The Best Things To Do in Greenwich, London, England, UK

17 Best Things To Do in Greenwich, London

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Each of London’s neighborhoods has a distinct style and unique vibe – and Greenwich London is both charming and engaging. Although still quite quaint, the district is packed with top London visitor attractions. With a fascinating history that includes royals, sea navigators and astronomy, there are many fun things to do in Greenwich London!


Things To Do in Greenwich London UK FAQs

Before we jump into our list of what to see in Greenwich, we are answering a few of the most frequently asked questions. Knowing a few facts ahead of your trip will help you better plan what to do in Greenwich London on your visit.


Where is Greenwich in London? 

Before you can make a plan of things to do in Greenwich London, you need to know where it is! Greenwich is on the east side of London – about 5 miles from the city center – on the bank of the Thames River. 

Most of the Best Greenwich London Things To Do are within walking distance, making it easy to visit Greenwich without a car. 

We share a complete Map of Greenwich London Attractions later in the article. 


How Do I Get from London to Greenwich?

Getting to Greenwich from central London is simple! Visitors can take a bus, Docklands Light Rail (DLR) or a River Thames boat ride to Greenwich. We cover how to get to Greenwich in more detail at the end of the article.


Are There Things To Do in Greenwich For Free?

Yep! In fact, there are enough free things to do in Greenwich London to fill an entire day of sightseeing. For each of the Greenwich sights on our list, we indicate if it is a free or ticketed attraction.


Are There Fun Things To Do in Greenwich London with Kids? 

Definitely! Greenwich London is incredibly family-friendly. The borough boasts an array of attractions that appeal to kids and adults, alike. 


What is Greenwich Famous For?

Greenwich has long been known for its maritime past and royal residences. In fact, the entire town and park – inclusive of some of the architectural gems – that make up Maritime Greenwich are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Most people know of the district for Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and as the location of the Prime Meridian Line. The 0 Longitude Line cuts right through the borough…actually, it’s one of the top things to see in Greenwich!

Additionally, there are four museums that are collectively called the Royal Museums Greenwich – and they rank as top places to visit in Greenwich London. 


Is Greenwich Worth Visiting? 

Absolutely! With plenty of things to see in Greenwich London – and being just a short jaunt from the city center – we think visiting Greenwich London is one of the top things to do. 

Find out how to fit Greenwich into your trip plans in our Best London Itinerary


Is it Easy to Plan a Day Trip to Greenwich London?

Using our list of Places to Visit in Greenwich London – plus our advice about how to get there – visitors an easily plan a Greenwich day trip. 

That said, visitors can also opt to stay in Greenwich for their trip. We share tips for things to do in Greenwich London at night and where to stay later in the post. 

Whether planning a day out in Greenwich or choosing it as a base for a longer London trip, there are plenty of things to do and see. The riverside location and expansive green space leave plenty of outdoor options for one day in Greenwich, London. Meanwhile, the indoor attractions in Greenwich are ideal for a rainy day in London.

Best Greenwich London Things To Do, England, UK


17 Best Things To Do in Greenwich London

University of Greenwich, UK, London, England

Now that you know the basics about Greenwich, England, it’s time to dive into our list of attractions.

We are highlighting the best things to do in Greenwich London. We include information about each sight, top tips for visiting, and include a handy Greenwich London tourist map link at the end of the article.


#1 Peruse the Goods at the Greenwich Market

Greenwich Market, UK, England

Whether you are searching for the best food in Greenwich or on the hunt for a unique souvenir, look no further than the Greenwich Market.

The amazing aromas wafting from the Greenwich Market help to draw in customers (like us!) – and visitors who wander inside get to experience one of the best markets in greater London. There are more than 40 food stalls serving an array of cuisine…and even more vendors selling antiques, jewelry and fashionable clothing.

Although we had just finished lunch, we were wide-eyed and drooling over the fragrant plates of gourmet burgers, fresh trays of sushi and steaming bowls of Thai and Indian food.

While eating at the market in Greenwich London is a big draw, after making your way through the Greenwich Market food stalls, make sure to peruse the many aisles of art and crafts (some of which flowed down small alleys).

Need tips on what to eat in the UK? Use our guide to the Best London Food

Pro Tip: The Greenwich Market is open Tuesday through Sunday and on Bank Holidays from 10am until 5:30pm. And, while the goods and food obviously cost money, it is completely free to go in and look around the Greenwich Market (and it’s especially festive during Christmas in London!).


#2 Go Ashore at the National Maritime Museum Greenwich

National Maritime Museum Greenwich, UK, England

The free, interactive Maritime Museum is one of the best places in Greenwich UK and a fun place to learn about the region’s nautical past. With designated educational play areas for young kids and interesting visual displays for adults, the Greenwich Maritime Museum is entertaining for people of all ages.

National Maritime Museum Greenwich, England, UK

The modern Maritime Museum displays historic boats that were used in the area. Walls are covered with old wooden figureheads (which were used as decoration for the front of ships) and fascinating maps of the world are displayed throughout. The accompanying placards provide interesting facts and more Maritime Museum info.

A day in Greenwich, London: Figureheads displayed at the National Maritime Museum

Pro Tip: Do you plan to visit Greenwich, London as a family? The Maritime Museum is one of the top free things to do in Greenwich for kids.


#3 Enjoy the Green Expanse of Greenwich Park

View of Greenwich Park, London, England, UK

Adjacent to the Maritime Museum is Greenwich Park, a wide space with open lawns, shady trees, benches and crisscrossing paths that lead up the hillside. The expansive green space is open to the public and free to visit.

The community park is an inviting place to play and rest – for both tourists and locals. However, one of the top things to do in Greenwich Park is to trek to the top of the hill. From the summit, we had views that stretched all the way to London city center.

Pro Tip: Wondering what to do in Greenwich London for lunch? Pick up some delicious fare from the Greenwich Market and have a picnic in the park! It’s one of the fun outdoor activities in Greenwich.


#4 Reach for the Stars at the Royal Observatory Greenwich

Exterior of The Royal Observatory Greenwich, London, England, UK

The Royal Observatory is one of the top places to visit in Greenwich and shouldn’t be missed on your trip to the borough. Built in 1675 and designed by the famous Sir Christopher Wren, the entire complex is dedicated to astronomy and the navigational Prime Meridian Line, which marks the 0 Longitude Line that runs north-south and symbolically divides the world into two hemispheres.

Top attractions at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich London are telescopes, planetarium, and the Octagon Room – which was designed by Wren in 1675. There is also a Prime Meridian Line photo opportunity inside the observatory. 

Tickets are required to enter the Royal Observatory and can be purchased in advance.

Pro Tip: It is a popular activity at the Royal Observatory to stand at 0 Meridian London, Greenwich…but there is some controversy about this Greenwich tourist attraction. The true location is estimated to be about 300 feet away next to a rubbish bin.


Greenwich London Royal Observatory Budget Tip

While there is a charge to enter the planetarium and to get into the courtyard to snap a picture of yourself straddling the East and West Hemispheres, the Greenwich Astronomy Center is free.

Inside the Astronomy Center, there are games and telescopes that provide both an engaging and entertaining learning experience. We also watched the excellent, short film on the Big Bang that explains just how far-reaching outer space is.

If you opt to skip paying the entrance fee into the main attractions at the Royal Observatory, it is still well worth visiting the free Astronomy Centre.


#5 Take a Stroll in the Royal Borough of Greenwich London

Lanes of Greenwich, UK, England

While many visitors limit their London Greenwich sightseeing to museums, we highly recommend spending some time discovering the neighborhood on foot. While the Royal Borough of Greenwich sounds a bit stuffy, it is actually a very quaint and casual neighborhood. Walking around Greenwich, we were captivated by the classic and charming community.

Royal Borough of Greenwich London, England, UK

Visitors can stroll along Greenwich High Road to see sights, like the St. Alfege Church and historic neighborhood pubs – or wander into the depths of the district to see traditional brick homes along quiet lanes.

Travelers can also seek out specialty museums – like the Fan Museum or the Wernher Collection at The Ranger’s House. 

Pro Tip: Rather than following a routed plan or plot out Greenwich places to visit, let your instincts guide the way to your neighborhood discovery!


#6 Have a Pint at the Best Bars in Greenwich London

Trafalgar Tavern, Best Bars in Greenwich London, England, UK

After a long day of sightseeing, having a pint of beer might be one of the best Greenwich London things to do!

There are popular bars near the Greenwich Pier – like The Gypsy Moth and The Old Brewery –  but we think the best pubs in Greenwich are on the Thames Riverside.

Best Bars in Greenwich, Trafalgar Tavern, UK

We enjoyed a beer at the lively Trafalgar Tavern, which sits right on the water and naturally features a bright nautical theme. 

The modern Sail Loft features a waterfront patio and lovely Thames River views – and we think it is one of the best pubs to visit on sunny days. 

BBNO, Greenwich, UK, Craft Beer, London, England

Craft beer aficionados should make there way north onto the Greenwich Peninsula Riverside to the Brew By Numbers Morden Wharf Brewery.

Pro Tip: These are some of the recommended stops our Pubs on the Thames River London Bar Crawl

River Thames Pub Crawl London_ Best Pubs on the Thames by


More Things To Do Greenwich London

Architecture, Greenwich, London, UK

Need more tips of what to do in Greenwich? We have featured our favorite things to do – especially on a London Greenwich Day Trip – but there is more to see! We are highlighting a few more of the top Greenwich activities that you may have time for on your visit.


#7 Painted Hall at the Old Royal Naval College

Chapel of St Peter and St Paul, Greenwich, London, UK

The Old Royal Naval College – now the University of Greenwich – is steeped in history and tradition…and it boasts one of the best Greenwich London sights: The Painted Hall. 

Originally called the Greenwich Palace when it was built in the 15th century as a royal home, the Old Naval College has been expanded, renovated and repurposed numerous times over the centuries since. 

For many years, it served as the Royal Naval Hospital – and in the early 1700s Sir James Thornhill painted the elaborate Painted Hall. After the hospital closed, the Royal Naval College was established. 

Today, however, visitors flock to the grounds to see the stunning seaman’s Chapel of St. Peter and St. Paul and to waltz through the Painted Hall. Tickets are required to enter. 


#8 Step Aboard The Cutty Sark

View of The Cutty Sark, Greenwich, UK

The Cutty Sark is a British clipper ship which was built in 1869 to be used on the tea trade route.

The historic ship is now preserved as a museum near the Greenwich Pier. Visitors can board the ship to learn about its past, but it does require a ticket. It is highly rated as one of the top things to do with kids in Greenwich.

Pro Tip: Buy a combo ticket to two top activities in Greenwich: Cutty Sark and the Royal Observatory – and save money! Buy it now!


#9 Visit the Queen’s House Greenwich London

Exterior of The Queen’s House Greenwich London, England, UK

Built in the classical style in the early 1600s by architect Inigo Jones, the Queen’s House was modern and posh in its time. In the 1700s, the house was converted into a naval hospital and then used by the Old Royal Naval College in the 1900s.

Staircase at Queen’s House Greenwich London, UK

Today, it serves as a museum to display a collection of maritime portraits and artworks. In addition to the masterpieces, visitors will not want to miss climbing the elegant spiral Tulip Staircase. 

Pro Tip: Even though it is one of the top places to go in Greenwich London, entry into the Queen’s House remains free of charge! That said, tickets still need to be reserved in advance


#10 Afternoon Tea in Greenwich London

High Tea, A must-do in London

A Greenwich afternoon tea experience is a fantastic addition to a day trip to Greenwich London. The royal borough is full of idyllic places for tea, scones and sandwiches.

Some of the top picks for a spot of tea in Greenwich are The Pavilion Café, The Fan Museum and the Mulberry Tea Rooms. However, one of the most iconic places for afternoon tea in Greenwich is underneath the hull of the Cutty Sark.

Pro Tip: A unique place for London afternoon tea is on the Thames River. Take a sightseeing river cruise while sipping tea, cakes and scones…and maybe some bubbly, too. Get the details!


Things To Do in Greenwich Peninsula

While most of the sights and attractions in Greenwich London are located in the heart of the town, there are a few things to see in the Greenwich Peninsula, too. 


#11 Meantime Brewing Company Greenwich

Meantime Brewing Company Greenwich, UK

One of the first craft brewers in London, the Meantime Brewing Company was established in Greenwich in 1999.

Beer is still brewed in Greenwich – and there is an onsite bar tasting room and restaurant, as well. One of the fun things to do in Greenwich is to tour the facility – which includes samples, too! Find out more and Book it!


#12 The O2 London

View of The O2 London, England, UK

The state-of-the-art O2 Arena sits on the Greenwich Peninsula and is one of the largest and busiest arenas in the UK.

The modern dome building was completed in 2007 and hosts an array of entertainment acts – from musical performances to sporting events. The complex also hosts stores, an indoor trampoline park, a bowling alley, movie theater and several restaurants.

Pro Tip: One of the ‘top’ attractions in Greenwich, London is the thrilling O2 Climb. Adventure seekers – clad in climbing suites and harnesses – can climb the dome of the O2 for breathtaking 360-degree views. Reserve your spot now!

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Attractions Near Greenwich London

We have shared our top tips for things to do in Greenwich England – but there are more nearby attractions that travelers can add to their Greenwich Day Trip Itinerary. 

Make it a full day of fun east of London with these thing to do around Greenwich!


#13 Cable Car to Greenwich

Take the Cable Car to Greenwich, London

The IFS Cloud Cable Car (formerly the Emirates Air Line Cable Car) is one of the best things to do in North Greenwich. Although it is part of some people’s daily commute (and officially part of the Transport for London system), the cable car is also an outstanding tourist attraction.

Straddling the Thames River, the cable car ride takes just 10 minutes, but provides stunning London views.

Pro Tip: Buy a combination cable car and Thames Clipper River Roamer ticket for the best price! 


#14 Greenwich Foot Tunnel

Canary Wharf London from Greenwich, UK

Opened in 1902, the Greenwich Foot Tunnel connects Greenwich to Millwall – underneath the River Thames.

The cast-iron tunnel is 1,215-feet-long and is 50 feet underground. The tunnel is part of the National Cycle Route 1 and the National Thames Path Trail. It is estimated that 4,000 people use the tunnel every day to get from one side of the River Thames to the other.


#15 Mudchute Park and Farm

Mudchute Farm is a 32-acre community park project, and is located on the Isle of Dogs, just on the north side of the River Thames from Greenwich and south of Canary Wharf.

With more than 100 farm animals on site, it is one of the largest inner-city farms in Europe. Best of all, it is open to the public for free! 


#16 Canary Wharf London

View of building at Canary Wharf, London, England, UK

Canary Wharf is London’s second central business district, comprised mostly of soaring skyscrapers housing office, residential and retail space. For entertainment, there are stores, parks, cinemas and outdoor events.

Two must-see places in Canary Wharf are the Crossrail Place Roof Garden and the Museum of London Docklands – both of which are free!


#17 Bermondsey Beer Mile London

Bermondey Beer Mile, Mash Paddle Brewery, London, England, UK

The Bermondsey Beer Mile is everything we love about craft brewing. Small, individual craft brewers have taken up residence in the arches below the elevated train tracks to the west of Greenwich.

On select days of the week, they share their crafty deliciousness with beer-loving fans. Read more in our complete guide to the Bermondsey Beer Mile.

London Craft Beer Crawl Bermondsey Beer Mile JetSetting Fools


How To Get to Greenwich London

Year-long, Round the World Budget: Taking the Tube in London was expensive, but efficient!

There are numerous ways to get to Greenwich from London using public transportation. We took a boat trip to Greenwich, which was a fabulous way to add a Thames River Cruise to a fun day trip to Greenwich London. However, it is also possible to get to Greenwich via bus or DLR.


Boat to Greenwich

Go On A River Thames Boat Cruise, London, England, UK

Boats depart regularly from central London to Greenwich. The best boats include an open deck – and some even have commentary. The boat from Westminster to Greenwich is an ideal cruise. Buy tickets in advance!

Pro Tip: Before setting off on your boat trip to Greenwich, discover the best Westminster sights using our Self-Guided London Walking Tour!


DLR or Bus to Greenwich

A DLR line transports passengers to Greenwich from London – and the best stop for Greenwich attractions is the Cutty Sark for Maritime Greenwich Station.

There are several buses to Greenwich, too. The most popular routes are the 188 from Russell Square or the 199 from Canada Water.

Top Tip: If you are wondering, Can I take the Tube to Greenwich? The answer is yes…but only to Greenwich Peninsula. The Jubilee Line runs to North Greenwich, which is really only helpful for getting to the O2 or the IFS Cloud Cable Car. Visitors who want to see Maritime Greenwich London sights should use the boat, bus or DLR. 


Greenwich Attractions Tourist Map

Use this link to Google Maps for our interactive Greenwich Tourist Map.

Things To Do in Greenwich London Map by


Where To Stay in Greenwich London

Visitors who want to be based in Greenwich will find that there are plenty of options for accommodations. Before you start your search for the best hotels in London Greenwich, use our tips for Finding Cheap Hotel Rooms


The Good Hotel near Greenwich London

We have not stayed in Greenwich, but have stayed nearby on the north side of the River Thames at The Good Hotel.

What we loved about The Good Hotel was the unique location – literally floating on the water! The boutique hotel is stylishly designed with industrial décor, yet offers rooms at an affordable price. Even better, the hotel is dedicated to helping the community and beyond. Check rates and availability!


Greenwich Hotels

Guests who want to stay in the heart of the borough can choose one of the centrally located hotels in Greenwich that are nearby top attractions.


The Mitre by Innkeeper’s Hotel London Greenwich

A highly rated hotel just steps from Greenwich Park and the Maritime Museum, The Mitre by Innkeeper’s Hotel is ideal for people who want to be conveniently located near best things to do in Greenwich London. Check rates!


Intercontinental London The O2

Guests who want to stay close to The O2 should consider the top-rated Intercontinental London O2. With an onsite spa and luxury amenities, it is easy to see why fellow travelers give it rave reviews. Check rates!


St. Christopher’s Greenwich Hostel

Budget travelers might find that the St. Christopher’s Greenwich Hostel is a more affordable option than hotels. Located near the Greenwich DLR station, they offer both dorm and private rooms. Check availability!


What You Need to Tour Greenwich London

University Greenwich, London, England, UK

Now that you know where to stay and what to see in Greenwich London, we have a few more travel tips and packing hacks for your trip! Need a packing list for your trip? Get a FREE Packing Checklist here!


Comfortable Shoes

You will want to make sure to wear comfortable shoes for exploring Greenwich Park, trekking up to the Observatory and going aboard the Cutty Sark. I like wearing Columbia shoes – and Kris likes his Merrell shoes.


Travel Camera

Greenwich is incredibly photogenic! Make sure you have a proper camera that can adequately capture the sights. We travel with a Canon Rebel and use a versitile 18-135mm lens. It is a great budget camera, easy to use and takes phenomenal photos.


Day Pack and Water Bottle

If you are taking a day trip to Greenwich, we recommend using a day pack that will fit all your everyday travel items. I carry a Timbuk2 Messenger Bag, which I love because it has tons of zippered pockets. However, Travelon makes a line of stylish anti-theft bags that are specifically designed for travelers.

And, don’t forget a water bottle! These collapsible water bottles are perfect for travelers!


London Weather Gear

The weather in London can be rainy. Make sure you are prepared with a travel umbrella or a packable raincoat to stay dry!


UK Travel Insurance

If you haven’t already obtained travel insurance for your trip to England, consider traveling protected with World Nomads.


Start planning your trip to London! Search for the lowest airfares, the best accommodations and fun things to do…then start packing!  Want more travel planning tips? Head over to our Travel Planning page for more information and tips on traveling – and for country-specific information, take a look at our Travel Guides page!


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