One Day in Greenwich 5 Things To See

One day in Greenwich, London: 5 things to see

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Each of London’s neighborhoods has a distinct style and unique vibe. Greenwich, to the southeast of the city center, has a quaint, small-town feel, but is also home to several top attractions. The riverside location and expansive green space leave plenty of outdoor options for one day in Greenwich, London.

5 Things to see in One Day in Greenwich, London

Greenwich Market

Walking through town, the aromas wafting from the Greenwich Market immediately drew us in. Although we had just finished lunch, we were wide-eyed and drooling over the fragrant plates of gourmet burgers, fresh trays of sushi and steaming bowls of Thai and Indian food. Once we made our way through the food stalls, we perused the many aisles of art and crafts, some of which flowed down small alleys.

With one day in Greenwich, London see the Greenwich Market

National Maritime Museum

This free, interactive maritime museum is fun for people of all ages, but is probably most appreciated by young kids for the designated educational play areas. The modern museum displays historic boats used in the area, old wooden figureheads (which were used as decoration for the front of ships) and maps of the world. The accompanying information was quite interesting and kept us occupied for about a half hour.

With one day in Greenwich, London visit the National Maritime Museum

Greenwich Park

Adjacent to the Maritime Museum is Greenwich Park, a wide park with open lawns, shady trees, benches and crisscrossing paths that lead up the hillside. Tourists flock to the area, but dogs played and people picnicked and we quickly realized that it was also a park used by the community. We made our way to the top of the hill and, although it was a cloudy day, we could see all the way to London’s city center.

With one day in Greenwich, London spend time in Greenwich Park

With one day in Greenwich, London take in the view from Greenwich Park hill

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Royal Observatory

On top of the hill is the Royal Observatory, an entire complex dedicated to astronomy and the symbolic location of the Prime Meridian, which marks the 0 Longitude Line (the true location is nearby, read about the discrepancy here). While there is a charge to enter the planetarium and to get into the courtyard to snap a picture of yourself straddling the East and West Hemispheres, the Astronomy Building is free. The games and telescopes were engaging and entertaining. An excellent, short film on the Big Bang and what is currently known about how far-reaching outer space is made us feel incredibly small.

The symbolic Prime Meridian Line in Greenwich, London

The Royal Borough of Greenwich

The formal name is a bit too stuffy for the casual neighborhood, but it truly does have royal roots and is known for more than being the mark of the Prime Meridian and Greenwich Mean Time. In the 15th century, it was home to the royal palace, which then became the Royal Naval Hospital and then the Royal Naval College, which is now the University of Greenwich. Walking around Greenwich, we were captivated by the classic, charming aura, but rather than seeming like a fairytale, it felt quite real.

With one day in Greenwich, London walk around the neighborhood

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Things to do with one day in Greenwich London

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  1. The Gipsy Moth pub (featured in one of your pictures) is a little pricey but it’s very, very good. I’d suggest going early or anticipating a wait because it does get very busy too. 🙂 On a sunny day, Greenwich is gorgeous!

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