Day Trip to Sintra Planning the Perfect Lisbon to Sintra Tour by

Day Trip To Sintra, Portugal: Planning A Lisbon To Sintra Tour

Whimsical and fanciful, Sintra, Portugal is a world away from the hustle and bustle of Lisbon. Yet, the Lisbon-to-Sintra train whisks passengers between the two cities in less than an hour. While there are numerous destinations for day trips from Lisbon, taking a Sintra tour ranks as a top city escape.… Read the rest

A Singapore Itinerary The Ultimate Guide of Things To Do in Singapore on a Budget by

Singapore Itinerary: The Ultimate Guide Of Things To Do In Singapore On A Budget

The Lion City. City in a Garden. Southeast Asia-lite. Singapore is called many things…because it is many things. The small island nation is both a city and a country. Intriguing man-made marvels rise from lush nature parks. Posh cocktail bars are found steps away from inexpensive hawker stands.… Read the rest

The Best Covington, Kentucky Restaurants and Bars

The Best Covington, Kentucky Restaurants and Bars

The Covington, KY restaurant scene is hopping! From fashionable eats to greasy spoons – and everything in between – Covington, Kentucky restaurants are serving up delectable dishes to please all palates.

The city boasts three distinct dining districts – Mainstrasse, Madison Avenue and Roebling Point – and has a few hidden gems, too.… Read the rest

Our list of the 14 Things To Do in Newport, Kentucky

14 Things To Do In Newport, Kentucky

Newport, Kentucky is an unassuming city that sits in the shadow of Cincinnati. Although often overlooked as a travel destination, there are many fun things to do in Newport, Kentucky – you just need to know where to look!

To help fellow travelers, we have created our personal list of top Newport, KY attractions and best local cuisine.… Read the rest