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15 Best Things To Do in Vancouver, Washington

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Vancouver, Washington – a city we stumbled onto by accident – is steeped in history and charm. Not as well-known as the Canadian city of the same name to the north and certainly not as popular as Portland, Oregon that sits just 10 miles south, Vancouver, WA is often overlooked as a destination. During our time in the city, however, we learned that there are plenty of things to do in Vancouver, Washington that make it a great place to visit!


Vancouver, Washington Things To Do

Vancouver, Washington wasn’t in our original travel plans; we were aiming for Portland. As it worked out – with our loose itinerary and last-minute changes – we ended up booking a place in Vancouver, WA…for an entire month.

Because our long trip was a last-minute decision, we hadn’t done any research on things to do in Vancouver, WA. As we had never considered staying in the city before, we wondered if there were enough things to see in Vancouver, WA to keep us entertained. 

At first glance, downtown Vancouver, WA seems small and quiet – but, like many underrated destinations in the USA, Vancouver intrigued us. 

Our longer stay allowed us plenty of time to settle into life in Vancouver, Washington and discover the highlights of the city and surrounding region. We sought out top attractions and hidden gems in Vancouver, Washington, too.

Even though we were traveling without a car, and thus limited to exploring the city on foot, we found that there are many fun things to do in Downtown Vancouver, WA and in southwest Washington State. 


History of Vancouver, WA

Pass Under the Captain George Monument, Vancouver, WA

Before making a plan of the places to visit in Vancouver, WA, it helps to have a basic understanding of the history of Vancouver, Washington. We are highlighting some of the pivotal moments in the city’s history so that fellow visitors can better understand VanWa sights and attractions.

Prior to the city’s founding, the land along the north shore of the Columbia River had long been inhabited by the Chinook Tribe, who fed off the river and dominated area trade. In 1805 (and 1806), explorers Lewis and Clark, who headed the United States Corps of Discovery Expedition, spent time along the Columbia River shoreline, proclaiming it suitable for habitation.


Establishment of Vancouver, WA

Entrance to Fort Vancouver, WA National Historic Site

It wasn’t until 1825, however, that the city was founded with the establishment of Fort Vancouver by the British-owned Hudson’s Bay Company trading post. The site had been scoped out years earlier – in 1792 – on a Royal Navy expedition under the direction of British Captain George Vancouver. 

For many years, Great Britain and the United States settled the area under the 1818 Treaty of Joint Occupation. More American settlers arrived and claimed land, eventually resulting in the Oregon Treaty of 1846 that designated it as part of the United States and pushed the British boundary north.

One of the first prominent early settlers was the Short family, who (somewhat questionably) laid claim to the land and renamed it Columbia City…until it was reverted to Vancouver in 1855. The US Army set up camp in Vancouver in 1849 and built housing along the northern boundary of Fort Vancouver (which still stands today as Officer’s Row). The city was officially incorporated in 1857. As shops set up along Main Street, the Vancouver Brewery prospered, and the city’s businesses flourished.


Vancouver, WA Today

Open for ships, Swinging Bridge, Vancouver, WA

In subsequent years, the city experienced growth, decline, expansion and renewal. Vancouver ranks as the 4th largest city in the State of Washington, however it is often considered the largest suburb of Portland, OR. The historic core retains a quaint, small town atmosphere, while it simultaneously becomes more modern. Now, let’s jump into our list of Things To Do Vancouver, Washington!

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Best Things To Do in Vancouver, Washington

Restautant Row, Waterfront, Vancouver, WA

Our list of what to do in Vancouver, Washington is based on our personal experiences in the city. In addition to highlighting the many things to do in Vancouver, WA, we also provide tips for visiting nearby city attractions and things to do in Vancouver when it rains – as well as offer information on how to get there and where to stay in Vancouver.

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#1 Discover Downtown Vancouver, Washington

Red Brick, Proto-Cathedral of St. James the Greater, Vancouver, WA

Of all the places to visit in Vancouver, Washington, Downtown should be the first. Laid out in a grid, with Main Street at the center, Downtown Vancouver, WA is dotted with landmarks, artworks and historic structures. Discovering downtown on foot is one of the best things to do in Vancouver, Washington.

Brick Architecture of the Clark County Historical Museum, Vancouver, WA

We are highlighting a few of the buildings of interest in the area, which are easily reached on a short walk. We think these are must see Vancouver, WA attractions. 


Kiggins Theatre

Opened in 1936 – and featuring just one screen – the Kiggins movie theater features an art deco design. The old fashioned marquee sign dates to the 1950s and the entire theater was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2012. 


The Academy Building 

Also called the House of Providence, the 3-story brick building was built in 1873 as an orphanage and school – and it reigns as one of the most historically significant buildings in Vancouver, Washington today. The beautiful building has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1978. 


The Proto-Cathedral of St. James the Greater

A catholic church completed in 1885, the Proto-Cathedral of St James in Vancouver, WA is open to the public on the last Saturday of the month. That said, it is a beautiful church to see from the outside! 


The Clark County Historical Museum

With a vast collection of significant treasures, the Clark County Historical Museum is an interesting place to visit with rotating exhibits relating to the cultural history of the county. The building itself dates to 1909 and was built as a Carnegie Library. 


The Historic Slocum House

Built in the 1860s in the Victorian style, the Slocum House is a Vancouver, WA treasure! It is the only home to still be standing from the original downtown Vancouver neighborhood.  The house now stands on the southwest corner of Esther Short Park, after it was moved from its original locations. The Slocum House is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


#2 Take a Break at Esther Short Park

Relax at Esther Short Park, Vancouver, WA

When sightseeing in Vancouver, WA, Esther Short Park is a must! The 5 acres of land was donated to the city by the Short family to be used as a park…and it stands as the oldest public square in the state.

Walking paths weave around gigantic trees and there is plenty of space on the lawn to spread out a blanket to relax or have a picnic lunch. A gazebo, ‘Pioneer Mother’ statue and rose garden are points of interest within the park and the Vancouver City Hall building in just south of the park.

The most striking feature of Esther Short Park, however, is the Salmon Run Bell Tower. At certain times when the Glockenspiel bells ring, characters emerge from the tower to tell the story of the Chinook tribe. Watching the short clock tower performance is one of the unique things to do in Vancouver. 


#3 Shop at The Vancouver Farmers Market

Fresh Peppers for Sale, Vancouver WA Farmers Market

One of the fun local activities in Vancouver, WA is to shop at the Vancouver Farmers Market. The buzzing market is comprised of vendors selling farm-fresh food, locally produced goods and fresh-cut flowers. Prepared food is also on offer – so grab some food to go and have a picnic in the park!

Shopping at the Vancourver Farmers Market, Vancouver, WA

The market, which has more than 250 vendors, takes place on spring and summer weekends (and into the autumn!) on 8th and Esther Streets (the west and north boundary of Esther Short Park). A special Fall Market is held on Saturdays in November and December. 


#4 Seek Out Street Art Murals and Sculptures

Appropriate street art, Amsterdam Street Mural, Vancouver, WA

The city of Vancouver has a strong connection with the arts. Throughout downtown and the surrounding areas, public artworks are on display in the form of colorful art murals, commemorative memorials and artistic statues.

Colorful Street Art Mural, Vancouver, WA

One of the fun things to do in Vancouver, WA is to walk around and seek out the works of art. Visitors can freely roam in search of art – or use the Murals Map to create your own walking tour to these Vancouver, Washington tourists attractions.


#5 Explore Uptown Village

Food trucks and breweries along Main St, Uptown Villiage, Vancouver, WA

Spending time in Uptown Village is one of the top Vancouver, WA things to do! Stroll north on Main Street to discover delectable restaurants, marvelous antique shops and fascinating dispensaries.

Detour west off Main Street into the Hough district, one of the oldest residential neighborhoods in the city. Many of the Victorian and bungalow style houses date to the early 1900s – and much of the area is listed on the Washington Historic Register.


#6 Relax at the Vancouver Waterfront

View across Columbia River from Waterfront Park, Vancouver, WA

Spending time at the Waterfront is one of the best things to do in Vancouver, WA! The recently revitalized riverside park and entertainment district is the perfect place to wind down after a long day of sightseeing in Vancouver, Washington.

Observation Deck, Waterfront Park, Vancouver, WA

The entire Waterfront offers amazing views of the Columbia River. That said, the most phenomenal views are from the modern Grant Street Pier – which is one of the must-see Vancouver, Washington attractions!


Waterfront Restaurants: Vancouver, Washington

Riverside Dining, Waterfront Park Restaurants, Vancouver, WA

The best Vancouver, Washington restaurants offering a meal-with-a-view are found at the Waterfront. Stylish and chic, the restaurants feature local favorites of fresh fish and classic American fare. For a taste of the local wineries near Vancouver, Washington, there are wine tasting rooms that border the Waterfront Park, too!


#7 Embark On a Riverside Journey

View of I5 Bridge, Vancourver Farmers Market, Vancouver, WA

Stretching five miles along the Columbia River, the Waterfront Renaissance Trail connects the centrally located Waterfront Park to Wintler Park east of Downtown. From the multi-use paved path, visitors can take in incredible views of the water and bridges.

Walkable City, Waterfront Renaissance Trail Vancouver WA

The route passes by a few highly rated Vancouver, WA tourist attractions – including the Water Resources Education Center (one of the fun Vancouver, WA kid activities), the Shipyards and Kaiser Viewing Tower. Along the way, information plaques detail the history of the land, city and people – which is why we think is one of the best free things to do in Vancouver, WA.


#8 Pay Tribute to Veterans

Murals at Veterans Plaza, Vancouver, WA

Situated between City Hall and the railroad tracks is one of the more inconspicuous and expressive attractions in Vancouver, Washington: The Veterans of Foreign Wars Memorial Plaza. The block-long park features plaques and memorials honoring US military members who have served in wars overseas.

Street Art at Veterans Plaza, Vancouver, WA

The quiet park (unless a train happens to be going by) is highlighted by incredible artistic wall murals that depict events that occurred in foreign wars. Visiting the plaza is one of the interesting things to do in Vancouver, WA.


#9 Visit Fort Vancouver Historical Site

Historical Building at Fort Vancouver, WA

One of the best places to engage in the history of Vancouver, Washington is at the Fort Vancouver Historical Site. The site, which was first established in 1825 as a fur trading post by the British Hudson’s Bay Company, is now preserved as part of the US National Park Service.

Historical Building at Fort Vancouver, WA

From guided tours to cultural demonstrations to hands-on activities, Fort Vancouver National Historic Site is one of the exceptional places to see in Vancouver, WA. If you are wondering what to do in Vancouver, WA with kids, the Ft. Vancouver is a top pick!


#10 Stroll Officer’s Row, Vancouver, Washington

American flag on house on House on Officers Row, Vancouver, WA

Another one of the places to go in Vancouver, WA to get a peek into the past is Officer’s Row. More than a dozen Victorian homes, which date to the mid-1800s, line the lush Evergreen Boulevard along the north side of Fort Vancouver. Originally serving as residences for US Army officers and their families, the homes are now collectively listed on the National Historic Register (although some are still private residences!).

Lovely homes on House on Officers Row, Vancouver, WA

The Marshall House is the most beautiful house on the street – and well worth a look when you visit Vancouver, WA. It was once occupied by General George C. Marshall (who would later serve as US Secretary of Defense and US Secretary of State – and also be a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize).

The Grant House is another dwelling on the street that shouldn’t be missed. The house has been converted into a restaurant, which serves upscale cuisine featuring a farm-to-table concept and is considered one of the top places to eat in Vancouver, Washington (but it is sadly currently closed).


#11 Learn about Aviation at Pearson Field

Plane taking off from Pearson Field, Vancouver, WA

Hailed as one of the oldest continuously operating airports in the United States, visiting Pearson Field Airport is one of the cool things to do in Vancouver, WA. Established in the early 1900s, the airport has seen a number of significant events in the world of aviation. Highlights include being a stop on the first aerial Round the World flight in 1924 and the landing sight of the first trans-polar flight from Moscow in 1937.

Visitors can tour the Pearson Air Museum for a timeline history of events – as well as get an up-close look at historic aircraft.

Watching the planes flying overhead is one of the neat things to see in Vancouver, WA. For the best view of airplanes taking off and landing, go outside the airport grounds to the east end of the runway. There is a path that is easily accessible. 


#12 Walk Across the Vancouver Land Bridge

Welcome Gate, Land Bridge, Vancouver, WA

Considered one of the top Vancouver, Washington points of interest, the Vancouver Land Bridge celebrates the history of the land on which the city was built.

The 40-foot wide pedestrian bridge crosses Highway 14 from the riverside to Fort Vancouver. It marks the Native American Klickitat Trail, which was cut off from the Columbia River when Highway 14 was constructed. The bridge features numerous lookout points, native plants, Spirit Baskets and a Welcome Gate at the south entrance, which was designed by a Native American artist.

Sign to Land Bridge, Vancouver, WA

Next to the Welcome Gate is the Old Apple Tree Park, which is comprised of a sole tree. The apple tree was planted in 1826 and it is believed to be the oldest apple tree in the Pacific Northwest.


#13 Hike On The Burnt Bridge Creek Trail

Lake along Burnt Bridge Creek Trail, Vancouver, WA

Hiking is one of the top things to do in Vancouver, WA – and there are some amazing parks in Vancouver, WA where people can step into nature. The Burnt Bridge Creek Trail is one of them. The paved multi-use trail extends more than 8 miles, following the creek through meadows, wetlands and forest.

Horse along the trail at Burnt Bridge Creek Trail, Vancouver, WA

The western section (from I-5 to Fruit Valley) between the Northwest Vancouver and West Hazel Dell neighborhoods, is the most forested – and is one of the few places you can go for hikes in Vancouver, Washington…without leaving the city.


#14 Drink Local at Vancouver Craft Beer Bars

Cool Mural, Great Beer! Trap Door, Vancouver, WA

VanWA is brimming with local breweries; in fact, they have such a presence they’ve become must-visit Vancouver, WA attractions and earned the city the nickname “Brewcouver”. Each brewery has a range of their own beers as well as guest taps that they share with thirsty patrons in their taprooms.

Cold Beers on the patio, Loowit Brewing, Vancouver, WA

There are 7 breweries that can be reached on a short walk within the downtown area – and several more in nearby neighborhoods. So, go ahead and hoist a local pint – it’s one of the fun activities in Vancouver, WA!

Get all the details in our blog post, Craft Breweries in Vancouver, Washington!


#15 Eat At Restaurants in Vancouver, Washington

Toated & Tasty sandwich at Tap Union, Vancouver, WA

You don’t have to go far to find good food in Vancouver, Washington. Several of the city’s finest eateries are located on Main Street along the stretch from Downtown to Uptown Village. That said, there are a few worthy Vancouver, WA restaurants off Main Street, too!

Beignets at Blew Door Bakery on Saturdays, Vancouver, WA

The best place to eat breakfast in Vancouver, Washington is the Bleu Door Bakery, which churns out tasty pastries and hearty biscuits and gravy (and don’t miss the beignets on Saturdays!). Another local café on Main Street is Mon Ami, which serves excellent coffee and crepes. And as of 2022, all you Voodoo Doughnut disciples can get your sugary fix in VanWa as well!

For a quick lunch, Burgerville is the hometown favorite. The fast-food chain (now 40+ locations) started in Vancouver in 1961 with a focus on fresh, local ingredients that they still employ today. The original Burgerville restaurant in Vancouver, Washington is located at East Mill Plain and Morrison, but there is a downtown location at 4th Plain Blvd and Fort Vancouver Way.

New to the Vancouver, WA burger food scene, Bless Your Heart Burgers are getting rave reviews. We have yet to sample these hearty masterpieces, but the chili smash burger looks incredible!

That said, if you don’t want to leave downtown and are looking for a quick bite, try a hot dog from the Weiner Wagon! It’s a classic food cart and a bit of a VanWa institution. Just keep in mind that, while it is one of the cheap places to eat in Vancouver, Washington, it’s cash only!

Dinner options are endless – from posh riverside eateries to brewery taprooms and random food trucks. La Bottega, Sushi Mo and Jorge’s Tequila Factory are all international restaurants in VanWa that get rave reviews.

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MAP: Vancouver, Washington

We have marked this map with the top fun things to do in Vancouver, WA. Also check out our map of Vancouver, Washington in Google Maps.

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More Things To Do Near Vancouver, WA

Columbia River at Waterfront Park, Vancouver, WA

While we limited our exploration to the city center, there are plenty of things to do around Vancouver, WA, too!


Vancouver Lake Park

Located west of the city, Vancouver Lake is a hot spot for outdoor and water activities in Vancouver, Washington – like windsurfing, kayaking and canoeing. The Vancouver Lake Regional Park, which is nestled on the western shore of the lake, features picnic tables, grills, volleyball courts, playgrounds and restrooms for a full day of fun!


Hiking Near Vancouver, Washington

Go Hiking Near Vancouver, Washington, USA

Sumptuous nature surrounds the city – so, naturally, hiking in Vancouver, WA is a popular outdoor activity. We are highlighting a few of the highly touted hikes near Vancouver, Washington.


Frenchman’s Bar Trail

Connecting Vancouver Lake Park and Frenchman’s Bar Park, the Frenchmen’s Bar Trail is a paved path that extends for 2.5 miles.


Salmon Creek Trail

A meandering trail through the wetlands of Salmon Creek Park, the 5-mile Salmon Creek Trail is an excellent spot for birdwatching and enjoying nature.


Trails at Whipple Creek Regional Park

There are several short looping trails at Whipple Creek Park that are ideal for hiking and wildflower spotting (just keep in mind that these trails are shared with horses, too!).


Moulton Falls Regional Park

One of the top things to do in Clark County in the outdoors, hikers will find plenty of hiking trails at Moulton Falls Regional Park – including trails that lead to waterfalls and swimming holes. 


Silver Star Mountain

At Silver Star Mountain there is a challenging summit trail that offers panoramic views on clear days.


Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge

The Ridgefield National Wildlife is a nature refuge featuring an extensive trail network and drive-through park. 


Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area

Columbia River Gorge Waterfall Trip Itinerary

One of the top things to do near Vancouver, Washington – for epic hikes and impressive views – is visiting the Columbia River Gorge. Both natural and man-made attractions – such as the Pendleton Woolen Mill, Cape Horn Overlook, the Bridge of the Gods and Multnomah Falls – can be discovered using our detailed Guide to The Columbia River Gorge!


Portland, Oregon

Snow on Mt Hood, Portland, Oregon

Being just 10 miles south, Portland, Oregon makes a nice day trip from Vancouver, WA. Vancouver visitors can easily plan a trip into the city to take in the sights, explore the districts and delve into the Portland food scene.

For all of our tips on what to see and do in OR, read our articles on Things To Do in Oregon and our 3-Day Portland Itinerary


What To Do in Vancouver, WA on a Rainy Day

We have rounded up a few of the best things to do in Vancouver, WA when the ground is wet and the skies are grey.


Source Climbing Center

With climbing walls for both kids and adults, the Source Climbing Center is a great activity for rainy days. While it might not be one of the cheap things to do in Vancouver, it is certainly a fun attraction for families. They offer membership rates, but there are daily passes for visitors, too. 


Libraries in Vancouver, Washington

The Vancouver Community Library is the main library in the city. Modern and family-friendly, the library offers a quiet place to relax, read, get a cup of coffee, let the kids play and take in the rooftop views (well, maybe on a day when it isn’t raining!).

The Vancouver Public Library building – located on 16th and Main – is a 1909 Carnegie Library that now houses the Clark County Historical Society Museum. The museum features exhibits, events and a research library.


Theaters in Vancouver, Washington

Going to the movies is one of the best indoor things to do in Vancouver. There are numerous cinemas in Vancouver, Washington, but the most intriguing to visitors is the historic Kiggins Theatre. Located on Main Street – and recognizable by the art deco design and the original neon sign – the theater first opened in 1936. Now listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Kiggins Theatre show classic and indie films and hosts community events.

Of course, there are modern movie theaters in the city, too. The Regal City Center, just a few blocks south of Kiggins, shows new release movies.


Malls in Vancouver, Washington

We think the best shopping in Vancouver, Washington is done along Main Street and the surrounding blocks, in the locally-owned boutique shops and artist studios. However, if you are looking for the latest fashion, take a trip to the Vancouver Mall, an enormous shopping complex located east of the city.


Bowling in Vancouver, Washington

If you are searching for things to do with kids in Vancouver, WA on a rainy day, head to the bowling alley! There are several places to bowl in Vancouver, WA, including Husted’s Hazel Dell Lanes, Allen’s Crosley Lanes and Big Al’s (although it is fairly far from the center).

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How To Get To Vancouver, WA

Vancouver, Washington can be reached by plane, train, bus or car. We arrived by car from Florence, OR after an Oregon Coast Road Trip and departed by plane to Glacier National Park. There are no commercial airports in Vancouver, Washington, as Pearson Field is a general aviation airport that does not service passenger flights.


Flights to Vancouver, WA

The airport closest to Vancouver, Washington is Portland International Airport – and it’s only about 10 miles away. When searching for flights to Vancouver, Washington, use Portland – or PDX – as your arrival airport. For the best flight times and fares, we use SkyScanner – which shows flights by several carriers, side-by-side – and find more of our tips for booking the best flights.

Unfortunately, there is not any convenient, direct public transportation from the PDX to Vancouver. To get from PDX airport in Portland, Oregon to Vancouver, Washington, we used Uber. It cost around $30 (including tip) and took about 20 minutes.


Amtrak: Vancouver, Washington

There are not a lot of train options to the city, but Vancouver, WA is a stop on the Amtrak Cascades Train, which connects 18 cities from Vancouver, BC to Eugene, Oregon. Find more information on the official website for the Amtrak Station Vancouver, Washington.

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Getting Around Vancouver, WA

Most of the Vancouver, WA places to visit are within easy walking distance from Downtown. The city is fairly flat, with wide and well-maintained sidewalks.

The city has a good public transportation network – find out more on the official C-Tran site. Uber is also readily available – and more affordable than traditional taxi cabs. To get outside the city to nature attractions, consider renting a car. Check rates for Car Rentals in Vancouver, Washington on Expedia.

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Where To Stay in Vancouver, WA

When we visited Vancouver, Washington, we stayed in an Airbnb apartment in the Hough neighborhood that borders Uptown Village. Everything we needed was within walking distance – and we liked having the extra space and kitchen that you don’t get with hotel rooms.


Hotels in Vancouver, Washington

There are only a handful of hotels in the downtown Vancouver area. The Hilton in Vancouver, Washington is ideally located in the heart of the city across from Esther Short Park. Mid-range and budget options include the Comfort Inn and Econo Lodge. The Briar Rose Inn offers a B&B style experience in the city.

Search for availability at the Hilton Vancouver, Washington and other hotels on! – but first, read our tips for finding the Best Hotels for Cheap.


What To Pack For Your Trip To Vancouver, WA

We have a few tips for items to pack for your Vancouver, Washington trip! Find all of our packing advice on our Travel Packing Page – and grab your FREE Packing Checklist here!


Vancouver Walking Shoes

Vancouver, Washington is best explored on foot…so make sure you have the right travel shoes! I always pack my ultra-lightweight New Balance trainers (that go with everything!) when we were out sightseeing – and Kris likes his Merrell shoes for all occasions. Find out more about choosing the right travel shoes in our blog post, The Best Shoes for Traveling!


Day Pack for Vancouver

We spent long days outdoors discovering the different parts of the city – and it helped to carry a day pack so that we had our everyday travel essentials (including our favorite travel camera) with us! We talk more about day bags in our blog post, The Best Day Packs for Travel!


Vancouver Weather Gear

Being prepared for the weather makes sightseeing so much more enjoyable! In the summertime, don’t forget a wide-brimmed travel hat and sunscreen…and it’s always a good idea to carry a travel umbrella or rain jacket – regardless of the season!


Travel Planner to Visit Vancouver, WA

As you start to make plans and reservations for your trip, get (and stay) organized for your vacation to VanWa with a travel planer. Our Trip Planning Printables are prefect for staying on top of your trip details!

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Start planning your trip to Vancouver, WA! Search for the lowest airfares, the best accommodations and fun things to do…then start packing!  Want more travel planning tips? Head over to our Travel Planning page for more information and tips on traveling – and for country-specific information, take a look at our Travel Guides page!


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