon Scenic Coastal Route

If you are driving to Florence from Portland, we recommend taking the scenic coastal route, on Highway 101. You can find all of the details in our Oregon Coastal Trip Itinerary.


Making the Trip from Seattle to Florence, Oregon

Visitors traveling the Pacific Northwest have numerous options for their route. We recommend traveling from Seattle (use our top tips for sightseeing in Seattle first!) south to Vancouver, WA. From there, cross into Oregon and drive the Columbia River Gorge, next explore Portland and then either follow our route down the Oregon Coast to Florence (perhaps continuing on to see the mighty redwoods near Crescent City CA) or take an inland drive and visit beautiful Bend, Oregon!

Use this link to Google Maps  for directions to Florence, Oregon from your location.


What You Will Need for Your Trip to Florence, OR

Now that you know all of the best things to do in Florence, OR, we have just a few packing tips to help you prepare for your trip! Read about all of our Packing Hacks and check out our ultimate Packing List as well. We also recommend using our Trip Planning Printables to get and stay organized for your Oregon vacation!

Need a Packing Checklist? Get your FREE Packing Checklist here!


Map of Florence, Oregon

Above, we shared our online Things To Do Florence OR Map – but we think it is good to have a paper map, too (especially if you plan on driving the coast!). 

While it is pretty easy to get around the Old Town, a map will help you navigate your way to sights and attractions in Florence, Oregon and the region. Buy one on Amazon before your trip!


Camera with Zoom Lens for Oregon Photography 

Florence, OR is incredibly beautiful! To best capture the sights, we recommend using a travel camera with a zoom lens. For our travels, we carry a DSLR Canon Rebel with an everyday 18-135mm lens. However, for some scenes along the coast – like the lighthouse – a longer 55-200mm lens would be better.


Binoculars to spot Oregon Wildlife

While it is certainly possible to spot whale spouts with the naked eye, spying the sea animals with binoculars allows for a much better view! We always keep our binoculars in the car when driving around Florence, OR and along the coast. 


Walking Shoes for Oregon

Regardless of whether or not you plan to hike, you will want a good pair of walking shoes for your trip. I like lightweight all-around sneakers by New Balance and Kris likes to wear his Merrell shoes for both city walking and hiking. Not only will you be walking in the Old Town and across the bridge, but you may want shoes for the beach, too (and it may be too cold for flip flops!)


Day Pack for Oregon Hikes

If you plan on taking a few hikes (and we highly recommend that you do!) don’t forget a day pack that you can carry while hiking. Ideally, it will be big enough for water, snacks and your everyday travel items, too.

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List Of The Best Things To Do in Florence, Oregon